Actress 4

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I keep telling myself "no more".
I mean Vic's productions are very popular with his customers, but I feel as if I should be doing something better, something more uplifting. But no, comes the time when I am short of the rent money or sick of finding green slime infested leftovers in my fridge and he rings up and I say yes yet again.
So here I was knocking on the door of the warehouse studio, looking super glamorous in an old tee shirt and with my ass hanging out of an ancient pair of shorts and when the door opened there was Julie.
Julie's a pert little dishwater blonde with a cute figure and lovely grey eyes and she and I would be about the same height but she looks healthier than I do, especially now, as I am going through one of my periodic bulimic episodes and am looking somewhat anorexic. You know, very wan and borderline boney.
"Vic's out but he'll be back soon. Come in."
"How are you Julie?"
"Great. Come upstairs and I'll get you ready. The other guys came earlier and are having coffee."
"The other guys?"
"You have five male co-stars this time and one of them's new and he's a dish, comes from your part of the world."
"Oh. they're all dishy Jules but none of them cares a fig for me except you know as something to earn money from."
"Sadly true Barb."
She led on up the stairs to the small room where she kept her makeup magic. Without turning to look at me she said, "Barb, if you'll forgive me saying it, but you look dreadful. Gaunt, you know, and like you need a good feed."
I laughed nervously and quipped, "Well, Vic likes me to show good musculature you know, not too much flab."
She snorted and opened the door to her room.
As we went in she tossed me some typed pages.
"Here's the script for today's masterpiece. I'm sorry to tell you but you get done by a firing squad."
"And then raped by the guys."
"Oh. Something different then."
That cracked her up and I started giggling and soon we were both in fits.
I was a bandido and revolutionary who is sentenced to death by firing squad and well, after that everything followed Vic's favourite formula. My costume, for as long as I had one, was tight across the ass leather pants, a matching leather vest that had no sleeves and stopped about fifteen centimetres short of the waistband of the pants showing my tummy and my umbilicus and high heeled boots. I didn't get to wear any undies.
I stripped naked and then turned to get my makeup done and cannoned into Julie.
My eyes popped as I registered that she was naked too and then her arms were around me and she crushed her body against mine and our breasts mashed each others and our silky tummies pressed together and two densely thatched groins met full on. She slipped her leg between mine and I found my pudenda sliding against her damp thigh and I felt hers pushing into my own thigh.
"Julie!!" I said.
"Oooooh Barb."
I could smell our scents mingling. Perfume, body odours, sexual musk and the hot smell of lust and desire. Her lips, incredibly soft, incredibly feminine, met mine and forced my own lips apart and her tongue flickered out questing inside my mouth, not wanting to be denied.
Then we were on the couch in a tangle of arms and legs.
I had never dreamt that Julie could have found me desirable. I hadn't thought she and I were anything but acquaintances. I had certainly never thought of her as a lover.
I don't know why!
I found the intimacy of another woman's body entwined with mine was ultra arousing.
I clung to her like a limpet. I wouldn't let her lips get free and our hands roamed across the cool slickness of each others flesh until they found the centre of all desire and my mind expanded into orgasm even as my flesh tingled and my nipples tautened and my pussy thickened and leaked and flared into fulfilment.
Exhausted we lay side by side.
It was going to take all of my non existent acting skills for me to be remotely convincing today.
Julie seemed embarrassed by what she had done and by what had transpired but I kissed her tenderly and hushed her fears.
"You wanted it, God knows I wanted it and its just the way we are. Doesn't mean we're a couple of bull dikes or anything. Its just something that happens between girls now and then. Doesn't mean I won't fight you for the new bloke," I grinned.
She smiled and we touched each other very tenderly as we returned to the task of getting ready for Vic's epic.
She made my face up with dark eye shadow and very red lipstick and generally gave me that tarty look Vic insisted on. My hair she teased out into a bushy halo of crinkly reddish brown. I put on the leather pants and found that although they strained tight across my ass, the way they were made, unless I held them up tight (and if I did I did serious damage to my vagina) they hung so low on my hips that my pubic hair curled over the waistband.
"Ah well, maybe I better have a shave," I said eyeing myself in the mirror.
"Never," said Julie.
I put on the high heeled boots and slipped on the vest and after a last look declared myself ready.
There was a sort of courtyard down in the middle of the warehouse which formed the base of a light well and this had a dirt floor and at ground level had solid brick walls with windows only on the upper floor levels. Vic had cleared the rubbish out of this and it was going to be the setting for my execution by firing squad. The firing squad consisted of four of Vic's regular hunky guys and to get in character for their parts they were unshaven and dressed in dirty whites and each one was hefting a huge looking (to my eyes) carbine.
In charge of them (according to the script) was a guy in an immaculate officer's uniform which had tight, white pants with a stripe down each leg and polished boots and a bright red uniform coat. On his thick, black, wavy hair was jauntily perched a snazzy peaked cap loaded with gold braid.
He was gorgeous.
My eyes met his and my heart flip flopped and my tummy came up into my throat and I blushed deep crimson.
"Hi! I'm Dave," he extended his hand and I was totally flummoxed and took it in mine and then he carried my hand to his mouth and touched it with his lips. My tummy rolled over completely and the redness extended down my neck and spread across the swell of my breasts in an ever increasing stain.
"Hi!" I said in a voice so tiny I could hardly hear it myself over the rushing sound in my ears. I thought for one dreadful instant that I was going to faint.
"I'm a country man of yours I believe, but from a bit further west."
"That's nice," I said like a mouse.
Vic bustled over and the cameraman got set and then the action was on.
I saw Julie standing at the back watching me and watching Dave and she had a strangely thoughtful look on her face.
I started off to one side and Dave had to bind my hands behind my back. They were shaking so much that he leaned down and whispered, "Are you OK?"
"Mmm..hmmm," I said and realised I was acutely aware that my opened vest revealed most of my breasts and I was embarrassed about it. Embarrassed that Dave should see them.
I had never felt this way before. God the scenes I had done I could hardly have been squeamish about showing my body.
"He's going to see all of them soon," I thought, "In a few minutes I'll be nude and playing dead with my legs spread and he'll be able to see more than I show my gynaecologist for Pete's sake!"
"You're an actress Barb," I thought, "just act. It's all only make believe."
So I acted.
Cleared my mind and went through the motions.
Dave led me over and stood me up against the wall. He offered me a blindfold. I refused. Then he went over to where his men were standing and made a short speech about justice and the law and what a low life wretch I had been. The other guys made coarse comments and laughed and spit and so forth.
Then he raised his hand and they all drew a bead on my chest with those big wicked looking carbines.
"FIRE!!" He shouted and puffs of smoke came from the barrels and I staggered back into the wall.
(Julie raced over and fitted me with four fake bullet holes in and around my left breast and some blood leaking from each of them and some more leaking from my nose and mouth)
Action! and I pirouetted around on my booted toes and then rolled my eyes way up and back over into my skull and then crumpled at the knees and fell face down in the dirt.
Dave came over and used his immaculate boot to flip me onto my back. My arms were still tied behind my back and my vest fell away revealing both nipples in full.
"Oh oh," I thought and pinked up one again.
(Julie raced up once more and gave me a bit more blood and made me look wrecked and suitably dead)
Then Dave stooped down beside my inert body and felt for a pulse at my neck, pretended he couldn't find one when in reality my heart was racing and my pulse was PULSING. Then he felt for heart beat by placing three fingers on my bloodied breast and I started to get excited and my love of playing dead kicked in and the old sexual arousal took over. He untied my hands and then looked up at the others.
"She's dead!" he announced and then clicking his fingers he said, "you and you, (to two of the shooters) get her inside.
Two guys got ahold of one each of my booted feet and dragged me out by the heels, hair and arms trailing behind me.
Died with my boots on I did.
A break and we resumed inside.
Part of the warehouse had been made to look like the Guardia house and when the action resumed the two guys dragged me into that, heels first, and dropped me clunk onto the floor. There I lay arms spread, legs apart.
"Strip her," said Dave and I noticed his voice caught just a little.
Clunk, clunk, my boots were tossed aside and then my pants were pulled down and off and I was rolled this way and that while my vest came off. Dragging me inside had rucked my vest up around my neck so it was just a matter of a small extra tug.
Naked, splayed out on my back, bullet holes in my tits, nipples up and dense, curly bush on full view.
I loved it.
Except I felt just a tiny bit uncomfortable that maybe I could've picked a better way to meet Dave.
Dave's part called for him to do what comes next. I just know that he would never be like this in reality. Ever since I had set eyes on him my tummy was roiling and my heart was pitty patting from just thinking about him. His tall, lean body and his handsome, saturnine face and his wavy black hair and the way his coiled cock filled those tight, white britches.
He looked down at where I lay sprawled out, nude and very dead, shot four times through the heart and bleeding some and he sneered and looked at the four hunky guys in their filthy white duds and they leered at me.
(Julie reappeared and smeared some more blood on my breasts and trickled it down out of my mouth and she mussed my hair some and then went again)
"I suppose you feel you deserve her as your payment for services rendered?" said Dave.
The other four nodded and licked their lips and said stuff like, "Eez so," and "Yes Mi Capitan," and "We fucka dead lady."
Clever dialogue like that was Vic's speciality.
Dave nodded and turned away looking hurt and pensive and the boys fell on my corpse.
(Of course Julie had to fit them with condoms whenever they got into scenes where they exchanged bodily fluids with me but you'd never know that watching the movie)
Watching the movie what you see is four hunky latino looking guys getting naked and then getting intimate with the lifeless corpse of this executed bandido girl. They do her over and over and they do her up front, round back, in the mouth and every which way that Vic could think of. This was his masterpiece of porno degradation and it turned me on enormously.
My desire to act dead, lifeless, helpless and totally submissive and to be treated to every demeaning sex act a man could do to a woman's body was fully realised in this scene.
It was so debauched and depraved that even the guys playing the soldiers got a bit embarrassed and whispered things like, "Sorry Barb," and, "This is not really me Barb," and, "I'm only acting Barb," and stuff like that to me.
Out of the corner of my mouth I said things like "It's OK," over and over to each of them.
Finally when they were finished Julie came out and fixed me up with lots of bruises and scrapes and mussed me up so that I looked completely wrecked and absolutely wasted.
Two of the soldier guys carried my body from the Guardia house to a cell, which was like a really bare room with a bunk bed and nothing else and a bare concrete floor and they dumped my bruised and battered and naked body onto the floor and I lay there sort of half side on and stretched out and still very much dead.
Vic said, "Righto Jules, I told you you were gunna get dead in one of my movies and this is it."
(Julie got to play another dead girl whose body is dumped in the cell along with mine. For this, her first part, Julie did herself up superbly with a red ring around her neck where she had been supposedly hanged and she blued her face up something awful and blacked her eyes and I peeked from where I was lying as they carried Jules in and she was doing a fantastic job of poking her tongue out, like way out as if it were centimetres long. And her eyeballs were fixed and starey and she looked truly truly hung and truly truly dead.)
The soldiers dumped Julie on top of me and I found that by sneaking my hand out a few millimetres, I could touch her nipple and I did and she shivered and I left my finger tips there just tweaking her tight, erect nipple between two of them.
All of this made me very hot and prickly and tingly and I could feel my pussy becoming tight and slick and wet and my own nipples kind of sucked in and then stiffened and poked forward and Julie whispered to me, "This is fabulous Barb," and I could hear her breathing ragged and fast and she whispered again, "I think I'm going to come Barb."
"Join the club," I muttered.
At last Vic had gotten enough shots of the two dead ladies in the cell and Dave came in and stood looking down at where we lay entwined together.
He took Julie by the armpits and pulled her off of me and lay her out on her back on the floor. Then he put his hands under the small of my back and under my knees and picked me up. I totally laxed and limped out and just drooped in his arms. He carried me to the bunk and lay me down on it, face, tits and pussy up. My arms were outflung, hanging off the bunk, hands and fingers curled and my legs were slightly bent at the knees and just twisted to one side. He went out and came back with a water bucket and a rag and after dampening it, he cleaned the blood from my bullet wounds (leaving those little stick on crater like false holes there) and from my breasts and then he cleaned my bloodied face until I was fairly presentable except for my bullet holes and bruises. Then he arranged my hair and lay my arms by my sides and straightened my legs out. Then he undressed and spread my legs and sat beside me and stroked my nipples and kissed my dead face and just wiped his fingers in between my labial lips and then!!
And then he mounted me and slipped his cock inside my very aroused pussy and I muttered, "Are you wearing a condom?"
"Oh no, I'm sorry," he said.
"No matter, don't stop, don't dare stop."
And he didn't and we had unprotected real sex.
And I fancied him so much, I mean I fancied him like bloody blazes, so much so that I got right into it and as I felt us both coming I wrapped my legs around him and started screeching out and he came and I floated in heaven.
Vic came roaring over and yelled at me, "What sorta corpse wraps its legs around da guy and screeches Barb? Tell me that."
We tried it again and I yippied twice more and stuffed the scene up and by now Vic was livid and the other guys were pissing themselves.
(Julie was lying there getting right into being dead. I mean that girl was a total corpse I tell you. The complete cadaver)
Vic came up to me, right in my face and he made a gun of his fingers and pointed it right between my eyes and said, "Stuff this one up Barb and I'll kill you for real myself."
Well by now I was pretty worn out so I manged to do a convincing corpse while Dave screwed me. The man was horse! I mean he was a true stallion, a ram, a stag and a super stud. Wore me out I gotta tell you.
The film was over with the last scene being my playing a stiff and being shagged on the bunk by Dave.
We showered, dressed, collected our dough and left.
I invited Dave out for a coffee and one thing led to another and we went home and Julie was waiting on my doorstep and she said, "Want a third?" and I could hardly pick between them so I said "Sure!" and we went inside and played.
It was a long, hard and totally sybaritic night and it was the first of many.
Many, many, many................................