Actress 3

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That there western was so popular that Vic decided to do another film almost straight away. It was called "Dead Pig" and the pig of the title was a policewoman who so irritates the mob that she gets offed and, well, I'll tell you what happens to her as the drama unfolds.
The story idea was by BK and his plot outline called for the policewoman to be a big busted blonde, but Vic had to make do with me, a less than spectacular breasted brunette.
Shooting took place in and around an old warehouse where Vic had his studio. The location allowed for the lanes and things outside to double for the mean streets and as most of the action takes place inside anyway, the warehouse studio was set up to look like whatever the plot called for.
The establishing shots showed the mean streets and then a mob of hoods came bursting out of a bank door after making an unauthorised withdrawal. To do this the actors playing the hoods went into a bank branch and then all raced out the door together. Confused the hell out of the bank's cutomers and staff alike. After that the rest of the scene took place back in our laneway.
So the hoods clutching bank bags full of cut paper to simulate bank notes, (guess who cut them up?) rush toward their getaway car.
That's where I came in.
Vic's idea of what a police babe looked like was something like a real uniform only the costume girl had tailored it so the pants were skin tight across my ass and the jacket rode up a bit whenever I moved and a bit of tummy showed and well, I looked more like one of those stripper gram girls dressed as a policewoman than the real thing. I had a gun and all of that other cop stuff hanging on a belt, but my face was plastered with very sexy makeup and my hair was wild and free and I looked like I was more of a hooker than a really truly cop lady.
Blat blat blat!!!
We blazed away at each other and down went two of the hoods and the rest surrendered and backup came and I made the arrest.
Olivia Benson, that was the name of my character and I was a cop in the Special Victim's Unit and I was like this ace investigator but Vic reckoned my cop uniform looked good and sexy so whenever you see me in this story that's what I am wearing. (or nothing)
Anyway, then there's these shots of the mob and the crime czar is talking to his two hit men, same guys as always, still very hunky, and he tells them that this Olivia Benson broad is a true pain in the ass and he wants her dead.
These guys set up a scam where Janice, another of Vic's actresses who plays a harlot owned by the mob, will come to Olivia and lead her into an ambush.
Now the plot really gets going.
Janice, wearing a micro mini that doesn't even cover her ass, comes to the police station where Olivia is working and spins her this story about how her boyfriend who is a small time hood is ready to grass up the crime czar but will only spill his story to Olivia in person. In this bit it's a toss up between my ass straining to stay within the confines of those too too tight pants or Janice's crotch barely hidden by her high riding skirt as to which will attract more attention. Olivia, (that's me remember) is a free spirit and doesn't work to rule. So she gets a sniff of a big bust and agrees to go with Janice and meet this stoolie. Of course she doesn't tell anyone and all of the fans familiar with this sort of a drama think "dumb broad she's asking for it."
(And being a Vic production she (I) will get it.)
Off go Olivia and Janice to meet the grass. The meeting is set up for a sleezy hotel room and part of Vic's warehouse studio has been set up for this. Like everything Vic owns is sleezy so no big problems there. The room has a double bed and a table and chairs and a bathroom next door.
Olivia and Janice knock on the door and the guy says "Yeah come in."
In they go and by now you are thinking "Struth is this Olivia stoopid or what."
As soon as Olivia follows Janice in, she sees the guy waiting there, (The other dude is hiding in the bathroom) and says "OK pal what have you got for me here?"
"Show her Janice," says the hood, "show the fuckin' cop bitch."
Then Janice slams her fist into my tummy and I go, "Oooof arrgghhh!" and double over and clutch for my gun but Janice kicks me in between my legs (yes there) with her high heels and I go "Eeeeeeeeeerrcchhh," and roll on the floor.
The other hood runs out from the bathroom and both of the hoods grab my arms and manhandle (is that the right word?) me onto the bed. All of the time Janice is scratching at my face and I'm going like "Er, ah, ooow," stuff like that.
Under my uniform all I have on is a pair of black lacy panties of the sort that don't hide your pubics and where the back bit disappears into the crack of your ass. Uncomfortable as hell but Vic reckons they are sexy.
The guys get me onto the bed and one of them starts slapping me around and unzips my jacket and, with the help of Janice, strips it off leaving me bare chested and I'm hollering and carrying on and so the other one of the guys pops me with his fist and knocks me out cold.
I'm lying there unconscious (and loving it) and Vic calls a break.
(The makeup girl comes out and gives me some bruises and a split lip, snips my panties and fits the hoods with condoms.)
Action again and Janice, with an evil look, unzips my pants and pulls them down and off.
One of the bad guys, the hunkiest one actually, then grabs my nothingness panties and riiiiiiiiiiiiiiip he tears them away from my body taking a hunk of pubic hair with them which makes me wince and spasm and tear up. Vic likes that bit so much he leaves it in.
Then the bad guy rapes me. I'm still out like a light at this stage remember and so I can't moan and groan and carry on but I like it heaps none the less.
Getting off of me, the bad guy, (by now both bad guys and Janice are stark naked as indeed am I) produces a rope and wraps it around my throat just as I wake up. I look like "Oh noooooooooooooooooooo..," and then each of the hit men takes one end of the rope and they pull on it. Janice, naked and wailing like a banshee jumps up and down urging them on and they tug and tug and I quiver and shudder and shiver and turn my toes up and curl and uncurl my fingers and my tongue rolls out and my eyeballs roll up and inside my head and...............
(At this stage the makeup girl comes out and uses makeup to purple my lips and blue my face and really deeply shadow my eye sockets.)
.............and back to the action and the hoods yank and tug and Janice hops and screams with orgasmic delight and I orgasm (for real) and twitch and die.
Then as Janice sits enjoying a fag both hit men rape the dead body of Olivia, the one time super cop.
Next scene and Olivia's blue faced, strangled, naked corpse lies on the State Medical Examiner's autopsy table. In the scene before, you see me being bought in in a black body bag and unzipped and then my white and naked corpse is laid out on the table and the diener arranges me neatly on the stainless steel slab and places my head over the neck block.
(The makeup girl comes in at this point and works on me, making my blue face a sort of bluish green and darkening the shadows around my eyes and reapplying lipstick to make my lips quite liverish and then she dusts me all over with fine white makeup powder which makes my nude body look totally cadaverous.
I have to tell you that the autopsy room is my absolute favorite setting and Vic has part of his warehouse studio set up with two stainless steel genuine autopsy tables which he got at a hospital sell off and over these are really bright white lights. Only one table is occupied by a mortuary customer this day and that is me. Absolutely, totally stark naked and covered in corpse makeup I lie there in the harsh light from above. It's that contrast between the cold sterile stainless steel slab and the unforgiving light and the soft, curved feminine body stretched out on it, hair spread out in a fan, that is so damned arousing and it makes me feel so so sexy that I am just hot as hell, not hot as in feeling hot, but hot as in teetering on a perpetual orgasm hot. I just don't know how any girl couldn't LOVE being a dead babe on a slab.)
So there I am, nude and dead, the big-shot police lady brought low, strangled, raped and dead. The mortician comes in and this part is played by Vic himself in a wig and false eye glasses. He fondles my body and strokes my breasts and then fingers my pussy and then he gets so excited that he undresses and spreads my legs and (the makeup girl comes running in and fits him with a condom) then he climbs onto the table and his huge erection (photographed separately without the condom) plunges into my "dead" pussy and he rides my corpse to ejaculation.
(This part has many shots from many angles, but my favs are from the bottom of the table and show Vics buttocks driving and clenching and unclenching and my spread legs wobbling and my feet swaying back and forth.)
After this further necrophiliac rape scene my body is autopsied and for this the makeup girl brings just buckets of blood and it is seen flowing over my breasts and tummy and down between my legs and then sluicing down the drains. Real autopsies don't have so much blood because really dead bodies don't bleed heaps, but Vic likes to make this scene a gore shocker. Blood feast that's me.
Then I'm sewn together again.
(Texta lines looking like stitches which the makeup girl applies really expertly and while she's at it she dusts me with even more white stuff so that I look positively drained and completely bloodless.)
After this my corpse goes to the funeral parlour where another of Vic's actors playing a complete creepozoid lays my corpse out on a preparation table amongst all these lovely flowers and screws me again.
Finally I am like laid out nice and neat on my back with my hair combed up and the makeup girl has redone my makeup to make me look less dead and more of a funeral parlour's idea of dead. That is sort of like the living dead and I have my hands crossed over my breasts and two lovely lilies held loosely in my dead fingers. The make up girl is feeling frisky so she pokes another lily into my pussy so that it pokes out between my legs. I mutter at her from the side of my mouth trying not to break the illusion of being a nice "pretty" stiff.
You would think I had suffered enough indignity in Vic's pic by this time wouldn't you?
But no.
The very last reel shows two necro cops breaking into the funeral parlour and they steal my body and take me home slumped in the back seat of their cruiser and arrange me in their basement mortuary museum along with the naked corpses of half a dozen other girls, prostitutes, a barmaid, a waitress and a laptop dancer who all died and were harvested by these guys for their private collection of female stiffs.
The film broke all box office takings for any that Vic had done.
Looks like I'll be spending lots more time in that morgue setting!
I might ask Vic to warm the stainless steel slab.
Vic has an even better idea. He reckons it's about time that Julie, that's the make up girl, got dead in his pics and he says if we're both lying on the slab together, Julie on top and me underneath, we can keep each other warm.