Actress 2

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Gosh Mack is a great guy.
I sat across the table from him in the diner and held his hand, stroking his fingers while my coffee went cold.
"So you wanna hear about that porno I did for Vic called "Action at Dry Gulch."
"Mmm hmmm."
"Like a western story do you Mack?"
"Sure do. Oh boy I love a gunslingeress going down."
"Sort of PowGotHer!, eh Mack?"
"You got it babe."
I grinned and sucked at my coffee. Yuk, cold caffeine. I put the cup aside.
Well, Vic decided he'd shoot this one on location and there's this crappy little place out in the desert about two hours drive from town, which is almost all fallen down, but still has a tired old saloon building with hardly any paint left and the facade of a store and everything else is gone. But like I said the cameraman is a pro and by carefully framing his shots he could get it to look like Dry Gulch. That's the name of the town where the story takes place in the flick.
My part in this one was I was a female desperado and rode with a gang of desperadoes and they were the guys who played the gangsters in that other movie. For the script I picked my own name and in this one I was called Shy Anne.
(My middle name is Dianne and I just loved the play on words.)
The film started where the gang was in town celebrating a big pay off after a train robbery and Shy Anne first appears in bed with the gang leader and they are having sex, her on top.
(This allows me to show my ass and although its a fraction wider than ideal I have a good ass and I like showing it.)
We were going at it like a couple of randy rabbits and I was grunting and groaning and my nude body was oily and shiny and so was the gang leader's.
(What an absolute hunk the man was. Not unlike you Mack.)
I was dripping sweat and my ass was bobbing up and down and I was moaning and rolling my eyes. We reached climax and I jerked like a runaway piston and positively wailed with pleasure and slowly subsided onto the guy's slick chest and lay there with my eyes closed and my breasts crushed against his hard male strength.
Then there followed a bit of dialogue and it became obvious that the gang leader and I were arguing and then I scratched him and he slapped me and he yelled at me telling me I was a "slut!" Nothing turns me on faster and hotter than being slapped around and called a slut!! I gave him a tongue lashing and he belted me one again and I fell off the bed and leaped up and stood there stark naked and screaming at him.
"Let's settle this outside," I screeched, "man to man."
(Well this is an example of Vic's humour because while I'm no great super model type, nude and oily I am most definitely NOT a man.)
"OK Shy Anne you slutty bitch," he yells, "one hour's time. In front of the saloon."
(The makeup girl and I got together to get me into my costume for the big shoot out scene. First she helped me get rid of the baby oil and then she fluffed out my hair and teased it into a bush. Being crinkly permed that isn't hard. Then she made me up with really dark shadowed eyes and lots of mascara and bright red lippy and nail polish. Slutty eh!, just like he said. My costume consisted of no undies at all, black tight leather pants and a black vest that was sleeveless and open at the front baring most of my chest and black high heeled boots and a big leather belt with a six shooter hanging off of it. Oh and a black cowboy hat.)
Dressed like that I went out into the street in front of the saloon. It was really hot and sunny and the street was like powdery dust. Within minutes I was sweating once more. Thank goodness the eye makeup was waterproof. Daggy old dead bushes bowled along blown by the wind. Tumblin' tumbleweed I guessed.
Me and the hunk playing the gang leader faced up to each other.
We stood there with our hands poised over our six guns and our fingers twitching. I wiggled my ass in time with my twitching fingers.
"Ya gunna draw Shy Anne?", he enquired.
"After you dude."
We went for them, hands snaking down liked greased lightning. I grabbed the butt of my pistol and it came flying out and looped through air to land in a puff of dust three metres away. Eyes popping and mouth wide open I followed its arcing progress with a gobsmacked expression.
"Lets try that again Barb," said Vic.
We lined up for the second try.
"Ya gunna draw Shy Anne?", said my co-star.
"After you dude."
We went for them and this time my sweaty hands failed to grip my gun butt and I came up empty handed and gobsmacked yet again.
"The budget don't run to a zillion out takes Barb," said Vic.
Third try lucky. I had a couple of practice draws and decided that what I was doing was going too hard at it. This time after we had said our dialogue I grabbed at my gun and got it out convincingly. Of course I never stood a chance as my demise was in the script. I only got my gun about half way up, still pointing at forty five degrees to the street when he shouted "This is it Shy Anne!!!" and his gun went POW! The bullet got me high on the left breast. I staggered to one side and fired my own gun kicking up dirt about half way between where he and I stood. I tottered back to the left.
(Vic called halt and the makeup girl came out and stuck a false bullet hole, one of them little craters, on my left booz just above the nipple by some three centimetres. She sploshed some stage blood about and the camera man relocated to get a shot of my "wound")
He filmed from the front while I tottered around firing my gun two more times into the ground in front of me.
The hunk said "Goodnight SLUT!" and fired again and this one also punctured my tit and entered my heart.
(The makeup girl ran out and gave me another bloody bullet hole just to the right of my left nipple.)
I staggered and rolled my eyes up and crossed them over and fired once more wildly into the air and then my legs buckled and twisted and I phlooped downwards and landed face down in the dust of the street, one arm stretched out in front of me, nerveless fingers still clutching the pistol, one leg bent at the knee and one straight out behind me and my other bare arm by my side, fingers curled up behind my palm in a clutching motion. My hat was still on but buckled where it met the dirt. Being sweaty, (and I know girls don't sweat, they perspire, but I gotta tell you I sweat like a pig.) my skin had dust stuck to my wetness and fast turning to mud.
The winner came walking slowly over with his pistol in his hand ready to deliver the "coup de grace" to my corpse but when he got there he could see that wasn't necessary as I was stone cold dead. He kicked the pistol away from my hand and used the toe of his boot to flip me over onto my back. I rolled over limply and lifelessly and ended up with my arms outspread, one still above my head and my legs more or less spread apart and my feet splayed out. My vest fell fully open completely revealing my breasts, ribs and tummy. My umbilicus (that's my belly button if you didn't know) was all full of dust from the street.
(The makeup girl ran over and brushed most of the dust off of my chest and tummy and breasts. Then she tarted up my bullet holes and freshened up the oozy bleeding from them.)
So there I lay on my back and shot dead. Despite the makeup gal's best efforts I was still pretty dusty. I had been called a slut and then I had been shot down dead to lie filthy in the dusty street of the town of Dry Gulch. I played this over in my head and realised this was a maximum fantasy for me. Called dirty names, physically dirtied and now playing dead in the dust. My crotch started heating up and swelling as it engorged with the blood flow of my arousal and my excitement and I could feel the first leaks of wetness starting to dampen my leather pants. I let the feeling come over me. The sense of anticipatory thrillingness and the tingling in every part of my skin and the prickling of my scalp and the heavenly delight of hot, hard, slick desire between my thighs. I let my mouth hang open and I just left a sliver of eyeball showing behind my almost closed eyelids. My hat had fallen off when he rolled me over and I knew I must have looked ruined and fairly realistically convincing as a girl gunslinger's corpse. A snuffed girl gunslinger.
I knew the cameraman was getting a lot of good shots and this only caused me to get even hornier as I lay there playing dead for keeps.
The gang leader waved his henchmen over (This was two other guys, gay guys actually) and they sauntered over, stripped to the waist and with their naked upper bodies filmed with perspiration and gleamingly muscular and each one took one of my bare arms and they sort of lifted me and dragged me over to the boarded sidewalk in front of the saloon, my booted heels scoring twin furrows in the dust. When they reached the sidewalk the hefted me up onto it, my boots clattering as the high heels hit the step of the walkway.
They flopped me down on my back and one guy pulled me up by my teased hair (I was going to ask Vic if we could think of a less painful way for me to be manhandled but it certainly looked good on film) while the other guy slipped my vest off. Then he unbuckled my belt and pulled it off and tossed it aside and undid the top buttons of the fly on my leather pants.
(They were those big buttons that are in themselves a feature of the pants. Lots of girl's pants look that way, most jeans if you think of it.)
I was flat out on my back on the wooden slats of the sidewalk, naked from the waist up and with my pants opened up enough to reveal my curly pubic bush and the soft white skin of my groin. I had been laid out in the cruciform pose but with my legs apart.
The gang leader came over and looked down at me.
"Poor Shy Anne," he said, "she shoulda known better. I allus told this gal she wuz too slow on the draw. I reckon the bitch deserves to be raped for being such a stoopid slut." He grinned evily at the other two. "Even though she's daid huh!"
He leaned over me and yanked my pants down around my ankles.
The cameraman moved in and shot starting with a closeup view of my splayed boot soles, only as far apart as my pants being around my ankles would let them be. Then he moved on and up my legs in extreme closeup. (I dreaded to think how fat my thighs would look in these shots) A sort of fly over of planet Barb. His camera explored my knees those fat thighs, my pussy and venus mound, the rolling mound of my tummy and then the twin peaks of my nipple crowned breasts (complete with shot holes) and finally my face looking peaceful and dead, although my just slightly parted eyelids and sliver of white, sightless eyeball gave me the look of one who had departed this life in terror.
(The makeup girl had snuck in and spread a little stage blood on my teeth and in one nostril. Just to make me look more wasted for those who like goriness)
There were the usual closeups of the gang leader's stiff cock hovering over my pussy and then he was fitted with a condom for the scenes where he was fucking my dead body. Then, in accordance with the script, his henchmen took their turns with me.
(The two gay guys agreed to my request to wear condoms but they faked their part in the action and neither one entered me or got all that near me and actually neither of them got an erection.)
The cameraman showed their bits from behind so that their bare asses were pumping above my flaked out body and also he did some tight shots where the faces of the gay guys (it was a big laugh for them) were shown leering nastily above my open mouthed, half lidded eyed, supposedly dead face as they screwed me mercilessly.
(I have to tell you that my total devotion to the fantasy fetish of being anyone's plaything when dead and being used had resulted in my coming to orgasm several times during these setups and scenes with no particular regard to what my co-stars were doing at the time.)
After this rape of Shy Anne's corpse scene, one of the bare chested henchmen stripped my leather pants off altogether and left me with only my boots on and then (because Vic said it would look sexier) they buckled my wide belt back on around my bare hips and a horse was brought around with a blanket on him and the two gay guys hoisted me all loose and floppy up and over the blanket and tied my wrists together and then tied them to my booted ankles. Bent over the horse with my hair hanging down in a big mass on one side and with my bare ass pointing skywards, I had the time of my life (death) while the cameraman got plenty of shots all around and showing my bare back and stretched out arms and legs and especially he spent lots of time homing in on my asshole and the area where my pussy lips were squeezed between my legs.
Yuk!!!! But Vic said the customers would love it.
Then the gang rode off into the sunset with Shy Anne draped lifeless, helpless and submissive across the led horse.
(That was the end of the location shooting and we all went back to town and to Vic's studio in an old warehouse and part of this had been dressed up to look like the bandit cave where the rest of the action was to take place.)
This consisted of the gang sitting around and looking tough and speaking more banal dialogue about what they had done and the banks they would rob and throughout, in every scene, Shy Anne, that's me remember, is lying, now completely nude and still very dead, in the background or is propped against the cave wall or is draped over a bedroll or tumbled into a corner and every now and then someone goes over and drags her over by the fire and uses her in a grunting necro sex scene.
As the gang leader says in the penultimate scene.
"That Shy Anne's the most reliable mount we've got here. Right fellers."
"Sure is..." They all chorus.
In the very final scene they ride out to their next bank job and this time my naked corpse is over the pommel of the saddle of the gang leader's horse and when they get to the edge of town there is a very modern concrete roadside garbage container. The gang leader hands my sagging body down to his henchmen and says, "I hate to see Shy Anne go as she has been real good to us, better now than she ever used to be. I have to tell you I greatly prefer her since she got to be dead. She's quiet and obedient and sexually she's been very amenable and compliant to whatever we wanted. But sadly I gotta tell you she's become a mite too whiffy lately and much as I hate to say it, she's gotta go."
Then the henchmen dumped my naked corpse head first into the garbage container and they rode off into the sunset with my feet sticking out of the bin behind them.
"So that was it Mack," I told him smiling into his eyes.
"Alright," he said.
"Did ya like that Mack?"
"Wanna come back to my place while I re-enact some of the best parts just for you and me?"
"Ugh huh ugh ugh........................"
He was making these strangly noises but I think he meant yes.