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The movie was a porno.
A porno with a story. A story about larceny and gangsters and murder!
I played a bank teller who has stolen a huge amount of money and lodged it in what she thinks is a safe place, a locker at the railway station, and who has the key sewn into her dress.
(You can probably see where this is leading?)
My part wasn't the biggest, nor even the best, and as an actress I'm pretty ordinary, but my big scene was going to be one that you WOULD remember. The movie was shot on video, but it was really good video, the sort the networks use. The cameraman moonlighted from the local news channel and he used his pro camera for shooting Vic's stuff. Vic believed in giving the customers a nice sharp, clear picture even if the action was a bit amateurish. Vic was like the producer and director and scriptwriter (with a little help from myself as you will see) of all of his flicks.
My first scene was like in the bank and I was stealing the money. Lots and lots of money.
(Actually everyone's loose notes plus a wad of chopped up newspaper. I got to do that too, chop up the paper that is, so I wanted a credit as prop girl too.)
After I'd stolen the money and looked around awfully guiltily and stuffed it into my purse (big one) I am seen leaving the bank and catching a bus. For these scenes I was dressed in Vic and my idea of a bank teller's workaday clothes, a mini skirt that barely covered the cheeks of my ass and was so tight it streeeeetched across my backside and wrinkled and dipped into my crotch. Over this I wore a see through, patterned, muslin blouse and I have to tell you my black bra was visible through that. Thankfully my matching panties were hidden. (only just) I tottered on really high heeled strappy shoes and my hair was pulled back in a pony tail. When I actually caught the bus so that the "crew" could get those shots, (Vic's budget didn't run to setting up shots, hiring buses extras etc) I got a real razzing from some young fellas at the bus stop. I suspect they thought I was a "working" girl.
Well I was but not what they were drooling over, I was an actress.
Then I was seen depositing the money in a locker at the railway station and there, I might tell you, I actually got propositioned.
Then there's scenes where the theft is discovered and the gangsters decide they want the loot, stuff like that.
My next scene is I am out on the town celebrating with two girlfriends although they don't know what it is we are celebrating. We all drink way too much.
(I don't drink, never have but I've seen enough people get giggly and then stupid to know how to play my part and anyway this is just padding for the bits the porn fans are really sweating on.)
My celebration dress is a little red number with a low square cut neckline and two very thin spaghetti straps and its short too. Mid thigh this time. Tight as well and zips up the back from the dimples in my ass to the top. This is the one with the locker key sewn into the lining. Underneath it I am wearing the black bra and panties again but that's for later.
Us girls get pissy and finally we part company in a scene with a lot of girly kissy kissing and feeling each other up, (Vic's idea not mine) and then I get home to my flat.
I fumbled with my key in the lock and staggered inside and stood there swaying some in the bedroom and two guys in black suits and dark glasses appeared from the living room (where they'd been hiding) and I go like "Eeeeeek" and my eyes pop wide open and I drop my purse and I scream a few more times and flap around like a goose and all the time the two dudes are watching me poker faced while one screwed a silencer onto a HUGE pistol. I'm still "Eeeeeeeeking" and flapping my arms and he raised the gun and "Pppphhhhuuuttttt," he popped me between the eyes.
Cancelled my ticket.
Cashed my chips.
Nailed me good.
(The makeup girl trotted in at this point and glued a stick on bullet hole, a sort of little crater like a mini Vesuvius to my forehead.)
This then was my big dying scene and I staggered about a bit, rolling my eyes and going "Ugh ugh ugh" and then I collapsed backward across the bed, arms outflung and legs apart, on my back, eyes closed and mouth gaping open and dead!
(The makeup girl came back in and tarted up my "bullet hole" with stage blood. Not too much just enough to make my shot forehead look like it was oozing gore.)
The gangsters came over to where I was sprawled out and they make a little conversation about the money and the key and then one of them leaned over and grabbed a bunch of my hair which for my evening scenes is down around my shoulders where I usually wear it and hauled me up into a half seated position.
Hurt my scalp like hell but it allowed me to flop like a truly dead babe and let my arms just dangle.
This gangster then grabbed my zip and whhhhiiiiiittttt, pulled it right down to my ass and then, letting me fall back onto the bed, he pulled it off of my loose and floppy arms and then yanked it down over my legs and off altogether.
He fiddled around with the dress while I lay there in my black underwear (getting in an aroused state from being "dead") and he found the key and discarded the dress and they both stood there looking down at my "corpse".
"Useless dead cunt!" He said.
(This was the bit of dialogue I wrote for Vic.)
"Maybe not so useless," said the other.
"Whaddaya mean?"
"Waal gals may not be able to write their names in the snow the way they are built but they sure can enjoy sex after they're dead."
"Yeah I see what ya mean."
They both grinned evil and knowing grins.
(The make up girl trotted back in and got me to roll on my side while she made some judicious cuts to my bra strap and panties.)
One of the gangsters leaned down and grabbing the front of my bra yanked it up and thanks to those cuts it came away in his hands. My tits bobbled. Then he hooked a couple of fingers in the waist band of my panties and tugged and again thanks to those cuts they came right off in a swoop.
So, now there I was, nude except for a pair of clunky high heels.
The gangster guy spread my legs and fingered my pussy.
I was still lying there, eyes shut and mouth gaping and make up bullet hole in my head, but by now my love of playing dead had kicked in and inside I was quivering and teetering on the brink of an orgasm.
The gangster guy dropped his pants and the cameraman moved in for closeups of my pussy and his glistening cock. I don't object to being fucked for my art but I insist on a condom with these guys I never met before and condoms aren't too exciting in porno flicks, so they needed closeups of cock and pussy before Vic had the makeup girl run back in and roll a condom onto the gangster guy's erection and then, (by now he was nude, they both were) he sank it into my swollen slit and did me.
Being "dead" had so aroused me that I was finished while he was just getting going but after that I faked it good. Then the other dude did me and this time we ran a draw.
I lay there playing dead, what the French would call "faire le mort". Everyone else on this movie thinks that like the guys I am just a porno actress, what they don't realise is that I have necrophiliac tendencies. I LIKE being the corpse that people have sex with. I mean I like acting the part of a dead body. When I am lyimg there with my bullet hole makeup on and my eyes closed and my mouth agape and my body stretched out and limp, inside my head I am "dead". I don't know why this is exciting but it is. My body simmers with sexual tension and I sort of tingle with anticipatory pleasure and then when someone touches me I absolutely light up with desire and hot, hot arousal. So when these dudes fucked me and in the context of the storyline I was dead and hopelessly, helplessly submissive, I exploded inside my vagina like a fire cracker going off. I sky rocketed to fulfilment.
It was hard to keep playing like immobile.
So there I was.
The two guys are standing there naked and looking down on me, naked and dead!
(Actually with my shoes still on I was the most dressed person in the scene.)
One guy says to the other, "Told ya a dead cunt wasn't useless."
"Nah, you're right. She's a fun stiff."
(I wrote this next part for Vic too.)
"What say we all take a bath."
"Good thinking dude."
One of the guys got me under the armpits and lifted my shoulders up. I let my head fall back on my neck. He pulled me off the bed and my arms dropped down by my sides and my legs fell off the bed and clunk! my heels hit the floor. He dragged me into the bathroom where his mate had run a warm shower. This is why I insisted on keeping my shoes on in the previous scene because I hate skinning my heels dragging them on rough carpet.
It was a big shower compartment and the guy who was hauling me along hauled me in under the water, shoes and all. He hoicked me up so that I was hanging in his arms with my legs buckled and my head drooping down and my hair wet and stringy. While he held me up his pal screwed me again. Then the sodden corpse of the bad bank teller girl was swapped over, she being really loose and floppy, and I played the part to the hilt, limping out and playing at being just as "dead' as I could be.
Number two gangster held me up and the other guy screwed the stiff this time.
The makeup girl had to fit condoms for these scenes and the cameraman had to film without getting his gear wet and the makeup girl had to freshen up the cadaver's blood now and then.
After that scene which was an audience arouser if ever there was one, they hauled the dripping body out and plonked it on the vinyl covered lounge in the living room and I lay there soaking wet, hair a tangled mess and shoes ruined, with my head hanging back and off the lounge and one arm trailing on the floor and the other in my lap, fingers entwined in my soggy pubics and my high heeled feet up on one arm of the lounge.
The guys dried themselves and dressed all the time looking down at poor "dead" and truly fucked me.
"Never let it be said that a dame can't give great sex just because she happens to have expired," said one of the gangsters as they left.
"Nah," said the other, "on a hot night, iced pussy hits the spot."
Great dialogue eh!
After they had gone, the camera dwelt on my corpse like forever and I got hot and excited again. There's just no helping it. I am an incorrigable necro fetishist.
That sadly was the end of my part in that film.
But when it was released there were so many customers wanted to see "that babe" get fucked and then killed and then when killed to get fucked again that I got parts in more of Vic's pornos. You can see me dragged under the waves by an octopus in a marine drama and I get held under and drowned and then the octopus does me and then my body washes up on a desert island and two horny castaways do me repeatedly. You can see me as a female gunslinger who goes down in a shootout and then gets hauled away by the gang of desperadoes I was riding with only now they ride my corpse endlessly. And you can see me as a patient in a hospital who dies only the male nurses don't let on and keep me hooked up to life support and come into my ward and screw my corpse whenever they feel like it.
No doubt about it. As an actress I'm so-so.
As a stiff I'm superb!