Actress 20.

Posted by Barbanne on July 04, 2001 at 18:23:09:



It really is beautiful here.
The jungle comes down, thick and green and teeming with life, to the powdery, soft amazingly white sand of the beach which fronts onto the warm, clear, crystalline water of the Pacific.
The others call it the rainforest but it's the bloody jungle. Wet, dank, filled with crawlies and steamily dark and dangerous. Incredibly though I am very much in love with it and with everything else here.
Our little house, they call it a cabana, nestles in amongst the trees and faces that spectacular beach and it is wide open and always warm and hardly any bugs share it with us. A few spiders and mossies of course but, well, I can live with it.
We are so in love!
There is a five star resort with a fabulous dining room and stuff just five minutes walk away and yet we are so private in our, oh so luxurious, cabana that it's as if we were alone on a desert island.
We do everything here in the nude and only dress to go to dinner or to walk along the beach until we reach our secret bay where we sunbathe nude and swim and make slow and languorous love.
It's paradise and I am head over heels in love and we are just made for each other.
I just know we'll never part as long as we live.
It's as though I have waited all my crummy life for this and now we are together for ever more.
Oh to be in such a place with your lover!
Sex in the sun!
I hate the sun normally but even I have tanned to off white although it has made my freckles pop out all over and even in places I never expected them to. When I am dressed it is in a bikini that is so small it hasn't enough material to make a decent hankie. Little bra with low low cups that juuuuuust cover my nipples and a thong that vanishes into the crack of my ass and juuuust covers my pussy although, even when I first put it on, odd errant pubics escape at times. If we are going for a real formal outing I wear a tee shirt as well.
I am so relaxed and so much in love and I am getting spoilt rotten by my sweet, sweet, darling lover.
Ooooooooooooooh the sex!
In the sun.
Sweaty and drippy and wanton and explosive!
I recovered better than expected although I still limp at times. My nose is a trifle crooked but you have to look straight on to see it. My internal injuries have quite healed although I have to eat small amounts and very slowly but then I always did.
When I got free of the doctors was when my beloved came to me and suggested that I come on this holiday and recover but first I was asked to consider a change of lifestyle and then my sweetheart proposed to me and I knew I had found my life's partner.
Oh I jumped at the proposal.
Somehow I had known all along this was the one I wanted as lover, companion and soul mate.
I loved the idea of the holiday too but what I wanted to know was, who could afford it??
And that's when Julie told me she was rich.
Family inheritance, heaps of loot, scads of it.
So here we are and I adore her!
She has quit Vic, she only did that for fun, and has opened a health and beauty salon in the big downtown mall. She has heaps of customers and is a fabulous beautician and I am her apprentice and in training to become a beautician too, although I'll be happy if I am ever a tenth as good as Julie. I'm doing manicures and pedicures and am learning waxing and just love being at work in an environment with women and the trappings of femininity all around me.
We are quite up front about our relationship and are openly affectionate in the shop but never in your face.
The customers don't mind at all.
A few blue rinses clucked and quit us but they came back eventually, see they know that Julie is the best around.
We do Vic's girls for him, hair, makeup, shaving and waxing and nails (my speciality) but not the bullet holes and stuff and when I am having a good giggle with them they tell me he uses some of my films as training for them and so I have become a legend amongst these youngsters.
Its fun but I hardly ever think about it any more as I am so much in love.
After thinking about it for yonks we have decided that Julie is going to get pregnant to Dave and then we will raise our little man with two mums.
He will be perfect. I will see to that!
I am soooooo happy.
So here we are.
In paradise and in love in a way I never dreamt possible.
I am writing too.
That's why you have been able to follow my story.
Ah well that's enough for now.
I am writing this sitting here stark bollocky naked and Julie is sprawled across the big big bed also naked and looking gorgeously submissive as she lies there in dreamland. Remember I told you Julie is a pert little dishwater blonde with gorgeous grey eyes, well she is and I totally adore her.
I'm off to give her the wakeup to end all wakeups.
Goodbye and wish me luck.
"Hey Juuuules.............................."