Actress 19

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"I am turning the tape on now."
"My name is Sergeant Garcia and this is Women's Police Constable Smith. Record of interview at oh nine thirty on Friday the thirteenth of July, two thousand and one. Could you state your name for the tape please Miss?"
"Barbara Dianne *******"
"And you work Barbara as a porno actress?"
"Adult entertainer. I have a current Adult Entertainer's Licence issued by the state."
"You work in film?"
"Mostly yes."
"Porno films?"
"If you want, yes."
"And on the night in question?"
"I was doing outcall work."
"You're a prostitute?"
"I like to think I satisfy the needs of lonely or misunderstood men. I do things that other women, especially wives, often won't agree to."
"Things? By things you mean acts of a sexual nature?"
"Tell us about that night Barbara."
"I had a call on my private line from a man................"
"By private line you mean the telephone number shown on your business cards which you issue under a, what would you call it, professional name?"
"And that name is?"
"I go by the nom de plume of Velvet Box."
"Thank you. Please continue."
"The caller said he had special needs and asked me to join him."
"Room 24 at the Hasty Stop motel."
"Did you consider this unusual? A motel room?"
"No, most of my outcall work is done for people who for reasons of their own need a temporary accomodation."
"Was the Hasty Stop known to you?"
"It rents rooms by the hour is that correct?"
"So I believe."
"Alright. Go on."
"I went there at ten pm and knocked on the door as I had been told to."
"Can you tell us what you were wearing?"
"A beaded, sleeveless top and a dark skirt, stockings, heels, some jewellery."
"Is this the skirt?"
"Its very short and split up both sides."
"Describe the stockings."
"Black, mesh, elastic tops.
"Is this the top?"
"Yes. Where is this going?"
"Would you say you were dressed provocatively."
"I was dressed to look attractive to my caller."
"Your client?"
"If you wish."
"Go on."
"I knocked on the door of room 24."
"At ten pm."
"On the dot."
"And then."
"The door was opened by a man wearing a leather mask and nothing else."
"Didn't this alarm you?"
"Not really. Some of my outcall customers are a little kinky."
"What happened next?"
"He pulled me into the room."
"Describe the room for the tape."
"An ordinary motel room, bed, chair, telly, robe, mini bar, bathroom attached."
"And the bed?"
"That was a little unusual. It had a metal mesh barred head and foot. Like old beds used to have."
"The man asked me to strip."
"I said, don't we get a drink or something?"
"Did you expect a drink?"
"No. I don't drink alchohol anyway but I thought, well, usually the men like to relax a little first."
"OK. So then what happened?"
"He said no, so I stripped."
"High heels and stockings only."
"I was folding my clothes and putting them on the chair when the man attacked me from behind.................he grabbed me around the waist and put his other hand across my face. He had a cloth soaked in something wet and sweet and I thought shit this is chloroform."
"You are familiar with chloroform?"
"No. I just knew it."
"And then when he attacked you."
"I passed out within seconds. The last thing I remember was that I felt myself sliding down into his grip."
"What happened next?"
"I woke up feeling sick and found that my wrists and ankles were cuffed to the top and bottom barred parts of the bed. The stink of the chloroform wouldn't leave my nose and mouth and I wondered how many times he had used it to knock me out while he trussed me to the bed."
"What did he do next?"
"He stood looking down at me and told me he hadn't decided whether to kill me or not but that he certainly would if I didn't do what he asked."
"Was he still nude?"
"Nude and masked and his cock was erect. It was big and thick stemmed and glistening. I'd know it again."
"So how did you feel about THIS bit of outcall work?"
"I was scared but not hopeless. I didn't doubt that he could kill me but I thought if I went along with whatever he wanted he would probably not be all that different than any other man."
What happened next?"
He told me to open my mouth and that if I bit him he would kill me there and then and then he used my mouth to fuck me............he sat on my chest to do this and I had difficulty not choking because it took him a long time to come and in all that time his cock was filling my mouth, blocking my airways. As well he was crushing my tits and stifling my lungs. Finally he squirted his load into my throat but it hurt heaps. It's why I'm talking funny. My throat is bruised and my vocal cords are swollen from having that bastard's cock shoved in my gob for what seemed like hours."
"Then what?"
"He said he still wasn't sure whether to kill me or not. He said dead or alive I'd do for what he wanted."
"Did you fear for your life."
"Then I did. I know something about necrophilia and this guy was someone who could do that."
"In a lot of your porno films you have played dead while being fucked, so aren't you as bad as him?"
"No way. In those films it was just a sexual fantasy for me and for the viewers and for the guys who did me. With this guy it was dead or alive I was nothing."
"What did he do next?"
"He rolled me on my side and used a beer bottle to butt fuck me."
"A beer bottle??"
"Empty one. Corona I think. It had a long, cold neck............and it hurt like hell"
"This caused some of your injuries?"
"Tore my ass up. It was too big and he shoved it in too far"
"Yeah, we've seen the doctor's report on you when you were brought to the emergency room."
"Then he started beating me."
"Describe what he did."
"He used his closed fists on me. In the tummy and across the face and my chest."
"That's how you got most of these injuries?"
"Well the bruising you can see. See here from my waist to my shoulders I'm black."
"OK Barbara lower your top. We've seen the hospital photos."
"He bust my nose and fractured my cheek and broke two ribs and caused internal bleeding. Oh and he loosened a couple of teeth but they are alright now thank god."
"Was that the end of it."
"No, then he raped me. He had pulled my stockings down so that they were lying around my ankles like two peeled skins and he raped me vaginally. More than once too. I was drifting by then, half out of it, but I know it was more than once. I told you he had a huge cock, he tore me up inside and bruised me so I still can't pee properly."
"As a result of these injuries you aren't working?"
"No I'm on an invalid pension but that's because of the other."
"Yes. Tell us about that."
"Well after the abuse and the beating and the rape he unhooked me but left the cuffs on my wrists and made me get up. I was pretty nearly out all the time but he used my hair to drag me around. He dragged me, next to naked and cuffed, out to a car and threw me into the back seat and drove me to the dam and then he hauled me out by the hair and tipped me over the edge. That's when I broke my arm and both legs and got the rest of the bruises."
"What then?"
"You guys would know that. I was out cold and dying. A couple of kids on a picnic found me the next morning and mum and dad called for help and they had to use a helicopter to get me out of there."
"I'm sorry for what happened to you Barbara. Do you think you'd know this man if you saw him again?"
"Only if I saw his cock and maybe heard him speak."
"Huuuuhh. I doubt we'll ever find him. Thanks for coming in. I am turning the tape off now."
"Barbara you have had a hell of a time. Why do you girls do it?"
"It wasn't always bad."
"But to end up like this?"
"The money was good for outcall work. What else does a girl like me do?"
"But you aren't a girl like "you" as you put it. You don't do drugs, don't even drink for Chrissake, you're educated."
"I'm a slut."
"Keep thinking like that and you will be."
"Fuck everything."
"You ready to go?"
"OK, there's a Vic and a Julie and a guy called Dave waiting for you. Here let me wheel you outside."
Why did I do it?
Shit I don't know.
Like I said, fuck everything.
Anyway I've got more to worry about now. Like will I ever walk again?
One thing is for sure I won't be doing Vic's stuff again. Only part I could play now is a dame who got hit by the Inter City Express. Even when I get better, who's going to want to watch a porno with a bent nose and a limp and maybe even a squint and that's if I'm lucky.
And I'll probably have a crook guts and peeing problems from now on.
Life sucks...............................................