Actress 18

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I could hardly believe this!
Vic and I were having a serious discussion.
I mean Vic never had a serious discussion no way, with him it was all how he could make money doing this or how he could make money doing that or what particular perversion could he hoist on the punters this time or stuff along those lines. So when he started talking this way I was flabbergasted.
And that he chose to talk to me!
As though I was a person, a real person, the sort you have talks with.
Me, a porno actress and not all that great a one either, although as I've repeatedly said, horizontal I'm a star.
And yet unbelievable as it was here we were, just the two of us, talking quite seriously.
"Barb," he said, "if I made a real story about real live people I'd lose a fortune so I have to stick with dead girl porn but just this once I'd like to make a film that shows reality."
"That's great Vic," I hadn't quite got the hang of this serious and sensible stuff.
"Do you know Barb," he said, "that strangulation is often a sign of really primitive human instincts at work. I mean think about it, the killer is going for the throat, if that's not base human animal stuff I don't know what is. And think about this too, you're killing another human being face to face and feeling them die under your hands, wow that would be awesome!"
"I've been strangled plenty of times Vic," I reminded him.
"Yeah Barb, sexy stranglings, but think about the real thing. A strangled person ain't a pretty sight Barb."
"But we make sex movies Vic."
"I know, I know, but just this once we're going to make a realistic sex movie."
"Did you know that most stranglings involve sex crimes Barb?"
"Well it's a sexy thing."
"Not if you're the victim Barb, no way."
We looked at each other for a while.
"Men strangle women Barb."
"Women do good dead sex Vic."
"I don't want to do that, it's too obvious." It was like Vic was talking to himself, I sat and watched. "In my movie Barb, a woman strangles another woman. They both love the same man and this woman killer she decides to get rid of her rival and set her would be lover up for the crime, so she strangles this other babe but makes it look like it was him done it."
"Sounds complex Vic."
"Yeah well. And another thing Barb, I have this medical expert whose going to show us just how strangulation is and I'm giving Julie a decent budget to make it look real."
He sat pondering.
"Hey Barb have you noticed how that Jodie Millikan is putting on weight?"
"Not weight Vic, she's just becoming more mature."
"She's putting on weight Barb."
"Condition Vic."
"Weight Barb, say how come you never look anything but skinny?"
"Don't eat Vic."
"Ah I've wondered about that, anyway I've decided that Jodie is going to be my strangler and that means you're my stranglee if that's a word."
"Dead again Vic?"
"Dead again Barb but this time you're going to look the part. Yep, really look the part."
Vic's new movie was simply called "STRANGLED" and like he had told me the plot was that Dave and me and Jodie were a love triangle and she had decided to kill me and frame him for my murder. It required some complex scenes showing us in this odd three way relationship and Jodie's growing hatred of first me and then Dave. Jodie hadn't really got fat or anything its just that she was always going to be a big girl and she was fulfilling that promise right now. Vic was right to cast us that way because no-one would have believed I could have strangled this lovely big strapping girl but anyone could believe she could do me with one hand tied behind her back. Being tall and well built Jodie looked fabulous with Dave and their sex scenes together sizzled the celluloid.
For the strangling scene Vic wanted both of his actresses nude (he hadn't become totally main stream) and for that to be worked into the plot he gave me and Jodie a sort of part time lesbian relationship.
So there we were.
Naked and writhing together in a totally steamy grip and grope session.
This was not hard for me and Jodie because, well, we had this on again off again love affair with each other and had had ever since the south sea body pile film.
Jodie was finished school now and had moved out of home and had become a regular with Vic. I had been a guest at her parent's home and always acted the meek and mild nice little girl. Sometimes though I'd see Jodie's dad looking at me in such a way that I wondered if maybe he had seen me in one or more of Vic's films.
He never said anything but.
Anyway, back to Vic's film.
Exhausted after our sex I was lying naked on this big bed with black silk sheets. Almost all of this whole film took place in a simulated bedroom which was built in Vic's studio. Jodie went outside and you saw her slipping a pair of surgical plastic gloves on. Then, still naked except for those gloves she came back into the bedroom and slid onto the bed alongside me. I was lying with my eyes closed and sort of carressing myself down there with my bare hand.
She whispered in my ear, "Barbanne, now I am going to give you what you have deserved all along."
I went, "Mmmmnnnnnn...." and continued playing with myself.
She rose up and crouched over me and her hands sought my throat.
"Oooooooh, asphyx erotica," I mumbled.
"Something like that," she said and then her grip tightened.
Her gloved hands gripped my neck immediately above my adam's apple and just below my chin. Her grip was fierce, her finger's biting deeply into my flesh. My air passage was completely blocked off and I was on my way out. My eyes popped open as I realised this was not and yet another sex game and my hands and fingers scrabbled at hers trying to tear away her throttling grasp. My fingers slipped off of the plastic of her gloves and left no marks on her hands. Damage was happening to the internal structures of my neck. Because of the great force she was exerting, my hyoid bone (that's a delicate little bone everyone has lying just above their adam's apple) broke and my thyroid and cricoid cartiledges were wrecked causing severe but localised bruising. My hyoid bone was particularly significant because it floats freely and is not attached to any other bone so its breaking needs considerable force and is a certain pointer to strangulation being the cause of my death.
(Of course none of this was apparent in the strangling scene but was to come out in my autopsy scene later on)
Now I started to look throttled and this is where Julie came in.
I bugged my eyes and forced my tongue out, but she had to progressively blue and empurple my lips and ears and the fingernails on my hands and give me blood stained froth coming from my nose and mouth. She also had to give me petechiae (thats those little haemorrages) on my face and eyes everywhere above the place on my neck where my wind was cut off.
I was dying and looking like it.
Being strangulated, throttled well and truly.
Julie used a sort of pen to give me my petechiae. On a strangling victim they show up as small red or purple spots where tiny blood vessels have ruptured. She marked them around my throat and on my face near my eyes and mouth mostly, with a few on my forehead. The bruises around my throat she rubbed on from a tube of makeup paint, (sort of grease paint like stage actors use) giving me really nice dark purplish marks and outlining the thumb and finger prints of Jodie's grasp. The bluish purple of my ears and lips came from the same tube and tasted vaguely of wildberry flavour. The bluing of my fingernails she did with a brush working from the edges in. She painted a white coating on my tongue and sprayed and rubbed water through my hair to make it look tangled and dishevelled.
The cameraman moved in. Jodie resumed strangling me.
(she had sat beside me on the bed while I was being made up watching the process with morbid interest)
The end was awfully near.
My hyoid was broken and my cricoid and thyroid cartiledges were beyond help and bruising was everywhere apparent and I was blue in the extremities of my face and frothing blood stained goop from my nose and lips, drooling this snot as my lungs crashed in extremis. My little teensy blood vessels had burst (my petechiae) and all in all I looked the "not very pretty sight" that Sir Sidney Smith (famous forensic dude) had called a victim of strangulation.
I kicked my legs in a feeble last effort and made an awful rattling noise and let my eyes glaze over and otherwise let Julie's makeup tell the rest of the story.
I was dead!
Jodie climbed off of my corpse.
She looked down at where I lay sprawled in an agonised rictus across the bed. Her rival was dead!
Now it was time for her to plant the incriminating evidence.
She started salting clues around the murder scene. Stuff that would point straight to Dave.
She had gathered hairs from the flat we shared and she dropped these around on the bed. She didn't really dig hairs so had bought a few hoping that his were amongst these. Being nude herself except for those surgical gloves she wasn't contaminating the crime scene with her own fibres or stuff. She scooped her hand in behind my shoulders and lifted my body off of the bed. My head flopped backward and my tits sagged downward and holding me like that she slipped a button she had cut from one of Dave's shirts under my back and then laid me down again. She had also collected lint from Dave's clothes and sprinkled that over me. Using a cotton ball she wiped his favourite after shave lotion from a small vial across my upper chest and breasts.
Then came her piece de resistance!
She had a plastic container with his semen inside it!
(Vic wasn't always super strong on detail and whether Jodie had collected this by convincing Dave he needed to provide a specimen for a sperm count or whether she had just emptied a used condom into her vial wasn't exactly explained)
Actually it was whitish body lotion in reality. Using a wooden stick of the sort you get with your paddle pops she scooped out a dollop of this goo and, holding that in her right hand, she used her left to spread my labial lips and open up the pinkish wet depths of my pussy and she smeared the stuff inside. She repeated the process until her vial was empty and then, putting it aside, she used her gloved finger to push and poke his "semen" inside me and wipe it all around.
(I totally loved this part!!!!)
She got up off of me and stood back to survey her handiwork.
I lay slightly twisted on my back on the bed my eyes slitted and glazed, eyeballs peeking out from beneath mascaraed lashes. My petechiae spots wandered across my face and my tongue coated in whitish stuff drooled out of my mouth. Julie had freshened up my bluish lips, ear tips and the strangulation bruising around my neck. Where my hands dangled off of the bed she re-blued the ends of my fingernails.
I was Vic's most convincingly realistic corpse.
Jodie cleaned up, dressed and left the room.
Away from the scene of the crime Jodie made an anonymous phone call to triple 0 telling the cops that she had heard a violent argument and screams coming from the room where I lay dead.
Next scene the cops have discovered my cadaver.
The way this scene was filmed the camera stayed focussed on my body lying stretched out on the bed and you only saw the cops and crime scene girls and medical examiner as legs and mid sections as they walked around the bed collecting evidence from the scene of the murder of the late lamented Barbanne. You hear their comments and know that they are taking rectal temperatures, (I was rolled sideways for that with tits sagging and drooping downwards) harvesting fibres and stuff, noting the scent of the aftershave and swabbing my pussy for semen. Only when I was lifted off the bed and zipped into a body bag did they find the button.
(the usual hunks and Julie and Jodie played these parts as you never see their faces and Julie took heaps of crime scene photos which you see as flashes lighting up my corpse)
Vic's medical expert (an alchohlic doctor who had been struck off) arranged for mortuary scenes to be filmed in a real morgue for which he had the keys. (he was working as an assistant there during the days and we had to sneak in with camera and lights and actress in the wee small hours of the morning. I'm something of a sack rat and so zizzed off a bit once I had been laid out on a stainless steel examination and autopsy table. Being in a real morgue with real dead people on the other tables really turned me on but unfortunately couldn't actually keep me awake all the way through.)
Inside the morgue I got naked and up on this table and Julie redid me to look exactly as I had in the murder and after murder scenes. The ones when the cops were all over the bedroom searching for clues.
The failed doctor played the part of a mortician and he described my injuries (like I told you before up above you know, the hyoid and cricoid and thyroid, all that stuff) I lay there and the camera mostly showed my body and my dead face and my pussy and my legs and feet and so forth, sort of concentrating on my legs and feet when stryker saw sounds filled the room and organ removal procedures happened. (Vic was a tad annoyed that I wouldn't agree to being cut open and have the top of my skull removed and my brain pan laid bare....only joking Barb)
Afterwards Julie used some plastic cement and stuff to give me a really super looking Y incision scar and rough stitching from shoulders to sternum and down to my pubic bone.
In the finale of "Strangled" the camera is in a grave yard where my body is being lowered in its coffin into a freshly dug grave. The usual dudes are standing around playing mourners. The camera pans away to where a discarded newspaper is draped against a headstone and its headline reads:
This shot slowly dissolves and turns into a close up of Jodie's very smug face smiling enigmatically.
Thus endeth Vic's serious flick.