Actress 17

Posted by Barbanne on June 05, 2001 at 23:47:43:


Vic called me late one Friday evening.
Could I start work on his newest picture on the following Monday. It was going to be different (weren't they all) it was going to have a cast of thousands.
I said "What's it about?"
He said, "I'll explain it to ya on Monday Barb but its got a cast of thousands."
"Oh yeah and I get killed eh?"
"Everybody does Barb, cast of thousands and ya all cark."
"See you Monday Vic," I said.
Actually it was a cast and crew of about twenty two. There was Vic and the cameraman and Julie and Dave and three of the usual hunks and then five young men and ten young girls, including me. About four of the other nine girls and the five boys looked very young and I smiled at them and then I thought, "Oh Oh!"
I went over to where Vic was standing studying his set.
This film was to be entirely shot inside the warehouse studio and the place had been dressed up with astro turf and some phoney looking palm trees and extra overhead lights had been brought in and when the cameraman hit the switches the place lit up like a tropical island which is what it was supposed to be. Vic had outlined the plot for me earlier and in the film us girls, the ten and the five young boys were to play south sea islanders and the hunks and Dave would first be blackbirders who massacre these south sea islanders and then when all fifteen of us have been piled up dead on the grass, (astro turf) the missionaries, (Dave and the hunks again) come and screw us dead girls. (Vic was wrestling with whether they would screw the boys as well but I think he wasn't game to go that far even if it did open up a whole new market for him) I liked this plot as it encapsulated my dislike for people with guns and people with religion. I intended to invest my dead performance with pathos and sadness and let it appeal to the finer sensibilities of the viewers. (Who was I kidding)
"Vic," I said, "do you realise half of those girls and those boys are school kids?"
'Nah, can't be true," he said.
"I'm telling you Vic I went to school with most of those girls, they were a couple of years behind me at Saint Columba's which means they are senior students now."
"Barb, I got signed model releases that says they are all from the Acme Modelling and Acting School Agency and that they are all over twenty one."
"That's bullshit Vic."
"Barb its the business what can I do? They wanna be actresses who am I to stand in their way. Besides what age were you when you started?"
"Geez Vic," I said, "you're a fool." (didn't want to go there)
He grinned at me and went back to his set.
I went over to the girls.
"You girls are in a heap of trouble if anyone finds out what age you are."
They laughed.
"Jodie Millikan," I said, picking out one I knew was a tearaway, tell these girls to vamoose."
"Barbanne," she said, "get stuffed."
I walked off fuming.
What could I do.
Girls and boys we all got naked (Vic liked nude south sea islanders as it saved on costumes) a few of the girls kept their panties on but as they were wearing thongs it hardly mattered. I got nude as I was the star. (well in my own mind anyway.)
Julie gave us flowers and leis and stuff to look like island girls but I didn't even have those. She also had tubes of KY jelly and when I asked what that was for Vic piped up and said, "I want some soppy pussy in this film Barb so youse'll all get some of that, it photographs a treat." I shook my head and noticed some of the girls giggled and went red.
"What's been wrong in the past?" I asked Vic.
"Barb you always do ya best for me but I got like these new actresses who might need some help," he waved at the young girls. They giggled furiously.
Us south sea islanders walked around on the astro turf like here we were in paradise.
After a few shots of all these naked boys and girls seemingly living in an untouched and unspoiled land cut to Dave and the hunks dressed as rough seadogs and carrying their shooters, rifles actually, old ones of the late nineteenth century.
Bang Bang Bang!! Pow Pow Pow!!!!
The blackbirders blazed away.
(I didn't quite understand this part of the plot because most blackbirders wanted live natives whom they could sell as plantation workers but that obviously wasn't in the script, no, Vic just wanted his actors and actresses dead in a hurry)
We all ran around like so many headless chooks and went down one after the other as the deadly fusillade wiped us out. Boys and girls together, down we went to lie sprawled out dead. (Vic had given instructions and everyone had a number and when your number was called out over and out you were supposed to go.)
It worked pretty well and I was the second last to die and when it came my turn I did a big production number and staggered around clutching my left breast and swayed some and rolled my eyes and went down like a felled forest giant. (well midget really)
When the set was strewn with naked bodies, Julie raced out and fixed everyone with fake plastic bullet holes but no blood. (This was a bloodless coup, actually it was because this film was pure porno and Vic didn't want anything detracting from his nude victims)
The camera wandered across the prettily laid out young bodies and zoomed in and out on closed eyelashes and sagging breasts and drooping cocks and pussy wherever it showed.
When it had been well established that we were all dead Dave and the hunks came out and after blowing smoke from their rifle barrels they began hauling us dead south sea islanders into the middle of the astro turf where the light was brightest. (in reality the whole place was lit up like a carnival and with so many lights that there were virtually no shadows at all)
They dragged the boys over first and spread them out roughly in a line. Then they dragged the girls over and dumped them across the boys and each other until we were all heaped up in a mound. Most all of the boys were on their backs and some of the girls were on their backs too but as well some girls were lumped face down over the others. I ended up face down over several of the other "models" with my breasts squashed against Jodie Millikan's open mouthed face and my tummy lying over one of the guy's groins and my hands trailing limply on the ground and my ass in the air. My messy hair was tangled with another blonde girl's mane and she was a school kid of that I was sure.
Vic told us to hold that pose and to try and look as dead as we could, "Think dead," he said, "and just lax out."
I did and the camera worked its way across the piled up bodies.
Vic stopped filming but we weren't allowed to move and Julie darted out with the KY jelly and smeared it liberally into every girl there's pussy, even mine and I was face down and all of mine that showed was where it was squeezed between my thighs and visible only because I had my ass so high up in the air. There was a lot of embarrassed giggling and Julie said like, "Sorry, sorry, oops didn't mean it to go in there," and, "can you just spread yourself, yep like that," and, "just relax I'll only be a minute," stuff like that.
When we girls were all sporting glistening slits Vic announced "action" again although I reckoned it was inaction as we were all supposedly dead and the camera rolled away.
Lying there doing my dead bit I could smell all of the other young bodies around me and the mixture of BO and perfume and sex (because a lot of us were aroused) was extremely powerful and I realised I was becoming highly inflamed, electrified and impassioned and very, very excited.
I started leaking a mixture of KY jelly and girl cum onto the guy under me.
Then Jodie Millikan began nibbling at my nipple. Her little teeth were teasing and tantalising my breast erectile tissue and it was erecting.
"Stop that," I hissed.
"No way," murmured Jodie through a mouthful of my very tingly nipple, "I'm loving this Barbanne."
She sucked noisily.
Vic called out, "Try and not whisper please corpses."
Then the guy beneath me started getting an erection. He may have been only young but this dude had a HARD on. I mean a rock like boner. It was pushing and pushing into my groin and I realised I wasn't helping by dribbling pussy stuff onto him and Jodie had settled right into nearly swallowing my left breast and my limped out right hand had found another girl's KY'd cunnie and as I slid my middle finger in and found her greasy and hardened clitoris I whispered, "Let's make it an orgy, Day of the Dribbling Dead."
Some of the guys started sniggering and soon the corpse heap was quivering with laughter and Vic screamed, "Cut, Cut," and fumed at his actors.
Too late for the guy under me, he just got harder and harder and just when Vic was calling a halt he squirted cum all over my tummy and his cock spasmed and spasmed shooting and shooting like it never wanted to stop.
We spent most of the day filming the piled up south sea islander corpses.
When we broke at last I really ticked off those school girls.
"You realise what will happen if the nuns find out?"
"Don't worry about it Barbanne."
"Jeez you guys are sailing close to the wind."
"You're two years older than us and you've been doing this stuff for yonks."
"Do what I say not what I do."
"Barb," said Jodie, (she was a tall red haired girl with a very well developed bust and a slight tummy bulge and she was very pretty) "you're cute when you're angry but being naked weakens your authority. And anyway we've seen your movies sweetie."
I realised we were all totally nude and it dawned on me just how dumb I must appear standing here starkers and still drooling KY jelly and giving lectures when every girl here had probably seen me getting fucked and playing dead in Vic's films more times than I cared to think.
For all I knew the nuns had seen them too.
"Well, I think.................."
"Barbanne we're making good money doing this and so just shut up and leave us be." Then she put her mouth by my ear and whispered real loud, "you taste nice too."
She laughed and the others joined in and my gravitas collapsed.
We showered and dressed and went home.
The next day we were all back again.
If you're wondering why those boys and girls weren't at school it was the September break is how. What their parents thought they were doing I have no idea.
We all got naked and Vic rearranged us in a heap, just how we were the day before.
Heaven time again!
The smells of washed skin and shampooed hair and the mingling of various perfumes (mostly cheap) and the acrid scent of sex (those young boys were having trouble when a heap of disrobed and dead girlies got dumped on them) together with the creamy carress of soft silky skin was too much for me. I was just in an absolute frenzy of rapturous bliss. Jodie Millikan was sucking at my nipple like a kid with a Wendy's icecream. I slid the middle finger of my left hand along the crack of her jelled up pussy and slipped the first joint inside past her labia minora.
"Jodie darling," I whispered, "Stop kissing my tit or I'll yank your uterus inside out."
She giggled and so did I and our tummies wobbled against each other. She was a scamp but she was heaps of fun.
We settled down to our work and I reckon Jodie and I are way and above the best two deadies in that stack of stiffs scene.
Vic had his cameraman film it from every possible position and shot closeups of every one of the girls' dead faces.
Then he filmed the missionaries dragging our bodies off for sex. (not always the missionary position either)
I was dragged off first.
Then Jodie was hauled away.
And the blonde girl.
And then all of the rest.
Now came the fucking scenes.
Jodie stuck her hand up to be first but Vic decided he'd go with me so the others could see what he wanted done.
It looked natural but condoms were fitted as I always insisted on. (well nearly always.)
I lay helplessly while Dave took me, lifting the skirts of his habit and finally tearing it off altogether so that he could get naked to get at my nakedness.
Then Jodie did it.
She was good I have to admit.
I wondered if like me she was a true necrobabe because her dead play was faultless. She just limped out completely while one of the hunks pulled her around and then when he bent her backward over his bedroll and mounted her she just flopped and trailed and I could not have done better. And she was enjoying it I could tell.
A couple of the other girls let themselves be dragged around dead and photographed from a distance being done but it was all play acting.
Jodie and I did all the hard core scenes.
The others stood back and watched and I just love that, having an audience and I stayed cooking all afternoon in a state of arousal and I had a couple of sneak orgasms too.
Jodie had that dreamy eyed look and I knew she was sexually excited by all of this too.
Vic saw it as well.
When we had finally wrapped it up I saw him talking to Jodie and afterwards she came up to me in the showers and said, "Vic's invited me to do more stuff."
"You're not old enough."
"Bullshit, don't lecture me Barbanne you sound like my dad."
"Well I think.............."
"You think nothing Barb, you've been doing this for ever and because you've got no family you can do what you want. So don't tell me what I can or can't do."
"OK," I said and then I started laughing.
"What's funny?"
"Acme Modelling and Acting School Agency." I giggled and giggled.
She started laughing too and then she looked around and I did too and we were alone, everyone else had gone home. Blushing I realised we were both naked. Jodie turned the shower on hard and pulling my hand dragged me under the water.
"Let's shower," she whispered pulling me to her.
My mind said NO but my body gave in and I wrapped her in my arms.
We showered and we rolled on the wet floor, fingers exploring and arousing and lips locked together and soon we were writhing in a transport of ecstasy and ended up facing each other with the shower spraying over our slickly naked bodies and with our legs up and spread, knees bent and mutually masturbating each other to a gasping, heart racing, head fainting, climactic and messy conclusion.
Its naughty I know, but when you are a necrobabe you just are and sex is just so important and Jodie and I have now worked together a lot.
Vic thinks its amazing and all of his lesbian death fantasies are steaming along in overdrive.
Jodie has strangled me in the spa with my tongue poking out, poisoned me pantyless in the pantry with my tongue hanging right out and filled me fatally full of prescription pills, this time with my tongue draped and drooling like a rolled out red carpet all over my chin, and she has played about with my resultantly dead body in all of these films. In Doctoress Frankenstein, when nude me gets nude her stretched out and dead on my work table for the baby oil scene, I got so engrossed in my work and enthusiastically explored so many of her intimacies that Jodie fainted clean away from the intensity of her orgasm and even Vic's stoic cameraman reeled away and gasped, "God girls, give me a break, I'm only human remember."
Maybe I'll tell you about some of those too.
There was the one................
Soon...................., I promise.