Actress 15

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"The Spoils of War."
That was the name of Vic's new flick.
"Barb," he said, "we gave yez far too much to say in "Taming the Shrew" and talking to Dave and Julie we all agreed you'll be thinking yer a big movie star if we let yer go on like that so this is one where yer get to do what yer do best................horizontal and silent!"
"Thanks Vic," I said.
The Peninsular war that was the war and you can guess who the spoils were.
That war for you non history buffs was when the French under Napoleon battled with the British and Spanish and Portuguese for control of the Iberian peninsula and if you don't know what that is go and look it up.
In this war both sides battled back and forth with great armies having bloody battles and as armies did in those days, which were the early eighteen hundreds, each army had a collection of camp followers who were all sorts of low lifes and you guessed it I got to play a drunken whore type chick. I drew the line at drunken never having taken a drink in my life but Vic said, "Show us what a good actress you are and act drunken."
Hmmmmnn, I'd think about that.
I turned up and got into my costume.
I got to wear a sort of bodice thing like ladies did once long ago, it was white, and a short black skirt and tied around my waist was a bright red sash which was like a length of cloth. I was barefoot as befitted my part as a peasant type slut.
Dave and three of the hunks got to play soldiers in Boney's army and they dressed in uniforms of the French cavalerie (they were horse soldiers) which were like green jackets with pink lapels and white trousers and boots and plumed hats and stuff.
When the film opened up there I was in the taverna kicking up my bare heels and pouring down beers and making whoopee with the redcoats of the British army.
(These was the same guys who were going to be Frogs later on except that for these scenes they wore red jackets and white trousers and looked dishevelled)
I was getting drunk and kept quaffing down mugs of frothy ale while allowing one of the soldiers to slide his hand under my skirt. (it was actually creamy soda which is sort of yellowish like beer and gets a good head and I wasn't drinking all of it anyway as if I did I would never leave the loo) The redcoats were egging me on and getting pretty tanked themselves. I did a sort of dance kicking up my legs and revealing the fact that I had no underpants under my short skirt which was flared and swishy. The redcoats, three of them led me outside, giggling like a looney and in a corner by the barn they each had me one after the other.
(with condoms of course although Vic used camera angles to make it appear au naturel)
The drunken redcoats staggered to their feet and wobbled back into the taverna. The Spanish (I was Spanish) slut tried to get up three times and finally fell back onto the ground, passed out cold.
In the morning the redcoats were preparing to leave and as the officer (Dave) walked around the camp finalising things there's me still out to it. He kicked me in the ribs and said, "Get up whore we are leaving."
Now here's this really good very gross part.
(Julie came sprinting over with a can of cheap vegetable soup and gagging a bit I managed to get half of it into my mouth)
The officer kicked me again and said, "Do you hear me woman, up now we are going."
I opened bleary eyes and looked at him and then rolled slightly sideways and spewed out the multi coloured veggie soup like Bllluuuurrrggghhhhh!!!
The officer, Dave, had to jump backwards to avoid getting his shiny boots splashed and he said, "Yuk!"
The other guys (the redcoats) said, "Don't worry sir, we'll get her up."
"Damn her," said Dave, "Leave her for the French."
By now I was flat on my back again with my legs spread and my arms outstretched and snoring drunkenly.
(I have known a few piss pots in my time and knew what it looked like. I had little specks of veggies (vomit) on my bodice and looked disgusting)
I flubbered my lips as I snored and went "Kkkkkkkkkkkkker" and then "plplplplplplplplpl" and if I say it myself I was good.
Off went the redcoats and along came the Frenchies.
(same guys different uniforms and also Dave now had a moustache.)
They walked around the camp and the common soldiers found me.
"Oui mademoiselle," they said and other fractured french stuff. One stooped down and unlaced my bodice and flipped it open revealing my breasts. They all had a good fondle and groped beneath my skirt and chuckled and along came Dave the officer.
"Ooo iz theez slut," he said. Then, "Ergh she haz been zeeck."
"Not a slut mon general," said one of the troopers, "un boootiful cheek."
Another trooper came up with a bucket of water and threw it all over me and I spluttered awake. I sat up clutching my bodice closed and gazed around bleary eyed.
"Can we keep her mon general," said the troopers, "we are in luuuv with her."
"She eez nuthink but a Spaneesh whore who vomits," said Dave, looking peeved and pissed off and taking out his pistol he put it to my forehead and BANG! shot me between the eyes.
(Julie raced over and gave me a little stick on puckery bullet hole in the forehead but absolutely no blood. I wasn't playing a bloodied corpse in this one but a sex toy for boys who just happened to be dead)
I fell backwards arms and legs spread again and done for.
Dave whipped off my sash and tucked it in his coat.
"A zouveneer," he said, "my first kill of ze day." Then he turned to the others and said, "Bury her."
Two of the guys picked me up, hands under my armpits and by the heels and carried me off. Dave walked away. They dug a hole and stripped me naked.
"She eez too good to waste," said one and the others nodded agreement. They tossed my clothes in the hole and covered them over and carried my naked body behind a bush.
(actually it was all in Vic's warehouse studio but tarted up to look like the Spanish countryside.)
Dave came over and inspected the grave and said, "Well done mon braves."
(The french accents were deplorable but fun)
Then he went off to find the Grande Armee.
The three troopers carried their naked and compliant corpse back to camp. Well, that is they got started on carrying my naked corpse back to camp but such were my post mortem charms that they each used me once before making the trip, dropping their cavalry daks and climbing enthusiastically aboard for the ride of a lifetime. Then they carried me back to camp and secreted me in their bedding.
These troopers now had a real dead sex doll and I went everywhere with them.
(I insisted that my body remain fresh and sexy in the parameters of the story as I didn't want to become a smelly stiff but a sexy dead'un who caused stiffies but didn't become one.)
The troopers settled into camp for the night. Suspiciously one of them had an extra bed roll on his horse and when he pulled it down there were little soles of feet peeking out one end and just a hint of escaping frizzy hair at the other end. He and his mates set up away from the others and when dinner was over they came back to their beds and unrolled their extra bed roll and there I was! Limp and floppy and still wearing my forehead bullet hole but otherwise looking as devestating as Julie could make me look with heaps of lippy and mascara and eye shadow and anything else that helped. They cut cards to see who went first and then depending on who got high or low or whatever, they plopped me onto their bedding and rode off into the sunset. Well, you know what I mean.
So I appeared all along the campaign trail.
Finally it was time for the big fight scene.
It was the battle of Galicia (that sounds good) and the redcoats caught my French possessors by surprise. Surprise because they had me unrolled and laid out on the floor for some fun and when Dave the officer came running by he saw me and decided he couldn't resist some of that and while he was using my dead but agreeable corpse he didn't get to warn his fellows and all four of them were caught with their pants down.
(Hah Hah)
A big fight and Vic had to use tricks and stuff to conceal that the redcoats and the frogs were one and the same guys. You know showing other people dressed as redcoats from the back and then swapping uniforms when Dave and the guys faces were in shot. Stuff like that.
Well the upshot was the redcoats won.
I got to have my absolute best fantasy while this was happening and just lay there nude and dead and unmoving while all of the action raged around me. I totally adore that and by the time the scene was coming to an end I was as wet as anything and was wondering if I could get away with masturbating to climax there in the background. Decided I better not as Vic might kill me for real if I caused him to waste film.
When the fight was over the four frenchies were dead along with me and they got stripped for plunder by the Spanish peasants who accompanied the army and they turned out to be not only dead but sporting HUGE boners and Vic just loved this scene with five dead people one babe and four guys sporting monster erections.
Won't tell you how Dave and the hunks managed that but it was interesting and helped my cause a lot.
The redcoats came along and reckoned it was the right thing to bury their gallant foes and after checking me out they decided I still had a few kilometres left in me and so they plopped me into a forage waggon and took me along with them.
So, there I was in the back of the waggon for a few close up and intimate scenes. The waggon tray was a set built in a corner of Vic's warehouse studio and it had one side only the other being where the camera sat looking in. I was stretched out on my back over a couple of nice smooth grain sacks with my heels on the wooden floor and my little feet splayed outwards and my legs spread in a wide vee. My back was arched over the sacks and my arms were outspread as if I was crucified and my head hung down with my long frizzy hair dangling and my neck exposed.
(Julie touched me up...I wish...and made me up to look good. How come, you ask after being dead for this length of time I could still look cute? The official script explanation was that I was so drunk when I died that I had been pickled by the booze and that preserved me. The real story was that it was a fantasy and I was the sex object at the centre of that fantasy. It was a role I relished. You know I understand the sisters who want to, or need to, power dress and be as good as any damned man, but I also sort of feel sorry for them. Being totally submissive and loved as an object can be a really incredible turn on, well for me it can and is! Anyway Julie touched up my makeup, we'd see about that other touching up later on, and I was dead and ready.)
Stretched out like that I felt amazingly aroused as I always do, my erogenous zones tingled, a warm blood filled tingling that was like water simmering just below the boil. My legs, as I said, were spread and Vic's camera man probed and explored the soft, pink, fleshy folds of my yawning pussy.
(In many ways this was Vic's most porno movie ever but as I explained way back I am a porn star and a horizontal one at that)
My nipples when they are at rest, and despite simmering they were at this time at rest, are small nubs in a circle of pinkish brown tissue and they dint inwards at the tops like tiny moon craters. My nose is an upturned snub of a thing which looks great front on but looks like an upturned snub in profile. And the camera man was shooting my face in profile in this shot. My eyes were closed and Julie had fitted me with long silky false eyelashes which caressed my freckled cheeks.
I was ready for the fondling scene.
Dave, playing a redcoat officer now climbed into the cart and sucked in his breath at the sight of my nakedness presented before him. Maybe I should have said nude, isn't that the most expressively sexy word, nude, nude girl, dead nude, dead nude girl's body.
Dave knelt beside me and stroked my forehead which was still puckered with that bullet hole which had lodged the bullet inside my brain when I met my fate many scenes ago.
His fingers played over my eyes (dislodging a false eyelash which Julie quickly fixed) and the tip of his index finger traced down my button nose and over my lips which were parted and bumpy bump over my teeth and then down my throat to my moon cratered nipples. Now as soon as he touched those they wrinkled at the sides and crawled upward and erect, tripling in height. (no explanation for this phenomena in the script) His finger kept sliding down over the humps of my flattened and rather insignificant breasts and through my pubic hair to my pussy which he spread with both hands while Vic's cameraman (who is totally unmoved by my charms) kept filming in closer and closer and tighter and tighter shots.
Now the officer, Dave, (whom I absolutely trust and who is still my partner otherwise I would never do this next scene) decides (in the scripted story) to have me give him a blow job. His fingers pull down my lower jaw until my mouth is gaping open and then he slides his hugely erect and glistening cock inside.
(some technicals here: this scene was photographed with us both upright but with the camera tilted so that when shown it looks as if I am lying on my back with my head hanging down over the grain sacks as before. Actually I was leaning back against a grain sack but more or less upright. Dave's erection looks especially good and that is because before we started Julie rubbed it with a slight sheen of oil and throughout the shot she kept it sparkling with a fine mist spray from a water bottle. Of course when Julie was rubbing oil onto his cock, which was even then erect, Dave told me, "I'm not enjoying this at all Barb, in fact I'm hating it." Julie giggled a lot and I decided my best course was to remain "dead" and make no comment at all.)
In the finished scene this glistening, gleaming cock sliding in and out of my slackly gaping mouth looks amazing and yes he did actually deliver when it looks like he did. Vic then had to have a close up of Dave repeating the performance but his time in my pussy. (there was no way known to have him wear a condom considering how close the lens was to this performance and so we had to do it unprotected and au naturel.) Considering we did it most nights I agreed to this and so we had sex, just me and Dave and the camera and that damned cameraman.
(I did tell you this was Vic's most pornographic flick and it certainly was. Never before had such explicit sex been shown in such unrelenting detail.)
After this the rest of the redcoats came in and used me too (although this was at a much greater distance) so that it was mostly my feet jiggling around and my head bobbing up and down and when a full nude shot was shown it was definitely with protection.
The film sort of winds up then.
I had finally become just a tad too smelly to be much use and so the redcoats ditched my nude (that word again) body by the side of the road because they had by then found another "spoil" of war in the gorgeous form of Julie (playing dead and stark nude...yum) whom they found freshly slain (strangled) by the townspeople because she had fraternised with the frogs. Julie was playing another Spanish girl and as the waggon trundled off into the sunset in the last scenes with Julie's feet jiggling under a nice set of buttocks, I was to be seen in the foreground sprawled naked and dead in the roadside ditch. The focus cut between waggon in focus, me out of focus and the waggon out of focus and me sharply in focus. (the last scene)
And that was it for "Spoils of War"
I was a bit surprised when I saw the finished thing at just how much screen time in "Spoils of War" was taken up by my (or in the last scenes) Julie's pussies. It definitely was Vic's most gynaecological film and I wasn't surprised when even some of his most enthusiastic distributors complained that it was far more porno than necro.
I didn't mind though as I had been paid my pittance and Dave took me away for the weekend to celebrate.
At dinner that Saturday evening he told me S of W had been, "a fun shoot Barb and I really didn't enjoy that bit when Julie had to touch me, you know, down there."
And I told him, "Bullshit Dave, if you didn't like Julie stroking your cock then you'd better move over and let her stroke my pussy because I sure as hell would like that."
"Besides," I said, "good as it was, was it better than this?"
And he said, "Not now Barb, not under the table. Oh Barb, people are watching, not now Barb, not oooooooooooowweer....................................................."