Actress 13

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No doubt about it, when I'm in the mood it just flows.


Back with Vic and Julie and occasionally Dave and loving it.
Like this our next project after "The Whistle Blower."
That one, The Whistle Blower had done really well and Vic had made money from distribution rights and sales of the video and was pretty pleased with the whole thing.
I decided this was the time to put the bite on him for a bigger share of the money.
"Hey Vic, ya happy to have me back?"
"Sure babe."
"That whistle blower thing went alright?"
"It surely did. I had such a string of bummers there for a while I was losing dough like it was water squirting from a tap."
"Customers must like seeing me carked eh?"
"Seems like it babe."
"How about a rise in pay then Vic?"
"Hey Barb."
"Yeah Vic?"
"Yoy know you just pretend play at being dead?"
"Yeah Vic but I'm good at it you said so yourself."
"Yeah but not as good as you will be if I fuckin' kill you for real."
"I'm telling you forget more money Barb baby."
"Ya mean bastard Vic."
"That's me."
I sulked and pouted and walked around like Missy Sourpuss for a bit and that's when Vic told me about the new project.
One hundred percent shot on location.
A cast of three.
It was called "The Feral Beach Bunny" and the story line went like this, there was this girl who after a big argument with her boyfriend on their day out at the beach, stomps off in a huff and gets lost and stays in the sand dunes behind the beach and goes nuts and becomes feral and there she is, getting wilder and wilder, until one day she runs across this other babe who is like out for a day's tanning and well, to tell you any more would spoil it for you.
The feral beach bunny babe was to be played by a new girl called Wendy and when Vic introduced me I could see why he had picked her for this part. I mean this girl was wild at the best of times. Her hair was red and everywhere and even more out of control than mine and she wore those like long cotton hippie frocks with elastic sided boots and just heaps of chunky, junky jewellery and black makeup and didn't bath too often, yep, Wendy was a good wild woman, that was for sure.
I was going to be the babe who comes to the beach and attracts Wendy's attention and Dave had a part too. The costumes, which consisted of one and a half bikinis (more of that later) and the props all fitted easily into my raffia beach bag and, around where we are down here, there are heaps of truly empty beaches just a couple of hours drive from town, so that's where we were going to film.
We piled into Vic's ancient Nissan Patrol, him and Dave in the front and Wendy, Julie and me squashed into the back seat and the camera guys followed in the old flat bed truck.
Wendy's BO was a bit powerful. I mean to tell you I find a person's BO quite erotic in reality and the smell of a perspiring body turns me right up to high usually, but Wendy had that sort of uncared for smell that acted more as a turn down to ultra low. I moved to one side and opened the window and let the air blast in.
"Close the window, you'll ruin me hair," said Wendy.
"Impossible," I muttered.
We reached the beach about mid morning and Vic got right down to it.
Cameras got set up and Julie laid out her stuff on the back of the truck and me and Wendy changed into our costumes. No going behind the bushes for Wendy and I wasn't going to be a wimp, so we both just got naked and then got into our stuff. Now its an amazing thing but no matter how many times the guys have seen me totally nude in Vic's flicks, the act of undressing right there in front of them had them acting like randy school boys.
Amazing! Men are sooooooooo wierd.
Once we got naked and under the endless gaze of all of the guys, even Vic and Dave and gawd knows Dave has seen me naked enough times, but then he was sort of looking more at Wendy who had a spectacular pair of tits under that hippie dress, anyway once we were stripped we slipped into our costumes.
Wendy, as befits a feral beach bunny wore a tattered bikini that looked like she hadn't had it off in six months and I got to wear the bottom half of a bikini which turned out to be a thong that disappeared instantly up the crack of my backside. I hate those things, they're so uncomfortable, but the rest of the crew seemed to think it looked alright.
Also I wore a shirt which had to be unbuttoned. Of course!
I don't know,......................that Vic.
That was it, we were ready. Oh I forgot to mention. I was lucky, almost an academy award for costuming, I got to wear a beach hat and flip flops and carry a bag as well.
Scene one:
I came wandering along the deserted beach and plonked down on a stretch of flat sand. I rubbed on sun tan oil and popped on sunnies and stripped off my shirt and lay down propped on my elbows looking at the ocean.
(Vic wanted a production of my rubbing sun oil onto my tits and I must have done it ten times. And the camera man got so in my face he must have totally filled his frames with my oily, shiny, slippery boobs)
So there I am viewed from behind and some way away, topless (darn near bottomless too) and idly day dreaming in the sunshine.
Da Dah!
Into frame in the foreground of the shot, (that is behind me where I am not looking) comes a great knobby club made of a tree branch and being gripped by a girl's hand and arm. She moves forward!
It is the feral beach bunny and she is pinged that another chick has invaded her beach!
She sneaks up on the unsuspecting beach girl, getting closer and closer twitching the great club in her hand. At the last moment I am alerted to the presence of someone behind me by a glimpse of a shadow and turn around and see........
A wild tawny haired babe whose makeup is definitely bad and cossie is way out of fashion and, oh my gawd, it's the fabled feral beach bunny.
I go like "Eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkk."
She goes like WhhhaaaaaaaaaaPPPPPPPPP!!!!
And I go like laid out cold on my back, arms and legs spread and tits pointing skywards.
My hat and sunnies have gone one way and my suntan lotion bottle the other and I am sprawled out, eyes closed and mouth wide open and in some danger of swallowing a fly or two and out for the full ten count.
The beach bunny cackles and rubs her hands and licks her lips in anticipation of...........what??
(Julie comes over and gives me a decent bruise on my forehead)
Wendy, wearing that tatty bikini and smeared in dirt and with wild matted hair and a suitably looney look in her eyes stood hefting her tree branch club and looking down at me, lying stretched out and senseless on the sand. She cackled and grinned and rolled her eyes around pretty crazy like and managed to look really good in the part as a nutty beach babe gone feral.
(you must remember that I have seen the movie if you are wondering how I know what Wendy looked like, seeing as how when she did her thing I was lying at her feet with my eyes shut)
Putting her club down she grabbed my heels and dragged my nearly nude and limp body into the sand hills. My arms dragged behind me and my hair brushed the sand getting filled with irritating little grains. She hauled me, bobbling along up and over the first crest of the dunes into a little hollow and dumped me there.
Then she went back down and gathered up my beach bag, my shirt, my hat and sunnies and my bottle of sun oil and her club and brought them back to where she had left me.
She put them down carefully and tried the sunnies on and studied the bottle and peered inside my bag. Then she dumped everything inside my bag. The camera moved away and down and around and focussed on my face looking peacefully conked out. Then my eyelashes (heavily mascarared) fluttered and one eyelid popped open and my eyeball skittered around and my other eye opened and I peered around and saw Wendy crooning, crouched over my possessions and I looked furtive and then the camera moved back and you could see me pushing down with my hands on the sand and getting ready to make a run for it.
Up I jumped and away I went, over the sand dune and down the other side headed for the beach.
Wendy looked up like "Urgh!" and then she snatched up her club and sprinted after me.
I was running in my best girlie fashion kicking my heels out sideways as I ran and flapping my arms by my sides with my hands turned out at right angles at the wrists so that they paralleled the ground and flapped side to side.
Wendy ran with grim determination.
About half way to the surf I looked around like "Aaaagghh, oh no, oh no, oh no!"
I ran even faster, flappy flapping along.
Wendy was getting closer and closer.
I splashed into the surf and she splashed in after me.
She swung the club and nearly brained me but only touched my shoulder, making me stumble side ways. She threw her club back behind her onto the sand and leapt at me. I was making heavy weather of wading and she grabbed my arm. I flapped it up and down and let fly with a hideous scream. No-one heard me of course. I was trying to shake her off but she reeled me in and I started slapping and punching and scratching at her. The light of madness was in her eyes and she wrapped her arms around me and we went into the water together. I came up spluttering and smacking the water and she came up behind me and grabbed my hair and pulled me backwards. We struggled, rolling around in the shallows, but she was bigger and stronger and it was looking bad for me. With her fingers wound into my hair she pushed me down and under. I struggled wildly waving my arms about and beating the water into foam. She got on my back and got me by the throat and pushed me under again.
I struggled bravely and came up gasping and spluttering.
She pushed me under again.
I came up spluttering and with my hair hanging in wet strings around my face and spat out water but was only struggling feebly now.
She pushed me under again.
And held my head down there.
I like glurped out bubbles of air.
She held me down.
I stopped struggling and then stopped moving.
After a while she let me go and ever so slowly I tilted onto my face and my ass and legs came up and I floated face down and dead in the water, my buttocks shining like two round islands of drippy flesh.
Wendy grasped my ankle and towed me backwards toward the shore and then up onto the wet sand, my breasts, chin and fingers all scoring lines into the wet foamy surface of the water line of the beach.
She rolled me over onto my back.
My eyes were open and staring upwards, my mouth gaped and ran sea water.
(out came Julie and gave me a sort of "drowned" look. A bit hypoxic and with strands of sea weed stuck in here and there, in my hair and trailing from my mouth and caught in the crack of my bum together with my thong strap that had buried itself deep inside after all of this activity)
Wendy pulled me up by my hair and one arm and got my limped out body up and over her shoulder with her hand hooked around my thigh, in between my legs, and then she collected her club and set off, carrying my corpse back into the sand dunes.
I dangled and let my arms swish and sway as they would with the movement of her gait and my hair didn't fail me and hung straight down, wet and stringy and swinging to and fro in time with her movement.
She carried me up to where she had left my stuff and collected my bag and then made her way with her "prizes" to her lair.
This was a space under some trees and still within the sand dunes.
Here she had her treasures.
Things that a looney gal would collect and keep when living beside the sea side.
Shells and bits and pieces of left over stuff and flotsam that had washed ashore.
She plonked me down on the sand and sat crooning over my corpse for a while and playing with her stuff.
Change of scene and you see Dave, dressed in a shirt and shorts and carrying a spear gun returning from a day's snorkelling.
Back to Wendy and she now stripped my thong bikini pants off and hung them from a branch. Then, using her shells and bits and pieces she started to decorate my corpse.
First she stretched me out so that my legs were in front of me just spread so that my pussy was opened up and then she put my arms out straight from my sides and angled away from my body, my hands ending up about sixty centimetres from my hips.
Then she used two small shells to give me like two nipple covering pasties and then she used a bigger shell to decorate my pussy. She took my little cotton makeup bag out of my beach bag and used the lipstick to pretty me up. Being sort of an untutored, non beautician trained savage she wasn't too good and the lippy ended up smeared all around my mouth. Likewise she used the mascara and eye shadow to make a mess of my eyes.
I looked like a clown.
A shell wearing, dead clown.
She thought that looked nice and donning my sunnies she surveyed her handiwork.
"Pwetty dead girl," she lisped.
She kissed my tummy.
Lifting her shell, she kissed my pussy.
And then.............................
She bobbed up, every sense alert.
She grabbed her club and jumped up.
Dave was coming through the dunes only metres away.
She rushed at him brandishing her club above her head and uttering high pitched keening noises.
With a reflex action he whipped up his spear gun and let fly.
The spear got poor Wendy right between the tits and she staggered backwards making little whimpering noises and plomped down dead beside me so that we were stretched out, side by side like two peas in a pod.
Except I looked like the clown pea and she had a big spear sticking out of her chest.
(Julie dashed over and bloodied Wendy up, giving her lots of gory goop on her breasts and a gush of crimson from her mouth.)
Dave looked like "Ohmigod" at these two stiffs spread out before him and then he got this evil look in his eyes and peered around to make sure that these deserted sand hills were as thoroughly deserted as he knew they were and then he settled down to enjoy the treats he found set out in front of him.
He had me twice, (I was getting a bit stiff by this time) and Wendy three times. (She was so freshly dead she was still warm)
This necrophiliac scene finished off "The Feral Beach Bunny" and it went on to become a great little earner for Vic.
Not that I got anything out of that.
Except sand in my twat that took heaps of showering to get out.
Ah, but I sooooooooo love getting to be a dead body that I just would do it for nothing most of the time.
Not that I'd ever let Vic know that.
He'd ask me to pay him would be the next thing he'd do.