Actress 12

Posted by Barbanne on April 15, 2001 at 17:42:25:


Well, if you're amazed to find yourself reading this just imagine how amazed I am to be writing it.
Yeah, whaddaya know, I am back doing those damned pornos for Vic.
I know, I know, I was going to really let myself go and get preggers and drop a few sprogs and just slag around all day in slippers and a robe, except of course for when I'd totter down to the supermarket in flip flops and a cotton dress with a dropped hem and a tonne of makeup and chains and anklets and stuff like that, and get heaps of coke and chips and any other junk muck I felt like.
And I wuz gunna get fat and useless and just veg out in front of "Days of our Lives" and really be a slob!
I was looking forward to it.
Instead of all that here I am as skinny as ever and with zilch bust like always and the same wild hair and big bum and getting nude and screwed and popped off in Vic's flicks.
Like this one.
"The Whistle Blower" its called and I'm sorta the star, given what Vic's punters want, even though my walking around acting part only lasts like the first five minutes and after that I'm stiffed and horizontal and as I told yers before, vertical I'm nuthin' but horizontal I'm a star!
Julie was there and all of Vics regulars and the warehouse studio was where it happens although there was a couple of new babes brought in to play housemaids (you'll find out why soon) and they were big and bold and brassy and said they were showgirls but I think that was maybe a few years back. More like show ladies nowadays and that's being polite.
Actually it was Julie suckered me into coming back, although I think maybe Vic had a hand in it somewhere. I was sitting at home practicing being a slobbo and had just been putting in some time with Dave working on having those sprogs and had sent him out to get chinese and there ringing my bell was Julie.
"Hiya Barb," she said.
"Hey Jules, c'mon in."
She came, smiling tentatively.
"Want some chow food, Dave will be back soon."
Actually Barb I have come to ask a favour."
"Oh yeah, anything for you Jules."
"Well, would you consider coming back to work with Vic. Its just that, well, it isn't the same with you gone. He's had heaps of other girls and between you and me they haven't been great. Bloody useless actually. One just giggled especially when she was supposed to be dead and another wouldn't strip past her undies and one, well, she reckoned being dead was like shut your eyes and lie there, even went to sleep one time and I thought Vic was going to explode. He's used me twice and what with my makeup and stuff and then having to act (hah In Vic's flicks...acting!!!) well, it was way too much for me."
"Julie I have decided."
"Hear me out. Anyway we are doing badly and the flicks have been such bummers nobody buys them and oh shit Barb, I'll have to go work in a beautician's and I've done that and hate it and Oh gee Barb come back please."
"Damn good idea," In came Dave with the takeaways.
"Whaddaya mean?" I looked at him.
"Well, you are useless lying around here and if you get fat I'm gonna hate you and I just think you need something to do. Barbanne go back to work!"
"Well........................," I said.
"Please Barb," said Julie.
"Oh shit, alright."
(truth be told I really hated my plan to become a slob so would have suggested it myself soon.)
OK here's the story.
I am the whistle blower, a secretary who is going to grass on the mob and the cops have me stashed in a hotel room where they think I'm safe.
The hotel room is recreated in Vic's studio and that's where the flick opens and most of the action occurs.
(you might think ratting on the mob would mean a babe's life wuzn't worth a plugged nickel and maybe you'd be right...........keep reading)
Being a prim little secretary type I appear in my first scene dressed in a tailored skirt and silk blouse and all the rest of the usual office girl stuff and am seen hanging my suit jacket in the wardrobe. This part allows me for the first time ever in one of Vic's movies to actually wear my specs, little black wire framed oval shaped specs that make me look like a timid owl.
There comes a knock on the door and with a slightly annoyed look I go over and open the door, keeping it safely hooked on the chain.
"Yes, who is it," says I sort of prim and pissy.
"Room service Miss."
"Oh Ok."
I slip off the chain and in comes the two one time showgirls dressed as housemaids and wheeling a trolley.
"I didn't order this"
"Oh its for you Miss."
The two housemaids who outweigh me about two to one and are centimetres taller, grab me by an arm each and frogmarch me to the bed.
"What's this? what's going on? Stop this, help, help, help!"
That's me, pathetic aren't I?
The housemaids, mob girl assassins of course, plonk me on the bed and while one wraps me up the other pulls a bottle of barbituates from her apron pocket. I am going mmmph, mmmph, and flapping around futilely, but the big blonde has my arms pinned and a hand over my mouth. While she holds me the other babe opens the pill bottle and, holding my mouth forced open, starts shoving pills inside me and hitting my tummy with her elbow so that I go erp, erp, and swallow the pills.
Well, one pill would have given me a good night's sleep, two would zonk me for a day, three would put me into a coma and six would ensure my eternal rest. This babe empties the bottle inside me.
(actually they were nice orange flavoured sweeties and I didn't eat them all anyway although watching the flick you'd never know)
The blonde housemaid kept holding me and the camera moved in and my eyelids fluttered and my eyeballs went starey and then I crossed them something outrageous and let them roll up and back.
(I can't get them to actually roll completely out of sight its a trick I never mastered but Vic reckoned I did alright with my eye rolling scene.)
The blonde let me go and I fell back on the bed and lay there.
(by now my body is in deep unconsciousness and sinking towards extinction, so every now and then I gave a little shiver and some twitches)
The blonde who had been holding me started stripping off my clothes while her pal went into the bathroom and started running a steaming hot bath.
The water went gurgle gurgle and the "housemaid' pulled off my chunky heeled shoes and popped the snaps on my skirt waistband and pulled down the little side zip and rolled and hoicked the skirt down and off. Then she stripped off my pantyhose and unbuttoned my silk shirt and lifting me up (by now my body was deeply unconscious and I flopped quite limply) she pulled the shirt off and worked my arms out of the sleeves and got it free. My arms flip flopped and my fingers were curled and you could tell there was no hope for me from now on.
She neatly folded all of my clothes and placed them on a chair and slipped my shoes under the front of the chair just like a little anal retentive secretary would do with her prized possessions.
She came back to the bed where I lay sprawled on my back wearing panties and a bra and specs and accessories. She took off my specs and, closing them, put them on the side table. Then she pulled down my panties and slid them over my feet. half lifting me, (I was by now really floppily limped out and had even stopped twitching) she popped my bra catch and pulled it forward and off, lifting my arms one at a time to get it off. My bra and panties (they were spotlessly clean, your aunt would never let you go out without clean undies, "think if you got run down dear, the ambulance people would not want to see grubby knickers") she folded neatly and placed on top of my other clothes. She now removed all of my jewellery, my necklace, earrings, bangles and watch and put them in a nice little pile next to my specs.
(about here in the story my heart finally failed under the load of poppers and I was now officially a corpse. Julie darted out and blued my lips a little and gave me dark rings under my eyes)
The water had stopped running and the other housemaid blonde came out and looked at her pal and at me, lying naked and silent on my back across the bedspread, and said, "Ready?"
Between them they got me up, one holding my ankles and the other with her hands under my armpits and they carried me into the bathroom and dumped me face down in the steaming water.
(Vic appeared at this juncture and said he wanted this to look just so and he told me do this and do that and I ended up, face down in the bath with my hair floating on the water, ass in the air and legs tucked in under me as if I was down on my face searching for something on the bottom of the bath and one arm was draped limply over the side of the bath and the other was underneath me.)
Then the blonde assassins slit my wrists.
This scene was gloriously gory and only when I saw it afterwards did I realise how real it looked.
(Julie popped out and fixed fake but very convincing plastic gashes to both wrists and spread plenty of fake blood around. I lifted my head out of the water while she did this but otherwise Vic wouldn't let me move so I wouldn't lose my pose)
Back in the water I went and Julie had dripping blood oozing from my wrist on the arm where it dangled over the side and a nice pool of blood on the tiled floor.
There I was a suicide victim.
Couldn't take the stress of testifying.
The blondes left.
The camera concentrated on me, roaming over my body and especially around my ass and where my labial lips were trapped between my thighs.
I held my breath.
My hair bobbled on the water.
Poor, sad, dead, suicided, little secretary bird.
(Talk about overkill. I was dead from pills and had slit my wrists and had drowned and if that wasn't enough I was also dead from embarrassment from the ass up pose Vic had me in)
Fade out................
A DA chick arrived the next morning to escort me to court.
She had to get a (real) housemaid to let her in as I didn't answer her knocking.
Together she and the housemaid came in calling my name tentatively.
"Rosalyn, Rosalyn." My character in this story was called Rosalyn.
Then into the bathroom and there I was!!!
Another opportunity for Vic's cameraman to crawl all over my ass upped corpse. He even did one shot where my ass and pussy filled the front left of the screen and the horrified girls were like "Eeeeeaaagghhh," in the background.
The housemaid fainted in a flurry of skirts and apron and you get to see she didn't believe in wearing panties.
The DA gal gets on her mobile and the cops arrive.
Scene of crime guys and girls all over the place and the police photographer records my ass up death for posterity. A medical examiner arrives and declares me dead and after more police type photos they gently lift me out of the bath and lay me, dripping and waterlogged on the tiled floor.
There I lay, naked, wet and with slit wrists while they all swarmed over me some more.
Eventually I got loaded into a body bag and, hi ho, hi ho, off we go to the mortuary.
In the mortuary I was posed laid out on a steel autopsy table.
None of the modesty the TV guys showed in Vic's flick and again his cameraman climbed all over my corpse. One particular shot that even I thought was worth an A started down between my widely splayed feet and move up inside my legs into the ever narrowing valley that finally led to my bushy twat.
The mortuary assistant was (of course) a necrophile and when he found me lying there naked and very dead (Julie gave me the super cadaver treatment, pale, white, hollow eyed and blued around the lips and ears) he couldn't hold back and had to take me then and there.
A huge scene of necro fornication with my dead body followed and after he had done me about three times the pic ended.
Afterwards I said to Vic, "Hey Vic, how come a secretary would know enough to finger the mob?"
"She overheard the big guys discussing their stuff Barb. Don't get technical."
"Well, how come if she was such a key witness she wasn't guarded?"
"She was, ya dumb broad only her man got the munchies for a big mac and when he got back she was already dead and he didn't think to check."
"Sounds weak to me Vic."
Vic mumbled some and then he grumbled but after a while he did some extra scenes to fill in these story gaps.
See if you can catch"The Whistle Blower" its plenty sexy.
Ah, its good to be back with Vic.
Our next one is going to be...................................
Well, you wouldn't want me to tell you that would you?