Actress 11

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"Hey Barb, do you remember seeing that film "Raging Bull."
"Geez Vic, was it something to do with a boxer? I think I might have caught some of it one night on telly like after midnight. Which I might say is not my favourite time."
"Yeah, that's it, a boxing film. Martin Scorsese directing and a much younger Robert de Niro as Jake La Motta."
"Geez Vic, so you're a movie buff who knows exotically wierd stuff. So what?"
"I'm thinking of making a flick about female boxers. A real knock 'em down and drag 'em out epic called "Raging Cows."
"'s not PC to call us cows!"
"Whaaaat! Lard ass babe like you doesn't want to be called a fat cow?"
"Vic..........., Geez, have you ever considered attending sensitivity classes."
"Huh Barb you break me up."
"Vic you're a prick."
I cold shouldered him and wondered why I hung around with the creep. I didn't need this as I was back together with Dave. Do you remember Dave, the guy executed me in Vic's firing squad film and whom I had the hots for? Well, I had them again and had actually decided to see if I could get pregnant before my clock wound down and so I had been getting Dave to try ever so hard to impregnate me. I mean I hadn't told him but I was having unprotected sex with him every time I saw him. I had found out he had this fetish about cowboy/girls going down in a hail of lead and so I was making him watch those western flicks I did for Vic and then I was going down for him every chance we had. I think the poor bugger was seriously drained.
I looked over my shoulder and sort of spat at Vic.
"Anyway why are you telling me this?"
"Hey Barb, a fillum where naked babes get KO-ed and then fucked, who else should I think of?"
"Well you know sort of boxing trunks and gloves but definitely topless."
"Real female boxers are NOT topless."
"Hey Barb who said anything about real."
Vic had decided his actresses would wear proper Everlast trunks and gloves and boots but that they would definitely be showing their naked breasts. I was cool with this because when the breast fairy was handing out breast genes I think I must have gone by with my back turned and consequently had a couple of flattish bumps that were like enough to proclaim me female but to be really sure you needed to check between my legs.
He toyed with the idea that the females would be matched against some hairy gorilla type neanderthal, but decided that girl on girl ringside cat fights with lesbo overtones was the way to go for his so sophisticated and discerning punters.
(just in case you don't recognise it I am being sarcastic here.)
Julie had laid in heaps of stuff for this one. She had paint on bruises and little stick on cuts and scars, putty for giving us bent noses and flattened ears (yuck) and litres of fake blood and heaps of general make up for us actress girls.
Vic had called in a few girls.
He had a spectacular blonde amazon to play the referee and her costume was like tiny bum hugging satin shorts and a tee shirt three sizes too small and trainers.
He had another girl a redhead with a mane and a viking body to play the round announcer, you know the girl who goes around with cards that say round one, round two and so on. Her costume consisted of two stars on a string one of each of which covered her nipples and a bigger star on a string that concealed her pudenda. All in emerald green.
He had called in a dark girl called Wanda to play one of the boxers, the one who wins. She would get to wear everlast shorts in white with a black stripe down each leg and black boxing gloves and boots.
Then there was me who played the other boxer, the one who loses, the horizontal one, old canvas back, and I wore red Everlast trunks with a blue stripe and red gloves and boots.
Four other girls played our seconds two in each corner and there were two guys to play the stretcher bearers for when one contestant ended up in la la land and needed carrying.
I had discussed it all with Dave and he had agreed to let me do this part.
I sort of snuck the idea up on him.
He was lying in the tub soaking and I came in and smiled at him and shimmied out of my skirt and flipped off my tee shirt and popped and dropped my bra and wriggled out of my panties and climbed into the bath with him and got all wet and slippery and soapy and lay back against him with my ass between his legs and said, "Dave, can I ask you something?"
His cock, my second best friend, got excited and stuck into the crack in my ass and then as it erected, it slid out of there and climbed my naked slippy back.
"Mmmmmnnnnn," he said.
I told him what I was going to do and he started griping but I rolled over in the bath suds and impaled myself on him and reluctantly he agreed. Sort of had trouble concentrating.
Also we fucked like two carp in a pond. Its not all that easy in a wet and soapy bath and a lot of water went on the floor.
Dave said OK if I must do the part but he wanted in too and Vic and he got their heads together and then said they had the perfect part for Dave. They wouldn't tell me what it was.
Filming day and we all showed up and Wanda and I did some dressing room scenes, mine consisted of me bending over and waggling my pussy at the camera and then getting dressed and gloved up. I guess Wanda did much the same. My seconds gave me a robe with "Killer Kate" on it. Wanda had one that said. "I am the Greatest." Wonder where she got that slogan?
We came to the ring (it was all set up in Vic's warehouse studio to look like a proper boxing ring) and did that little dance to put resin on your boots and then we climbed in and sat in our corners.
An off camera voice announced a "Champeenship fight for the belt etc" you know the sort of thing and then the blonde referee called us together and said no low blows etc etc and we went back and took off our robes and I waved my arms like wow look at me (Miss barely any tits at all) and Wanda disrobed and stuck out her chest and it was like she was ahead on points by heaps before we even started.
The redhead went around with the round one card and out we came.
Now Vic had been showing me how to dodge and weave and lead and follow up with straight from the shoulder punches but when it came to it I sort of whaled away with round arm swings and my eyes shut. Wanda was pretty much of a windmill too.
Vic was kinda disgusted and tried to get us to look professional but whenever the camera rolled we flailed at each other.
Vic decided he had to move the camera around and get close ups of a fist in a tummy or a fist against a nose and some shots of feet and some low and high angled shots as well as some long distance shots etc. He got lots of shots of the blonde referee dancing around.
Unfortunately whenever he came back to the contestants they looked like what they were, two girlies blindly whacking at each other.
Julie hopped in and out with a bruise here and a nick there, stuff like that. In reality, I had a few decent red welts of my own where Wanda's wild swings had landed.
The bell went for end of round one and we went back to our corners and our seconds worked on us. That consisted of the two girls towelling me down and slopping water from a bottle so that it trickled over my tits and the cameraman got plenty of closeups of wet breasts and erect nipples.
(Even though I am not well endowed, tits are tits as far as Vic is concerned)
The redhead announced round two and out we came again.
More flailing.
Vic worked the camera angles and decided to have us do some clinching so that he could get some closeup stuff of sweaty breasts and tummies sliding against each other. Vic went for one particularly good clinch on the ropes and Wanda and I gave him some great body to body grinding with lots of tummy to tummy and breast to breast action.
Otherwise it was still mostly flapping away at each other.
The bell ended round two.
Vic decided he had had enough of trying to get his star actresses to look like pugilists and so he said, "This is hopeless, round three we go for the kayo. OK girls?"
I nodded and Wanda grinned.
(Julie did some more bruises and stuff and a smear or two of blood and touched some real red patches on my ribs and whispered, "These are gunna hurt later on Barb, I better come and kiss 'em better eh?" We grinned at each other. Julie and I go way back and we have on occasion been VERY GOOD friends.)
The redhead did the round three thing and we came skipping out and walloped away at each other and Vic was so pissed off with his boxing girls and their total inability to look like serious boxers by now that he just sort of sat disinterested in his canvas chair and waited to direct the big KO.
Round three went about two minutes and then Vic called "cut!" and everything stopped and he came over and got ahold of Wanda and me and told us what he wanted and showed us our moves and explained how it would be and what he wanted to see.
We may not be much as boxers but we can follow instructions and so this is how it went.
Wanda forced me back onto the ropes and then she crowded into me, punching into my tummy, and I covered up and tried to protect myself by pulling my elbows in. I fought off the ropes with a flurry of punches and Wanda backpedalled and there we were in the centre of the ring. I got this over enthusiastic look on my face and started swinging and dropped my guard and was throwing roundarm swishes at waist level. Wanda popped me on the nose with a straight left and it snapped my head back.
(Julie raced out and gave me a bloody nose)
I looked like "Wow where did that come from? That hurt," and dropped my hands to my sides. Wanda brought her clenched fist from somewhere down near the canvas in a sizzling straight uppercut that hooked just at the point of impact. Impact was with my chin.
(I must tell you that throughout I was having trouble with my gloves, they were way too big for my little hands and slipped around something awful. Also my Everlast trunks were too big and kept slipping down and I would have to hitch them up, sometimes with my elbows and sometimes with my gloved hands. Well just as Wanda threw her knockout punch, which I was supposed to ride, I was thinking of my half mast pants and had no trouble at all looking surprised when the punch landed.)
It hurt and it momentarily stunned me and I staggered back and sideways and did a little tippy toe three hundred and sixty degree turn and came up facing Wanda and she snapped my head back with another swinging uppercut and I rocked back on my heels, arms windmilling to maintain my balance and my eyes crossed and my mouth guard spat out sideways (good as it had made me look like Planet of the Apes girl) and I started to raise my arms and then I stiffened and went face down, stiff as a board, kerthump onto the floor of the ring. I lay there face down and ass up and the referee pushed Wanda towards a neutral corner and then came over and started to count.
My arms were by my sides palms up and on the count of three I pulled them in and tried to get up.
I had my gloved knuckles on the canvas and pushed up slowly.
I was on one elbow and one knee.
Closeup of me rising off the floor, face filling the camera picture. My eyes rolled up and inward and then my lids slammed down and my bloody nose dripped and I dribbled all this wet stuff and flopped over onto my back and twitched my leg once and sort of went clumpetty clump with my heels and that was it for me. Bout over, nighty night Barb, stretched out flat on my back out cold!
Ten..................yer OUT!
The referee waved her hands palm down over my recumbent sleeping form and Wanda was the winner.
She danced around hands clasped over her head and put her booted foot on my tummy and struck a victory pose. I lay there dead to the world.
The referee pushed Wanda away and stooped down over me.
She thumbed one eyelid open and looked at my shrunken pupil and then made frantic signs towards the dressing rooms.
(suspense filled excitement here from Vic as he played this scene for melodramatic pathos)
The two dudes came down and hopped through the ropes and one got me under the armpits and the other took my heels and they folded my gloved hands onto my tummy and hoisted me up, slumped and drooping in between them. They got me out of the ring and carried me, still very much out cold, into the dressing rooms.
The two girls playing my seconds were there and between them and the guys they got my boots undone and off and unlaced my gloves and took them off and pulled down my trunks and flicked them. Of course being a film of Vic's the audience was by now expecting some porno action and so they might because I was now nude and horizontal.
One of the girls slapped my face a couple of times but with no response.
Enter Dave.
He took over and issued rapid instructions and someone cracked my eyelid again and then they produced a clear plastic tube and a plastic coke bottle full of water. One girl got my ankles and lifted my feet up and bent me over until my toes were almost on my shoulders. Bent double like this my ass and pussy were totally exposed. The other girl acting on Dave's command, used her long nailed fingers to spread my ass and slid the plastic tubing inside. About a metre of it it looked like. Then they poured the water down the tube. It gurgled inside.
(Julie gave me a glass of water off camera)
The water bottle started to empty and then I spluttered and water gushed out of my nose and mouth and I blinked and coughed back to consciousness.
(Vic's idea of a joke)
The girls laid me back out on the table, legs stretched in front of me and arms by my sides and then with their help, Dave who had stripped nude, mounted me and fucked me back to full consciousness. This was too much for my seconds and the other two guys and in a wild frenzy they all got naked and got coupled. Three couples, six people screwing themselves stupid.
An orgy to finish Vic's epic. They all love an orgy.
I scattered clothes everywhere and slid into the shower and grasped Dave's cock and said "Want me to soap this with my muff?"
He laughed but he wanted it.
I did.
His cock grew.
My muff got hot, tight and slippy.
We had sex, oh my god what sex!
I quite like doing Vic's flicks and enjoy being the victim. Horizontal and helpless is my favourite role. And although the sex action is faked most of the time I sorta love it. But I do love Dave. I know that now and I am determined he is going to be the father of my child. Poor dear doesn't know it but he is required for some strenuous duty.
"Dave......I am finished in here now Dave. Come and I'll show you something in the bedroom. A hole. A hole that needs filling."
Tee hee hee hee heee................