Actress 10

Posted by Barbanne on January 27, 2001 at 22:22:24:


Vertical I'm not much, but horizontal I'm a star!
So when Vic contacted me and asked was I now too big as an actress to play dead in one of his movies, I said no way!
He was having me on because I had appeared in a network TV show as a corpse and had starred in that student made production that died at the box office even deader than me.
Besides in Vic's new movie I was to play an outlaw with a price on my head and I would be dead within minutes of the opening shots and would stay that way throughout and like I said, vertical I'm nuthin', horizontal I'm a star!
My fans, such as they are, come to Vic's movies to perv on me laying around naked and playing at being dead.
The movie was a western and I was a banditto.
Opening scene and I'm standing in the saloon, drinking my sarsparilla and wearing jeans slung low around my hips and cowboy boots and a leather vest that is gaping open and a black hat and I have two six guns and a cartridge belt around my ass.
Somebody calls out from the street, "Come out here Jessie Jane."
That's me.
I go to the batwing doors and peer out, mean like.
There's a big blonde with balloon sized tits standing there with her ass cocked and her fingers twitching over her gun handle.
"Come on out and face me ya yeller livered bitch!" She yells.
I push the doors and sashay out and she goes for her gun and I go for mine.
It's an ambush.
The law men are out there hiding behind kegs of water and horse troughs and barns and stuff and when I grab my guns they all shoot at once.
Kerblowie! and pow! and kaboom! and blatt blatt!!
I get my gun up when the first slug hits me and my fingers jerk the trigger in a reflex action and I twitch and jitter in the dance of death as their slugs tear into me.
My guns are going blam blam blam and I'm shooting up the dirt and the windows and punching holes in the water kegs and I'm on tippy toe and staggering side to side and then my guns drop to the ground and I pitch forward off of the top step of the sidewalk and land phloooomph face down in a cloud of dust.
The shooting stops.
(Julie races out and sticks like half a dozen fake plastic bullet holes on me, one between the eyes and two through my tits, one each, and two in my tummy and one half way between each breast in the valley of my cleavage.)
The sheriff walks over to where I am lying face down with my boots still tangled on the steps. He kicks my feet and my legs slowly roll sideways dragging the rest of my body with them until I lie awkward looking on my side and the sheriff uses his boot to kick me the rest of the way until I am flat out on my back, arms spread, legs apart, vest wide open, chest and tits dusty and bare and hat lying aways a bit and guns where I dropped them. My eyes are open and staring into space and my mouth is agape.
(Out comes Julie and bloodies my bullet holes and fixes me up to be drooling blood from the mouth and nose and she dusts my face with blue powder and draws big black rings under my eyes to make me look truly cadaverous and thoroughly dead.)
"This here Jessie Jane is worth a thousand dollars dead or alive over in Waco," says the sheriff, "lets git her there and collect."
The sheriff undoes my gun belt and takes it and the blonde dame says "I allus admired that vest of Jane's," and she strips it off me leaving me naked from the low slung waistband of my pants up. "And her boots," says blondie and she hauls them off of my bare feet.
Somebody leads a horse over and two dudes lift me up with my head dangling and my hair covering my face and they tip me over onto the saddle with my ass pointing skywards.
I'm now wearing jeans and panties and nothing else and am draped over a pack horse. The boys mount up and one takes the reins of the pack horse and off they ride.
Waco is three days trip from where I got shot.
At the end of the first day, the posse with it's dead banditto lady prize made camp under some trees by a stream. Two of Vic's guys playing deputies unloaded my corpse. One grabbed me under the armpits and, wrapping his arms around me, treated me to a girl's favourite bra, namely having your breasts cupped in a man's big hands. Despite being hunks who worked out, Vic's guys had really soft hands and it was a thrill for me I can assure you. The other guy hooked his hands under my knees and they carted my limp body over to a big old smooth rock and laid me across it.
He said, "Guess Jane won't be needing these any more," and pulled my jeans down and off of my legs. The other guys came over and they all had a good laugh at the tiny lacy panties I was wearing underneath. "These either said Ms Blonde," and hooking her thumb into the waistband of my panties she stripped them off of me.
"Might wash these out and wear them myself," she said and they all chortled at that too.
(By now the fake blood was itching something cruel and after I had whinged heaps Vic allowed that an extra scene could occur where the blonde with the big tits hauled some water up from the stream and washed my body clean of blood. I liked that!!! Then Julie came over and pulled those faked bullet holes off......owch, yowie, ooooch, and replaced them with little puckered up day old looking holes.)
The guys settled down to sleep as the campfire died down and then in the film you see them one at a time, starting with the sheriff and including the blonde with the big tits, sneak up out of their bedrolls and come over and make use of Jessie Jane's body for a bit of pre sleep romance of the fucking kind.
(I have told you before and won't bore you again with the fact that I don't allow unprotected sex, but when you see this bit, judicious editing and camera angles makes it appear that they all just climb on and screw me to their heart's content and regardless of anything I might have to say on the matter. That's if a stiff can be said to have a say.)
When they wake up next morning and the sheriff comes over to check his prize, (me) I am lying there with white cum stringing from my pussy and dribbling from my mouth.
(Actually it was a mixture of vanilla essence and mascarponi cream that Julie had whipped up and it was so yummy I ate half of it. When Julie saw me swallowing it she said, "Eat that stuff Barb and you'll soon be a real lard ass babe!"
"You mean even more of a big backside than now?"
"You better believe it babe that stuff is ninety nine percent calories.)
On the film though it looks like cum and when the sheriff wiped a bit off my cheek he said to the rest, "If'n you gunna use poor Janey this way, stop before you fill her up in future, hey folks."
They saddle up and my two guys carry my now nude body over and drape it over the pack horse saddle. The camera lingered on my ass and pussy where, lying bent over like this has left them totally exposed to view.
"Better cover Janey up boys or she'll be plumb ripe by the time we hit Waco," said the sheriff around a plug of chawing baccy.
The guys covered me with a blanket and away we went again.
When they stopped that night under the stars and they came to get me, I had stiffened right up which is why they call you a "stiff" when you have had your check cancelled. The guys carried me over to the camp fire stiff as a board and bent in a U shape.
The sheriff looked at my naked body bent over like that and slapping my ass he said, "We gotta keep Jane here in good shape until we reach Waco or we ain't gonna get that thousand dollars."
He told the two guys to limber me up some.
"Use some of that there gun oil boys," he said.
Well they used baby oil in reality and they coated me in it and rubbed me all over until I was soft and pliable again. You'll see me grinning in this part hard as I tried not to. Especially when the guys rub baby oil into my groin and fingers disappear inside my pussy and my asshole and you will see it because the camera was on macro lens closeup so as not to miss anything.
Then I'm spread out on a blanket all gleaming in the moonlight and oiled up head to toe.
My nightly visitors start arriving and come the morning Julie had supplied me with another jar of that mixture and it was all over my thighs and chin.
The sheriff (who had been one of the more enthusiastic necrophiles) looked me over in the light of dawn and just sighed.
Next day we reached Waco and my naked body was tied to a barn door with a sign hung around my neck saying "Jessie Jane. Infamous outlaw. Shot dead by Sheriff Wayne." (that's John)
Well some of the others might have reckoned they should have gotten a mention too but that's the code of the west.
Or something.
I hung there with my head sagging and my hair hanging down, all limp and droopy in my bonds while newsmen took camera pictures with big exploding flashes and kids and their mothers pointed and the kids threw things at me and made rude remarks and some of the guys came over and had a feel and stuff.
(Kids shouldn't normally work on flicks like this but to get this scene Vic used his own two, a boy and a girl. They had been around enough of Vic's stuff to have gotten comfortable with nudity and I heard the following exchange.
Melanee: "Auntie Barbwa's showing her bosoms again."
Scott: "Uh huh."
Melanee: "And her pee pee."
Scott: "Dad says Auntie Barbra's got ants in her pants. He says she gets so itchy she just can't wait to take them off."
Melanee: "Thats rude. Will Auntie Barbwa go to hell."
Scott: "Prob'ly...............I copped a feel."
Melanee: "What's that?"
Scott: "I'm not really sure but all of the guys said let's cop a feel of her while she's tied up."
Melanee: "Well?"
Scott: "All the guys squeezed her pee pee."
Melanee: "Thats rude. Did you?"
Scott: "Yeah."
Melanee: "Well, what was it like?"
Scott: "Scratchy........and squishy.")
This scene was a good one for me. Tied up like that I could let go and indulge my fantasy for being dead. I just let everything go and laxed out completely and didn't worry if my tummy bulge looked bad or anything and the bonds kept me in place so that although my body was totally limp and my mind was telling me "You're dead Barbara just as dead as dead can be," and I showed no sign of life at all, I was suspended in position and didn't have to ripple one muscle to play my part. I just lolled in my bonds totally inert.
The Mayor of Waco came over and grabbed a bunch of my hair and hauled my head up and my eyes were shut and my mouth was open, gaping and drooling, and he held me like that while he paid over the thousand dollar reward and the cameras of the press poofed and snapped and recorded the moment. Holding my head up like that he turned me toward him and said, "No more problems from you Jessie Jane. The banks of Waco can sleep easy," then he dropped my head and it fell over and my hair curtained over my face again.
Then they cut me down and laid me out in the morgue.
I was naked and on my back with my arms by my sides and my legs straight out and a neck block tilted my head back so that my chin poked up.
The undertaker tied a tag to my toe.
(She was Julie playing this part)
Then she washed my body clean in preparation for burial. She used a hose in closeup to squirt water into my pussy and my asshole and that gush of warm water in those intimate openings was a real sexy thriller I'll tell you.
She dried me and then she used twine to tie my big toes together and brought my hands over to meet on top of my tummy and tied my thumbs together to so that I wouldn't flop about too much.
Julie spent a long time making me up with very bright red lipstick slathered on and rouge spots on my dead cheeks and dark eyeshadow and mascara and then she combed my hair into its normal mess.
Then she said to my corpse,
"You're not having a very flash funeral babe so all that prettying up was to make you nice for our date," and then she got naked and had sex with my naked corpse. After climaxing three times she staggered over and got dressed and sat there puffing until she recovered completely.
Calling her helper (one of the big dudes) they laid me out in a plain pine box labelled "Property of the Town of Waco." I was still messed up from Julie's love making and naked as the day I got born but they just dumped me in on some straw and hammered the lid on.
Last scene and a few townsfolk and the sheriff and Mayor and Julie stood around while I was buried on boot hill.
The end.
The end of me as Jessie Jane outlaw but from how pleased Vic was with this pic I just knew I'd be back.