by Erotickynk

Annie walks toward the gallows slowly, her steps measured and calm. Stuart holds her hand and helps her climb up on the platform that is no more than an old chair with the back missing. Duncan steadies the platform as she gains her balance and Stuart steps up beside her, looping the noose over her head. Annie lifts her hair as Stuart positions the noose around her throat and tightens it so it will stay in position, then he steps down.

"Whenever you're ready, my darling," Stuart says, looking up at her.

Annie smiles at him and nods, then turns her gaze downward, staring at the grass beneath the gallows. I can see her breathing deeply and slowly as though she is meditating. After a few moments, she bends her knees, slowly letting her weight come down on her throat. The noose tightens and I hear her gag, then she lets her feet slip off the front of the platform and her legs swing free. Duncan pulls the platform away.

Annie's lips tighten and her forehead creases as she comes to grips with the noose tightening around her throat, but soon her face softens and her mouth opens--her pink tongue poking out between her soft lips. As I watch, her eyelids droop and her eyes start to lose focus. quintet

Her body starts to quiver and she lifts her hands in front of herself aimlessly. I can see her abdominal muscles clenching and undulating as her legs start shaking. I see a glint of shininess on her inner thighs and realize she is leaking clear mucus from her sex and I wonder if what Stuart said was true; that hanging awakens strong sexual arousal, "In men and ladies, my darlings. They all get the good feelings in their naughty bits," he'd said in his charming accent.

Annie's abdominal clenching has now become rhythmic, her belly softening and clenching tight over and over. The minutes tick past, then suddenly her body convulses and her pelvis thrusts forward and she shakes badly. After what looks like an intense orgasm, she calms and her body goes slack, her hands flopping limp against her thighs and her belly pooched out.

Like me, the Hilton twins watched Annie hang from start to finish. And I suppose that--like me--they found watching it a little frightening and very arousing, for when Annie appeared to be sexually aroused, their arms wrapped around each other's waist and they snuggled close. Now they have turned to face one another and are kissing softly, and stroking each other's body.

Josette, on the other hand appears to be in a world of her own. While Annie convulsed on the gallows, Josette was picking wildflowers and inserting the stems in her pigtails. She is now standing and gazing off in the direction of the Processing Station that we all escaped from, her expression dreamy and far away.

I don't know how she does it--to remain aloof and distant from the horrors of that place. Even during our nighttime escape, naked and wriggling through the foul sewer pipes, Josette was in her own world, looking forward to feeling the grass on her naked body.

"Err... miss?" Stuart says as he touches Josette's elbow, pulling her out of her reverie. She turns and looks at Stuart and smiles.

"Monsieur? Je suis prochain?" Josette asks Stuart.

"That you are, my darling," Stuart says as Duncan moves the platform over to the second noose. Josette looks at me and shrugs ...

"C'est le merde," she says with a sad little smile as she walks toward Duncan at the gallows with Stuart at her side and I feel the tingling of fear in my lower belly, knowing my turn is coming. [You can do this, Justine... it is the best way out for you]

As they did for Annie, Duncan holds the platform steady and Stuart holds Josette's hand as she climbs up and gains her balance. Stuart steps up on the edge of the platform and loops the noose over Josette's head, careful not to disturb the wild flowers.

"Fast or slow?" Stuart asks as he positions the noose around her delicate throat. Josette looks puzzled for a moment, then realizes what he is asking.

""Slow," she says and Stuart moves the knot and draws it so it is snug and her eyes open wide. Josette swallows and lays her right hand against her chest ...

"Ooo! Nerveux!" she says breathlessly and giggles nervously.

"Just think randy thoughts, my darling. And step off when you're ready," Stuart says as he drops down to the ground.

Josette closes her eyes and strokes her nipples with the fingertips of her left hand, and massages her mound with her right. Stuart surveys the rolling hills, letting her have her private moment, but I can see Duncan stealing glances at her under the brim of his hat. Josette works her body for almost 10 minutes, until at last she opens her eyes, a look of frustration on her face. She looks down at Duncan.

"Monsieur? Aidez-moi?" She tilts her head to the side. "Fort? um.... strong?"

Duncan steps forward with a smile on his face as Josette spreads her knees as wide as she can, the noose tightening around her throat as she does. Duncan lays his left hand on her hip and slides his right up her inner thighs to finger her sex.

"Ahh, you're a juicy one, aren't you. Frenchie?" Duncan smiles as he starts sliding his fingers in and out of her. Josette closes her eyes and pinches her nipples with both hands.

"Fort... um... strong," she says breathlessly, and Duncan thrusts three of his fingers up hard and deep into her. Josette grunts and Duncan begins to finger-fuck her hard, each thrust lifting her crotch and making her belly jiggle.

"Merci... merci..." Josette gasps then begins to grunt with each thrust, curling her pelvis forward to meet his pistoning fingers, looking awkward as she stands with her feet together on the platform but her knees spread apart. I watch her bum tighten as Duncan finger-fucks her brutally hard, her cunt wet and squishing as he works. Josette closes her eyes and lifts her chin.

"Encore... encore!" she cries out, her lower belly bulging from her hunched over posture, her hips thrusting forward. She must be close to orgasm, and watching her is raising my own arousal. I feel myself growing warm and slippery between my thighs and my nipples are tingling--waves of shiver-bumps spreading up over my own belly.

Josette is so slim and petite, but she obviously likes her sex rough and brutal. Perhaps that is why the horrors of the Processing Station never touched her and why dying here in the rolling grasslands seemed as natural a thing to do as picking flowers.

Josette's thigh muscles start shaking badly as she struggles to keep herself upright. Her face is showing an expression of desperation, grimacing as Duncan slams his fingers up into her lower belly. Josette starts to lose her balance as her toes point inward, putting more pressure on her throat. I hear her gagging and her stomach gurgle.

"C'est fini!" she cries out gutturally as her knees buckle and her weight comes down fully on the noose. Duncan pulls his hand free making a sick sucking sound and steps back to watch as Josette swings forward, her legs flopping out in front of her, then knocking over the platform as they swing back.

Josette lifts her hands in front of her like Annie did and her thighs go rigid, her toes pointing downward, her legs open in an inverted V. Her body quivers as she hangs, her face a grimace, her eyes squeezed shut. Suddenly her body jerks hard, shaking the entire gallows, bouncing her up and down on the noose. After a few more seconds she jerks hard again, this time her legs slap loudly together then spread apart in quivering rigidity. And then again her thighs slap together, her body jerking hard as though all the muscles in her body are clenching tight in a spasm before resuming her rigid position, and I realize that these are intense orgasms she's feeling.

After three more spasms, I watch as Josette raises her chin and her eyes open and roll up in her head--her body jerking and shaking badly, her stomach muscles undulating then clenching, her mouth opening as though in amazement. Josette's face grimaces as though she has tasted something sour. Then without warning, watery vomit spews from her fluttering lips and sprays out across the grass. She does this three more times before her body quivers hard and flops loose and slumps. She hangs limp from the gallows, her hands curled around her thumbs and watery vomit dripping from her pouting lower lip.

Stuart is beside me, touching my shoulder.

"It's alright... that happens sometimes," he reassures me. When I look at him he motions toward the twins, "They want to go last... together like. You know how sisters are, heh?"

I stare at him, not understanding--or not wanting to, I suppose.

"It's your turn," he says somberly, giving my shoulder a squeeze.

I nod, feeling a cold rush in my bowels.

"I don't feel well," I say stupidly. [Just go with it Justine--let it happen]

"It will pass. We'll take care of you. The girls always feel good when it happens. You know, in the lady parts. Even the scared ones."

I feel the gurgling low in my lower belly and I lay my hand on it, feeling my bowels rolling inside me, fear triggering strong peristalsis.

"My stomach's upset," I say, feeling like I want to cry.

Stuart looks down at my hand on my belly and realizes what I am saying. His face shows his empathy.

"Oh. There's no shame in that, my darling," he says gently, stroking my bare back, "That happens often and there's no shame in it. Like the last Miss there, sicking up her last breakfast--even past the noose and all. No shame. No shame at all."

I look over at Duncan moving the platform to the third noose and Stuart wraps an arm around my shoulders.

"Come along now, my darling," he says encouragingly as he starts guiding me toward the gallows, "We want this over before we're discovered."

My legs are cold and weak and I feel like they're about to collapse under me. I am having trouble putting one foot in front of the other and I stumble. I feel Stuart hold me tight to him, supporting my weight as we walk the few steps to the gallows.

It's a blur... [Why are things moving so fucking fast?] ...Suddenly I'm at the platform and Stuart is helping me up. It takes me three tries because my legs are so weak, but he half guides me, half lifts me up and I am standing up here, feeling unsteady and dizzy and so fucking scared. Then Stuart is up beside me, sharing the tight space of the platform as he loops the noose over my head and cinches it around my throat.

"I'm setting it so it will be slow for you. Give you time for the good feelings to start," he says, then when he's done he hooks a finger under my chin and lifts my face to look up into his eyes, "And they will, you know. The good feelings will come. They always do, my darling."

"Hold me?" I whimper and the tears start. Stuart wraps his strong arms around me and I bury my face in his chest, feeling his wool sweater against my skin, smelling the comforting musk of pipe tobacco.

"I don't want to die." I sob, and he is patient and holds me tight.

"There-there," he murmurs gently, "You have a good cry, now. Once it starts it won't be so bad. I promise you."

I don't know how long we stand like that, but after a time my tears stop and I feel his smooth callused hand gently rubbing my back.

"Better?" he asks.

I nod. [No, things aren't better--I'm going to die!] Moving from his embrace, my legs feeling a little stronger now. I look up into Stuart's eyes.

"It will all be fine," Stuart says gently as he pats my back, "Be a brave girl, this is far better than the Processor."

"Thank you," I whisper, and he takes my face in his hands and wipes away my tears with his thumbs, then leans forward and kisses my forehead.

"God bless you," he says and steps down, nudging Duncan. "Give her some privacy," he adds, and the two men walk a few paces with their backs to me.

I'm still scared. My bowels are still gurgling. I take a few deep breaths and reach down to cup my sex and discover I'm still wet.

The twins are lost in their own world of desperate sex, Minden laying on her back with her thighs quivering as Linden presses all her fingers into her sister's sopping cunt. Minden grunts hard as Linden's hand slides right inside her and she starts to work her.

A major rush of tingling and shiver-bumps roll up my body from my bum over my belly and breasts as I watch Minden writhe and twist in the grass as she orgasms. She is grunting like a sow as she cums. Linden is leaning into her, her left hand working her own crotch, fingers hooked inside her to rub her g-spot.

Oh god, I wish I could feel that right now. But I am feeling sexually aroused despite the fear and the gurgling in my lower belly and I believe Stuart when he says that strong sexual feelings will hit me when I hang, so I bend my knees, slowly lowering myself so the rope tightens around my throat.

It's tight now. Hard to swallow. Breathing kind of raspy.

[What are you waiting for, Justine?]

Will it be easier in a few minutes? Should I masturbate like Josette? Or have Duncan finger-fuck me?

I don't want to die. I don't. But the memory of the screams at the Processing Station still haunt me, and the child in my belly is a girl, so we are both doomed. If I am caught I will be taken back and undergo the vivisection while I'm still alive and be shown the fetus that they will pull from within me, so I know the sin for which I suffer.

I loathe the religious zealots that have stolen my country from me, stolen my freedom from me. How the Leaders in my land of free people took up the wave of extreme religious fanaticism from the continent I cannot fathom. But they did and have, and now it is a death sentence to birth a female unless permitted by the Church run state.

I want to live! I want to get down and run away as fast and as far as I can. But I know that is futile--there is nowhere to run to--no sanctuary other than Stuart's gallows. I remember one woman at the plant say; "Don't run. You just die tired."

I bend my knees a little more and really feel the noose tighten--it closes my throat and pushes the root of my tongue up into the back of my throat. Funny expression that--'back of the throat'--it's really the top of my gullet.

So, this is how it will feel. I straighten my legs and suck in a deep breath and look around me. Stuart is discretely surveying the rolling grassed hills, and Duncan is covertly watching me from under his hat brim. He likes this.

Below me, Minden has recovered from her orgasm and Linden is laying face down in the grass with her arms tucked under her and her legs spread wide. Minden has buried her face between the round globes of Linden's bum and is tonguing her anus deep. Linden's face shows an expression that could be mistaken for pain--her brows furrowed, her lips pressed tight together, her nostrils flaring. [Why do people look like they are in pain as they experience orgasms? Every man who has fucked me looks like he is in agony as he came inside me.] Maybe it's the intensity of orgasm that does it.

Linden begins to stir and she makes small whimpering sounds and I can hear the sucking sounds of Minden's mouth on her anus.

"Muh!" Linden grunts loudly as her body convulses and she orgasms. She looks like a newborn feebly trying to crawl as she squirms in the grass and Minden stays with her, tonguing her deep.

It's their turn next. I turn and look at the bodies of Annie and Josette. Other than the raw bruising around their throats they look peaceful. I remember their orgasms as they hanged.

[What are you waiting for, Justine?]

I take three deep breaths and let them out, then one more deep one that I hold. Then I bend my knees and let the noose tighten around my throat once more.

I'm so scared. [Just give in to it, Justine. Let go and in a few moments it will all be over]

I lean forward and feel my feet slide on the platform and suddenly it isn't there anymore--my legs swing forward and when they swing back they knock the platform over behind me.

The intense wave of sensations hit me hard... [Oh fuck!]

The rope is locked tight around my throat and I feel the root of my tongue pushed up my gullet, filling the back of my throat, forcing my mouth open. I feel my stomach fluttering as my gag reflex is squeezed and I now know why Josette vomited so violently--I feel the impending sensation that I'm going to puke rising in my upper belly and I feel a faint rush of embarrassment that it's not a bad feeling.

Pure intense sexual tingling washes through my body like electricity, from the large muscles of my thighs, my bum, my crotch and up my belly to my breasts. I feel shiver-bumps dimple my skin all over.

I feel the skin tightening across my chest--it is making my breasts feel like they are expanding, growing tighter. And my nipples are puckering and swelling and they tingle like never before. I want to play with them, so I do... I lift my hands while I still can and pinch my nipples between the knuckles of my index fingers and my thumbs and doing it sends an intense cold rush through my belly, making my muscles tighten and quiver.

In my lower belly two opposing things are happening at the same time; I feel my anus loosening--opening--and I remember my gurgling bowels and know what is coming [Another rush of embarrassment!]. But at the same time I feel my vagina and uterus tightening inside me and my g-spot starts to swell and throb.

My stomach heaves and I feel its contents burble up my gullet to press hard against the constriction in my throat ... my mouth waters wildly and I feel the drool sliding over my chin. For the first time in my life I want to puke because I know it will feel orgasmic.

My g-spot is swelling in the quivering confines of my vagina, and it quickly escalates to feeling like I have a cock inside me. I feel my pelvis curl on its own and thrust my crotch forward and I start humping the air and it feels like I'm being fucked.

Oh god... this is so sexual. Stuart was right.

I pinch my nipples hard and they feel electric and the tingling shoots right down my core into my sex. I'm humping the air, my feet knocking together but my knees apart. [Every cock I've ever known is inside me... filling me... readying to jet ropes of pearly cum up inside my belly... I want to feel it inside me... the slimy liquid bloating my uterus... millions of sperm wriggling through my uterus like eels]

My stomach suddenly convulses again--harder this time and I feel liquid squish past the root of my tongue and squirt into my open mouth. My bowels rumble and groan--they feel so alive, as though there are snakes writhing inside me.

And I can feel my oily wetness, the walls of my vagina slithering against each other as I hump the air. And my clit is now a hard throbbing ball.

Oh god... I'm going to cum!

Confusion of intense sensations! Humping frantically... [Who is fucking me? Why does it feel better than any fuck I've ever had?]

It starts as a deep throb in my g-spot and my toes curl and cramp as it builds inside me. I feel my belly push outward as though my growing orgasm is too large to contain. My back arches, my chin lifting and pressing my head against the rope. My head slips to the side and I feel the rope shift, burning my throat as it twists.


My legs go rigid and point downward, my cramping toes pointing at the ground. I am jerking and quivering, making the gallows shake and bounce me on my rope.

My insides cramp tight, the muscles expanding, pushing my belly outward. My stomach convulses wildly and a rush of liquid spurts up through my mouth and nose, spraying past my lips. My anus opens wide and my bowels shudder and squirm and I feel the fluttering as I empty myself, the hot spray running down my inner thighs.

Lost... Lost... Lost in a sea of intense sensations. I feel my sex cramping, and with it the muscles that support my bladder. I let go of that too--willingly this time--and feel myself pissing hard; the stream thick and bold, jetting out to flatten and wet the grass in front of me.

Oh god... my belly is so alive... my breasts tight and my nipples hard as bullets!

My entire body is convulsing and I can feel my wrists--now out of my control--brushing against my nipples as my arms jerk and spasm in front of me. I wouldn't trade these moments for anything--not even the promise of life. For even if I could live it would be in fear, and this is better--this is ecstasy.

The world tilts, then goes dark as my eyes roll up in my head... my last sight is Duncan, bent over awkwardly to try to hide the erection tenting his pants. He wants me--he wants to fuck me as I am dying. He doesn't care that my chin and chest are dripping with drool and vomit; that my inner thighs are wet with girl-cum, piss, and shit; that I am convulsing and jerking spastically. He wants me anyway--or perhaps he wants me because of those things.

Oh god--I'd welcome even his cock inside me right now. I'd welcome all of them, every cock in the world; Duncan, Stuart, the guards at the Processing Station, the Reverend Judge who doomed me ... even my own brother and father. There's nothing left of me but pure animal sexuality and I am in bliss as I feel my body settling and a new wave of sweet sensation flows up through me.

It starts in my thighs and washes quickly up through the meat of my bum and belly, deep into my core, then up through my abdomen and my gullet. It is a sweet cool feeling, like a swift liquid orgasm that pulls me in its flow and lifts me from the gallows, floating me off into the sky.

Even though my eyes are closed, it is getting brighter.

So bright.

Such a cool bright light that I float toward.

It swallows me like a lover...