The Coronation of a Snuff Queen

by Ripper X and Sam Leo


In Krasnodar, Russia, novice doctors gathered around the operating room in the large medical theater like shadowy ghouls. Unforgiving bright light shined upon the solitary figure of a naked and trembling young girl; her straight, dark hair draped over the table as her psychiatrist, Doctor Elizaveta Werner, stood over her, scalpel ready.

"The subject's name is Anna Ivanov," the Doctor stated. Werner was a long lanky woman wearing a clean white apron, and a surgical mask. Intense light reflected off of her glasses and obscured her appearance; however, this was how the young psychiatrists always identified her. They, honestly, couldn't pick her out of a police line up if they had to. Not that what was going on in this place was illegal; in here, they were the law.

"She is a white female," continued the Doctor in a well-practiced drone, "sixty-four inches tall, and weighing one hundred twenty-five pounds. The subject is aged nineteen, and as you can see, is quite healthy."

The young lady on the table was exquisite, she had a petite body, lovely white skin, and long lean muscles. Her breasts were small for a girl her age, but healthy. She laid there, her chest heaving and her big brown eyes pinched tightly shut. She was in no way bound. Not wanting to scream, she bit her lip.

"The purpose of today's examination is to further teach anatomy. Once I remove the subject's liver and Dr. Chirkoff takes possession of her heart, you may each take turns exploring her. Now, before we begin, are their any questions?"

"Yes, Doctor," a younger psychiatrist, a lush blonde, asked. "When it is our turn, won't the subject be dead?"

"No," answered Dr. Werner, "She will be kept alive artificially for as long as we need her to be. It would serve this group no benefit to be digging around in a corpse, now would it, Doctor...?"

"Yakunun, ma’am," answered the new physician. "Doctor Irina Yakunun."

The glasses fixed on the blonde for a few seconds, then moved back to the girl on the table. "If there are no more questions," she said, lowering the scalpel blade to the girl's trembling abdomen, "then I shall begin making my first incision." Anna's fists tensed up, and she sucked in a sharp breath of air, raising her ribs into view as the cold blade touched her belly.


Anna Ivanov got off the bus and raced across the parking lot towards the Medical Building. She was running late because her posture teacher wouldn't let anyone leave the room until everyone had passed their exam, and as usual, Marina Bernt kept everyone waiting because, even though it was their tri-senior year, she still couldn't balance a servant's tray. Some people are hopeless, and because of that, Anna hadn't had the time to change out of her uniform, and now she had to go see Dr. Tushy.

Dr. Tushy; all of the girls called her that thanks to her peculiar preoccupation with the female posterior. Her real name was Dr. Werner, and like her or not, she was Anna's psychiatrist.

She ran up an old and brittle flight of stairs without losing a beat. Sprints like these were nothing for a cross-country track runner like herself; besides, if she didn't get some anti-hysteria treatment today, she'd be out of luck until next month, and her hormones were simply killing her! She skipped the elevator and raced up the stairs, four flights of them. She was flushed and a little out of breath when she got up to the receptionist's desk. "Anna Ivanov," she said, regaining her composure. "I've got a 3:45 appointment with Dr. Werner."

"Well," said the receptionist with a tired sigh, "you’re kind of pushing it, time-wise, aren’t you?"

"I'm sorry I'm a little late, but I got here as fast as I could," she said, with a well-practiced, "oh-woe-is-me" innocent school girl act.

"Well, you’re in luck," the receptionist said dryly. "The doctor is still with the patient before you, a boy getting his testosterone shots. Once he's done, I'm sure that she'll see you, you’re her last one today."

"Yes!" Anna said, almost jumping for joy; her sprint from the bus to the desk all but forgotten.

"Just sit your little ass down and keep it quiet, alright?"

Anna plopped down on a fluffy chair in the waiting room. The TV was tuned to pick up signals from the American satellite, and currently an episode of American Idol was playing, but it was a repeat. She wasn’t really all that interested in the show since her favorite got eliminated weeks ago, but she watched it anyway, just to see if Naomi gets what she has coming to her. The bitch can't sing, she told herself, but since she has big tits they're letting her live. Well, she really didn't care, she was just watching the show until the new season of "Python" starts, still she hopped that Naomi would get hers before it started in a few weeks.

Anna watched TV until the office door opened and a fourteen-year-old boy stumbled out, his face wet with tears, holding his crotch. Being a boy wasn't easy. They had to deal with painful testosterone shots, right in their nuts. Anna was glad to have been born a girl. She had even been selected to be period free, which she was also thankful for; but all these thoughts quickly disappeared as soon as the nurse called her name.


Dr. Werner cleaned the syringe and put it back into the cabinet as the nurse wiped up the urine off of the restraint chair. "Boy, that one screamed like a banshee, didn't he?" the nurse commented as she sprayed the chair down with disinfectant.

Werner didn't say anything. The testosterone shots, as given, were horribly painful, and while she was not really convinced they were necessary, she really had little choice in the matter. The government, taking the advice of their own scientists--scientists Werner felt little more than contempt for--had decreed that each boy should be sexually mature by the age of twelve. It had also decreed that the injections be given directly in the testicles to promote the development of healthy Y sperm, even though there was essentially no evidence that such injections did promote the development of healthy Y sperm. For the boys, age fourteen shots were the worst; after nine years of taking the therapy the genitals were very large and required eight times the original doses that they were used to receiving. One shot in each testicle. After that they didn't have to get it done, unless they wanted to--and very, very, few did--and then only if they paid out of pocket.

"You've got one more patient, Doctor, then it's the weekend," the nurse, who had openly enjoyed watching the boy squirm and cry, said. While the psychiatrist didn't share the nurses sadistic desires with regard to the opposite sex, she did perk up a bit. "It's just an anti-hysteria case from one of the trades."


Anna sat waiting in the posh psychiatrist's office. They had a TV in there too, this one running old El Super Beasto cartoons, but for her, animated images of rape and murder couldn't compare with the machine locked away in the glass cabinet. Anna kicked her feet and her pussy ached for the throbbing magic of the anti-hysteria device. Since she lived in a trade house--quarters set up by the government for orphans like herself--she wasn’t allowed to masturbate, but she didn't want to do that anyway, having fully bought the "party line" that masturbation was gross and only for ugly girls. She was contracted to have sex sometimes, but it had been two years since she'd seen any legal cock.

"Oh. no!" she whined, feeling her panties, her cute little pussy got them all damp, and Dr. Tushy would be here any moment. Oh, this wasn't going to be good. That old Lesbian is going to have a field day with her, and she knew that it was her own damned fault. God, if only she wasn't so god-damned horny all of the time! Looking around the room for a tissue, she was interrupted when the door swung open and in walked that crotchety old bitch Dr. Tushy herself, holding Anna's file in her hand as if it was an extension of herself. Anna quickly quit looking at her damp panties, shut her legs tight, put her hands modestly on her lap, and hoped for the best.

"Anna Ivanov, correct?" the psychiatrist asked, reading the name off of the chart as she shut the door.

"Yes, ma'am," Anna answered politely.

"Why don't you relax, Anna?" she said, instructing the girl to lie down on the couch that she was sitting on. "It says here that you want anti-hysteria treatment."

"Yes, please." She answered, trying her best to lay down in a way that the doctor couldn't see her wet panties.

"Says here, that it has been three months since your last session. How are you holding up?"

"Well," Anna said, pretending to think, "it has been kind of tough. Walking home from school just yesterday, I saw a boy working out in the park, and I've got to tell you, that if a group of girls had jumped him, I don't know if I would have had the will-power to stop myself."

"Hmm," the doctor said, writing in her little book. "You are still attending 'The Russian Orthodox School for Girls,' I see. You should be graduating soon, won't you?"

"Yes, this fall."

"Any plans for college?" asked the Doctor, scribbling away in her book.

"I can't," Anna replied politely, "I'm an orphan." She knew that that was also in the little book, but if she showed that she was cross, then she might not get the therapy. "When I graduate I'll be sold into slavery, of course."

"Oh, that's right." the psychiatrist apologized. "How thoughtless of me. So, what are you hoping for after graduation?"

"Well, I'm hoping I'll be sold to one of the troupes. I'm planning on being a dancer and an entertainer."

"Really? Do you think your grades are good enough for that?"

Yes, ma'am. I am sure to pass the finals at the top of my class. My belly dancing instructor says that I have lots of talent."

"You do seem to be in good shape, and taking care of yourself well these days."

"Yes ma'am," Anna agreed. "Besides my normal classes, I'm also playing tennis and running cross country."

"Cross country?" said Dr. Werner, "Have you given any thought to being hunted and earning your freedom?"

"No, that isn't for me."

"What do you mean?" requested the doctor, giving Anna a look that told her that she had better choose her words more carefully.

"I mean, I understand why some girls do it, but I don't think I'll mind being a slave." The secret truth was that Anna was certain that with her good looks and charm she could easily become a master’s pet. Besides, while she might be a good runner, she wasn't convinced she could avoid the hunters and she didn't want to be shot down in some dirty forest somewhere.

"I see," the doctor said, nodding as she wrote down her response. "Do you think that your life is worth more than someone else's, then?"

"No," Anna lied, "We all have to do our part to keep our species alive." The doctor was quiet for a while, leaving Anna to wonder if she believed her fib or not. "I don't mind dying, but if I have to, I want it to mean something," she suddenly blurted. "Is that so bad?"

"I don't know," the woman said, putting her pen down and gazing into her soul, "Is it?"

"Well," Anna said, after thinking about it for a bit, "Maybe it is kind of selfish, now that I think about it."

"Tell me, Anna." the doctor said, closing her book and holding it tightly to her knees. "Have you ever had any close calls?"

"Close calls?"

"Yes, close calls. When you thought you were going to die, but somehow, for whatever reason, you didn‘t."

"Well, a few times. I guess that you can call them close calls. One time the cheerleading team dragged me into their locker room."

"Go on."

"Well, they said that I looked yummy and told me they were going to gobble me right up. It was back when I was a freshman. They held me down and they... they did stuff to me."

"What kinds of stuff?"

"Well, they licked me and bit me all over, and they tickled me and a few made me eat them out, because if I didn't then they said that they'd beat me up."

"But did they hurt you?"

"Well, no. I mean, not really. I mean, it hurt at the time, but not really."

"Anything else?"

"Well, I had a friend once, and the trade house let me spend the night over there once in a while."

"What was this friend’s name?"

"Oh, I don't remember. But the last time that I was over there we were watching a movie, and after it was over we decided that it would be fun to have a pillow fight, and we decided the loser had to allow the winner to snuff her."

"Hm. I suppose you both signed 'willing' contracts first?"

"Oh, yes, of course. It would be murder if we didn't, right?"

"Yes, it would. So, you won?"

"No, I lost. I hit her and it wasn't really a serious thing. At least I didn't think so, but she was bigger then me, and she knocked me down and held the pillow over my face, and she started tickling me until I tapped out."

"And then what did you do?"

"Well, at first I was mad because she cheated, but eventually I took off all of my clothes and lay there for her. She was very sweet, she got naked too, and she touched me all over, all softly and stuff. And she kissed me, then she told me to shut my eyes, and asked me if I was ready. I said yes, I was ready to die for her, really. But instead of actually killing me, she stabbed me with a magic marker and I pretended to die, and then she made love to my pretend corpse all night long."

"Did you enjoy it?"

"Oh yes, immensely!"

"What happened between you two? What changed?"

"Well, the very next day she volunteered herself to the church and was sacrificed to Jesus, I never saw her again. I wish that I could have returned the favor. I know that it is sacrilegious to want to make love to a sacrifice to the lord, so I didn't do it. But I really really wanted to."

"And you didn't masturbate during this period?"

"I was young enough then that I could still masturbate legally."

"Oh, I see. So, about what age did this happen?"

"Um . . . I think that I was twelve or thirteen? It seems so long ago."

"Well, that is mock death, any real cases where you felt that your life was in danger?"

"I've been up to the Impulse Park three times, does that count?"

Werner smiled. "Well, most young girls go to the Park from time to time. It depends on what you did there."

"I got snipped there once."

"Ah. Tell me about it."

"I was out on a trip to the Park with a bunch of the other girls, and we all wore just our bikinis because it felt dangerous. We rode some of the rides and played some games on the midway. We watched a couple of topless girls get snuffed, and we dared each other to take our tops off. We turned it into a game, we played skeet ball and we decided that the girl with the lowest score had to spend the rest of the evening with her top off."

"And did you lose?"

"No, Katrina did. I came in second. Katrina turned down the first guy to ask, but the second one was really hot! He said that if we wanted to, then we could follow them down to the beach and watch, so we did. He was a real gentleman, he fucked her soft and slow, he had tied a cord around her neck and ever so slowly did he tighten it up. I don't think that she even realized when she had died, he was that good! But anyway, we were so preoccupied with watching it that we didn't realize that we had drawn a crowd of men. Without warning, this group just grabbed us and ripped our bikinis right off of our bodies! Well, I was able to get away; I didn't want to die like that. Not by those punks. The puke who thought that he was going to take me, I kneed him right in the crotch and I ran away. Three of us survived that night, just three out of the ten who went. We reported it to the police but they never caught the guys. It was really scary trying to get through the Park naked! We lucked out though, a good guy was going to take us, but he saw how distressed we were, and he listened when we told him what happened. He helped us get out of the Park. I offered myself to him, but he didn't take me up on the offer. I guess that he really cared about me, huh?"

"So," the doctor said, "you aren't afraid of dying, you just want it to be on your terms?"

"Yes, I think that that is right."

"Very good." said the psychiatrist as she reopened her book back up and started taking more notes. "Now then," she went on when she was done writing, "have you ever taken anybody's life?"

Anna fidgeted and hesitated. "Yes," she answered finally, knowing that this, too, was a matter of record. "Once, me and this other girl at the trade home got in trouble for fighting."

"Do you remember her name?"

"Yes. Valentina. It wasn't even my fault, she was pissed off at me because I said that she couldn't dance, which she couldn't. She just basically had a seizure, everybody thought so, but I was the only one with the ovaries to say it."

"How bad was this fight?"

"Well, she ambushed me, I was just coming out of the shower, and she surprised me. She ripped off my towel and hit me in the belly over and over. And when I fell down, she started kicking me, making me roll over on my back or else, she said, she'd kick my head off. I had to lie there, on my back, while she stomped on my belly and screamed at me."

"And then what happened?"

"The House Mother showed up and they put us both on trial. I was judged innocent, because I hadn't even gotten any blows in, and Valentina was condemned to death."

"So how did you come to--"

"The home," Anna interrupted, "didn't want to pay the cost of an executioner, and since it's a public institution they'd have to pay even if the local authorities did it. They decided that since I was the victim, I should be the executioner as well." She looked away. "They forced Valentina to sign a willing contract, I don't know how. And then they made me kill her. I didn't really have a choice about it..."

"I see. So, what did you do?"

Anna shrugged. "What they told me to do. I made her lay her head on the block, and I stepped on it, so she couldn't move it, and then I beheaded her with a machete. It took two swings, the first one was terrible, I didn't hit her anywhere near hard enough and I just cut her neck. Blood splattered all over me and she was screaming and if I hadn't held her head down with my foot, she would had gotten away, but she didn't. The second swing took her head right off, and her body fell to the floor and did her little seizure dance."

"And what happened next?"

"They were upset with me because I didn't do it cleanly, and I got a caning. That hurt. I had to lie on the House Mother's desk and hold onto the opposite edge without letting go, while she beat my ass with her switch. It only lasted two minutes, but it felt like two hours. I went to bed crying that night, and I couldn't sit comfortably for almost a week."

"You never got in trouble again?"

"No, ma'am, I am a good girl."

"Do you find yourself attractive?"

"I don't know?" she said, knowing damned well that she was cute as hell. "I suppose so, yes."

"What is your favorite part of your body?"

"Hmm," she said, thinking, "It would either be my legs or my tummy."

"Well, which is it?"

"Probably my legs. I run a lot so they are nice, toned, and the boys like them. I just wish that my tits were bigger."

"You don't like your breasts?"

"Oh, I do. I mean, I have nice aureoles that aren't too big, but I wish that the boobs themselves were just a bit larger."

"I think that they're perfect."

"Well, thank you."

"If there isn't anything else that you'd like to tell me, then you can get undressed and we can move on to the physical examination."

"No, doctor, I don't think there's anything else." Nodding, Dr. Werner finished writing in her notebook as Anna undressed for her physical; folding her uniform and unmentionables all neatly and putting them on top of the chair. She then went to the examination table and sat down, patiently waiting.

"Well, you look healthy enough," Werner said, looking over the girl's beautiful body before taking her stethoscope from around her neck and putting it on. "You don't drink or smoke do you, Anna?"

"No," Anna said, gasping a little as the cold stethoscope touched her breast. "Curfew is at nine pm, and I don't get an allowance."

"Of course." The doctor listened to her heart and lungs, which sounded fine. She had Anna lie flat on her back. She thumped her belly a couple of times, and while she was listening to her lower intestines, the doctor’s pinky finger just barely grazed Anna's pussy and remained there while she listened. Anna didn't say anything; the truly invasive stuff hadn't even started yet.

"Okay," the doctor said, taking off her stethoscope and standing up. "You can sit up now. Your organs sound good." Doctor Werner took her pulse, checked her ears and her reflexes, then asked her to roll over and lie on her belly as she took her temperature. Werner always took Anna's temp anally, she always took everyone’s temperature anally. She said that it was because one obtained a more accurate reading that way, but everybody at school knew that she did it to touch and probe the asses of young school girls. She probably checked to make sure that no boys were fucking her in it too, because it was a known fact that Dr. Werner informed the headmistress if she suspected that any unauthorized sex was going on. Anna closed her eyes as the sliver of cold glass touched her warm puckered ass and slid securely inside. She bit her lip as she waited for the doctor to pull it out, blushing from her exposed position. An eternity passed before the doctor finally pulled the thermometer out and wrote down the reading in her chart.

"Okay, Anna, we are almost done here," the doctor said in a monotone as she recorded her findings, "Go ahead and get yourself in position for the anti-hysteria device. I just want to check to make sure that you haven't been compromised and then I'll hook you right up."

Anna got to her hands and knees, taking the slave position, and the doctor thoroughly examined her sweet little pussy. Her face growing ever more flushed as Dr. Werner expertly massaged her little pink clitoris, getting her juices flowing and then Anna felt the machine get placed between her legs. Dr. Werner, with a hand on her firm little ass, guided her down into position. The machine covered her sex up, and the bliss shut her mind down. All that mattered to Anna now, was the pleasure numbing her body in waves. She wasn't even aware that her back was arching, or that she was grinding into the machine.


As the teenager moaned in electronic ecstasy behind her, Doctor Werner sat at her computer, her fingers clicking on the keyboard as she wrote the headmistress of Anna's trade house to inform her that Anna would not be returning. She clicked send and turned around to watch this lovely girl being pleasured. It was too bad, Werner thought, that it had to be this way. She had had other plans for the girl, but fate had thrown her a curve ball.

She sighed, called the nurse on her phone to tell her to go ahead and prep the observation room, then she sent a mass-text to the rest of the doctors in the building. Almost immediately she was startled when her phone rang.

She picked it up. "Dr. Werner speaking."

"Dr. Chirkoff. for you on line-8." the receptionist told her. She thanked her and pressed the button to speak with him.

"Dr. Werner." she said, curtly.

"Yes, doctor. I understand you're doing a liver donation this afternoon?"

"Yes, I am."

"Your donor is blood type 0 negative. right?"

"That is correct, yes."

"I have a boy waiting for a heart and I was wondering if you have one available."

"I do have one available, yes. Tell the family that the price is 35,000 rubles."

"Money is not an issue, so they won't be over-bid."

"Very well," said Werner, counting the extra money in her mind, wondering if perhaps she could use it to purchase a new girl--she had her eye on a couple of others. She hung up the phone and looked back at Anna. Her cum collector was almost completely full, and she had to get her into prep as soon as possible.


Anna's world came back slowly. She was flushed, and collapsed onto the exam table as soon as the machine was removed, her legs hanging off of the side rather unladylike and inviting, but she didn't care, she was exhausted. The doctor waited for her to recover her senses, fervently watching her panting and trembling on the table, her shapely little bottom quivering from her sexual adventure. Werner locked the machine up again, poured the girl's worthless cum down the sink, and threw the plastic cup away; years ago she had been fixed so that she would never bear children, as is state policy for all orphans, regardless of physical fitness or genetic superiority.

Anna gasped as she felt a hand gently stroking the inside of her still quivering thigh. The sensation was maddening, her pussy was tired, yet something within her still hungered for more. However, even in her heightened state of sexual bliss, she knew that what the doctor was doing was wrong. She wasn't legally allowed to touch her like this; she tightened up, not knowing what to do, or what was happening.

"I have some good news for you Anna," the doctor said, bending over her, passively pinning her into place, and whispering into her ear. "You won't be wasted."

"What?" Anna muttered sluggishly, a chill jolting up her spine. She wanted to sit up, but the doctor’s body pressing against hers made it impossible without possibly offending the older woman. She remained still and waited.

"I know that it is not what you dreamed," the doctor explained. She rose, allowing the girl to roll over and sit up so that she could properly clarify the situation to her. "But, if it is any consolation, you will be going to a good cause."

"Are you going to kill me, Dr. Werner?" Anna asked with apprehension, all of her excitement draining from her body.

Werner sat down beside her and put an arm tenderly around her. "Yes," she answered, her voice gentle. "I am. Today, you are going to die."

Anna was shocked. "But... but... you can't, I just came in for..."

The look on Werner's face silenced her. "You be quiet, young lady," the doctor said sternly. "You've been watching too much American TV, I think." She waved her hand toward the window. "Where are you, Anna? Is that California out there? Los Angeles?"


"What city is it, then? What country?"

"Krasnodar... Russia..."

"Yes. Russia. And you live in a trade home, correct? A trade home operated and paid for by the Russian Federation?"


"And since you are a resident of that home, what is your legal status?"

Anna hung her head. "I am a slave..."

"Yes. A slave owned by the Arbitration Court of the Krasnodar Krai, unless and until someone else buys you or you earn your freedom." She folded her arms. "And what am I?"

"My psychiatrist..."

"A senior psychiatrist. Meaning, I have the authority under the law to do whatever I decide will contribute to the welfare of the Russian people. You know this, Anna. You know I do surgeries, something no psychiatrist in the past would have been allowed to do. You know I have the authority to decree the death of any resident of the trade home at any time. Or even all of them, all at once, if I so choose."


Werner appeared to relax a little. "But what you don't know, Anna," she went on, "is who actually does own you."

Anna raised her head. "The court owns me. I haven't been purchased by--"

"Do you remember," Werner interrupted, "when you were a little girl and you went up on the block?" Werner asked, her voice quiet. "You and all of the other girls wore sacks over your heads while buyers examined you."

"Yes, but no one bought me..."

"That is not true. You were not told about it, but one of those buyers did buy you." She paused for an instant. "That buyer was me."

Anna stared. "But... but... I only felt men's hands..."

"I had a representative there in person. I found you originally on Facebook--do you remember that Facebook page you set up before you were orphaned?--and I just wanted you to be looked over before I committed to you." Anna's eyes were pleading for her to stop, to admit that she was lying. She was experiencing a lot of fear, but she was a good girl, she had it under control. "I took over your case and kept a good eye on you, not wanting anything to happen to my little Anna. It was at my insistence that they allowed you to personally execute Valentina."

The nineteen-year-old rubbed her face with both hands, trying to understand how this could have happened without her knowing about it. "Why?" she whispered.

"I had plans for you," Werner told her. "I wanted you for my own little pet. However, you have a special blood type that extends to your organs as well, and I have a sick young man who desperately needs a liver, and it has been brought to my attention that there is another boy in this hospital who needs your heart."

"Please," Anna pleaded, hopping off of the exam table and going down on her knees, begging. "I'll be your pet. I'll be a good girl, I'll do whatever you want. Please don't kill me."

"Now you stand up right now young lady," the doctor ordered crossly. "It is your duty to accept this, to be brave." Ashamed, Anna stood up; she pouted, but she listened to the doctor as Werner prepared a bowl of soapy water, "You said yourself that you didn't want to be shot down like some animal in the woods somewhere. Look at it this way, part of you will live on inside of these boys who you will be saving." Anna allowed herself to be led back to the examination table and let the doctor give her a sponge bath. Werner made it nice and warm and soapy, too.

"Is it going to hurt?" she asked.

"Some," acknowledged the doctor, washing the young girl’s body. "I wish that I could take you home with me, I really do, but I have my duty too, and these boys need your organs. We have so few boys, we must keep them healthy, whatever the cost."

"Will it be quick?" Anna asked, rolling over so that Dr. Werner could wash her buzzing pussy and attractive bottom, which the Doctor took her time with.

"No. There are other doctors who can benefit from you as well. In order to be a licensed surgeon they have to spend many hours familiarizing themselves with a living body."

"But won't that hurt?"

"No, you won’t feel too much. There, all clean now." the doctor said, smiling tenderly.

"What about the rest of me?"

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, can't I have a fake heart, and a fake liver?"

"And be scarred for life? Do you really want that?"

Anna thought about it. "I guess not," she agreed finally. Already she was feeling resigned to her fate and becoming determined to be brave and to make the best of it. "I heard that in Arab cultures," Anna said, lying down and pulling the doctor down with her so she could cuddle with her for a while before going, "that when a sheik is under attack he kills all of his harem girls so that they won't be stolen from him if he loses." Just listening, Doctor Werner lay next to the warm naked girl, allowing her hands to wander over her athletic figure and holding her tight as she talked. "They would use a large sword called a shamshir, and they would slice the slave girl's tummy open with it, right here," she went on, holding the doctor's hand against her tummy, and allowing the doctor to rub and caress it. She had a firmly toned belly, she did a hundred crunches every day to keep it firm and sexy. Anna secretly enjoyed having it abused; she liked to think about it when Valentina mistreated her. A nice belly is just begging to be tortured.

"Tell me more," the doctor said softly.

"They cut it wide open and let everything spill out," Anna continued passionately. "They say the girls moan as they die, and scream just like they do when they are having sex. The harem girls are left to comfort each other as they lay dying. I think it would be thrilling; to live in absolute comfort, sleeping on a bed of pillows, dancing for your master as he eats you with his eyes, making love with him, and then having your belly slit open while he watches. Experiencing terrible pain after a lifetime of pleasure and pampering. I suppose that that is exciting. That is what I want, and how I want to die. I may not be a harem girl, but maybe I get to die like one?"

Nodding, Werner looked into Anna's eyes with a smile on her face, admiring her beauty and her dreams. It is too bad that she didn't get her dream, as unrealistic as it was; it was a good dream. She could see her there too: dressed all in thin, diaphanous silks dyed in beautiful colors, and adorned with thin belts of copper bells jingling with the subtlest movements; and she would dance! Enjoying her youth and her life, she would dance! And she was beautiful!


Pleasing as this moment was, Werner still had to prep her for surgery. She had Anna lie flat on her back on a gurney, and teased her navel with her fingernail, causing the doomed girl to giggle and laugh before readying the Novocain shot. Werner let her look at it, the long pitiless needle intended only for her. The girl nodded, and Werner, ever so slowly, punched the thick needle through Anna's pouty little belly button. Anna's body squirmed under the pressure of the penetration; a cry of anguish mixed with pleasure escaped her cute little lips as Werner pushed the plunger down and the medicine began to numb the girl’s svelte abdomen. Werner then allowed the nurse to take her away so that she, herself, could get ready.


The nurse flipped Anna over and stuck a thermometer up her ass, knowing that Werner would want one more temperature reading. Anna’s tummy was numbed to the point were she couldn’t really resist, even if she had wanted to. Behind her, the nurse got her syringe ready, and as she is taking the thermometer out of her rectum, Anna felt a hand press firmly down on her ass.

"I'm afraid that your time is up, my little snuff bunny," the nurse said, cruelty freezing the words as they slithered from her ruby red lips.

"Huh?" Anna gasped, her butt clenching up as the needle was driven deep in her round bottom. She gasped again and her back arched in surprise, but soon she felt the compound entering her blood and affecting her coldly.

"This won't kill you," the nurse said, referring to the medicine. "It's just a mild sedative, you'll be able to see and feel everything, but you won't be able to move much." Anna's head felt thick and heavy, all she could do was moan as her flesh relaxed, and though her body melted, her heart throbbed in sudden terror within her. "This excites me," the nurse whispered into her ear. "I watched you living your life because that was what excited me. Watching you enjoy yourself, coming in here and getting your little twat serviced. Now it excites me to see it end."

The nurse’s words scared her. When Werner had left she felt fine about this, but now...

"The Doctor is going to kill you slowly, Anna," the cruel nurse said. "Very slowly. She is going to take what she wants from your body and watch you suffer, and when she is finished, I'm going to cut off a nice slab of this tight young ass of yours. I am going to take it home and make me a little stew out of it. Doesn't that sound good? The very ass that you've spent your life shaking around, served up hot and steaming on my dinner plate?" She then turned and started to walk away.

"Doesn't matter," Anna mumbled. "I'm a harem girl. My master has ordered one of his warriors to kill me, to slit my tummy open with a shamshir. "I'll let him... I'm a harem girl..."

The nurse turned back. "What?"

But Anna was too far gone by then to answer.


The doctors were all gathered around her, staring at her as she was wheeled in on a gurney. She could feel them all eating her with their eyes. She heard them all making comments under their breath; she could just imagine what they were saying! The nurse cradled her up into her arms and laid her down upon a metal operating table; the cold steel sending a shocking jolt through her. The table was terrible; it had grates and grills which would allow the blood to drain cleanly away from the work area... allow her blood to drain away.

Anna closed her eyes. This was her fate and she just had to accept it. A sacrifice to medicine, to the gods of science. This table was their altar. She tried to focus on her breathing; it wasn't easy. The nurse brought out the doctor’s tools; her sacrificial instruments of life, and of death. Her death. The thought both terrified and thrilled her, all at once.

Efficiently, more equipment was brought in, a respirator and some form of compression pumps. These objects scared her even more! All she wanted now was to keep her dignity. Her life was over. It had been a very nice life. She had gotten to enjoy many things. Sure, it had been short, but she was thankful for the trade house for allowing her to enjoy a busy life comfortably. Too bad she couldn't thank the House Mother, but she was sure that she knew.

Doctor Werner was in the room now, addressing the other doctors. Anna's fear was mounting. She wondered what was on the other side? If she had lived a wicked life, she would be doomed to Hell. But she wasn't really all that wicked, was she? She had always been nice to those around her. Surely she would go to heaven, and be granted ten strong men for eternity. Or maybe she would be brought back and born again, as a man this time? She kind of hoped not. It is much harder to be a man. She wasn't sure why she thought that, but she felt it must be true.

By then, the medicine the nurse had given her was beginning to subside some, she found she could move her fingers and possibly her arms and legs, as well. But she didn't want to. She wanted to die as bravely as possible, she was determined to lie still and allow them to kill her as they wished, just as those harem girls allowed the sheik's warriors to slit open their bellies.

"And now," she heard the doctor say, "I will make the first incision."

Anna felt the cold blade touch her belly; low, close to her sweet little pussy. She prepared herself. She didn't want to scream. She didn't want to cry and be a spoiled child. She was a woman and this is what women do. She felt a sudden piercing pain, but she did not move or cry out. After that, Anna didn't feel the cuts themselves, she felt the pain long after the sharp instrument had moved on, and she felt blood. Lots of blood. Pouring out of her, noisily drumming onto the metal table and gushing down the drain. She didn't scream, she bit her lip and only a squeak escaped. The pain got deeper, and the deeper the pain, the worse it was. She gasped for breath. She felt cool and lightheaded. She imagined herself a harem girl, in the desert at night, standing proud, unbound, and naked, gazing lovingly at her master as one of his warriors sliced open her belly with his shamshir, while in reality Doctor Werner cut her open with a scalpel.

And she experienced trauma; wave after wave of pain that soon began to define her. As the surgery wore on, the pain became her. She didn't know that pain could be like this. So demanding, like an orgasm that curled her back and toes. Each new sensation became a color or a word inside of her head that would make no sense in a conversation, but it described pain. Specific pain; the pain one experiences while having their small intestine severed is very different from the pain one feels from having their liver cut out of them. It was a new language; a fascinating new language. She would become accustomed to some pains, only to experience new ones. Fear was replaced by ecstasy of sorts. A new set of emotions had taken over her. A new set not possessed by those who are uninitiated. The language of a Snuff Queen is primal, and real, and all their own, that was what she had become. Anna had evolved, and had come full circle. She had become complete and total. She had become... real.


Watching, Doctor Irina Yakunun thought, admiringly, that the girl on the table was exceptionally brave. She was trembling, and she tensed up from time to time, but she was doing much better than most of the others. Many of them had to be restrained, and it was hard to hear Doctor Werner over all of the screaming and the whining. Werner's initial penetration of her lower belly had visibly startled the girl, but after that, the only noises she heard were pants and grunts, which were common for such procedures. Irina saw her fingers move as Werner was cutting her belly and felt sure that meant she could move her unbound arms, but she never did.

Once her abdomen had been cut open, she was allowed to drain some so that everyone could get a clearer view of the organs inside and what the head psychiatrist was doing. Werner didn't talk much, instead she focused on what she was doing, and it was up to the novice psychiatrists to pay attention to the subtle movements, and marvel at the brilliance of specific cuts rather then just butchering to get at what she wanted. All of Werner’s cuts had a specific intent and purposefulness. She carefully sawed through the girl's breastbone, and had it splinted off in moments so that she could get to the girl's smooth and healthy liver, which she had removed and placed into a cooler which her nurse had at the ready.

The doctor placed a mask over Anna's face, which would keep her alive and help her manage some of the pain so that she wouldn't go into shock. Machines were ready and monitored by the nurse as Werner prepared for the removal of the heart, Irina marveled at the pink lungs inflating like balloons, and how Werner had a magnificent tact of staying out of their way while getting to exactly what she wanted. Soon, Dr. Chirkoff was allowed to take over; Werner had done such a good job, all he had to do was clamp off the arteries and slice the girl's heart out. Instantly the machines were set in place and the sounds of motors and pumps filled the room as these were now what kept the subject alive.

Werner worked fast and clean. All of Anna's organs would be harvested, as long as the trauma done by the surgeons allowed their usefulness, and nobody wanted to damage anything. The sad fact was, more girls were ending up on supper tables and in dumpsters; their brutal killings removed the gifts which they could offer to humanity. What Werner was doing wasn't brutal, it was science. Werner was giving back to society. Livers in particular. Men needed their alcohol to cope with the stress of their sex, this would allow a man more time, and allow them to deal with the strain which society places upon them. It wasn't as hard being a woman; everybody knew that. But, Dr. Yakunun told herself, by following Dr. Werner, maybe one day she would be able to give back too?

Soon Werner had the girl stabilized, and all of the novice doctors got a chance to explore the beautiful young body before them. Irina was especially delighted in the good favor which Dr. Werner gave her. She was allowed to remove one of Anna's lungs, and Dr. Werner actually explained to her about how the breathing apparatus worked. She blushed as Werner held her hand and showed her the technique which she would be using to remove the lung fast, yet expertly, which she did accomplish.

Irina’s eyes glittered with the success afforded her, and she beamed at her new found teacher, hoping that it wouldn’t end here. Her psychiatry wasn’t as accurate or as skilled as Werner’s. Maybe, if Dr. Werner allowed it, she could pick her brain?


Once all of the girl's organs were removed, and all of the other psychiatrists had their chance to explore and practice surgery, Anna was allowed to die.

One by one, the machines were turned off.

On the table, the poor girl's back arched, her pretty brown eyes rolled up into her head and she stayed like that for a few moments before expiring, forever.

Other organs would be harvested as well. Eyes, teeth, marrow, things like that; but for now the presentation was over, and Werner‘s nurse could easily handle this aspect of the procedure. Werner herself was anxious to finish up. Playing with the girl had made her horny and hot. Cleaning up, she remembered what Anna had said, and decided that she did want a slave for the night.

"Dr. Werner?" asked the youthful voice of Dr. Yakunun, "May I have some of your time?

Werner looked around at her. While not for sale, she thought, she might still prove to be interesting. "Of course, my dear," she said, eying Irina’s blonde hair as she brushed a curl away from her glittering blue eyes.

‘They say the girls moan as they die, and scream just like they do when they are having sex.’

"How about over dinner?"