The House of Necro

by Rathead and Blue.beard

Author's note: Bermuda does not have a large population as compared to the U.S. and the European countries. The laws on the island allowed women convicted of nonviolent crimes to be sold immediately into slavery, which considerably reduced their expenses and allowed private individuals and businesses to take care of the girls' disposal.


It was late autumn in Bermuda, a bit windy and cool; the temperature was expected to drop to fifty degrees that night. Dan slipped on a jacket as he walked out to his car. He was heading for one of his favorite clubs.

Dan left his car and walked over from the parking area to the entrance of the villa. Surrounded by a little park with huge, old oaks, the place made a luxurious and secluded impression, to which a large fence, protecting the area against sight, added a lot… not to forget the guards at the gate. Actually, discretion wasn't really necessary anymore, because the special offer at the villa was perfectly legal these days, but there were still a lot of disagreements about these things and many of the customers appreciated the carefulness this enterprise applied to protect them from unwelcome publicity.

He'd attended this club a couple of times before. Well, he'd been here exactly six times before, it was impossible to forget any of the nights he had spent here. It had been an awesome experience every single time. Tonight, he wasn't as nervous as he had been the first time, but still he was quite excited and he felt how his heartbeat accelerated as he reached the entrance. He didn't need to ring, his arrival had been announced by the guards. The door opened and Kathy, one of the hostesses of the house, greeted him with a warm smile. She was a woman of about thirty, dressed in an evening gown of black satin, with a waterfall of dark red hair flowing over her shoulders.

"Mr. Burke! It's a pleasure to see you again at our club."

"It's always been my pleasure, Kathy, and please, call me Dan."

After a warm handshake she led him inside. The impression of distinguished wealth the villa made from outside was confirmed by the interior: soft, deep carpets on beech parquet, elegant old furniture. At a hall that was equipped with a bar, they sat down in heavy leather chairs by a small table. There were only two other men present in the hall, each of them also in the company of a hostess; low classical music made it impossible to overhear the conversations. A waitress appeared and offered Dan a large brandy. It brought a smile to his face when he realized that he was already enjoying the privileges of a regular customer: They knew about his taste and anticipated his wishes. He lit a cigarette and warmed his stomach with the excellent brandy.

While Kathy was taking tiny sips from a glass of champagne, they made some small talk. When she crossed her legs he admired the their perfect lines, clad in black stockings. Unfortunately, Kathy herself was not one of the goods the club offered for the special service. She smiled when she noticed his hungry look.

"Well, Mr. Burke, I guess you'd like to come to business now… tonight we can make you some offers that will be right after your fancy."

"This one girl I'd seen here last time… Barbara… I decided for another girl in the end, but Barbara didn't get out of my mind afterwards… I take it she is… er… no longer at your house?"

"Oh no," Kathy smiled regretfully, "I'm so sorry, Mr. Burke, but it's four weeks ago that you gave us the pleasure of your attendance the last time. Our girls never stay that long at our club… the few of them who were not chosen by one of our valued customers after a week get replaced. Barbara, of course, did not have to be replaced. She was chosen by a very nice gentleman only one night after your last stay."

"Well," he replied, "I'm sorry that I missed her, but after all it’s a benefit of your house that one always finds more great offers than one can take."

"You're too kind, Dan. Would you now like to take a look at our offerings tonight?"

"Yes, please. Let's go," he agreed.

They rose from their chairs and walked out of the hall.

"Do you want to check them from the observation room again, or would you prefer to go down to the girls' rooms this time?" Kathy asked.

He thought about it for a moment. When he was here the first time, he had been surprised about the offer of not having to face the girls as long as they still were… still were in the wrong state. He had gladly accepted it, because, as he thought, it would spoil most of his fun later if he met the girl of his choice before. Apparently, a lot of the customers shared his attitude in this regard, which was why the club had set up a convenient way for the customers to study the current offering and make their choice without having to meet them physically before they were put into the required state. He knew he was being a bit hypocritical here, like someone who lusts for a steak but refuses to see the cow before it gets slaughtered… but, damn, he was here for his fun, not for searching truth.

"No, I think I'd rather use the observation room again," he said.

"Very well."

They entered a small room that was dimly lit by several screens.

"Do you want me to leave you alone while you study the stock?" she asked politely.

"Yes, Kathy… I don’t want to set you back, I'm sure there are other duties waiting for you now. I guess I can handle the equipment on my own by now."

"You never set me back, Dan. But I don’t want to delay you any longer. Please take your time, there are no other customers expected within the next hour. Call me when you've made your choice."

She left the room, and when the door closed behind her Dan knew that there wouldn't be any disturbances until he called her again.

He sat down on a comfy chair in front of the desk and his gaze rambled over the screens. There were twelve smaller screens attached t the wall, each of them displaying the interior of a room, taken from a camera at the ceiling with a wide-angle lens. Eight of the rooms were each occupied by one women, four of the rooms were empty. For a moment he felt anger and regret: These four women had been taken by customers who had been at the club earlier today, and wasn't it likely that they had taken the best? He quickly abandoned this thought. This club only offered prime material, in the end the choice a customer made was just a matter of personal preferences.

Dan turned from the smaller monitors to the 20 cubic inch holo-tank in front of him. It showed twelve women, standing frozen on a stage, all of them fully dressed. Four of them had a tag attached to them, marking them as sold. To spare himself any possible frustration he made them disappear without taking a closer look at them. He threw a cursory look over the remaining eight figures. Two of them were black, one was a Latino, and one a Japanese; all of them were very beautiful, but he had a very distinct erotic preference for Caucasian women, so he made these four disappear, too.

Four women were left. He pulled one of them into the foreground and studied her thoroughly while the others became invisible. After he'd seen them all he smirked. He had not missed anything by the first four girls being sold before he came. Each of these remaining women was more than perfect for him. Actually, this was almost too hard a decision for him to make. For a moment he indulged in the pleasure of imagining these four gorgeous beings locked in their rooms right now, only few yards below in the basement. And in less than an hour he would be playing with one of them.

But which of them would it be?

He started looking at them again, one at a time. The first one was named Jenny. He let her rotate to see her from all sides, changed the angle, zoomed in and out. She was fully dressed. He had the option of seeing her more scantly dressed, up to the state of complete nudity, but he didn't want that. A major part of his later pleasure would be exploring the body of the girl he would select, and he didn't intend to spoil his fun by seeing her nude before, even in this holo projection. He knew that he wouldn't find anything disappointing hidden by the clothes anyway. The House of Necro didn't provide disappointments. All he needed to know about the girl's body was whether or not it fit his preferences, and this one did. Lean but also curvaceous, and apparently equipped with a very nice pair of tits. He hesitated for a moment, then he let her blouse disappear, but he didn't remove the bra. Yeah, as he'd thought: beautiful tits… large for a pair of natural ones. And since she was pretty young, barely twenty or so, they would be decently firm, too. He concentrated on her face, the most important feature for him, anyway. Beautiful! Framed by a mane of curly dark-blonde hair, he saw a pretty and innocent looking face. Intense, large dark green eyes, a flawless, creamy light skin, a sweet mouth; he especially liked her sensual lower lip. Dan loved the expression of something tragic on her face. He found it very suitable.

He, then, opened a box, containing Jenny's data. Nineteen years of age. 5'8'', 118 pounds. She had worked as a nurse. Her crime had been possession of an illegal drug. He played a sound file so he could hear her voice. Sweet! Very sweet. Not that he'd hear her voice when he was playing with her, but it completed his concept of her. Yeah, she was perfect. Would be hard for the others to outdo her. He threw a brief look at her price. It was $16,500, what was about the average price at this place. He wouldn't care for a couple of thousand bucks more or less, anyway.  



Jenny's eyes were resting on the TV screen, but the movie didn't reach her mind. She was musing over her stupidity for probably the five hundredth time this last week. She had known Mike for only a couple of days… she had fallen in love with this bastard… and she'd been so happy when he gave her this small, nicely wrapped up gift box, telling her not to open it now, but only when she was at home. After leaving him she'd laid it on the passenger seat of her car. She hadn't been driving half a mile when she was stopped by police. They said they had indications that she was transporting illegal drugs and they searched her car. Jenny hadn't been worried much because she'd never touched an illegal drug in her life. The officer opened the gift box and found it filled with cocaine. Her court hearing had been two days later. Another two days later she found herself an issue at a slave auction. Someone had payed $8800 for her and then they had brought her here. That had only been the day before yesterday.

Being past the first shock of realizing that her life as she'd known it was over, she now was trying to encourage herself. It could have been worse, she told herself… so far, they had treated her well. No one had beaten her, or humiliated her, or even barked at her. They treated her like something of value. As they had told her, she would be resold to a customer of this house. If she was lucky, the person who bought her might treat her well, too. Jenny shuddered, when she considered for a moment what could have been her fate: She could have been bought by a brothel, or, even worse, could have been forced to become a gladiatrix at one of these gory shows that had become so popular the last years. She stood up from the bed as a wave of anxiety flooded through her. What she could hardly stand was being locked up here. The room was nice, but it wasn't very large, even with the attached bathroom. And it had no windows. She forced herself to take some deep and slow breaths while she slowly and aimlessly walked through the room. Looking up at the tiny camera at the ceiling she thought just how much she hated it that some pervert, sitting somewhere at a monitor that was connected to this camera, was watching her all the time, and she would not even know it.  



Dan switched to the next girl. Corel. Looked great, too. Red-blond hair, a face of classic beauty, and a model shaped body. She was somewhat darker tanned than Jenny, and she seemed a bit older. He pulled up her data. Yeah, she was twenty-four years old. Had been a law student. Her crime had also been using illegal drugs. God, he thought, these girls are so careless! They had to know that any violation of any law would lead to the same punishment: losing all one's rights as a human being and becoming sold as a slave, but they seemed to live with the delusion that they'd never get caught. Well, he wouldn't complain: Their carelessness was his benefit. He mused over her for another while, zooming in and out, looking her up from all sides. No, he finally decided, Jenny was better. Corel would find another buyer very soon, though, no doubt about that. He erased her from the screen.

The third girl he looked at was Erica. Oh wow, he though. She looked not unlike Jenny, but her lips appeared even a tad bit more sensual, and she had a sweet little nose. Her skin looked just as light, creamy, and perfect as Jenny's, and her tits seems to be even a bit larger. This would become a very tight decision. Dan brought Jenny's image back and compared the faces. As he found, he liked Jenny a bit more… this delicate, slight expression of sadness and anticipated misfortune on her features… while Erica's features didn't express much at all… she was just a sweet young girl. Then again, Erica's lips… and her tits were a good argument, too…

Dan decided to suspend his decision and first take a look at the last remaining girl. Coincidentally, her name was also Erica. Now this was a true alternative to the two blondes! She looked a bit like a French girl. Shiny, dense auburn hair, a trained and athletic, yet curvaceous frame, a perfect tan, and a face that exceeded both her blonde competitors in beauty. Her brown eyes looked expressive and perky, he thought he saw a good bit of humor in them, too. She made an overall impression of a well spirited, very much alive young woman.

Her data showed that she was also nineteen years old, and the crime she had been convicted for was injuring someone in an automobile accident had been caused by her carelessness. He took a look at the monitor, displaying the interior of her room. She was lying on her bed, dressed in a pair of jeans and a T-shirt, her feet naked. Reading a book, she showed not much other activity.  



He spent the next fifteen minutes switching back and forth between the images, and watching the girls via the monitors that showed them at their rooms. He was desperately trying to make up his mind, and he was also trying to ignore the increasing tightness in his pants. Finally, he had narrowed the field down to Jenny and Erica2. It had to be one of those… but which one? He just couldn't decide. After some further, fruitless musings, he sighed and pressed a button. A minute later he heard a knocking at the door, then Kathy entered.

"You called me, Dan? You've found something that appeals to you?" She smiled at him with a little wink.

"Yes… and no. I just can't make up my mind between Jenny and Erica. I'm afraid, this time I need to meet them before I can decide in favor of one of them."

"Oh, that's no problem at all! Maybe you'll even find it pleasurable. Many of our customers say they enjoy it very much to have some contact with the girls before they get… prepared. So let's go downstairs and pay them a visit."

She led him down the way to the basement, keeping up the conversation by praising his good taste. As she said, both Erika2 and Jenny seemed an excellent choice for his purposes and she agreed that it was hard deciding for one of them and thus forgoing the other one. Dan didn't say much himself, but, unlike his expectation, he realized that he found it very arousing to take a real look at the girls.

At the basement there was a corridor with respectively six doors at each side of it. As he saw, the names of the girls were written on little boards beside the doors. Four of the boards were empty. All of the doors had windows of one-way glass at eye level.

"Okay, here you go…this is Erica," Kathy chirped, stopping in front of one door.

"Wait a second before we enter," Dan said, while he peered through the window, and seeing that Erica currently wasn't within the angle of sight. "Tell me: do they actually know what kind of place this is? Do they know what they’re here for?"

"No," Kathy replied. "Telling them would just complicate things for everyone. Of course, they’re all convicted criminals and they’re all well aware that the death penalty is usual for female criminals, and they usually believe, when they arrive here, that they’re going to be used for some sort of entertainment; they are all attractive, after all, and they know that. But we don’t hold them in cells, we give them clean comfortable rooms, good food, and so on. We give them the impression that they're going to be trained as geishas, learning sexual and social techniques to please their rich buyers. They’re questioned in depth about their sexual experience, and our interviews always say things like, ‘well, we’ll have to work on that, won’t we?’ if they say that have little experience in some area or if they express something like a distaste for oral sex. People like to have hope, and the vast majority of them allow themselves to be convinced, no matter how unlikely it really is. " Kathy shrugged. " But I see why you're asking this question. Some customers enjoy confronting them with their true fate. Most of them just act resigned if that happens—after all, it’s what they expected to begin with—but some of them, when their hopes are dashed, get a bit out of hand. It's no problem, I can call for some of the guards anytime." She studied Dan’s face. "Did you want to tell her what’s to happen to her? You can, but only if you choose her."

"Oh, no…I don’t want to tell her. That'd be unnecessarily cruel. I just wanted to know. Let's enter now."

Kathy inserted a small card into a slot at the door frame. A discreet noise of steel bars snapping back indicated that the door was unlocked now. They walked into the room.  


Erica turned the page of her book and realized that she couldn't remember a single sentence she had read the last ten minutes. She wasn't able to concentrate. Dropping the book, she sat up. Doing her workout had always helped her to get her mind straight, so she decided to do some more of it, although she'd done it already five times today. Another time wouldn't hurt, though.

While she selected some appropriate music, she told herself once again that she wouldn't give in, she would not passively resign to her fate. She had always been a fighter and she would make the best out of this situation, as she'd always done. Vigorously, she started her exercises that were a mixture of dancing, gymnastics, and fighting moves.

A few minutes later she was hot all over and covered with sweat. Fallen into the trance of moving to the music, she enjoyed the litheness of her body, the perfect control she had over each muscle, and the intensity with which she could feel every little part of her body move. The only passive weights on her were her breasts, despite the bra they were swaying wildly under her shirt. Sometimes she thought she would have liked them a bit smaller, but she only thought that during her workout, otherwise she was very proud of them. With every minute she continued her exercises she felt better and stronger. Yeah, she would somehow survive this misery and she would find a way out in the end.

A brief outcry escaped her when she changed her position and turned around to see Kathy, one of the employees of this place, standing in her room in the company of a man. Both were looking at her. She hadn't heard them enter because of the loud music, and the way they were standing there with the door of the room closed behind them it looked as if they had been inside and watching her for maybe quite a while.

Erica calmed down and turned the music off.

Kathy smiled at her kindly and said: "Well, Erica, it's good to see that you're keeping yourself in shape. May I introduce this gentleman to you? This is Mr. Burke, who might be interested in purchasing you. Dan, this is Erica."

"Nice to meet you, Erica," the man said as he approached her.

She was still puzzling about all the polite treatment she received, this was not what she had expected to experience after being put into the state of a slave without any rights. Somehow she didn't really know how to react to it. She had never before talked to a stranger who was about to buy her. Despite all her distress, the humor of the situation didn't escape her.

"Hello Mr. Burke," she replied with a smile that she hoped was not looking all too bold.

He shook her hand. To her he did not look like the nightmare of an owner who might make her life a living hell. Actually, he was good-looking, maybe four inches taller than her, dark hair and eyes, neatly, if somewhat conservatively, dressed. His handshake felt firm and confident. Erica thought this might be her greatest chance… this man looked like the most bearable owner she could imagine.

"Now what do you think, Dan?" Kathy asked, "Doesn't Erica look as if she's been created for your needs?"

"Oh, no doubt about that. She is perfect," the man replied, while his eyes were rambling over her body.

Erica felt a tad bit less at ease. There was something in the eyes of this man that made her shudder. The way he was looking at her… obviously it was something sexual he wanted her for. Having her as his private sex slave, probably. Yeah, that must have been what Kathy meant by his "needs". But she wasn't surprised: She was young, female, and beautiful, it ended with something sexual for slaves like her in most cases. Mr. Burke might still be better than most other guys who could buy her for these purposes. She decided to try it with honesty.

"Mr. Burke, I understand the situation, you can… buy me… whether or not I like it. Let me tell you that I would like it. But…excuse me, I'm a little frightened…can you tell me what you'd buy me for?"

"Well, Erica, you don’t need to worry about that. It will be easy for you… if I decide in favor of you, all your worries will be over soon."

His reassuring words somehow appalled her. She tried to read the true meaning in his eyes, but he escaped her look; he was staring at her breasts again. She saw the tip of his tongue licking his upper lip.

"Why will my worries be over?" she bluntly asked, and her voice sounded louder and more demanding than she had intended.

Instead of the man, Kathy answered. "Erica," Kathy said to her in a stern voice, "You will stop asking questions now. If Mr. Burke wants to go on talking to you, he will ask the questions."

"Erica, please lay down on the bed, close your eyes, and don’t move or talk," Burke addressed her politely but firmly.

Now something close to panic came over her. There was something very sick going on, she could feel it. She had no clue as to what this guy intended to do to her, but she knew she wouldn't like it. Still, she didn't have any option but to play the game and wait for a chance. Until then the only thing she could do was to comply. She walked over to the bed and with a fraction of her mind she noticed that her T-shirt was sticking to her with the sweat she had been spilling during her exercises. She laid down onto the bed.

"No, please turn on your back," she heard his voice say. She complied again, and when she was lying on her back, her eyes shut, she perceived him standing very close. She heard his breath. But nothing else for what seemed a long time. Almost physically she could feel his eyes wandering over her body. Then she heard his voice again, and it was indeed coming only inches from her face.

"Can you try to breath very slow? You know, like an actress who's playing dead? And please open your mouth just a bit."

What a sick pervert, she thought, and her angst increased. But she obeyed, although it was hard for her to do since she still was a bit out of breath after the workout. "Beautiful…" she heard his deep voice muttering after a while.

She winced when suddenly she felt his fingertips at her right cheek. "Shhhh…" he said. "Don’t worry, Erica… I will never hurt you." Indeed, his touch wasn't rough. He moved his fingers over her face, played with her hair, traced along the lines of her lips, then moved down her neck, and over her breasts, but he left his hand atop the shirt. Now she found herself getting back a bit of her trust in him… he was no doubt strange, but apparently strange in a soft way. She felt his breath very close her neck… he seemed to be inhaling her scent.

"Okay," she finally heard him say. "You can open your eyes again and stand up." Erica rose and saw him speaking to Kathy.

"Erica is wonderful… most probably I will pick on her. But let me take a look at Jenny, though."

Both left her room and she heard the steel bars of the door closing.  



Dan was aroused as seldom before in his life. What delicate pleasures he would get out of this body! He realized that at his former visits he had made a big mistake by forgoing the opportunity to meet the girls before they were killed. He had missed the perfect foreplay.

"You were right, Kathy," he said, "This is indeed great fun! I should have tried it earlier."

"You see?" she said, smiling broadly as she opened the door to Jenny's room, "It can be so much fun to change one's ways. Maybe you'd like to also try out other things you've never done before… there is still a lot for you to discover at The House of Necro."

"Yeah, you're right, Kathy," he agreed.

They found Jenny sitting on her bed. She stared at them with an anxious look on her face; her legs were pulled to her chest, her arms wrapped around her shins. Dan felt much more at ease this time than during his first conversation with a potential corpse.

"Hello Jenny," he greeted her as he neared the bed.

"Hello…" she replied with a faint voice.

"Will you please stand up, Jenny?" Kathy told her, "This is Mr. Burke and he might be interested in purchasing you. Let him take a look at you."

"Yes, Kathy," the girl replied submissively. She stood up.

He looked her over while she was standing in front of him. Her white blouse wasn't very tight fitting, but it still displayed a pair of impressive bumps, and her naked legs under the hem of the dark skirt looked very appetizingly to him: Well shaped and not too thin. Looking at her knees, he saw she was trembling slightly. She had turned her face to the ground, whether in embarrassment, fear, or humbleness he didn't know. He seized her chin and softly pulled her face up.

"Please let me look at your face, Jenny… you don’t have to be afraid," he kindly told her. Her eyes were big and wet when she looked at him. The corners of her mouth were wincing slightly. He realized that her obvious fear caused a very ambiguous reaction in him: On the one hand it made him feel almost tenderly for her, he wanted to console her and make her feel better. On the other hand it made him incredibly horny.

He suddenly realized one thing: This girl was not born to be a slave. She wouldn't stand it. If he decided to buy her and use her for his pleasure, he would not even do her any harm, he would instead bring a merciful end to her suffering.

Yes, that’s what he would do.

"You are very afraid, ain't you?" he asked her softly.

She nodded, and he saw tears shining in her eyes.

"You don’t have to be. Tell me: If there was a way you could get out of slavery, would you go that way even if it… cost you?"

She looked at him, surprise and doubt on her face. "Yes! Sure," she finally said, "I would do everything!"

"That is fine, Jenny… I guess. I can help you. Do you trust me?"

She looked at him again, still doubts in her eyes, but after a moment of hesitation she said: "Yes, sir… but what do I have to do for it?"

"You won't have to do anything at all, Jenny. I will buy you and then I will end your state of slavery. Your misery will be over in less than an hour from now," he turned to Kathy, who'd been waiting behind him, "Yes, I’ve made up my mind, I’ll take Jenny."

"Very well, Dan. Jenny, you're a lucky girl!" she said, addressing the girl with a bright smile. Turning to the door she pressed a button of the communication unit that was attached there. "Jim? There is a delivery from room four… No, everything's fine."

"Jenny," she then addressed the girl, "In a minute Jim will be here and bring you to a final little medical examination. It won't take long, and then we'll give you into the hands of Mr. Burke."

Dan stroked Jennie's cheek and looked into her hopeful eyes. "Well then, Jenny," he said, "I will see you in just a couple of minutes."  



Having left the room, Kathy laughed.

"Jesus! Dan, you should be an actor! You sure have talent!"

"Thank you, Kathy," he smiled, "But you're doing that pretty well yourself."

"Well, now, have you decided about the other issues in question? I think, at your last stays you never wanted to watch the… medical examination…" she smirked, "Would you like to see it this time?"

"No. Definitely not," he replied, "I only want to see her again after that is done."

"Okay. But you should really consider it for one of your next stays… many of our customers say it’s adds a lot to their pleasure if they've witnessed the moment the girl was turned into the thing they want to use. Do you have any special wishes about how the killing shall be done?"

"No. Just do it painlessly, and don’t leave any marks on her, okay? I want her to look peaceful."

"Sure, Dan… she won't feel anything more than a tiny sting at her neck. How do you want to have her served? Undressed, or in any special clothes?"

"Just leave her in what she is wearing now…I find it very fetching…and I'll do the undressing on my own, later."

Kathy smiled and gave him a wink. "Final question: Have you decided about the room you'd like to use tonight?"

The House of Necro offered a lot of different environments in which the customer could enjoy the corpse he had bought. At his first visit they had shown them all to him. The rooms were designed and equipped due to the different things, customers liked to do with the bodies. One of them was designed like a funeral home; if he decided on that one, he would find Jenny laid out in a splendid coffin, surrounded by bouquets of flowers. Another popular room was designed as an autopsy hall, white tiles covering the floor and walls, a dissection table, on which she would be lying, and all sorts of surgical instruments at hand. A more bizarre room was a kitchen, equipped with everything one might need to prepare a very large roast. Dan had once used the funeral room, but never one of the other two, he didn't like to damage the bodies. For today he decided in favor of a completely normal living room.

"Please place her on a sofa, in a sitting position. I want her to look just as if she was sleeping, okay?"

"No problem, Dan. I'll go now and take care that everything gets carried out according to your wishes. Why don’t you take another drink at the bar meanwhile? It shouldn't take much more than twenty minutes before everything will be ready for you."  



Having another brandy, smoking a cigarette, Dan waited at the bar. He was excited as a child moments before the giving of Christmas presents. Hornier, though.

He imagined, that by now Jenny should be at the place where they… well, where they brought her into the state he wanted her in. Right now, her belly might be heaving and then sinking for the last time as she was drawing her last breath. Leaving her in the in the only state a girl looked perfect to him.

He looked at the door of the hall, why did it take so long? Where was Kathy? He lit another cigarette.

Then she came.

"Well, Dan, everything is prepared for you. Would you like to meet Jenny now?" She smiled brightly at him, perfectly anticipating his excitement.

"Yes!" He wasn't really in the mood for conversation now. "Let's go!"

She led him to the second floor. She was obviously in the mood for conversation herself, talking constantly, making all sorts of little innuendos.

"Here we are, Dan," she finally said, unlocking a door and opening it. "I wish you a very pleasant time!"

"Er… yes… thank you. See you later, Kathy," he murmured, entering the room and closing the door behind himself. He pressed a button and heard the noise of the door locking. He was alone and no one could disturb him now until he left the room again.

He turned around and looked over the room. Where was Jenny? The room was relatively large, about eight by eight yards. It looked like a normal, well furnished living room. He saw a large dining table with seats around it; nice paintings on the walls; there was a TV set, turned on with the sound turned low; he saw flowers and burning candles. Curtains covered the windows. And there was a coffee table, with two chairs and a sofa placed around it. The sofa was placed with its backside towards the door where he was still standing. There she was…he saw her blonde tuft over the seat back.

Slowly he set himself in motion and walked around the sofa. It was perfect. It was just as he had imagined it: Jenny was sitting there, her legs crossed, her head tilted to the side with the left cheek resting on her shoulder, her curly mane fallen over her face, covering it like a curtain. Her hands were resting in her lap. She looked just like she had fallen asleep while watching television.

He stood in front of her and for a moment he felt almost too shy to touch her. She looked so peaceful and at ease… he pushed her hair aside and looked into her face. Yes, they had done a perfect job: There was no sign of fear, pain, or distress. She looked completely relaxed, her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted. He had helped her find this peaceful state, Dan thought, and now it was her turn to do something for him.

He sat down beside her. Seizing her head with both his hands, he felt the persisting warmness of her cheeks. She was as fresh as a body could be. He bent closer to her and kissed her lips. They were soft and gave in a bit to the pressure, and, to his delight, they were even somewhat wet. He softly gnawed on her lower lip, then sucked it into his mouth. With his tongue he explored her mouth, traced along her teeth and played with her tongue which was resting passively. Leaning her head against the seat back, he continued kissing her while his hand was roaming down her body till it rested on her bare thigh beneath the skirt. Such tender flesh, he thought, her skin was as smooth as silk. He moved his hand up her thigh under the skirt. Due to her posture, her legs were firmly pressed against each other, so he had no access to her pussy, but he traced along the silky pubic hair and enjoyed the tenderness of her belly.

When he broke the kiss, he saw that her face had turned to a grotesque grimace. As he'd experienced in former times, before rigor mortis set in the flesh was as malleable as plasticine, and her mouth now remained in the form his kiss had given it. He corrected it. Modeling her lips, then her cheeks, he brought a happy little smile on her face.

He smirked. "Glad to see you like it, Jenny…" he murmured, "Now would you mind me taking off your blouse?"

She didn't raise any objections.

He opened the buttons and drew the halves of the blouse aside, thus uncovering her front side.

"Oh yeah! Very, very nice!" he said.

The heavy breasts were held by a white bra, not an especially erotic piece of lingerie, but it matched well with her overall impression of innocence. He liked it, yet he wanted to remove it. But first he had to pull off the blouse, what was surprisingly difficult without any cooperation from her side. He stood in front of her, seized her head and pulled her upper back against him. She tilted forward and her face came to rest against his groin.

"Hey, not so greedy, darling!"

He drew the blouse out of the skirt and tried to pull it over her head, but he couldn't hold up both of her arms at the same time. When he tried to get one arm out of the blouse first, he found it was not possible.

"Fuck!" he cursed, "How do they do this when they're alive, anyways?"

He tilted her back against the seat back, then looked around the room until he found a knife. Probably they had laid out a knife for quite different purposes, he thought, but he was thankful for the thoughtfulness of the club anyway. He seized her under her armpits, lifted her almost to her feet, then let her fall prone onto the sofa. Now it was easy just to cut the backside of the blouse into two pieces and then remove it.

"Much better."

He also opened the clips of the bra at her back, then turned the body around. Now she lay stretched out on the sofa on her back, only wearing her bra and skirt. As he saw, her facial features had deformed to an asymmetric grin again, but at the moment he was more interested in her lower body parts. He pulled away the bra and dropped it to the floor.

Dan liked a lot what he saw: a pair of beautiful, fleshy tits. They looked nicely firm, but due to their weight they were slightly hanging down her sides. Nice, brown areolas surrounded a pair of large, rosy nipples. When he moved his hands over them, Dan realized to his surprise that they were bullet-hard. Had the girl been aroused when she died? Or was the service of this club so excellent that they had taken care of this little detail for his satisfaction? Whatever, he liked it. Going to his knees beside the sofa, he began licking over her right breast, while he was massaging the other one. The scent and taste of her delicate skin was heavenly. With his tongue he encircled the stiff nipple, then sucked on it for a while. It almost felt as if the nipple was responding to his endearments.

In any case his own dick was responding and he thought it was time to get rid of his clothes. When he returned to the body on the sofa naked his cock was throbbing.

"Let's take a look at your pussy now, Jenny..."

This was much easier than getting rid of the blouse: He seized her under her knees with his left arm, lifting her legs and bottom high and pulled the skirt down. Now she was naked except for a pair of white panties. He took her right thigh and pulled her legs apart, resting her right foot on the floor. With a happy smile on his face he stared at her crotch. A faint dark shadow was visible under the white of the panty, and there was some dampness around the area where the cloth was stretched over her cunt lips.

His life had become so much better since he had more money at hand that he could spend for this little hobby… for a moment, an old memory came to his mind. Years ago he had attended a place like the House of Necro, only it was a much cheaper service. They had also claimed that their bodies were fresh, and indeed they were warm, too… except that one time a body he'd used hadn't actually been warm, but sizzling hot! He'd realized that they were apparently taking not so fresh bodies and putting them into the microwave before delivering them to the customers, and that time someone had made a mistake with the temperature.

With a shudder, Dan dropped that unpleasant memory and turned his attention back to Jenny. He stared at her. Sprawled on the sofa, she was starting to turn pale.

"There's a definite problem with a living room setting," he thought. Looking around, he had an idea. Picking Jenny up, he seated her on one of the chairs and investigated the sofa.

"They thought of everything, Jenny" he said as he opened up the sofa bed. He then laid Jenny on her back on the bed. Lifting her hips, he removed her panties. As he stripped the panties from her ankles and dropped her legs on the bed, ripples passed over her limp body. Her feet were already getting cold.

Dan sat down next to her and picked up a leg. He played with her foot, there was no resistance as he moved it around. Sucking on her toes, he licked her foot and proceeded on up her leg. He kneaded her calf as his tongue traveled up her shin. Lifting her leg, he tasted the back of her knee.

"Jenny, I remember your personality and your gorgeous body, but I want to remember everything about you, including all your tastes and smells."

He repeated the process on her other leg. When he reached beyond her knee, he spread her legs and alternated tasting each thigh. Kneading each one with his hands, he further spread her legs.

Taking a break, Dan sat up and kissed her on her lips. "You know, darling, that you're not completely dead yet. Your brain and organs are gone, but your muscles and skin are still alive. You only have three things to do, relax completely, cool down and let your blood settle. I just hope the cells you have left alive enjoy what we're doing."

Giving her a peck on the nose, he returned to his exploring. Her anus yielded to his tongue with no resistance. Her vagina and clitoris were next to be examined; a slight taint of urine added flavor to her sweet, salty essence.

Dan continued past her pubic hair and up her abdomen, pausing to tongue her navel while kneading her belly with his hands. He worked his way up the side of her rib cage to her armpit. After tasting her death sweat, he went down her arm to her hand. Finishing with her fingers and palm, he wrapped her cold hand around his cock. Guiding her hand, he finally entered her. Hooking his arms under her knees, he could feel her heels bumping his ass as he pumped her.

As he continued, he let his whole weight rest on her body, she, of course, did not object. He also continued his explorations on her neck and head. He tongued her ears and nose. Using his mouth, he opened her eyes, tasted them, and closed them again. Moistening her mouth, he chewed on her tongue a bit. As his movements increased, he closed his eyes and gave himself up completely to his feelings and pleasures.

After he came, he stayed inside her for as long as he could. When he slipped out, he climbed off of her, cuddled against her and napped for about a half hour. When he woke up, her skin was almost pure white and cold to the touch.

After dressing, he leaned over, adjusted her face a final time, and kissed her on the forehead. "Jennie, you're the sweetest girl I've ever met, thank you," he said, and then he left the room.


Passing through the lounge, he met Kathy and they walked together to the cloak room.

"Do you have any plans for Jenny?" Kathy asked as she helped Dan with his coat.

"Thank you, I almost forgot," Dan replied. "Would you please save both legs and arms and the tongue and buttocks. Send one thigh to be processed as a ham, and slice the other into two-inch steaks. Slice the lower legs into four-inch pieces, leave the bone in, I'll be using them for stew. Send the arms to be smoked, and also cut into four-inch pieces."

"Okay. What about the tongue and buttocks?"

"Leave them whole. Send me a bill if there are any extra processing charges."

"Ship them to your home?"

"That would be excellent, thank you for your service."

With that, Dan headed out to his car, with a warm, satisfied feeling.