by Barbanne

Chapter One.

It lay deep inside the cavern. Untouched, unseen for a thousand years. Covered in cobwebs and dusty with the dross of a millenium, the gleaming prize lay on the great stone surrounded by the bones of the dead. Even under it's layer of filth, it pulsed with the unseen energy of the ancients, glowed with the light of the ages. Brilliant, incandescent, surging with the force, it blooped out emanations of incredible power.


The skull of The Dagda, principal god of the Tuatha de Danaan.

Carved from a single diamond, the fist sized relic was reputed to bring fame and fortune to him who possessed it as well as conferring invincible power and the gift of healing. A gem much to be desired. Worth, by itself, a King's ransom, it was priceless beyond measure when held by one who could use it's magical gifts for his own use.

"Why him. Why his?" I wondered. "Damn the boys' club," I thought, "when I possess the skull it will be me, a despised "girl", who rules the misty isles.

Me, Barbarann, mercenary and seeker of fortune.

Only a squirt sized girl, I had survived the raid of the Goths who killed my parents and took me, then a ten year old child, into slavery. I had survived the loss of my virginity at eleven years of age and had learnt to live as a concubine and gladiatrix. I had learnt that I had skills with sword and dirk and had patiently bided my time until the opportunity came. Then I had killed six of my captors and escaped to become a mercenary assassin. Now, at twenty four I was a skilled survivor and the slayer of some thirty women and men. I was for hire. My success as an assassin had brought me some fame and recognition and many sought me out to dispose of their unwanted problems.

I had been contracted to slay the Princess Diannea, ruler of Gamboanga, a country in the high mountains of Afrikaa. My employer was Diannea's younger brother Dromidus. Insanely jealous of his gorgeous sister and burning up with ambition to rule, he had paid me twenty thousand Dinarii to kill the Princess. I loathed the pimply little turd but money's money and I don't allow myself to get choosy. The task was going to be difficult as the Princess was guarded day and night by a bevy of beauteous black warrior women, all highly skilled in the martial arts. But the reward was not only the money, although that took some beating, no, the reward to me was that the Gamboangan palace reputedly contained a map that purported to show the resting place of the skull of The Dagda. For this task I needed everything I had going for me.

That's why I had taken Knobarius along.


How can I describe him? My partner, my lover, my fall back when I got in over my head a little too much. When faced with overwhelming odds I knew that with Knobarius guarding my back I was safe. What I couldn't handle, he could.

He was a lean and incredibly handsome guy with a whipcord thin, hard body that was honed to athletic perfection. He could handle any situation, and he was a fantastic fuck! I was at the base of the final rocky rise that led to the Gamboangan palace of Diannea and it was cold and the ground was covered with a dense fog and my clothes were undone and disarrayed, top unlaced and barely hanging onto my shoulders and skirt and panties around my ankles and I was on my back with Knobarius's mouth covering one breast and threatening to suck my thrusting little nipple off altogether and his middle finger deep inside my pussy, stroking my highly aroused clitoris.

"Oh! Oh! Oh!," I said and then my eyes rolled upwards and I said "Aaaaaaaagghhh!" and my hips bucked and my pussy spasmed in orgiastic delirium and love oils gushed forth.

"Gah, you're tight down there Barbarann," said Knobarius. "Tight, hot, slick and wet."

"Aaaaach...." Was all I could manage, as I collapsed like a jelly fish out of water.

I lay on my back with the pinpoints of light fading and my body glowing from tip of nipple to deep inside the neck of my uterus.

"Aaaah..." I managed again.

"Like that did you babe?"


"Maybe we should go kill this Princess?"

"Mmmmmnnnn, whatever you say."

I rolled upright and started pulling up my skirt and panties and adjusting my clothes. Dressed for combat, I wore leather calf length boots, a short leather skirt, split up either side and a short sleeved leather jerkin that laced down the front in a cris cross fashion. I had a belt around my waist with a short scabbard for my sword and a dirk which slipped into a pocketed slot in the jerkin next to my breast. Another short reserve dirk nestled inside my boot. What sort of panties and bra I wore is no business of yours except suffice to say they made me feel sexy and when stripped to them I could raise cocks from the dead.

Knobarius was dressed in leather pants and jacket and wore tough leather boots and was armed with broadsword and an array of knives that would do Jack the Ripper proud. What he wore for undies I seem to remember was fairly utilitarian. I'm usually in such a hurry to get past them I don't always look too hard. He put out his hand and took mine and pulled me to my feet.

"Let's go then."


We set off up the steep, narrow path.



Knobarius grabbed my arm and pulled me down, pointing upward to where a guard stood, semi concealed in the shadows of a vine covered portico. She was a young and full bodied, black girl, skin like ebony and a close cropped cap of crinkly hair. Her figure was voluptuous and her costume of the briefest loin cloth I could recall ever seeing did little to conceal her womanly charms. The material of her loin cloth was gold shot through with red in a pattern of jagged stripes. In her hand she carried a short stabbing spear. I circled, creeping almost on my tummy until I was behind the girl, slightly to her left. She yawned with obvious boredom and I slipped my dirk into my hand and slid forward. As the girl looked toward the head of the path where we had been traveling moments before, I sprang forward. My free hand covered her mouth and she went Ooooph! My other hand whipped around and I drove the dirk into the roll where her breast met her rib cage and pushed it in and up. She said "Uuugh." and her hand wavered and the spear dropped. Her body stiffened and quivered and then she went limp. Knobarius was with me now and he caught the girl as I let her go and eased her body down and laid her on her back.

I looked up at him. He was looking at the still twitching body of the guard. I decided I should search her as I would have to search everyone we encountered here in the Palace of Gamboanga. I knelt down and ran my hand over the girl's body. She spasmed once and then again, sending shivers through my hand. The soft, firm, but elastic spring of her breasts was delicious and I let my palm linger there, noting that were she still alive her nipples would be rising to meet my caress. I leant forward and looked inside her pink mouth, running my forefinger around the wetness, feeling the scrape of her white even teeth and pushing her tongue to one side. Nothing there. I ran my hands down her sides and pushed her loin cloth aside. She wore nothing under it and I slipped my finger into the fat softness of her bulging fleshy lips, spreading them and sliding into the moist slit. I felt something hard deep inside and carefully pulled it out. A small, blue gem. I put it aside and rolled the girl onto her side, her limbs flopped in an uncoordinated and definitely dead way. I ran my hands down her back and slipped in between her firm round buttocks, but her rear passage contained no surprises.

Wiping my hands on the girl's loin cloth, I nodded to Knobarius and he grasped the girl's heels and dragged her totally relaxed, limp body to the side of the path and tipped her over. We watched. Her arms windmilled and her legs scissored and she plunged out and over and was lost to view.

I popped the gem into my pocket and sheathed my dirk and we entered the Palace via the door the late lamented lass had been guarding.

Sneaking through the door we almost ran into two more guards. Sisters in appearance of the girl I had just dispatched, they were attired similarly and had their heads together discussing something important. I slipped my hand over one girl's mouth, silencing her while my other hand, tempered like a blade, stabbed into her vagus nerve and she went instantly unconscious. I chopped her neck again and knew she wouldn't wake for hours. Knobarius had KO'd the second guard with a similar killing blow and as my girl slumped into my arms, I dragged her into the shadows of a niche in the stone walls and lay her out. Knobarius followed me, holding his girl, slumped over and dangling, arms and legs buckling in lax limpness. I searched my girl as I had the one outside and found a small red gem concealed in her pussy. Knobarius flopped his victim on top of mine and a search turned up a green gem. I put the gems into my pocket, unsure what purpose they served, and then, stripping the girls, I rolled their loin cloths into a rope like shape and laying one girl face down over the other I pulled one girl's arms behind her and wrapped the other girl's arms around her senseless companion and bound them securely at the wrists. I bound their ankles together and rolled them, trussed like turkeys, into the depths of the recess. We moved like shadows through the palace, climbing an ornate staircase and flitting down a carpeted corridor until we reached a junction with a large open gallery. We eased up to the corner and peered around.

Three more near naked black girls guarded a huge gilt door at the end of this passage. Just as we peeked around the corner, the door half opened and all three girls turned to speak with someone inside. Unseen by the person in the room, Knobarius and I sprinted down the passage, the sound of our feet muffled by the carpet and the soft leather of our booted soles. The door closed and the guards started to turn back. I hit the first of them with my shoulder. I had withdrawn my dirk as I ran down the passage and now my hand muffled the girl's scream. Her eyes bugged wide and I slipped the blade between her ribs at the side of her left breast. I held onto her as she stiffened in my arms and we went to ground together, her eyes millimetres from mine and glazing in death. Blood ran from her mouth and covered my fingers. I landed with my hip on her ass and her flesh gave beneath me, Her breasts pressed into my side, firm but yielding. I scrambled to my feet. Knobarius had grabbed a second guard and his hand covered her face as he pulled her towards him. The third girl, recovering from the shock of our attack, was pulling a sword. I clamped my arms around her, pinning her sword to her side. As I struggled with her, I saw the girl in Knobarius's grip grow wide eyed as his dirk found her heart. His thrust had come from behind and passed through her ribs and penetrated her chest cavity, puncturing her vital organ. She looked blank and her mouth dropped open and blood snaked out and then her eyelids fluttered down and she sagged in his arms. My own dirk, hastily recovered from my first victim, was in my hand and I pushed it home into the third girl's throat. She coughed, gurgled and died.

I dropped her and she slumped face down over the other two girls. Her gleaming, rounded buttocks spasmed, twitching in and out as though she were orgasming in sexual ecstasy but it was only death's ecstasy claiming her.

I crossed to the door. The symbols on it proclaimed this to be the Princess's bed chamber. I rattled the handle but the door was firmly shut, locked tight. I noticed a small cylinder to one side with an opening in the top that sparked a possibility in my mind. I pulled the gems I had found in the dead guard's pussies from my pocket and dropped the red one into the opening. It fit perfectly. I dropped a second and then a third.

Nothing happened.

Knobarius was watching me quizzically. I crouched by the still quivering pile of flesh that was the three guards and grasping a sweat slicked shoulder, rolled the top girl onto her back. My hand flicked her loin cloth aside and my fingers probed her slippery slit. I found a further gem, deep purplish in colour. I rolled this girl aside with a meaty schloooook! I dragged the second girl from under the first. Her body flopped onto its back. I bared her cunnie and my fingers probed, finding another gem. Grabbing the third girl, the first to die, by the heels, I yanked her clear of the other two. Her shoulders lifted and then her head cracked down onto the floor with a loud crunch. Her breasts both shimmied like jellied mounds, wobbling towards and then away from each other in quick succession. I ripped her loin cloth away and probed her wet cunnie finding a third gem. I took these three gems to the cylinder and dropped one in. Nothing happened, I dropped a second one in and a puff of smoke issued forth and the lock clicked open. Beckoning to Knobarius I pushed the door open and slipped inside.

The room was huge and lined with marble polished to a high gleam. A pool in the middle gurgled as a small fountain bubbled water from the mouth of a carved marble water sprite, down over two carved fauns and into the pool. Sumptuous lounges with soft embroidered cushions surrounded the pool. Three gorgeous white skinned girls wearing the lightest and most diaphanous of gowns lay thereon. Two black girl guards stood beside them. A door on the far side was closed.

I took all this in at a glance as I entered. Behind the far door was the Princess, of that I was sure, but I had more pressing matters to attend to. The two guards had spun around at our entering the room and the three ladies had shrunk back on their seats, hands to mouths, eyes wide, whimpering in fear. The guards' swords were out and I reached for mine. I saw Knobarius's sword clear its scabbard even as my own did. I danced forward and one of the guards turned to me. I lunged with my blade and she parried and I flicked at her and we crossed blades, steel clashing. We slashed and hacked at each other and I realised she was good. I felt I was getting on top and then she fought back and I found I was sorely pressed. A slashing flick sliced a clean cut on my forearm and blood oozed from the wound. I saw her smile and then she slashed at me again and I fended her thrusts defensively and saw that she was becoming self confident to a dangerous degree. I fell back, letting her press the attack and sure enough she made a fatal error. She lifted her sword arm to hack down at me, thinking I was faltering under her relentless attack and I saw her breast unprotected. I reversed my motion in one smooth movement and my sword's steel slid past her guard and pierced her chest just below the division of the swell of her breasts. I saw surprise and shock on her face and rammed my blade home. It caught on cartilage and rib and then it was through and it sank in, almost to the hilt. Horror passed across behind her eyes and then they were rolling upward and together. Blood trickled from between her parted lips and then gushed out and stepping back, I pulled my sword free. She grunted "Ugghhh." and then her knees buckled and she went down on them. the last vestige of her pupils disappeared upward in a sudden and violent roll and she fell forward on her face, crushing her bleeding breasts to the marble floor. A puddle of crimson spread underneath her.

I turned. Knobarius had finished his girl and her body lay sprawled backwards across the edging of the pool. Her eyes were wide open and her hair trailed in the water. A deep, bloody wound split open her chest. The three white girls, all of whom had gorgeously voluptuous bodies and long brown hair were by now hysterical. I sheathed my sword and walking over to the lounge pulled one to her feet. She blubbered and clasped her hands in front of her breasts and pleaded with her eyes. I hauled her upright and hauled off and punched her lights out. She tumbled backward onto the lounge, out cold. I turned to a second girl and pulling her screaming to her feet, my hand tangled in her hair, slugged her hard and she too, went down and out. Not to be outdone, Knobarius had put the last girl to sleep with a hard blow to the back of her neck. All three lay sprawled on the one lounge, their diaphanous gowns that concealed almost nothing disarrayed so badly that a plenitude of bare flesh was on display.

We hurried to the door. I grabbed the brass handle and turned it.

The door opened.

I pushed it wide and stood there, open mouthed.

I was gazing at the most beautiful girl I had ever seen. A full head taller than me, she had waist length, golden blonde hair and a tiny waist. Flat, lean tummy, large firm ass and long, shapely legs with neat ankles and lovely slender feet. Her breasts were high, soft, round and big! The nipples were enormous. And her face. Divine. The beauty of angels. She wore a muslin shift which floated on her breasts, baring her sloping shoulders, and then hung to mid calf. The material was transparent and I could see the shadowy circles of her nipples, the vee of hair at her crotch and the deep indent of her tummy button. She stood facing the door and looking straight at us.

"Ah," she said, "you are come to kill me then."

"Princess Diannea?" I asked.

"Yes." She tilted her head to one side and looked at me from soft, gentle brown eyes.

"So you see it is as I say."

"Aaaah..........," I mumbled.

"And you my dear are......................?"


"Oh yes, I have heard of Barbarann."

All this time our eyes had locked and she had ignored Knobarius. She came forward and took my hand leading me to a huge divan as wide across as the Princess was tall and twice as long. She sat and pulled me down with her. There was a jumble of garments on the divan and she pulled a vivid red, silken scarf out from amongst them. She held it out. "Use this Barbarann and help me die a Princess's death."

She wound it around her throat and held the ends out to me. Slowly I took them and then she subsided gracefully back until she lay full length on the divan. I held the scarf ends in my hands.

"Be gentle Barbarann."

Her eyes watched mine and her lips parted and her tongue circled the pouting redness.

There was only me and her. Knobarius was forgotten. My arousal was fierce and sudden and my femininity betrayed me and wetness slipped from my suddenly hot, soft, fleshy, labia.

I pulled the scarf taut and watched as it bit into her graceful neck. My fantasies flooded my mind and I wished it were me lying there and this gorgeous girl strangling me. The Princess Diannea read it in my face and whispered. "One day it will be your turn my sweet conqueror, but today I am your victim." Her eyes went soft and she said, "make my orgasm yours."

I tightened the scarf and she caught her breath sharply.

I wound the scarf around my fingers and pulled on it slowly, but inexorably until it dug deep into that glorious neck. Her lips parted and she gasped for air. I tightened it more. Here eyes were full of love. I kept tightening it and her eyes bulged outwards and her tongue unraveled, sliding out of her mouth, trailing on her cheek, dripping saliva. I kept tightening my pull on the scarf, a strangling grip. Her eyes tracked back and forth over my face and she tried to draw breath. Her nostrils pinched and her breasts heaved beneath me. She made a sound like a pump sucking nothing. I had tightened the scarf to where it could tighten no more. I kept my grip, holding the tension. I could feel my orgasm growing, tingling my pussy, shivering throughout my body. Diannea gazed somewhere far away. I could see the lustful desire behind her eyes. They were bugging out and glazing and her lips were quite blue. Clear snot drooled from her nose and saliva ran freely down her tongue, dripping onto her cheek. Her body quivered and I watched her through tear filled eyes. She was gasping, a rasping awful sound and her gown was damp at the crotch. She shuddered throughout her length and the dampness spread and her lips were purple and her face blue, eyes rimmed with black hollowness. Her eyeballs went cloudy and rolled up and out of sight and she spasmed upward, bridging violently and carrying me with her. Then she went lax and limp beneath me and I came in a rush and then I knew she was dead and I lay on her corpse, my hands still bound to her by the scarf as I sobbed and sobbed, crying bitterly and shaking with a love and such lust as I had never known before.

Knobarius placed his hand on my shoulder.

"Barbarann, it is over."

"What would you know?" I snarled.

"Barbarann." He turned my face to him, wet with tears. I grasped his wrist.

"Knobarius. Take me now, here, hard, unmerciful!"

I turned from the dead Princess and stripped off my jerkin and kicked off my skirt and tore off my underwear. Standing in my boots only I said, "Now!" I tore at the fastening of his breeks and got them open and his manhood sprung free. "Now!" I shouted and fell back onto the bed alongside Diannea's dead body, pulling Knobarius onto me. His big hand grabbed both of my wrists and he forced my arms up baring my breasts to his wish. He took my breast in his mouth and sucked, pulling at my nipple. His cock was at my cunnie, its velvety tip, smoother than the smoothest woman's skin, just touched my labial lips. I spread my legs and hissed at him. "Take me, let me forget. Let me lose myself in you." His cock rammed into me and he pushed my arms up onto the divan. I was pinned down, arms held, impaled on his cock, legs wrapped around his thighs. He started to pump and I came messily and fast. He kept pumping and I started to come again. He started quivering and his cock grew huge and I came even more messily, my vaginal muscles gripping his cock and as they spasmed they brought him too and his seed shot inside me, filling me, pummeling my senses and I forgot everything in a delirious swoon that left me weak and limp.


We lay for a long time, together, glued body to body.

Then he got up and went back into the room of the pool.

I lay with my head turned, my eyes millimetres from Diannea's dead face and I let myself go limp.

Then I rose and dressed.

I could not forget my purpose in coming here. My twofold purpose. To kill the Princess Diannea, that was done. To find the secret of the skull of The Dagda, that remained. And where to start? Where would my best secret be kept if I were the woman who now lay before me, dead on the divan? On my body. That's where I would keep it. It might be distasteful to me, but I had to search the Princess's corpse. I turned to her and touched her face, turning it one way and then the other. I used my fingers to force her mouth open and felt around the pink wetness. I could find nothing. I reached down and taking the hem of her gown, rolled it up and peeled it off of her, lifting and shifting her limp body to ease it up and off. I pulled it over her shoulders and head, her arms flopped as they were pulled up and then released by the wadded material. I studied her body closely, turning out her ears as I inspected them minutely and feeling through her hair and peering intently at her scalp. I found nothing. I took each arm in turn looking at her hands, her fingers, her fingernails, then inspecting the arm, turning it in my hands. I paid special attention to her inside elbow and lifted each arm up as I touched and studied her armpits. Still nothing. I started on her feet and felt over them, looking at her toenails, her ankles and on up her legs, turning them as I had turned her arms. I rolled her onto her side, using a hand on hip and thigh. I spread her buttocks and looked hard. Still nothing showed. I turned her onto her back again. Wiping my hands on her discarded gown, I spread her inner thighs and worked my way up to her soft, so, so soft, lips and I used two thumbs to spread them and gently part them. Her slit was moist and pink and I spread it wide open. I inserted two fingers and closing my eyes felt the sensations through my fingertips as I explored inside her most secret place. I found nothing. I rocked back on my heels and looked at her blue face, tongue protruding, eyes slitted and dead.

"Where? Where Diannea?"

I leaned forward to her pussy once more and spread it open again.


Out of the corner of my eye I saw something. I came as close as I could, smelled her emissions, her sex, her musk and something else. Rolling her labia right back I found it!

A tattoo. Done in red ink so that it almost blended with her fleshy pinkness. A small ankh cross and the words "Beanna gwyd cwymyth."

The secret. The key.

I sat on the divan and ran my hands over Diannea's cold, white body.

"Thank you Princess," I whispered to her still, silent form.

"Very good!"

I looked up to find Dromidus looking at his sister's dead body. I stood to one side as he came over and turned her head towards him so that he could look at her blue, dead face, dead eyes white and blank.

"You have done well." He came to me and I shuddered involuntarily. He was a short, fat sweating, greasy little pig of a man. How he could have been that gorgeous girl's kin beggared belief. He handed me a bag full of coins. "You'll stay and let me entertain you Barbarann?" He pawed at my arm.

"Prince Dromidus," I held up the bag of coins and nodded at Diannea's dead body lying sprawled on the divan, "that was for money, this money, this however is for pleasure." I put down the bag and put my arm around the fat neck and drew him to me. He panted, he actually panted and his paw scraped my breast. I pulled him close and my dirk buried itself in his fat gut. He squealed and sat heavily and I slashed the blade across his throat and he pitched onto the floor, dead!

"Oh that's good. Well done, Barbarann."

I looked up to find Knobarius watching me from the doorway.

"I contracted to kill his sister. I never said anything about what I might do to him."

"Hmmnn yes. We might leave I think though." He glanced at Diannea. "One dead ruler is one thing, two dead rulers may cause some consternation amongst these folk." He motioned me to wait and went to the outer chamber.

Within a moment he had returned. We left together. He had used the unconscious white maidens' shifts to tie them together and they sat slumped against each other in a triangle of naked female flesh and filmy material and perfume. I looked at them. "Sleep tight girls," I said.

We left hastily.

As we rode away I asked Knobarius, "Beanna gwyd cwymyth?"

"With the ankh cross?"


"The land of the Cwymru. It seems that's where we are off to next."

to be continued...