by Barbanne

Chapter Five.

The journey back to the land of the Vikings was much as before except now there were four of us in a cabin that would have been a squeeze for one. I felt truly sorry for Knobarius who was outnumbered three to one by chicks and spent much of his time waiting while we helped make each other look pretty, and, also, he was called upon to service all three (although not all at the one time) when we found we couldn't satisfy each other sufficiently.

Poor Knobarius.

From the Viking village we took ship for Cwymru.


Arrived there, and having made our way to the fortress, we were shown into the presence of the first of the witches who immediately wanted to kill Leanna and Cassia for their failure to protect the skull. I wouldn't have it and stamped my foot and told her I would do dire things to her and her fellow witches unless Leanna and Cassia were allowed to remain with me. She smiled and admitted that she loved the two girls too much to really wish them ill and, as I had proved a formidable foe and now possessed the skull, they were mine.

I had the skull and I had Leanna and Cassia and Knobarius had me, or he could whenever he fancied. I told the first of the witches that I would be going away to set up my own home with the four of us as starters. She pleaded with me to remain and become one with them. I told her I had thought of it and, although greatly tempted, I felt I had to be myself at least for now.

"I knew you would," said the witch.

"I guessed as much."

I looked at her and then I asked what had been in the back of my mind. "If you knew I would be my own person and if you had gone to such trouble to hide and then protect the skull, why then did you give me its location, knowing I would go for it?"

"I knew you would recover it. Oh, I knew poor Leanna and Cassia and Aphrodite, she was the girl you killed you know, I knew they would stand no chance against you. But that was as it should be, for it was prophesied that one would come and that she would take from us the skull of The Dagda and that she would then become a powerful ruler and a mighty witch. That is you, Barbarann. It is your destiny but when you make your home it will be as the other half of Cwymru. We are fated to remain linked, you and I, and the house of Barbarann shall be the hidden half of Cwymru."

"Geez," I said. "But I'm just................"

"More than you think. my dear." She reached out her hand and held my face. "Barbarann, come to me."

I did, and she took me in her arms and we kissed and I felt her hands on my body and I responded and we became as one entity, one being for whom its two halves became ecstasy.

When we were finished and I was spent, she looked at me and said, "There is yet one difficulty for you my dear. There are those here who would stop you and before you leave us you will have to overcome that threat."


In my room I was dallying with Knobarius. Leanna and Cassia were devoted to me and, clad only in a light wrap of the filmiest material, they moved around my quarters, near naked and happy only when doing something for me. Whenever I showed arousal for the manly charms of Knobarius, they smoothed the way, preparing both me and Knobarius for each other with the gentleness of their touching and caressing. When I was stricken with the moon's curse of blood, they took it upon themselves to keep Knobarius satiated. They fed us and bathed us and they were always available when my need for other female bodies burnt within me.

So on this evening we were a contented foursome.

There was a quiet rapping on the door.

Leanna rose and went to it. I heard her conversing quietly and then she opened the door.

Warriors of Cwymru rushed in. I saw at least six. One struck at Leanna and she slumped to the ground with blood gushing from a head wound. I was caught unawares, naked except for my panties, and as I leapt from the bed of pleasure I had been sharing with Knobarius, I saw him roll onto the floor and come up with our weapons. He threw sword and dirk to me and I caught them and turned to face these treacherous assailants. Cassia had run bravely between me and the advancing women. One of them, a fearsome bitch armoured in leather, clubbed her and poor Cassia limped out and fell prone on the floor. The warriors rushed me and I saw Knobarius, naked except for a loincloth, attack their flank. His charge was marvellous and I saw first one and then another warrior go down with sword thrusts that had buried his blade deep inside their breasts. I battled with the four who had set upon me. Lunging and ducking, and stooping and weaving, I skewered one woman under her breastplate, my blade drinking of her tummy fluids. She fell sideways and I saw a second woman side on, unprotected. I sank my sword to the hilt into the armhole of her armoured top, in behind her softly curving breast and out through her sternum where the blade rang on her breastplate. She fell dead. I turned to a third attacker and she was so close that I grabbed her sword hand and we fell onto the bed grappling. Something hit my foot, it was the dead body of yet another woman whom Knobarius had killed and I saw her vacant stare and bloody mouth as she slipped from view. My assailant was battering at me but I managed to keep my grip on her arm and then I bought my blade down, cleaving her skull from the bridge of her nose to the crown of her head.

The battle of the boudoir was over. All six women were dead. I went to Leanna's side. She was bleeding freely from a flesh wound to her forehead and despite my ministrations I couldn't waken her from her unconsciousness. I carried her to the bed and laid her down. Cassia was groaning and awakening. I lifted her to her feet and she gazed at me through unfocussed eyes. "Care for Leanna," I commanded and she turned groggily to Leanna's limply outstretched form.

Knobarius was in fine form and I let him hold me tight until I stopped shaking. We piled the six corpses together and left them, seeking another room for the night.

The next morning, Leanna and Cassia were both much recovered, and, with their help, Knobarius and I carried the six faithless warriors outside and had erected there a long horizontal pole. Then we stripped them naked and heaped their weapons and armour in a pile. The six bodies I trussed to the pole.

One I bound at the wrists so that she hung suspended knees bent and head drooping.

A second I hung from her heels, so that her head and shoulders lay on the dirt, arms outspread.

The third I draped over the pole so that her head and shoulders hung down and her breasts pointed to the sky.

The fourth I draped over the pole in reverse so that her womanly vagina was stretched open and upthrust.

The fifth I hung from one wrist and one ankle so that she hung just above the ground, cunnie wide open and breasts drooping.

The final one I straddled over the pole like a suckling pig at a roast.

I gathered the remaining warriors and made them walk slowly past this gruesome display of the cadavers of their former companions.

After that there was no more trouble.


And so we went away.

Knobarius, Leanna, beautiful Leanna, Cassia, gorgeous sweet Cassia and I, Barbarann.

We travelled far off, far far away from Cwymru to the land of green and mist. There lay the castle of Frederick, Frederick who had long since died in battle. The castle was broken and ruined and I bought it for a song. The last of the money I had earned as a killer. All gone now.

The money.

The killing.

That life.

We refurbished the castle and the skull took up its position in the deepest dungeon below the lowest of the basements. From there its magic spread forth and I wielded it with care. I put aside my fighting leathers for all time. Leanna and Cassia started bringing young girls into the castle and training them to be healers and to do good works. They became my acolytes but never nuns. Sex ruled the life of the castle and every woman herein is adept at the arts of love. Many is the lonely traveller who has spent a night with us and found ecstasy and on leaving has bequeathed us his seed. Implanted in one or other of my girls it blossoms forth into life. Leanna and Cassia have the girls but more than that they have each other. Two more perfect lovers I shall never know.

And me?

Mistress of Castle Barbarann, and the White Witch of the West.

What have I?

I dress as a woman at all times. Simple, soft, feminine and sexual. I am the mistress of this castle and the mistress of Knobarius. I may be much sought out as a "white woman" and wise and sage mother figure. But, when night falls deepest. When winter's snows confine us to our hearth, I am then little Barbarann, orphan girl and submissive mate of Knobarius. He is my Lord, my Master and I bend my will to do his bidding.Then he takes me and I swoon into his embrace.

I am a woman and a female, weak and in need of a male.

And I love it!