by Barbanne

Chapter Four.

As I stood looking at the assembled white witches of Cwymru, four, the four nearest to me, got up from their places at the great table and came towards me. Knobarius put out a hand toward me but the women waved him away. I turned and looked at him, trying to hide the apprehension I was feeling.

"Do as they say, my darling. Wait for me. This, it seems, I must do alone."

The four witches surrounded me and one leaned forward and unclasped my dress and with the help of one of her friends they stripped my dress away. She made me lift my feet while they took my slippers from me and then they removed my under clothing. I stood naked and two of the witches stood on either side of me and both took a hold on each of my arms and they led me to the centre of the long table. The other witches moved aside and the woman who had first spoken to me said, "Get up on the table, Barbarann."

I had no choice. Sitting my bare bottom onto the edge of the table, I swung my legs up until all of me was on the table. The four witches who were accompanying me took up positions at the side of the table; one took my right wrist, another took my left wrist, the other two took me by both of my ankles, and between them the four women stretched me out on the table, holding me firmly outspread by the ends of my four limbs. The other women rearranged their seating so that they could all look down upon my naked and spreadeagled body.

A witch I had never seen before came forward with a goblet of thick, dark liquid and, lifting my head, she poured this down my throat. I gagged as the stuff was totally disgusting to taste but got it all down and, swallowing noisily, I felt it run into my tummy. As the liquid spread through me I recognised the effects of a soporific. My senses dimmed and a sense of unreality came over me. I realised how silly the whole situation was. Me, lying naked on a table, about to be subjected to I knew not what, and some thirty women watching like crazy voyeurs. I think I giggled somewhat insanely and my eyelids fluttered and I felt a sense of weakness, of helplessness, but my senses were finely tuned to my surroundings even at the same time as they were released from my self-control.

The woman who had first addressed me and whom I had come to think of as the main witch was standing on the table. I hadn't seen her get up there, and she came forward on hands and knees until she was bending right over me. Her hands, long, fine, delicate and sensitive, stroked my breasts and I felt my nipples stiffen and harden. She came close and kissed me and my mouth dropped open despite myself and her tongue slipped inside and I met it with my own and felt them slide together in wetness and taste and tactile delight. Her tongue seemed to be growing and I felt the tip of it probing around, past my own, and then I felt it sliding down my throat and choking off my breath. I opened my eyes and the witch above me was gone, replaced by an insectile, reptilian form. I saw clearly the scaley skin and the slitted yellow eyes and, where her nose had been, two nostril slits pulsated. I gagged on a scream and felt the clawed front feet of this monster scrabbling at my breasts. My nipples deflated and I watched in horror as the lizard, or whatever it was, lifted its body above mine, long reptilian tail switching. Staring down in sheer terror, I saw a long sinewy penis unravelling from between its cramped back legs and I felt this monstrous member probing at my pussy and then it was inside me and I screamed and the scaley monstrosity reared up. My eyes widened in horror, and as I gazed at it its shape melted and realigned before my unbelieving eyes.

It was a man above me, and what a man.

A body like my dreams of Adonis. Sculpted, smooth, hairless and straining like whipcord. He had a face like an angel, strong but so, so tender. Such gentleness and caring shone from his eyes, and I felt my heart melt and my body burst into heat. He was holding himself poised above me, his arms outstretched and bracing his body, his deltoids, smooth and shapely and strong. His cock was at the lips of my pussy. I breathed the words, "Take me," and he pushed forward and I felt his engorged, glistening cock slipping inside me and my slit stretched and widened and spread itself amazingly to accommodate him. His arms slipped under me and he lifted my shoulders, pressing me to him. I felt the steady lub-lub of his heartbeat against my breast and his flat, lean tummy pressed against mine. My hips rose from the table to take him as I tried to draw him inside me, more and more, until I was filled with him and all of my senses were drained into my excited, hot, wet, slickness. My ass was beating a tattoo on the table as I jerked my hips to encourage his hard, marble shaft to impale me and fill me with his seed, and I felt it growing, swelling, quivering and then he fired his semen into my waiting womanhood.

I smiled up at him and he had gone, replaced by an amorphous shifting shape that gradually changed into a huge, black and hairy spider, with a body bigger than an Alsatian. I could feel its hairy articulated body and its chitinous legs.

Scratching at me, scrabbling at me.

My eyeballs rolled back and I hovered on a faint, but the drug I had been given held me in its grip. The spider's head swayed above me and I saw its mandibles open and clear liquid dripped from them, and it swooped down and sank those fangs into my throat. My mouth opened in a scream that never came, and I looked up to see the witch's hair spilling over me, her head buried onto mine and her mouth sucking at my neck.

The four girls held me tightly outspread and the woman kissed my throat and then my lips and her head moved down and her mouth closed over my breasts, one after the other, as she sucked greedily at my nipples.

She rose up and seemed to change again and became just a jellified, blood streaked mass of protoflesh, a plasmaic mass which flowed down over me, coating me and smothering me, and I felt this warm, sticky matter covering my mouth, my nose, my eyes and pressing me down, robbing me of breath, robbing me of strength and robbing me of consciousness. With a whimpery gasping I passed out cold.

I slowly regained my senses to find myself still stretched out on the table, still held firmly by the four witches, still naked and with the weight of the protoplasmaic goop lifted from me but now I was covered by the gleaming blue black carapace of a huge and incredibly stinking beetle. Its antennae waved in front of my eyes and it was copulating with me. I closed my eyes and screamed inside my head and even as I did so, the beetle flowed away and reformed as the man I had had use me before. He kissed me deeply as he emptied yet another load of cum into my pussy and I orgasmed to receive it, weak and almost done for. The man was gone and the first amongst the witches crouched over me, stroking my nipples and kissing my neck.

She rocked back on her heels and I could see she was as naked as I. "Well done, Barbarann," she murmured.

I assayed a pissy grin.

She stood and pulled me to my feet. The four witches who had imprisoned me during my ordeal released my wrists and ankles and I stood shakily. The witch, still holding my hand, jumped down off the table, taking me with her. She donned her skirt and the witches who had stripped me now helped me back into my green velvet dress.

The main witch came forward and cupped her hand on my cheek. "Barbarann........You did well, girl. We are all very impressed. Very few survive our test. I am proud of you, my dear. When you abandon your foolish quest, come back to us, my friend, and we shall gladly welcome you into our sisterhood."

I grinned stupidly.

"But now. What you want to know. The location of the skull of The Dagda. My child, for that you must travel across the western ocean to the land of the Mahican. The land known to Eric the Red. Come, and I shall give you a map which shall show you the way." She put her hand around my waist and walked with me into a secondary chamber. "Of course, my dear, you could abandon this futility and stay with us here. With me." Her hand cupped my breast and she kissed my throat. "But I know you won't, so go seek your fortune child and, if you live, return to us a wiser and better woman."


"They are shape changers," said Knobarius.

We were walking away from the basement chamber and I had asked him did he see what I thought I saw and he said yes.

"Shape changers, that's why they can be all of those things."

"That's amazing."

"Terrifying actually," he said, "I didn't know what to do when those creatures were violating you. I was held by the women so couldn't move but seeing you attacked by those, those was, aagh!"

"Sure was, buddy. You shoulda tried it from where I was." I laughed and so did he, breaking the tension. I

had the map the witch had given me in my pocket and we were on our way. Now we had to make our way to the land of the Vikings and try and convince someone to take us across the western ocean. We rounded another corner and they were on us. Two of the warrior women, clad in their leather fighting garb, swords drawn. Both were tall, lissome girls with long flowing hair, not unlike the witches but much more physical. Knobarius's sword leapt into his hand and he pushed me aside and engaged both of them, swords flashing, feet darting, a blur of movement. Dressed in my long gown I had no weapons on me, my sword and dirk were with my other stuff in our room. But, after my recent ordeals and after being given virtual safe conduct out of the place, my fuse was short and I saw red as anger boiled through me. Both warrior women had their backs to me and I leapt onto the nearest one with only my bare hands as a weapon. Such was the absolute fury of my spitting cat, clawing, surprise attack that I bore the warrior woman to the ground and, shocked, she lost her sword. I gripped her helmet in both hands and half turning her head, pounded it into the floor. Spittle flew from her open mouth and her eyes glazed over and I lifted her head and bashed it into the floor again. Her helmet strap broke and it spun away. She was bareheaded and I tangled my fingers in her long silky hair and, lifting her, banged her bare head into the hard stone floor. I felt the ringing noise through my hands and she went out cold. Just then Knobarius struck the other girl's sword aside and using the hilt of his own sword, drove it between the eyes of the dumbstruck chick, just above the bridge of her nose. She dropped, poleaxed, across my victim. Both girls lay entwined, breathing noisily and oozing blood as I scrambled to extricate myself.

The main witch came hurrying up. "What is this? What means this disruption?"

"Ask them," I waved at the two sleeping beauties.


"They attacked us. Just like that....out of the blue, or maybe I should say out of the dark."

"Hmmph," said the witch, "remove them." She indicated the fallen gals to other warrior women who accompanied her. "I'll deal with them later."

The two unconscious girls were dragged limply away.

"My regrets, Barbarann."

"It's OK, just a couple of over zealous babes. We'll be gone in the morning."

"Perhaps that's best."

Nothing further happened that night and I slept like a dead woman. Come dawn I woke, washed, dressed, ate some breakfast and we left Cwymru. We took ship at a nearby port for the peninsula of the Vikings.


The Viking village comprised a collection of huts made of wood and set in a pine-covered landscape facing the North Sea. It was cold! I mean freezing. I had added an elk skin cloak to my wardrobe and wore this wrapped around my velvet shift. We were staying at a sort of Inn and I had found myself a spot in front of the fire that burnt brightly in a stone hearth. Knobarius had gone to find a ship to take us to the icy islands in the centre of the western ocean from which we would travel to the land of the Mahican.

The Inn's other residents were all men, and rough, tough men at that. As the only female I was sitting there painfully aware that I was the topic of conversation as well as the object of the bold, and getting bolder, stares of these tough-looking guys. Well, I didn't mind that. I'm quite partial to a bit of the rough in the sack, although I draw the line at the sort of shit the Duc dealt out. Sadly for my daydreams and one particular bear of a red headed man at whom I was batting my eyelashes, Knobarius arrived back and said he had found us a ship and that it left that evening.

If I had thought our quarters on the ship from Afrikaa to be cramped, I had not anticipated how small a cabin could be. On the Viking trader Knobarius and I could not go to bed without one or the other lying on top of his/her partner. It was cosy and it was often fun, but it was also a matter of interest to find every morning where exactly we would wake to find ourselves, especially if we had spent a restless night. I suspect my darling took advantage of my sleeping form as, on occasion, I would wake to find his hand or a stray finger or some other part of his anatomy on intimate acquaintance with some part of my anatomy.

As on the other ship I kept myself to myself not wanting to arouse the wrong expectations in the crew of tough-looking Northmen.

No, this is not completely true. I discovered that my redheaded bear from the Inn was on board. We resumed passing glances at each other and I batted my lashes at him quite often. I have to tell you, I love my darling Knobarius, and I'm sure that reading my tale you will be aware that he and I share something special. But I am not a nun and eventually the bear and I, his name was Rufus by the way, found a particularly dark night when all not on watch, including Knobarius, were deeply asleep and a dark corner of the hold was available and I found myself naked with a naked Rufus. He was at least twice as big as me. Twice my weight, twice my girth and nearly twice my height. So I asked could I go on top. He agreed and I rode my Norse stallion like some demented jockey. Then he asked could he have top position. It was amazing, one of my most unforgettable fucks, but I emerged from it winded and feeling thoroughly squashed. I took him into my mouth - the man was hung like a stallion, nay an elephant - and I got so carried away with sucking at that gorgeous lolly stick that I ran quite out of breath. Then I found I couldn't get him out of me and try as I might I couldn't withdraw my wide open, gaping mouth. It was when I went a sickly blue that he pounded my back and I coughed and spluttered my way clear and back from the brink of suffocation.

Ah Rufus. I loved the man.

Our little trysts became regular and quite athletic, but, sadly, all too soon we reached Grijnlandt and I bade farewell to Rufus. I am not sure what Knobarius suspected, but when we were safely off the boat he asked me would I be satisfied with a mere stripling such as himself in future. I blushed to the roots of my hair and told him he was my one true love. He grinned and asked me what then was the rest of mankind. I punched his arm as hard as I could and told him I had been merely improving my body with some vigorous workouts.

He laughed out loud at that.


In Grijnlandt we found we could take a seasonal trader to the Viking settlement on the shores of the land of the Mahican far to the west. By the time we had arrived it would be well on towards the end of autumn and we were told we would have to spend winter in that hostile land before we could hope to return. I accepted this as I had no true idea as to how long my search for the skull would take. The map I had obtained from the white witches was vague as to distance, and so I had no clear concept of where and what I had to find. With the expenditure of a large amount of the money I had taken in Gamboanga, I bought passage for Knobarius and myself on board the boat. Our quarters proved just as cramped and miserable as they had been on our previous voyage, and I again spent much of my time cooped up. We travelled amongst huge floating ice mountains, and the temperatures were cruel, and the seas vast and frightening. I was ill from the boat motion for a long time and so it was with no regret that I found that one day land was visible and shortly thereafter we arrived at the little Viking settlement.

Once there we made our home in the long house which accommodated many of the inhabitants and any of the very rare visitors who came to that isolated spot. There I met a native maiden whose name was Pohata, a young woman, younger than myself, with long flowing black hair and a beautiful young body, long of leg and high of breast. She had a sharp face with high slanting brown eyes and a straight nose and lips full of the promise of heady sex. I told her where I wished to travel, not the exact spot, but the falls of Wichitawa from which the map gave directions to the cave where the skull reputedly rested. She agreed to take us there, and, the next day, provisioned as well as we could be and with three horses bought from my fast dwindling money, we set out.

How can I describe the beauty of the country through which we travelled? High mountains with snow capped peaks, deep valleys with clear rushing streams, open forests with glorious straight trees and leaves of every colour imagineable. Wild creatures were there in abundance and occasionally we glimpsed the red men of this wild and rugged land.

So we travelled for several days and I found out about Pohata. She was from a far tribe known as Cherokee and she had been banished for her love of a man of the Mahican tribe. Known as Heewatha, he was a chief, and she told me that if she could but find him, his love would protect her. One afternoon, Pohata was ahead, leading us, when she held her hand aloft and then jumped from her horse. By sign and language she made it apparent that Knobarius and I were to dismount as well, which we did. She then led the horses into a thicket where she quickly and expertly hobbled them and then, forcing Knobarius and I to the ground, led us at a crawl through the underbrush until we came to a spot from which we could look from concealement into an open glen.

What we saw was two groups of young men, naked except for breechclouts and hide boots and painted in bold slashes of colour, with their heads shaved except for a top knot which Pohata said was a scalp lock. They were facing off across the clearing and there were some twenty in all, roughly divided into two equal groups. They whooped and waved their weapons at each other. Every man there was a magnificent specimen of the male sex and their bodies, glistening with oil and paint and scantily clad, made me go very wet between my legs, betrayed yet again by my faithless pussy. They carried bows and arrows and short lances and each man had a knife at his belt.

Suddenly the shouting seemed to be over and they armed their bows and leased a rain of arrows at each other. Four men went down in this attack, skewered through breast or tummy by these feather-shafted harbingers of death. I watched enthralled as their bodies shuddered out their life's blood and twitched and quivered until they went still, stretched out dead on the fallen leaves and grass. The others whooped and rushed at each other, and lance and knife were used to deadly effect. A warrior was disembowelled by a slash, another had his throat cut open and rapidly bled out. Still others engaged in hand to hand combat, and, as I watched open mouthed as these marvellous men pitted themselves against each other with muscles straining and powerful legs planted and shoulders heaving and tight hard tummies rippling, I found that I was so highly aroused that I kept spasming in small tight orgasms and a steady stream of my love juices ran down my thighs.

Naked bodies littered the field, spread out in wonderfully erotic poses of death. Just when I felt I could watch no longer without giving us away with cries of my animalistic pleasure, the fight was over. The victors moved among the slain warriors and, with their knives, slashed the scalp locks from the fallen and hung them from their belts. Then they gathered up their dead and left the field of battle. We waited a while and then came out to survey the carnage. As I walked amongst the near-nude male bodies of the fallen, I noticed suspicious bulges beneath their breech clouts. I went to one fallen warrior and looking into his staring dead eyes said, "Excuse me," and lifted his breech clout. His cock was like a marbled pillar, erect and curving up and out from the hairy thatch at his crotch. I felt the sac of his scrotum and found his balls full and undischarged. I moved on to the next one. He too had an erection of heroic proportions and a full sac. I checked others and everyone I checked had died as hard as hard could be. I noticed that Pohata and Knobarius had their backs to me as they moved among the dead. Stooping beside a dead man - it was the fellow I had first looked at - I sucked his cock into my open mouth and was rewarded by the spontaneous release of his jism and a load of cum flew into my greedy mouth. I quickly moved away lest Knobarius and Pohata catch me at my necrophiliac perversions and waited demurely and bursting to suck off every corpse there.


After the battle of the redskinned men we travelled on for two more days until we reached the falls at Witchitawa.

What an amazing sight!

A cataract of foaming green water flowed majestically over a sudden drop in the broad river of the Witchitawa and the thunder of this natural wonder filled our ears even as the air around us was filled with the spray of the misting water.

From here on to the cave of the resting place of the skull was but a few hours journey and it was a journey I knew I had to make alone. I could not ask Knobarius to come with me any more than I could ask Pohata. When the chief among the white witches had given me the map she had whispered into my ear that I and I alone could successfully make the journey into the cave. It took all of my skill to convince Knobarius that he must stay, but finally he agreed and he and Pohata settled down to wait. Reluctantly I had decided to don my leathers again as my poor velvet shift was showing the effects of hard useage and I had washed it and packed it away to be revived in a more gentle environment. As Pohata watched from beneath lowered lashes and with a sweet smile on her face, I embraced Knobarius and as I hugged him and kissed him, open mouthed and hungry, I felt his hand slide up my thigh beneath the slit sided skirt and grasp my ass in a firm caress. I moved my hips against him and only my respect for the Indian girl's feelings stopped me from having Knobarius fuck me right there and then.

Map in hand, I made my way from the falls, past the cliff of white stone and up the chasm of fallen rocks and then through the glen of ferns until I saw before me the dark opening of the cave. I walked up to it and peered in. I could see little within.

I slipped in through the narrow opening and made my way across a shaley bed of stones and into an open chamber. Light filtered in from some way above and I crossed to where the carving of the ankh cross showed the way to the second cavern. I made my way down another dark and damp passage, trying not to hasten too much but brimming with excitement for what I might find.

As I carefully edged forward, a shape leapt out at me from the side. It was a stark naked white woman, one of the witches who guarded the secret of the cave. I had been half expecting this and was prepared, knife in hand. As she enveloped me in her charge, I grabbed her hair, which almost reached the ground, and, tugging her towards me, plunged the knife into her breast. I don't know whether this gal warranted killing under my new edict that only those that deserved it should die at my hands, but it was a simple case of me or her. Sadly for her, it wasn't going to be me. I pulled my knife free and, using her hair, tugged the girl's corpse down the passage and into the second chamber. I laid her out on the wet rock surface. I heard the hiss and a second naked girl leapt onto my back. We went to ground and I found I had a tussle on my hands. Sadly for the guardians of the cave, their long exposure to the stygian darkness and the damp cold had weakened them, and I soon had this girl on her back also, and managed to punch her senseless. I hoped to kill only when absolutely necessary. I used her flowing hair to bind her hands and feet and rolled her unconscious body onto her dead companion.

Into the last passage and then into the final chamber.

A spacious open stone vault with gloomy light entering from some unseen source, and, there before me, was the glittering prize - the skull of The Dagda, resting on an ornately carved rock. There also was the final guardian. Just as naked and just as hairy as her sisters, she hissed at me, "Who are you that defiles the cave of the skull?" and then she was on me like a whirling fiend.

I was prepared for her on-rush and a duck and a weave and a fierce uppercut sent her into dreamland. I bound her arms and legs like the other girl, using her own long silky hair as a bond. I gathered up the skull, wrapped it in a hanky, and tucked it securely into my pocket inside my jerkin. I dragged the dead girl's body to the foot of the pedestal and covered her with stones. Hefting first one unconscious girl and then the other, I managed to get them one at a time onto my shoulder and with them draped limply over me, I carried first one and then the other of them outside the cave. Both had come around when we reached the outside, and I redid their bonds to secure their hands tightly behind their backs, freeing their legs for walking. I found I could converse with both girls in the tongue of Cwymru, although they were so downcast at having failed to protect the skull that neither spoke much at first. I learned their names were Leanna and Cassia.

I pushed and hassled the two girls ahead of me and they staggered along, naked as the day they were born, their beautiful white skins cruelly marked by the undergrowth. Neither complained, but their small moans and groans were pitiful to hear.

Pohata and Knobarius were amazed when I arrived with my two captives and Pohata, much embarrassed by their nudity, managed to create two tiny loincloths to cover their womanhood from skins she carried with her. I decided that they would get nowhere with hair to the ground and appointed myself hairdresser and using my knife shore off their locks until their hair was cut in a rather raggedy shoulder length style.

I told of my trip to the cave and my success and explained how I had managed to obtain Leanna and Cassia. Knobarius listened to it all with a wry grin. When he asked what I intended to do with them, I said I had no idea, but I refused to kill them.

We set out for the Viking village. On our second day we came to a dappled, sunlit glade. It was so quiet, unnaturally so. As we started to cross it, redskinned warriors appeared from all sides and loosed a barrage of arrows. We ducked for any cover possible as we had no weapons with which to fight back at such a range. I was flying for the safety of a clump of trees and admiring Leanna's ass as she dived down ahead of me, when I felt a burning explosion in my side and glanced down to see an arrow had gone right through me. Suddenly weakened and suffering shock, I fell to the grass and feebly tugged at the arrow. Then from nowhere Leanna and Cassia were there, and they dragged me under cover. Blood was gushing from my side, and the two girls were muttering to each other, and then they broke the arrow and removed the two halves. I bled unchecked and Leanna grasped me and pulled me to her bosom, cradling me in her arms. I saw other warriors appear and the two bands of redmen fell to fighting each other. Leanna pulled me close and my head fell to one side in the pillow of her breasts. I smelt the sweet perfume of her body and my eyes felt heavy and I passed out. I came to feeling woozy and saw Pohata in the arms of a beautiful warrior of the redmen.

"His name is Heewatha," Leanna whispered into my ear.

It was indeed Pohata's beloved, and he had appeared at just the right time to save us from the Iroquois who lay dead in great numbers in the clearing. Pohata left Heewatha's side when she saw I was awake and came to me. She, Leanna and Cassia had an animated discussion as to how best to go about helping me and after a lot of clucking and pointing and general girl chat, all three got me stripped of my blood stained clothes and bound my wound with herbs, salves and leaves, and by that time two of Heewatha's men had made a litter. I was wrapped in an animal hide blanket and laid thereon. I protested I was alright which I obviously wasn't, but those girls were firm and thankfully, to tell the truth, I lay back and let them carry me.

We reached the Viking village in a few days time by which I was greatly recovered, having dozed most of the way. The indians had outfitted Leanna and Cassia with native dress, and, when we got there, Heewatha told us he was leaving us and he and his bride to be, Pohata, were returning to Mahican lands. I kissed Pohata goodbye and with tears aplenty we parted company. With Knobarius and Leanna and Cassia and with the skull safely tucked away, I settled down to await a boat to return us to Grijnlandt.

I found I was strong enough to need Knobarius's love, and one night we came together. Leanna and Cassia would not leave, staying quietly and watching and then joining in. Indeed, they proved very adept at the sexual arts, and Knobarius, sighing (poor bugger) decided he would have to share his bed with three young women, and so we passed the time in a variety of couplings and a new found plethora of positions.

When the spring thaw started the ice melt a ship arrived and we, now four in number, took passage for home.

to be continued...