by Barbanne

I am a harlot.

It's the only thing I am good for.

You meet all types of men doing this. Most of them you wouldn't want to know and others are just such bastards. Real animals, no, that's unfair to animals, brutes, fucking neanderthals. They despise women and so when they've paid for a girl they feel they have every right to treat her like shit. This bloke Vinny was like that. A complete fucking creep, a first class deadshit, a stinking turd. He was fat and I hate really fat men, especially when they sweat and stink, and Vinny did all that. And he had this greasy ponytail. He was thinning on top and scraped all of his remaining long, lank hair back into this fucking stupid ponytail.

He liked to hurt things. You know, kick dogs and hurt cats and torture insects, all that stuff. Mostly he liked to hurt me. He paid to have me for a whole hour and most times he could only get it up if he was really making me sweat. I tried not to cry out when he did stuff to me because, firstly it's bad for the reputation of the place, and second, if I did cry out that was what he wanted and got off on. I wouldn't give him the satisfaction, the fucking retard.

But he did hurt me and this one day he did things to me that, even though I am only a slaggy slut, I wouldn't repeat to you, it was so vile and disgusting and it hurt, shit it hurt. I bit my lip but couldn't stop from crying, and that made him laugh and do it even worse. When he finished with me that day I looked like I'd been used as a punch bag and I was bleeding down there in my pussy.

That finished it for me and I followed Vinny to a club where I knew he hung out. He was always boasting to me that he didn't need me, he could pull birds like a magnet, and this club was where he got them. I waited in a corridor. Dressed as I always do and looking the way I look, anyone would have thought I was just another of the pitiful, half doped up tarts that hung around the place. Vinny came out for a piss and I followed him into the gents. I had a knife. He was so fucking pissed he didn't even see me until I stepped up to where he was pissing into the urinal and hacked at his disgusting cock. He shrieked and I stabbed him in the eye. Goopy jellyish eye stuff urked out and he shrieked. I stuck him in the neck then and his good eye went glassy. Then I stuck him in the heart, or where I thought it was, and he nosedived face first into his own piss. I left the knife in him and scampered.

Two guys came rushing in, drawn by Vinny's screeching. One of them grabbed me and said, "What have you done, bitch?" Then he saw Vinny, lying bleeding in his own piss, and he said, "Ah, jeezus." The other guy was throwing up and the guy holding me lessened his grip and I punched him in the balls and he coughed and doubled over and I went for it, racing down the corridor and through the disco crowd who didn't seem to have noticed anything was amiss and outside and I was outta there.

I hightailed it out of town and made my way to this Aboriginal shrine thing place off in the bush, on the very outskirts of the built up area. I knew it was a bit of a lover's lane thing, and I knew the Aborigine guys thought of it as a sacred place, but I just reckoned it would be a good place to hide out until everyone lost interest in me.

There were these rock circles and a huge sandstone cliff with caves and stuff and I felt sure no-one would expect me to be there and it had plenty of places to lie low in.

I was in amongst the stones and near the opening of a big old cave, and I thought I could see like a pulsating light in amongst the dark recesses of that cave when a hand grabbed me.

A guy pulled me toward him and ripped my top open and got his hand under my skirt and yanked at my panties.

"What the fuck?" I said.

"Ever wondered how it was to be raped, girlie?" he asked in a surprisingly cultured voice.

Well, I couldn't scream very well, could I?

I grabbed his hair and tugged on it, and then the light got really bright and clutching each other we tripped and the ground seemed to open up beneath us and I felt myself falling and falling, falling down, down, down..................

I landed with a thump and it was like I'd just fallen over, and the rapist guy was on top of me, and I punched his eye and then I looked around.

Oh my gawd, where was I????


It sure as hell didn't look like where I had fallen in.

I mean, I had been in amongst a heap of dark rocks and crevices at the very ends of town. Now I seemed to be lying on grass in an open plain and the moonlight looked to be shining off of some temples or such like way off in the distance. I gazed around gobsmacked. If I'd been on some of the stuff the other girls sucked into themselves I would have known I was taking a bad trip or something, but this was way weird. I mean I was sober and I was still seeing this shit. Must have bashed my head and I was in gaga land, that must be it.

I heard a snorty sound and realised the bastard who was about to fucking rape me when we both took a fall was still there. Still lying half on top of me, and still a danger even if I was in gaga land.

"Bastard!" I shouted and took a swing at him.

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I spat at him and tried to bite his arm and, clawing my fingers, raked them at his eyes.

"My my, we are upset," he said in those plummy tones of his.

"Bastard!" I spat the word and clawed at his face. "Fuckin' bastard!" I spat and then I said, "urh.........."

That was because he slugged me under the chin and I went bye byes, slumping into a heap.

When I came around a minute or two later, I found my hands were tied behind me and when I looked it was my top that had been shredded and used to restrain me. I was lying there in a very battered skirt and bra.

"Oh, gunna rape me now eh big man?" I said through a fat lip. "Got the poor fuckin' shiela where you want her, so now I'm dead meat eh?"

"Will you shut up?" he said, "And stop using that foul word, it isn't becoming."

"Oh, and fucking (there I said it again) me IS becoming?"

"I'm not going to touch you."

"Oh yeah, like you weren't going to touch me a few minutes ago when you asked me had I wondered what being raped was like, eh?"

"Have you taken the time to notice that we seem to be in a rather strange place?"

"Yeah, so?"

"God you're a charmer aren't you?"

"Fuckin rapist."

"And I could say effing whore but I won't."

"Just did."

"You are the most irritating girl."

"Fuckin' rapist," I muttered.

He grabbed my hair and shook my head. It hurt like hell.


"Listen sweetheart. Do you know what I think?"


"I think we have dropped through some sort of time hole and God knows where we are, but I would suggest that as you and I are the only two of us here that we should stop all this bickering and start working together."

"Eh," I said. What was this wanker talking about?

"Now listen, Miss...? what is your name, by the way?

"What's yours?"

"You may call me Kerry, that'll do for now."

"Well you may call me Tinkerbell, how's that?"

"Any first name?"

"Barb. Me name's Barb."

"Well Barb, what say we check this place out?"

"What say you untie me?"

"No more scratching?"

"I'm too fu..., er, bleedin' tired to care anymore, but if you make a move towards me I'll tear yer guts out."

"My dear, now that I know you better, believe me, you are safe."


When Kerry, hah! as if that was his name, had untied me, I staggered to my feet and studied the mess of rags he had turned my top into. No way was I going to be able to make that wearable. I didn't know where this place was that we had landed in, time hole, what the fu..., I had to stop saying that, but one thing was for sure, here in this time hole place I had to find a dress shop or get used to going around in a really brief skirt and a sheer nylon/elastane bra that every punter could look straight through. Ah well, not time for you to get an attack of the modesties, mate, I told myself.

"So what's this fu..., er time hole thing then?" I whined. I mean, I intended to ask, but even I could hear myself whining.

"Well, I don't really know but somehow when we were, er, struggling...."

"When you was trying to rape me, you mean."

"...er, then, anyway, we must have fallen through some sort of time hole or something because we clearly aren't where we were. I mean we are where we were, but it is obviously not the same place it was an hour ago."

"You mean we're in some other dimension? Like in the movies or something?"

"That's one way to put it."

"Well, where the fu..., where is it?"

"The only way we'll know is to go and look."

"If you think I'm gunna traipse around some time hole that I don't really know is a time hole with a bloke who just tried to rape me............."

"Got any other ideas?"

I didn't have, and as I wasn't allowed to say fuck (half of my vocabulary), I stood there gobsmacked.

"Well, let's go."

"Are you gunna attack me as soon as I turn me back?" I was thinking of that see through bra.

"I'll try not to. Actually. I'm sorry. I don't know what lustful urge made me grab you back there. but in retrospect I wish I hadn't. I'm sorry."

"Hah. I'll bet."


We set off in the direction of the distant buildings.

When I had first seen them. I had thought they looked like temples. Now as we approached them in the bright moonlight I realised they looked just like them old Roman buildings I had seen in books when I was a kid and in them old movies about gladiators and early Christians, just like that. The land we were travelling over was like a gently rolling meadow, and the grass underfoot felt for all the world like it had been mown. I couldn't see any trees and this place was definitely weird. I snuck a look at Kerry to see what he thought of it, and also to see if he looked like he had evil plans on my bod. He just looked gobsmacked like me, and was gazing at the far off buildings with a puzzled expression.

We walked for a while. In the pale wishy moonlight it was awful hard to tell distances but it must have been about a couple of kilometres, when all of a sudden a figure rose up, seemingly out of the earth in front of us, but she must have been hidden in the folds of the land. She was tall and ebony black and she was clad in a sort of short cloak that was fastened at one side and hung down revealing one gleaming black shoulder and where it parted it gave glimpses of her superb torso and one magnificent breast. Looked like a silicone job to me, but I didn't know if silicon was big here. The cloak fell to her hipline and from what I could see of the twin peaks under it she had Silicon Valley in between a superb set of tits. She had a wrap around her ass that looked like a scarf wound around her hips but was obviously some sort of short skirt or lap type thing. Both cloak and skirt were bright red and on her feet she had ankle strapped sandals, and in her mass of crinkly hair she had red feathers. She also had a nasty looking spear and a wicked looking knife in her waistband.

I grinned my friendly grin and approached with my hands held out and palms up to show what a matey, harmless little chick I was.

Didn't do any good.

As soon as I got within twenty paces of her she whished back her arm and let fly with the spear. It went straight through my skirt between my legs and I gulped as I contemplated what ruin would have been wrought had she aimed a few centimetres higher. Then she rushed at us, drawing her knife. In seconds she was on me and I spun sideways away from her thrust, hearing my holed skirt rip as I did. She grabbed my good bra and I heard that part too and there I was topless! She slashed with her knife and it whistled past my face as I watched crosseyed. I grabbed her wrist and fell on top of her, and we rolled over on the grass and then she was on top of me. I looked up into her face and saw such hatred there that I feared for my life. Then I saw Kerry above her and his hands grabbed her thick mat of hair and scrunch, he twisted her head sideways in a sudden and violent jerk.


Her neck snapped like a twig and suddenly the hatred, the fight and the life went out of her eyes and she rolled off to one side.

"Wow," I said, "this bitch has had it, that's for sure."

She was good and dead and I grabbed her knife. Kerry picked up her spear.

"You gunna stick that in me?" I asked.

"What do you take me for? he asked. "Anyway, will I wake up with that knife in my guts one morning?"

"Nah... truce," I said, sticking out my hand.

He took it. "Yeah, truce," he said. "Us against them, as they don't seem too friendly."


I stripped the dead dame of her cloak and skirt and sandals, leaving her nude and dead. Kerry had cracked her neck all right, and she lay there staring fixedly at nothing and with her tongue hanging down to her chin. We dragged her into some longer grass and left her.

The dawn was starting to come up, and so we found a hollow where we would be hidden from the buildings and settled down there. I fixed my bra where the clasp had been torn from the fabric, and I studied my skirt, it was like a split number now, but instead of a sexy slit down the side it was rent right up the front.

Oh well. Couldn't be helped without a sewing kit and that was one thing I certainly did not have.

I used the dead girl's skirt to make a sort of halter top and used her cloak as an over garment. I looked like an opportunity shop model. I needed that dress shop badly!

We took turns to catch some kip while the other watched out. I could hear distant buzzing where the local widlife had found the black girl's corpse.

Around what seemed to be mid day we heard shouting, and, risking a peek, we saw more of the black girls gathered around the fallen one. Fortunately they didn't look too hard for the perpetrators of her demise, but, lifting her nude corpse, they carried it off toward the distant buildings. Her arms and legs dangled and her head bobbed along on her snapped neck. The cloud of buzzing insects followed for a while but then gave it up.

Nothing more happened that day and finally the sun set and evening darkness gave us the security to explore further.


Under the blanket of darkness we made our way towards the white buildings in the distance. I kept looking over at my mate Kerry as I was not at all sure that he had completely given up his desire to get inside my panties. He certainly didn't look like he was planning to jump me, but I made sure I didn't get in a position where he was behind me.

When we got close enough he signalled me down into the grass and we looked at what lay before us.

It looked like a city and the buildings, which I had thought to be white from far away, seemed actually to be coated with some shiny material that reflected the light and gave them their white look. Some had collonades of columns around them, and they were the ones I had thought were temples and for all I knew that's what they were. One building situated centrally looked like a citadel and I suspected this might be the main hangout of whoever lived here. I couldn't see any houses as such and wondered where the citizens actually lived in this strange place.

It was all pretty weird, and I looked over at Kerry who pointed towards one of the temples. Emerging from a side opening was a procession of the black girls, only these had on long gowns like priestesses or something. Whatever, they didn't seem to be warriors like the girl we had dispatched. They vanished into another doorway leaving one of their number standing outside, maybe on guard or on watch, although what had they to fear? Then it occured to me that having found one of their fellow dames with her neck snapped they might very well feel that danger was around.

Kerry signalled me forward and mouthed, "Take that bitch."

I nodded. I mean from now on it was them or us. I crabbed across the ground, coming up on the girl's blind side.

She wasn't a great watchout and seemed more interested in something in her hand rather than what was going on around her. Or sneaking up on her. She was still looking down when I came up behind her, and, although she was much taller than me, the element of surprise enabled me to get right behind her. I grasped my hand over her mouth and whipping the knife around in front of her I drove it straight into the fold where her breast rolled onto her sternum and pushed. The knife sank home up to the hilt and the girl grunted, like "Uuuuggghhhh." I felt thick, hot blood gush from between her lips and she slumped back against me. Her eyelids slid down over the whites of her eyes and with a shudder she expired in my arms.

I laid her out on her back.

She was dead meat.

My hand was thick with her gore but I wanted her gown. I pulled my knife out and it took quite an effort before coming with a rush and a sluuuuuuuuuuurp sound. With my clean hand I pulled her gown up and off over her head. Underneath she was naked except for a pair of dark coloured panties. I wiped the blood off of my hand on these, lifting them clear of her body to use them as a rag wipe. What wouldn't come I wiped on her crinkly pubic bush. With Kerry's help, grabbing an arm each we dragged the body into a side apse by the entry and left it there, propped against the wall so that she looked as though she had slumped down asleep. Naked too, that was unfortunate.

I pulled her gown on over the rest of my rag bag clothes. It was way too long, but I hoped no-one much would notice.

We slid inside the doorway.

Six white gowned girls were seated around a table looking at what appeared to be a ouija board. So intent were they that we were on them in an instant. Kerry used the sword to great effect, skewering four of the dames in rapid succession. While he was doing that I stabbed the other two in the back. Four of them died instantly. The other two were squirming, and I used my knife to cut their throats. Never said I was fair or decent, did I?

So quickly had we struck that only some low gutteral cries had escaped the dying lips.

We propped the corpses in place on their chairs to make them look as though they were still doing whatever it was they had been doing. Didn't look that convincing, as heads were rolled at odd angles and the stench of blood and evacuated bowels was thick in the air. There was a door opposite where we had come in and we crossed to that.

Just as we reached it, two of the warrior girls in the red capes, armed with swords and knives, came in. They looked at us for just an instant, a fatal instant.

I plunged my knife into the flesh of the girl nearest me, just under her arm on the side where her cloak hung open. The blade slipped between her ribs and her breast and angled upwards. Her eyes rolled back and she said, "Nnnaarrggghhhh," and blood gooped out of her nostrils and she fell down dead. Kerry gutted the other girl with a sword thrust into her tummy, and as she fell bleeding, he stabbed a short sharp jab into her breast, piercing her heart and killing her stone dead. We dragged them into the room. When I hauled mine over her cloak rode up and she was naked except for the brief red loincloth. Kerry had dumped his kill face down and I flopped mine on her back on top of his. There they lay, dead and together. How touching.

We peered through the door through which they had come.

It led to a corridor and from that doorless openings led to other rooms.

We started checking them.

The first three rooms were empty. In the fourth, the rest of the women we had seen come in lay sleeping. There were two huge bedlike divans and six women lay together on one and eight on the other. All had removed their gowns and they lay in various poses of sleep, buck naked and entwined with each other.

Like a wraith I moved around the room, my knife rising and falling like some assembly line Lady Macbeth. The blade plunged into bare breast after bare breast, drinking its fill of the life's blood of these young girls and leaving them sprawled out, still slumbering, but now in the sleep from which there is no awakening.

Only when I got to the last two did they awaken.

I killed the first of these as she struggled up from the depths of sleep, but the other girl saw her companion die and her mouth opened in a thin wail that would soon become a high pitched scream. I fell on her, embracing her body to mine and covering her mouth with my own in an obscene kiss while the blade of my knife found her heart.

Kerry stood looking at me.

My gown was red with blood.

The girls, all fourteen of them, lay dead, their bodies making disgusting sounds as they surrendered to that death. Escaping wind, gurgling tummies, a bladder or two releasing. Limbs jerked and twitched as the bodies relaxed into final stillness. I was a mass murderer and beginning to enjoy it.

Kerry looked around at the carnage and then back at me. "Jeezus," he said, "you're quite something, aren't you?"

I grinned at him with bared teeth. Just at that moment I was feral.


The rest of the building was empty.

We walked through it, but, except for the still forms of those we had killed, there was no-one there. At the opposite end from which we had entered we found a doorway that led to the outside. Across a small dark courtyard stood the citadel like building. Silently we crossed to that. Another doorway recessed into the walls was unlocked. I pushed it open and went in. Inside was dark. I turned to look at Kerry and suddenly I was bathed in light. A door which I had not seen had been thrust open and light from within was spilling out. I turned and found myself momentarily blinded by that light. Then as I found I could see I realised I was looking at about fifty of the black warrior women and they were all heavily armed.

The game was up.

I raised my hands and four women rushed forward and grabbed me. Another four surrounded Kerry, spears aimed at his chest.

In no time my hands were bound behind my back and my feet were hobbled with ropes, and I could just shuffle along in tiny mincing steps. The dark skinned warrior women, all dressed in the red cloaks and loin cloths and all carrying spears and knives, hustled Kerry and me into the brightly lit room. I was taken to one side and he was taken to the other. The warrior women split into three groups. One numbering about ten warriors came with me, a similar number went with Kerry, and the rest remained near the door through which we had come.

We were in a big open well lit room. The centre of the room was occupied by a large rectangular bathing pool. At one end of this were divans and low tables and on and around these were several other people. The most striking were two older women dressed, or should I say caparisoned, in long flowing gowns of gold lame material. They occupied a central place on the divans and from their clothing and their stature and their blue eyed, blonde looks they were the senior most persons here. With them was another woman, red haired and dressed all in green - a sort of green catsuit that hugged her body like a coat of paint. She was gorgeously made up with high arched eyebrows, full red lips and eyes of a startling green. Her figure defied description, so fabulous was she. Beside her were two giant albino men. The must have stood easily twentyone hundred centimetres in height and were built like professional wrestlers of our own age. Their eyes glowed pink and every hair on their bodies was snow white. They wore mere G-strings of glittering silver lame and they looked hard and brutal. Surrounding this party of leaders were other people, maybe thirty in all, some black, some white, and some yellow brown, all dressed in flowing white robes and beautifully made up and coifed.

The creature in green came over to where I stood shackled by the wall.

She spoke to me and although I couldn't follow the words in her strange tongue, I understood what she was saying by some form of telepathy.

"So, woman," she spoke or communicated in a soft lisping voice, "you come here, kill our slaves and cause consternation. What is it you want?"

"I have no idea where here is. We killed to protect ourselves. We are visitors from another land, another time and we have no idea where this land of yours is."

"You lie, of course. You are from Karpathee."

I had no idea what she was talking about but I got a mental image of another land of black buildings and white warriors and black rulers.

"I have never heard of Karpathee. I and my companion are certainly not from there and we still don't know where this land is."

She looked at me like I was dog vomit. "Gallia!" she announced and strode away.

I took it this was Gallia.

She went to the other side of the room and questioned Kerry. I guessed she was giving him the same spiel. I hoped his version of events matched mine.

She flounced back over to me.

"Watch carefully, bitch! See your fate."

She walked back to the central group. By god she had a magnificent ass, and that skintight suit showed it to perfection, as her buttocks battled with each other as she walked.

Throughout this exchange the folks around the table had gone on eating and drinking and the warriors had stayed still and silent where they stood.

Now they showed interest as the green gal clapped her hands and pointed imperiously at one of the albinos and at a warrior woman.

The albino guy walked into the pool. The warrior woman discarded her weapons and removed her cloak and sandals and entered the other end of the pool. They swirled towards each other and when they were only a metre apart, they both turned to the gold ladies and smote their breasts in some form of salute. then they faced each other and, extending their arms, grappled. It was part wrestling match and part water ballet as each strove to gain the upper hand. The woman was magnificent. Her body was Venusian and she had glorious globe like breasts and shoulder length black hair. Wet, her black skin glistened like obsidian. The albino was huge.

The contest only lasted seconds.

Despite her most valiant efforts the girl was clearly outmatched. They thrashed around in the pool and then the albino got her in a bearhug and applied enormous pressure and her spine shattered with an awful rending crack! He dropped her and she floated face down, arms and legs spread out, slowly twisting and turning in the water and quite quite dead. Her wet skin shone and gleamed, stretched taut over her glorious musculature and she looked wonderful.

The albino bowed and left the pool and four of the other warriors gathered up their dead colleague and carried her, limp and streaming, from the room.

The green clad girl rose from her seat beside the golden ones and turning, smiled at them and then pointed at me.

"Your turn, bitch!"

How'd she know I was a bitch?

"Strip her," she said. She didn't exactly raise her voice but it carried throughout the room.

Six warrior women rushed forward and grabbed me and untied my hands and feet and then we had a brief scuffle and they stripped away the gown and cloak and my skirt. My nylon/elastane undies had them going. I don't think they had seen anything like them. My bra was pulled off and the girl who took it spent some time studying the material and holding it up to the light to look through it. My equally sheer panties also fascinated them and two girls had their hands inside the waistband and were pulling and tugging at the material. I yelled at them to stop and we all three ended on the floor and I soon found myself debagged and quite naked.

This resulted in more amazement as, because of my profession, the only hair on my body is on my head and my eyebrows, every other part of my body has been waxed or shaved to totally hairless nude. I could see that the guests at their gluttony also took time off to study this phenomenon.

Stark naked I was dragged to the pool and pushed in.

I went right under and came up spluttering to find that the big albino dude was coming at me from the other end. As I was maybe twenty centimetres shorter than the warrior girl who had already been carted off, crushed to death, I could imagine that this was going to be a very quick and very one sided contest.

The big white guy reached me and I slugged him, which only resulted in my hurting my hand like hell. I flew at him and scratched at his eyes and managed to bite his nose. Chawing away I caused blood to flow. This didn't slow him much but it sure made him angry. Punching away like mad, I felt his beefy arms encircle me and then he squeezed. It was like being run over by a Mack truck. I felt my whole ribcage bending to inevitable splintering and my tummy seemed to be inside my lungs and my liver and kidneys were in there as well. The pain was excruciating and my eyes felt like they'd pop out of their sockets and my tongue was waggling over my chin. I was screaming but nothing was coming out and I tried to remember some words of prayer.

Then I heard a voice cry out "Enough!" Whitey ripped in an extra squeezo and I went right out cold.

He must have dropped me, and I disappeared under the water and was lying there naked and drowning and the gold ladies or maybe the green gal ordered me saved and two warrior women fished me out.

I half came to as my wet ass was hauled over the lip of the pool and in a state of semi-consciousness I was aware of being dragged across the room, dripping and with my heels slipping over the tiles or marble or whatever it was, and then one girl had me by the shoulders and the other had my heels and drooping like a drowned porpoise I was carried down a series of corridors, still non compos. Then a door creaked open and I was thrown onto a cold damp floor.

I came back to my senses to find Kerry cradling my naked body and saying stuff like, "Are you OK Barb? Is anything broken? Can you hear me?"

"I feel like shit," I managed and gave in to the pain and passed out.


I woke lying on my back on a cold hard floor. I was dank and stiff and felt like I had been trampled by a herd of rhinoceroses. As well, I was still naked and in pain. Dim light penetrated what was obviously a cell. I was lying in one corner and above me a barred opening allowed chilly air in, which added to my misery. I was still half silly from the beating I had had.

In the silence of my prison I heard the unmistakeable sounds of two people rutting. Turning my head I saw a couple making the beast with two backs on a low boxy bed. They were half covered by a blanket, but their upper bodies were clearly visible and they were at the end stage. I recognised the sounds of my erstwhile companion Kerry as he drove for the finishing line. The woman was making those rather silly noises we women do when on the receiving end of a thoroughly excellent shagging.

They finished.

I moaned from pain, not pleasure, but neither party heard me.

I saw the naked female body rise and was treated to a close up view of the green gal wriggling her spectacular ass into that tight fitting catsuit. Fastening it, she stooped and kissed that traitorous bastard Kerry and then she was gone from the cell. The door was locked from the outside.

"Enjoy that did you, bastard?" I said in my most vicious voice.

"Ah, you're awake. Did you see me, how was my performance?"

"Fucker!" I screamed and saw red, blinding redness clouded my vision and my brain. I struggled up and lurched at him, clawing and punching. He reeled back, surprised by my ferocity, and then, gathering himself, punched me in the face. I sat down hard, with a bloody split lip and what felt like a loose tooth. I started bawling and crawled back to my corner. Between sobs I said, "You left me lie here," sob, "half beaten to death," sob, "naked and freezing cold and all the while you fuck the fucking enemy," sob, "you're a fucking bastard shit and I fucking hate you and hope you die." Blubbering ensued.

"Ah, shut up," he said. After a while, he said, "Want something to cover yourself with?"

"Get fucked," I said, and sat there cold and miserable.

About an hour later, during which I had sat in wretchedness and indulged in a really good cry, the cell door was opened and my pathetic rags were thrown in.

I scrabbled over and got them and retreated to my corner and got dressed.

"That better, bitch?" he asked.

I gave him the silent treatment and lay with my back turned to him.


We were fed at what I guess would have been evening. It was hard to tell time in the perpetual semi darkness of the cell. The meal was bought in by one of the warrior women and it was disgusting. I ate a few scraps and went back to ignoring Kerry.

Speaking to my back he asked, "Is this it then? Are you going to sulk like a spoilt child and sit there with your face to the wall and your ass to me."

"Ah, fuck off," I said.

"You're a regular little bitch, you know that?"

"Ah, fuck yourself," I said and then unable to leave it I said, "Anyway, why shouldn't I feel a bit shitty? I get dragged into this fucking place by you, I have to kill half the population just to get here and then they chuck me into a pool with King fucking Kong and he half squashes me to death and then they toss me in here and when I finally get over being gaga I find you stuffing the bitch who tormented me."

He was laughing.

"Stop fucking laughing, you sick shit."

"You know," he said, "if we're ever to become lovers you'll have to stop using that word."

"Lovers??? Lovers??? Don't make me puke."

"You were really good you know." A pause. "With the big guy. I mean you were fighting way out of your division but you were giving him hell."


"The boss lady stopped it you know. I think she likes you."

"In a pig's arse."

"Want to get out of here?"


"Come here and I'll tell you."

"You mean you'll smash me in the gob. Or rape me or both."

"Come here."

What a pathetic woos I am. I went.

I sat next to him on the bed and he stroked my forehead and brushed my hair away and I started weeping again and then he took my chin and turned my face toward him and kissed me oh so tenderly.

Pathetic, that's what I am.

I kissed back.

He put his arms around me and I melted into him. I knew he was a shit and I knew he would dud me but I need someone to hold and to hug. It's just me I want to be looked after.

"OK, here's how its going to be." He whispered into my ear. As plans go it wasn't a great one but hell it might just work.


An hour or more later I was lying in my corner and Kerry was back on the bed when the door opened and the green lady came in.

She looked over at me. "How's the bitch?" she asked Kerry.

"Ignore her, she's nothing." he replied.

She turned to him and they embraced and got into some serious tongue work.

She unfastened her catsuit and started peeling it off. When she had it down off her shoulders I struck. I had woven the remnants of the ruined gown into a corded rope and I crossed the room in a single bound twitching this in my hands like the Boston strangler. I wrapped it around her throat and tugged like mad. Her hands flew to her throat and started scrabbling at the rope. She was making erching noises and her body was twisting and turning and her long legs were kicking like crazy. I pulled my garrotte as tight as I could and hung on. She was strong and she was fighting for her life. I had the advantage of surprise, but it was going to be close. She was spitting and snorting and I was strangling her with my home made rope. Then Kerry belted her in the pit of her tummy with his fisted hand. She oofed and doubled over and as her breath left her I took an even firmer grip. After that it was all downhill for her as she never really regained her breath. I tightened and tightened and then I felt her start to weaken and she backed her ass into my groin and I really held the rope tight and her face turned to me and her eyeballs were pinpoints and bloodshot and then the pupils rolled right back up out of sight and she drooled and she sagged limply and I knew it was over but I kept holding on for a while longer but she was dead.

I dropped her to the floor.

Her eyeballs were all white but pinking with broken blood vessels, and her mouth was a death grin, and she was sure dead.

I grabbed the top of her suit and peeled it down and off. It got hard getting it over her hips but I slipped a hand inside the material and tugged and my finger slipped and went inside her pussy and it was soaking wet and when I pulled it out I licked it clean. She had died excited, of that I am sure. I stripped her nude and then wriggled into the suit. It sort of wrinkled across my breasts, which were too small, and around my feet because my legs were too short, but it fit OK around my outsized ass. The suit had a hood, but even so, becoming a redhead was going to be a bit of a problem. I took the dead woman's knife, and, holding her head up in one hand, I hacked hanks of her hair off and tucked them inside the hood so that it looked like I was red haired. I started pruning her pubics off too.

"What the hell's that for?" asked Kerry.

"Fun," I answered, and I grinned at him like a feral.

We got the dead girl onto the bed and wrapped her in the blanket.

Dressed in green I went to the door and tapped.

It swung open and a black girl warrior entered and Kerry twisted her neck.

He dumped her corpse onto the bed.

I looked out of the door and two other black girls were lounging a few metres away. They had removed their capes and wore only their red loincloths. I beckoned to them and they came running. As I ushered them into the room, Kerry snapped their necks and together we piled them onto the bed.

We locked the cell using the dead guards' keys, and took off down the corridor.

As we crossed into the courtyard area three more guards were standing there, but they took me for the green gal. When they turned their backs on me I knifed two of them in the back while Kerry cut the third one's throat. We dragged their corpses into the shadows and heaped them up.

We passed back through the temple like building where the girls I had killed earlier still lay in grotesque poses of death.

As we exited onto the plains the shadows of the ground seemed to rise up around us and to my amazement I saw we were surrounded by white women, warriors, armed to the teeth and all clad only in tiny blue costumes that consisted of a spiders web of spaghetti sized strapping with three minute patches of cloth that covered the essentials of their nipples and pussies.

We had found the warriors of Karpathee.

Worse yet, they had found us.

It looked like they were about to attack Gallia and we were to be the first victims of their attack.

It wasn't good...

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