The Fourth Part

by Barbanne

Was it human?

Was it beast?

The face that loomed out of the rising mist was like no other I had ever seen. My mind flashed into my consciousness that this could not be real. You are seeing things, girl, I thought, you are seeing things which cannot exist. The time here in this unreal world and the violence and killing and the blow on your head and the near drowning have unhinged your mind and you are hallucinating.

I blinked and shook my head.

It was still there, looming half hidden by the mist, unreal, unbelievable but yet there.

It looked like a man but it was hairless. Not even eyebrows. The eyes glowed red and burnt into mine hypnotically. Where the nose should have been were two holes in a wrinkled little fleshy nub, the mouth was lipless and the teeth were pointed and sharp looking. It had almost no chin but its ears were large and cat like, high on its head where I would not expect human ears to be. It seemed to be smiling and then I saw it lick its mouth orifice with a long pink wet tongue and it WINKED at me with one of its glowing eyes.

This was insanity!

I looked for Kerry but he had disappeared into the mist.

And then.................................!!!!!!

Something appeared under its chin, waving, glistening, leaking. Oh my gawd, it was the knob of its penis! The whole damned thing was just visible rising up from between its legs shrouded in mist. It must have been over half a metre long and as I watched it it expanded in diameter. It was huge!!!!!!!!!!!

It was excited and erecting......................

I was what was making it excited!!!

I felt a hot flush, and then a cold tingling, and the blood deserted my brain at the double. If my readers think I am courageous, think again. This was the real me, I had gone to jelly, just like a girl and a girlie swoon was coming on. I struggled to remain conscious, but my panic level was escalating rapidly. I heard myself going "Uhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuhuuh...........," in a fluctuating whine. and then hands grasped my arms. I looked down, eyes saucered and popping out. There were more of them in the mist and their hands were emerging from the whiteness and clutching my arms. I was still wearing the shift I had been given in Karpathee, and my arms and legs were bare. I felt their hands on my arms, on my legs, their long bony fingers ending in claw like nails, long and curving and biting into my flesh. My level of panic had reached hysteria. I looked around for Kerry. Where was the damned man when I wanted him?


Nowhere to be seen.

I was on my own.

Panic became hysteria, became total loss of control and I screamed. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" They must have heard me up on the surface. I felt myself lifted off of my feet and borne along by the clawing, clutching, hands. I screamed and screamed and screamed and then went catatonic.

I was out of it. Complete and utter breakdown of the nervous system. I was being carried along and I saw mist and stuff passing by but my brain was in Disneyland. I had retreated into some otherworldly place and refused to acknowledge what was happening. Who knows where they took me? I was rigid and immobile and completely funked out.

Then I was in a dark place. It wasn't a cave or anything like that, it was a room, of that I am sure because it had straight walls and a ceiling, and it was lit, although very dimly. Some sort of lantern hanging away up high. I was lying on my back on a pile of rugs that smelt like my laundry basket used to when I was being very lazy in the housework department. The things were all around me. Some of them were females, I think, because they had these saggy tits like ladies in New Guinea who have never owned a bra develop. All of these creatures had spindly bodies and those clawing hands and faces like the first one I had seen had. The male ones had these gigantic dicks that would spring erect at a second's notice for whatever reason and I realised I was one reason that was bringing them to arousal. I didn't want to think about that. The females were equally as ugly as the males but had no dick although they did have those tits.

One of the faces appeared in front of mine. I think it was the dude who first confronted me in the mist, but heck, who could tell. He was saying things to me.

"Kppffzzz, akkkkaa, zzeecckkkooo??"

I think it was a question. Then he smiled at me (I think) and winked. I had not been wrong before, he definitely winked. I smiled back, a sickly twisted grin, "Hellooo," I said. His hideous face wrinkled into what I suppose was a look of pleasure. Then two of the females grabbed me and jerked me up and before you could say hey presto, they had whipped my shift off over my head.

"Gggggooobbbbooooo," said my friend and first his eyes and then his dick popped out and up.

I had a bad feeling about where this was going and I was right.

He climbed aboard and he was fucking me.

In my profession I have been used by many men, very few of whom I have really wanted and even fewer of whom I have liked. I told myself this was just one more and I closed the doors in my mind that would have let me think about it.

Then I realised an amazing thing was happening.

This creature's cock, it WAS enormous and it was weird and sort of ribbed and it started by really hurting but after the first shock it was, I found, pleasuring me in a way that I had not thought possible. I was, I reluctantly admitted, enjoying it and when the creature reached its climax I also climaxed and had a truly memorable orgasm.

He looked at me with that sort of smile and went again. Straight off, no break, instant recovery. It was good this time too. When he started on his third I said, "No, give it a break," but he was well into his work by then. When he lined up for the fourth straight I started shouting, "No! no! no! no!" He pressed on regardless.

Thankfully I realised he was done, finished, but then to my horror another one took over. I started screaming........................


I lay in the dark too utterly stuffed in every way to even cry.

When they had done with me they had left, leaving me alone in this dark, feral place. I had stirred myself to drag my shift back on over my head and then I just lay there utterly exhausted.

I heard a sound and my skin crawled.


I listened.

"Barb, are you alright?" It was Kerry.

"No! I am not alright," I said, "I am dead and I'd like it if you hauled my corpse away before they come back for it."

"You're upset."

"Too fucking right I'm upset, but I'm too fucking tired to care."

"You're swearing again."

"Oh jeez..............."

He was with me and his arms were around me and he lifted me half upright.

"You better not touch me," I said, "I'm very much used goods."

"Ah, I prefer a shiela who's run in." I could hear him smiling behind the words.

"Oh Kerry." I gave in to it then and wept. Torrents of tears while he held me.

"They used me Kerry, used me over and over."

"I know I saw some of it."

"You saw it! Why didn't you help me?"

"Too many. I had to wait."

"Are you going to get me out of here?"

"Right now."

"Where are THEY?"


"I'm not surprised."

He helped me up and led me out through a door. Outside in the fresh air I chirped up a bit and then he lifted me off my feet and carried me into the darkness. I relaxed and let myself go limp. Feeling his strong arms holding me made me feel good. Really good. I leaned into him and kissed him on the cheek. After what was probably a few hundred metres and when we clear of the camp of the monsters he put me down and we both made a run for it.


We reached a cavern in the side of a ravine. When I had been carried off by the monster people I had been aware of going down into the valley which we had been descending into when we had first encountered the face. That's how I thought of him. The face. I had been pretty much out of my head during that journey and when I thought back, I could recall seeing rocky walls and escarpments and a lot of vegetation and lots and lots of foggy mist.

When we had settled into the cave which I guessed was going to be home for this night at least, I asked Kerry where was that place from which he had rescued me and what had he seen. According to him he had been a little in front of me as we descended and I had been clutching onto his arm. Then suddenly I had let go, and he had gone on for a few more paces before looking back to see me facing off with the creature which would have been the one I first saw. He had turned to come back and that was when he had seen the others emerging from the mist. They had taken hold of my arms and legs and I had looked around in terror. Then I screamed. He realised there were too many to fight and he had also realised that they had not seen him or if they had they were not interested in him. Most likely they hadn't seen him. Then they bore me off and he decided to follow and wait for a better opportunity to see if he could rescue me. They ended up in their encampment or city, whatever it was, and he thought it was a city because it was made up of permanent dwellings, although of a rough and ready nature. He saw me carried into one of the buildings and by the time he made his way to a position where he could observe what was going on, I was being cruelly used by the monster men and he waited until they had retired before coming for me.

"I hated watching it babe," he said. "But if I had rushed in like the cavalry we'd probably both be dead."

I knew what he said was true and that he had done the sensible thing but a little part of me wished he had come gloriously to the rescue. But I forgave him. and leaning against him. I cuddled my arms around him and said, "Well, here we are anyway. I have to thank you again for saving me."

We kissed some and then I just sort of lay down and conked out completely.


I woke in the half light of dawn, ravenously hungry and very sore from the treatment I had received at the hands of the monsters. I stumbled up and wandered to the cave mouth. I was about to go outside when Kerry's hands grabbed me and dragged me back inside.

"Wha...........?" I started, and he clamped a hand over my mouth.

"Quiet." He held me fast in the shadow of the cavern mouth and as I watched a strange procession went past us. Mounted on horses, I hadn't seen horses here before, were warriors. White skinned men and women together, dressed in costumes that consisted of short skirts of metal strips and breast plates on their upper bodies. All of some shiny metal that looked like chrome plate. They had sandals on their feet and shin guards, also of the chrome metal. Their tummies were bare and the mens' breast plates looked like a neck to bottom of the pecs moulded thing, not unlike the shortened singlet tops roller bladers wore upstairs on a hot day. This was held in place by a couple of straps behind and their backs were bare. The womens' tops were like two conical pieces, one for each breast, strapped in place with their backs barem and looked like a real uncomfortable bra. I mean, if the perfect ten of bras was the one that didn't feel like you were wearing a bra at all, these were about a two, I reckoned. Both men and women wore tall beehive shaped helmets from the very top crown of which hung something that looked like black human hair. This fell down and over their saddles and acted as a sort of over covering. Like a spindly cloak. They all carried swords at their sides and had bows strung from their backs, with arrows in quivers on the opposite hip to where the swords dangled. There was about twenty of them, half men, half women. At the rear came a couple of pack horses and on these, bound hand and foot, were two of the monster men.

"Mmmmnn," I said to Kerry but he just dragged me back inside.

When the strange cortege had disappeared he took his hand from my mouth.

"Hey they were the good guys," I said.

"Are you sure?"

When I thought about it I had to confess I didn't know and I had sure stuffed up plenty of times before down here. "So what do we do now?"

"Lets see if we can find out where they come from and who they are."

"I'm with you."

We set out to follow the trail left by the horse people. "Kerry," I said, whiney like.


"I'm hungry........."

"So am I."


We walked for hours and there wasn't a MacDonalds to be seen. Or the Colonel. I decided if I didn't eat in the next half hour I was going to faint and stay down until I got fed. Then, as we emerged from a long narrow gorge in a thickly wooded area, there they were. Kerry jumped on me and pushed me to the ground.

In front of us in a clearing beside a stream were about fifty of the boy/girl warriors and their two captives. The horses were hobbled and the two monster men were tied to stakes so that they sort of hung from their wrist bonds. I thought they looked pretty well dead. The water looked good enough to drink and there were fires, COOKING FIRES! The smell of food cooking filled the air and my stomach growled loud enough for them to hear.

"What now?" I whispered.

"Don't know." He whispered back.

Suddenly there was an awful scream and one of the warrior gals, naked except for her skirt, burst from out of the trees about three metres away from us, pursued by two of the monster women, females, whatever. Knives drawn they obviously meant the warrior girl dire harm. I acted instinctively, jumping up and brandishing my knife I leapt at the first of the monster women. The warrior girl, stunned by my sudden appearance, stopped short, and the first of the ugly ladies was almost upon her. I kicked her ass and sent her sprawling out of harms way, and turning, found the monster woman almost on top of me. I stuck out my knife and she ran straight onto it. It went in just under her saggy tit and a look of ghastly agony crossed her face. She waved her own knife and I twisted and pulled out mine. Green blood gooped out of her wound. Like thick lime syrup. Yuckkkkk!! As she toppled over onto her side, the other monster woman leapt at me and I stepped back and tripped over the prone warrior girl and lost my knife and landed flat on top of her. She squealed and we were entangled and her soft breasts were pushing against me and I was getting randy and the monster woman was about to kill both of us.


Kerry took off the monster woman's head with a swipe from behind.

Green goop went everywhere and down she tumbled. I grinned crookedly at Kerry and tried to disentangle myself from the warrior girl and only succeeded in groping her titties some more and then I realised I was surrounded by other of the white warriors and swords were drawn and they were pointed at me! And Kerry.

I slowly climbed to my feet and straightened my, by now, pretty well wrecked, shift and raised my arms.

They all looked angry.

Their swords looked awfully sharp.

Then the warrior girl, the topless one I had landed on, spoke. "Leave them be. Did you not see that this woman," she indicated me, "and her companion saved my life? Do the Castral people not honour their allies? Put up your swords."

I didn't totally recognise her tongue, but as with the Karpathee and the Gallians, I could understand her quite well.

"Come," she took my hand. "Who are you, stranger, and how came you here?"

"It's a long story," I said.

The girl smiled and waved a hand at the corpses of the two uglies which were still leaking green copiously.

"Remove these Gargantia."

I said, "Excuse my asking, ermmm, but why do they bleed green?"

"My name is not ermmm, it is Cynzia. And they do not bleed green, it is their sap. The Gargantia are not human as we are, they are plants."

Kerry chuckled, "Barb, maybe you'll give birth to a packet of frozen peas."

I managed to look outraged and sickly at the same time.

"What does he mean?" asked Cynzia, "what are frozen peas?"

"He makes a bad joke in our own language." I smiled.

"Like all men," she smiled back.

The two dead Gargantia ladies. together with the two dead male Gargantia prisoners, were carted off. I wondered if, when they were buried, did they sprout?

We were welcomed into the camp of the Castrals. Cynzia found a tin bra and put it on. As she did I noticed she caressed her breasts and looked at me. Did her tongue flicker over her lips? I couldn't be sure. She called for food and we sat to eat. From what I could see she seemed to be some sort of a bigshot amongst the Castrals. When the food came I was delighted to see it wasn't cooked girls and indeed it didn't seem to be meat at all rather a collection of delicious salad like plants and something like maize, cooked and spiced. I hoped no Gargantia ladies were included.

I devoured mine and Cynzia made us tell our tale.

When we were finished she looked at us carefully. "We know of the lands of the Karpathee and the Gallia, and you say the Karpathee have inflicted a serious defeat upon their rivals. That is interesting. What they told you is correct. If you are indeed from the fabled upperworld, the path back lies in the lands of the monsters. Il Mostro."

"Aren't the Gigantia the monsters?" I asked plaintively, pleadingly.

"Oh no. Il Mostro are far far worse. They are truly frightening."

I slid down on my seat by the campfire. My shoulders slumped and I felt vaguely ill. And it wasn't the food.

"So. How do we get to this land of Il Mostro?"

"First you must pass through the country of the Venezweel. They are our sworn enemies and we have been planning a campaign to subdue them. As you helped the Karpathee against the Gallians we may be able to use you and your brave friend to infiltrate the Venezweel."

"So what are the Venezweel like?" I asked not really wanting to know.

"Tall slender yellow skinned peoples. Like us a matriarchy, and like us their women are their fiercest warriors. We must consider how you, Barbra and Kerree, can be sent amongst them to wreak your damage."

I smiled. The thinnest most forced smile imaginable.

"We will rest now." Cynzia rose and taking my hand led me to a tent on the outskirts of the camp.

"Kerree and you, Barbra, may have this tent."

"Great," I said. The tent was spacious and had an enormous bed in the middle. About three metres square it was a fun park on its own. There were ablutions to one side of the main space. I abluted and then let Kerry have it and I lounged on the bed wearing the filmy overgown the Castrals had given us while our own ragged clothes were taken away to be laundered.

When Kerry came out of the bathroom wearing his filmy overgown, I openly admired his male bits and, pulling my own gown up under my chin, I lay back, spread my legs and looked at him from lowered lashes and said, "Hey mate, why don't you come on over. I feel like a bit of rough trade, a bit of tough sex."

He grinned and I saw evidence that he was up for it.

"A bit of the old rough and tumble. Yeah I'd like that."

"Me too," said Cynzia gliding into the tent, her diaphanous gown concealing nothing and already damp at the crotch.


A threesome.

Yep, I like that.

Cynzia slid like oil onto the bed, doffing her gown as she did. She had mine off in seconds and she slid alongside my body and started caressing me in my most intimate and responsive places. She glanced over at Kerry with a look of utter lustful filthiness.

"Kerree?" she said.

"I think I'll watch you girls for a while, get myself warmed up." He grinned.

Cynzia and I went at it. I have to admit I had been feeling like a good fuck with K, but I didn't know at that time that Cynzia was on offer. I hoped I could handle both. Gawd, that woman was like liquid sex. She found places on my body I didn't know about and soon I was like a limp rag, jellified but absolutely zinging with arousal. I could hear Kerry making appreciative noises as Cynzia stroked my breasts, stiffening my nipples and buried her face in my groin, her tongue in my slick, hot, tight, slit, finding, invading and bringing to explosive arousal my clit and my whole lower plumbing. While I was still jerking in the aftermath of an orgasm, Kerry was suddenly there too. They both worked on my body until I was almost unconscious with madly inflamed desire, operating totally without control until it came to where I found myself lying on Cynzia's body her breasts pillowing my back, my ass resting on her pussy and her legs wrapped around me while Kerry's hard manhood was inside me and Cynzia's hands played with my breasts while Kerry played with her ass. In that position he exploded inside me and just for an instant I was with the angels.

I had never dreamt sex could be this good!

After that we tried out some other stuff. I did it with Cynzia up on her top half while Kerry poked her and then she got on top of me in the missionary and we rubbed tits and she played with my other stuff and Kerry took her from behind and then he just did her in the wings of seagulls position while I played around with what he wasn't using elsewhere.

Well, as you can imagine, all of that really wore us out, and eventually I just corpsed out and the last thing I remembered hearing them talking and then I was gone. When I woke up hours later I found myself entwined with Kerry and Cynzia was gone. I was in a pretty unusual position with my dear friend and companion and hoped that he hadn't been trying too many things while I was out cold. I mean, what fun would he get from that? Why, it would be like he was just fucking my dead body. Nobody could find that fun, could they??

I staggered up off of the bed and decided that was it for orgies and me.

I went and washed and then found Cynzia and she sat me down for some breakfast. She smiled a little smile at me, like a little secret and just for a moment I wondered if maybe a girl like her could also find pleasure in sex with an unconscious female.

Kerry rocked up and we all ate some sort of porridge stuff only savoury rather than sweet.

After that I felt great. When I returned to the tent I found my shift had been repaired and washed, and I got dressed in that and away we all went. We travelled for a day and a half over sort of rolling wooded country but so lightly wooded that we made good progress. About midday on the second day we came to the city of the Castrals. It was a funny place, all of the buildings were like igloos and all of them were the same shape, semi circular domes, and when you entered them, they seemed to be made of rock crystal or something because inside was just as light and airy as anything. Little ones were dwellings and bigger ones were for assembly and training and stuff and the biggest of all was like a combo council chamber and palace.

We were taken there and introduced to the big cheeses here, an old guy who was the king and his consort the queen. Surprise, surprise, they turned out to be Cynzia's parents and she told them that Kerry and I had saved her from the Gargantia and we were welcomed like old friends.

We told our story (again) and they said yes they knew the place of the ascension and yes, it was in the land of the monsters and yes, they would love to show it to us after we had helped them in their battle against the Venezweel as we had the Karpathee against the Gallians.

Nothing for it but to agree, which we did. Then our audience was over and Cynzia took us to one of the dwellings and we were to return to the palace for a feast that evening.

When I found a super soft bed in the little house I was to share with Kerry, I hit the sack and was on the verge of going under when I heard him and Cynzia at the doorway.

"Barbra is such fun when she is unconscious," said Cynzia.

"Give her a second or two to go under and then we can try that one we thought of last time," said Kerry.

I tottered up, blinking and slapping my face.

"What are you two up to," I grumbled.

"Nothing, honey," said Kerry.

"Nothing, Barbra," smiled Cynzia.

"Good," said I, and then I thought, "Oh, damn it, I'm just too tired."

Zizzzz time.


I woke up feeling terrifically rested but all sort of tingly.

By now it was evening, and I got into my good old reliable shift and pulled my hair up into a sort of French roll and applied lippy and eyeshadow and liner and blusher and generally made myself look OK and sprayed under my arms and other places I blush to mention with perfume.

Grabbing Kerry I trotted him down to the big igloo and the feast. He seemed pretty tired and I ticked him off for not resting properly but he just grinned a dopey grin when I did.

At the feast we got to sit with the king and queen whose names were Claude and Caterina and Cynzia was there too although she looked even more knackered than Kerry. Food started coming out, no baked girls thank heavens, and from what I could tell everything seemed to be vegetarian which suited me down to the ground although I remembered reading once that if you pig out on all veggie stuff (and you are a girl) your vagina becomes acidic with all those fruit and veg acids and its none too welcoming to sperm that invades it. That suited me fine too.

When the second and main course arrived so did a collection of near naked guys and chicks, all very very young and utterly gorgeous, and they entertained us with dancing of a rather langourous kind which was like an epic reenactment of some long lost battle when the Castrals clobbered the Venezweels. After the first few movements when boys and girls intertwined and slid around together in fluid, sexy, movements (I noticed Kerry and Cynzia picked up somewhat) the boys and girls divided into two groups and started a mock choreographed battle. I was so enthralled, I had to keep checking I wasn't slopping my tucker down the front of my shift but I managed to get most of it into my gob and enjoy the dancing too. After a while the dancers playing the Castrals got the better of the others and down went boy and girl dancers everywhere to lie still on the floor, playing dead quite convincingly. Then the victors stripped their victims and carried their nude bodies off, all limp and floppy, to great applause by us audience.

King Claude leaned over to me and said. "Did you enjoy that, Barbra?"

"Yoooop." Face full of grub I nodded, and almost spat my answer all over him.

Caterina said to me, "Since that time long ago the Venezweel have grown strong and once again harry and harrass our farmers and herdsmen and have even raided our city."

"That's no good," said I.

"If we could steal away the icon of Paazz we would have them at our mercy. So greatly do they value the icon that without it all resistance would fold."

"What's the icon of Paazz?"

"A small gold head showing the founder of Venezweel. It lies in the inner third chamber of Venez guarded by a contingent of female acolytes."


"That's where you and Kerry come in, Barbra."


"Yes, being unknown to the Venezweel you could infiltrate their fortress city and steal away the icon."

"We could?"

"I knew you'd agree. Cynzia said you were extremely brave. Tomorrow she will take you both to Venez and show you the way in."

Oh shit. Why me? I thought. Me and my big mouth. Shit shit shit!

The meal over we returned to our igloo dwelling and Cynzia rocked up with three of the dancers in tow. Two boys and the most beautiful teenage girl I have ever seen.

The orgy to end all orgies followed.


The next morning dawned crisp and clear and I gave Kerry a quick smooch and practically jumped out of bed.

I felt fabulous.

Our sex pals from the night before, including Cynzia, had gone and I abluted merrily, singing away in my usual tuneless tinkle. Kerry told me to shut up, but I dragged him out of bed and we bathed together. That brightened him up and we went and ate our breakfast and I chuckled and joked with everyone I saw. OK, so they all thought, here's that outlander dame and she's spent the night screwing, and this morning we all have to put up with her bubbling like a fountain because she's overflowing with satisfaction.

Big deal.

Well, I knew that's what they felt but I wasn't going to be put off.

I was a happy girl.

Cynzia sort of snuffed that out when she arrived after breakfast and asked where we ready to go to the city of Venez.

"Yep," said Kerry and I could see he enjoyed my sick look and I could hear him thinking "That shut Miss Chirpy Chops up."

"How far is it?" I asked.

"Three hours," she said.

They brought horses and Cynzia and two other warriors, male I noticed, accompanied us as we set off into what had been a beautiful morning. Sure enough, three hours later we arrived on a ridge overlooking a city of long, low wooden structures and for the first time I saw for myself the tall, slender, yellow skinned Venezweels. To my surprise they had hair the colour of straw too and in the upper world would have been taken for a plague of hepatitis sufferers. Down here, though, they looked right, and I noticed that most of them, men and women, were really comely once one accepted their strange pigmentation.

Cynzia announced that she and the warriors would stay here concealed in the trees and that when we had the icon of Paazz we were to join them and make our way back to The igloo city of Castral and safety.

Sounded possible.

I kissed Cynzia briefly and Kerry kissed her rather more lingeringly and, like lambs to the slaughter, we two made our way to Venez.

As we approached, the Venezweel watched us and when we were within a few hundred metres a contingent of warrior women came out and surrounded us. They quickly disarmed us of our knives and led us inside their city. Their communal building was like a Melanesian long house, and inside it appeared to be half of the tribe. Men, women, even children awaited us. I could see no obvious chiefs and we were arraigned in front of the general mob. One handsome woman, neither old nor young, asked us who we were and what we wanted. As elsewhere here I found I could understand what she said.

I told a tale somewhat based on truth of our being outlanders and having stumbled on their city while seeking a way home. I left out heaps of stuff. The woman conferred with the others and then turned and said.

"What you say is possible. We will try the truth of your words by combat."

I pushed Kerry forward as this was obviously his speciality.

"No," She dismissed him with a wave. "The woman shall do battle."

I had a quick look round to see if perhaps there was another woman but no. I was taken to one side and stripped. One of their warrior gals also stripped and then we were both quickly dressed into an arrangement of belts, one around the waist, one over one shoulder so that we looked not unlike two pantyless, sumo wrestling, female doms.

A space was cleared in the centre of the building and their girl eyed me over and I saw that what was expected was a wrestling match. What, I wondered, happens to the loser?

I didn't get much time to think about it because the Venezweel girl came charging across the ring (if I can call it that) at me, arms outstretched. She grasped my wrists and forced me backward. I thought, "when dressed as a sumo, fight like a sumo." I gripped her waist belt and lifted with all my strength. She went up on tippy toe and struggled for a few seconds then regained her balance and releasing a wrist, grabbed my shoulder belt and yanked me forward. I was still hoicking her belted waist and was caught by surprise and came hurtling forward. She forearm smashed me in the face and I grunted and felt my nose bleeding. Yuk, I hate bleeding. I got a leg behind hers and pushed her backwards. She hung onto my belt and overbalanced in a controlled fashion and we both hit the floor, only she had twisted in mid fall and I landed first and she landed on top of me.



She pinned my shoulders and then, grabbing my hair, started to bang my head against the floor.

Bang! Owch Bang! Owch Bang! Owch.

God I was getting woozy, and wouldn't last long this way. I grabbed her ass and pinched it and she grimaced and I gripped and nipped her tit. That made her wince sideways and as she did I kneed her down there somewhere. She puckered her lips and looked like surprised and hurt and I freed a hand to box her ear. Now she looked pissed and she open handed me, whack across the face. Blood sprayed out of my nose and I gave her tit another serve. That made her cry out and I rolled away and came up beside her and gripped her shoulder belt and pulled her into me. By this cunning manouvre I had gotten behind her and I remembered seeing a hold on World Championship Wrestling called the sleeper hold where you wrapped your arms around your opponent's neck and squeezed and cut off their blood flow to their brain and they went bye byes. I had no idea how this was done but I wrapped one arm across the front of the girl's neck and grabbed my own forearm with my other hand and pulled on it. That made her mad and she flopped up and down with her ass smacking the floor and I kept squeezing and wondering what I was doing wrong. She couldn't get clear of my grip but she was wriggling a lot and didn't seem at all tired. I did a quick arm rearrangement and got myself tucked in closer and pulled on my choking armhold. She thrashed around and I really squashed her neck and hissed in her ear. "Go out, you bitch. Don't you see it will be better all around if you just submit?" She spat and dribbled and kicked and thrashed about and I thought "that was useless," when suddenly I realised her kicks and arm waving were getting feebler and feebler. I pressed my arms in and hissed, "lights out, babe!" and to my amazement she snorted and dribbled a lot all over my arm and then her head dropped forward and she went limp and she was out. I thought she was kidding and kept up my grip but she didn't move and then another woman warrior came over and slapped my arm away and I let go and my opponent rolled face down, dribbling and breathing stertorously, and she was out cold, face down, ass in the air.

I tottered upright and made a victory wave, and, stoney faced, they all acknowledged I had won by looking the other way. Two warrior gals dragged my unconscious foe away and the woman who had first addressed me said, "We must believe your story woman, as you have defeated Gelda."

I smirked.

Tough tits, Gelda!


Grudgingly accepted by the Venezweel, we were shown to one of the huts where we were given what passed for a guest suite, I presume. It was pretty basic. We sat and considered what we knew. The buildings of Venez were arranged in a roughly circular formation. Inside this was the palace and other major public structures. These were the first and second circles. Inside these, right in the centre, was a heavily fortified log building and this was the inner third chamber. Inside this rested the well guarded icon of Paazz. All of this we had learned from Cynzia. On our earlier visit to the second circle we had seen the inner third chamber.

Food was brought to our room, and, after eating, we waited until the general quietness indicated that the city was settling for the night. I peeked outside and saw that two girl warriors were guarding the door. Both wore long concealing cloaks. Kerry waited beside the door and I beckoned both girls over. When they came with puzzled frowns, I stepped aside and pointed into the room. Even more curious they stuck their heads in. and Craaaaaaaack! Kerry banged them together hard! They went down as though hammered. We dragged them inside and I got their cloaks off. Underneath they wore only the merest cache sexe and otherwise they were nude. I lay one girl out on her back with her legs straight out and her arms above her head and also straight out. I lay the other girl face down over the first in the same limbs straight out position but reversed so that her groin covered the face of the first girl and her face was buried in the groin of the first girl. Then I used cords to bind each girl's arms to the others legs. This way they were rendered totally immobile and each girl's pussy effectively gagged the other. Grabbing a set of heels I pulled them under the bed.

Kerry and I donned the cloaks over our own clothes and armed ourselves with the sleeping girls' knives and swords.

Silently we made our way to the inner third chamber.

When there, we found that a girl was standing guard at the door. I walked up to her while Kerry approached from the rear. She challenged me and I mumbled an answer. She challenged again and it was her last sound as Kerry grabbed her from behind, hand covering her mouth, and slipped his knife between her ribs and she was finished. He gently lowered her dead body to the ground and we eased the door open and went in.

An outer chamber led to the innermost one and in this two other girls stood with spears, on guard but clearly bored. They saw us enter but were fooled by the cloaks for a fatal instant, and in that second Kerry took one girl down with a quick throw and thrust of his knife and I grabbed the second girl and held her mouth until Kerry took her from behind and his blade silenced her as it slid into her soft breast. We dragged these two dead girls over into a pool of shadow. I knocked gently on the door of the inner chamber.

It cracked open and a girl put her head out. I grabbed her straw coloured hair and pulled her outside and Kerry flung the door open. His spear, taken from one of the dead guards, flew and killed the first of three girls who had looked up from where they were seated on the ground playing a card like game. I saw him vanish into the room. In the meantime the girl I had pulled out had recovered from her surprise and had whipped out a dagger and was waving it awfully close to my tummy. I grabbed her wrist and she pulled me toward her and we both overbalanced and toppled to the ground. I felt a sharp stabbing as her blade nicked my tummy and then we both landed heavily and she relaxed and rolled onto her side. I jumped up ready for combat, but she stayed down. Cautiously I gripped her shoulder and rolled her onto her back. She had fallen on her own knife and it had driven up into her sternum and then on up behind her breasts. She was quite dead.

I went into the chamber. All three girls were dead. Their bodies flung about in grotesque poses. I looked at Kerry. He grinned at me and shrugged,

"them or me," he said.

"Them lost I see," I said smiling.

The gold icon of Paazz lay on a squared stone in the middle of the room. I grabbed it, but it weighed a tonnem or so it seemed.

"Carry this, will ya love?" I said to Kerry.

He grabbed it and grunted. "Ugh, thanks."

I checked my tummy but it was only scratched. I stuck a cloth over it but the bleeding was minor and had stopped anyway.

We left the dead guardians where they lay and went out past the other dead bodies of the poor Venezweel girls who had lost their lives this night. As we were about to go through the main door, it opened and a cloaked figure entered. I looked at it, at her, it was Gelda.

She saw and recognised me.

"You!" she hissed.

"Yep, me."

She grasped at a sword by her side but I grabbed her straw yellow hair in two hands and swinging her sideways cracked her head as hard as I could against the door post. Gelda's eyes crossed and then her lids slammed shut and she went down in a total heap. She lay there, brained and out of action for at least a good hour, I reckoned. Kerry wanted to slit her throat but I stopped him.

"Enough killing," I said. "Besides," I looked at Gelda where she lay non compos, "Barb two, Gelda nil, sweetie." I said to her unconscious body.

An hour later we rejoined Cynzia and we all set out at the gallop for Castra. When we arrived it was morning, and Cynzia took us straight to Claude and Caterina. When they saw the icon they were delighted.

"Marvellous, my children," said Claude. "Now I suppose you will want to be shown the land of Il Mostro and the place of ascension."

"Yes please," I smiled.