The Third Part

by Barbanne

Underwater and being leaned on by a huge guy, an albino giant who had already come within a cat's whisker of snuffing me once before.

Not good you could say.

This time, though, I wasn't so worried.

He pulled me up glubbing, water spilling from my body and saturating my hair and my clothes.

Clothes in which my knife had been hidden.

The knife that was now in my hand.

My equaliser.

I stuck it into his face, aiming for his eye but getting his cheek. He clutched at the wound from which blood streamed. This time I got his eye. He squealed, a high pitched squeal, but only until I slashed his windpipe. He made ghastly glerbing noises and blood poured from his severed throat. I jammed the knife into his ear. Must of got his brain, because his good eye rolled sideways and he slowly tipped over onto his back and sank.

I scrambled out of the pool.

"Jeeezus!" Kerry said

"That'll teach the bastard," I said

"Fuck," he said. "Remind me not to upset you when you have a knife."

I stood there with water streaming from me. "Let's get outta here." I said.


I sloshed as I walked. Sloshy, sloshy, slosssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhh...

My clothes, my hair, me, everything was saturated and as we hurried down the corridors, I sounded like the critter from the black lagoon. Kerry, with the coded message securely tucked away, was making good time down the passage and I was trailing behind, slurping and slooshing along, leaving a water mark a metre wide behind me.

Kerry reached the outside door. He peered out into the darkness, checking for any signs that we had been rumbled. I was still only half way there and making heavy weather. A doorway on my right opened and two ebony skinned, red cloak and loincloth clad warrior women came out, heads together in quiet conversation. They saw me and immediately their cloaks flew up and hands grasped for sword and knife. I could see only one thing to do and fell onto the two of them. Sandals slipped in water and we all three fell, rolling to the floor, me soaking them as we grappled together. I bashed one girl with my open hand and she reeled back with her nose streaming blood. The other chick got her hand around my throat and started choking me and battering my head with her sword pommel.

I was seeing whole galaxies of stars and wondered at the beauty of the universe.

I was in real danger of going bye byes.

As the pommel hit me again and then withdrew preparatory to yet another strike, I dropped sideways just as the gal with the bleeding nose sat up groggily. The hilt of the sword, with its rounded, heavy pommel, smashed down, catching her fair between the eyes. She fell back poleaxed. I heard the gal who was still choking me grunt an oath and I flung up my very damp sleeve and rubbed it across her eyes. She blinked and blinked, trying to get the water out of her lashes, and I lined myself up, twisting my upper body and brought my clenched fist up from the floor in a roundhouse swinging arc. It connected flush with the warrior girl's chin.


My knuckles spasmed with pain and her head snapped sideways, her eyeballs rolled upwards, crossed over completely, and ended up trying to see past each other in the top corners of her eyes, and she flopped down and cracked her head again, this time on the floor.

She was out. Like a light.

I looked up to see what Kerry was doing all this time and there he was just looking at me and the two laid out guards.

"Bravo," he said.

He sauntered over. "You'll have to finish them," he said.

"No way," says I. "They fought the good fight and they lost. Let's leave them."

"Uh huh, nope, they're witnesses; saw you that's for sure."

"I'm not killin' 'em."

He stooped and his knife appeared in his hand and he delivered two quick stabs to the left breast of each girl. Their bodies, unconscious and then in that unconsciousness, registering deep down somewhere that they were dead, twitched uncontrollably for several seconds and then subsided into the total relaxation of death.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

"Let's hightail outta here pardner."

We did, making it to the doorway and then across the darkened courtyard and out of the Gallian city without encountering anyone else.


Back in the Karpathee camp we turned the coded message over to Khrista, who was delighted. She called her generals and they sat down to make plans. I just wanted to rest. Besides, the action and then, even more importantly, the cold blooded killing of the two helpless women had raised my oestrus level to boiling point. I thought, "You're a sick fuck Barbara," but the fuck part was the dominant emotion and, grabbing Kerry's hand, I towed him off to our bed. When there I tore my still damp clothes off, towelled my hair with them and plopped myself on the bed spread out, arms perpendicular to my body and legs wide and said, "OK Kerry, you got me this way, you fix it!"

He undressed slowly while I simmered.

Then he turned to me and I saw his erection! My eyes popped like one of those stereotyped caricatures of dark ladies in the old movies.

"Come to mama," I said.

He slid onto the bed and into me, his huge penis filling my pussy chocka block.

"You're excused foreplay," I muttered huskily. I was surprised I could talk at all. He started driving into me, like a steam piston, plunge- retrieve, plunge- retrieve, oh, you know what I'm talking about. He gave me one hell of a rogering and my excitement level went up two notches for every thrust until it passed my previous best as far as I could recall and kept climbing. I was coming in a volcanic eruption, an orgasm to end all orgasms.

Then he grunted, "You about ready?"

"Uuuuuaaaagggghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...," was the best I could come up with, and his cock went off, firing jism inside me, and I flooded my own receptacle with an avalanche of love juices.

That was GOOD!

I refused to let him take it out and when I eventually felt it shrinking down, I started pumping him up again with hip movements a runaway train would have been proud of.

Finally I wore him out and as he crawled away I thought, "Can't keep it up, eh lover?" but when I went to tell him so, all I could hear was a loud buzzing noise in my ears, which in my last conscious second I realised was myself snoring and I was gone.


I got up the next morning, sore and furry. Sore down there where I had partied so vigorously last evening and furry, as in furry mouth, furry brain and furry elsewhere as well.

I staggered into the ablutions and Kerry watched me silently, well aware that here was a woman who needed space and time to recover.

After bathing and dressing and squirting myself with sweet smelling scents provided by our hosts, I felt heaps better and kissed Kerry and then went to breakfast.

At breakfast, Khrista and her friends were really excited by the code message we had taken from Lattee's corpse.

"With this our war with Gallia will end today!" she announced.

So, after breakfast was finished I found myself being strapped back into the webbed fighting suit and, together with the rest of the fighting gals, I marched back out onto the plain before the Gallian stronghold. They trooped out to face us, but this time, unbeknownst to them, Karpathee warriors, those black dudes, had gained access to that stronghold via secret doorways exposed by the code, and, knowing exactly where the albino and black girl skeleton force would be - the code again - had slaughtered them without even taking one wound amongst themselves. When the battle began the Gallians found themselves attacked from the front by us, and from the rear by the black guys who had infiltrated their defences. They showed bravery but within thirty minutes it was over, with minimal casualties to the Karpathee. Every Gallian surrendered, bar only a few who had surrendered to death in that half hour. Being an arrant coward who can only best a foe when I have the advantage of the back stab, or someone else to hold them down while I do the killing, I had ensured that I was nowhere near the hot spots of battle.

The Karpathee made prisoners of them all and marched them back to their tented encampment. Karpathee girls and one company of their black men occupied the shining city of the Gallians and the rest of us made ready to march away.

First though, the albino male warriors of the Gallians were disarmed and stripped naked and marched to a gully some distance from camp and there they were hacked to pieces by the Karpathee girls in their spider suits. The other Gallian dead were piled on top of them to make a pyramid of the flesh of the deceased.

With our prisoners, black girl warriors, and their white leaders, tied together in long lines by neck ropes, we set off on what I had been told was a two day trek. We marched over seemingly endless plains to finally reach a city of mud brick dwellings, nowhere near as impressive as that we had left behind but more utilitarian and somehow more sinister. Many times I had asked for my reward in the matter of Lattee's death, namely to be told where this world was, and every time I was told, "When we reach the city all will be revealed." Finally, Kerry could see I was getting up their noses and he told me to belt up.

We were settled into new quarters in the city of the Karpathee. Quite acceptable, they consisted of sleeping quarters and a bathing room all done in comfortable rather that rich furnishings. I tried the bed and announced it would do. I lay on it dressed in the short shift which I had been given for day to day wear. I was right in surmising there was no underwear for ladies in the Karpathee world and I found that I could slip my hand in the top and find an aroused nipple or two and my other hand under my skirt and find an aroused pussy. I was running my index finger in between the folds of flesh between my legs, giving Kerry a preview of delights to come, when a Karpathee girl stuck her head in the door and said we were summoned to attend Khrista.

"Now?" I asked as I fingered myself in her full view.



We entered the room where Khrista and the other rulers of Karpathee held sway over their world.

Khrista, dressed in a long white gown trimmed with gold, sat in a high backed chair on a dais more or less central in the room. Beside her on similar chairs, dressed in white gowns but with different coloured trimmings, sat her fellow rulers, ladies I had seen many times before, during and after the battles. The room was decorated with thick embroidered wall hangings and had woollen carpeting of a deep and fluffy pile. Tables surrounded the central dais where the ladies sat and slaves were making preparations for a feast. A fountain burbled in a far corner. Khrista waved us forward.

"Woman, you have served us well."

I bowed my head.

"As promised we will now answer your questions."

She took a goblet from a tray offered by a servant girl. "As you can see," she waved a lazy hand, "we feast tonight. As we speak five of the most tender of our foe are baking in the ovens of the kitchen. You will eat well tonight."

Roast black girlie erkkkkkkkkkkkkk. I hid my distaste.

"What are your questions?"

"Two, ma'am. Where is this place and how came we here?"

"As for where this place is: it is the world. It has ever been thus. It is where we have always lived. As to how you came here I do not know. But you are not the first. Others have come before you." She clapped her hands and a curtain parted and two warrior girls led in a grey haired old man. He looked very old, but even so I recognised the features of one of the native inhabitants of the world I had lost when we dropped out of it. An Australian Aborigine.

Khrista motioned to me. "Spend some time with the old one, he may be of more help than I can. But remember you must return by eight for our feast tonight. It is partly in your honour." Her eyes drifted to Kerry and I recognised the look of lust. "Yours and our dearest friend Kerry's."

I looked daggers at him and smiled sweetly but nauseously at the thought of munching Gallian girls and then the warriors led the three of us, Kerry, me, and the old guy, into a side room.

His name was Warrego, also known as Michael Neill, and like us he had fallen into this world, but unlike us he was not surprised. For aeons, he told us, his people had known the stones were a sacred and very weird place. They also knew that to return one must go to the place of the monsters but, he said in a very low voice, he had looked at that and he had lacked the courage to try. He had accepted living with the Karpathee.

I didn't.

Meals of other girls aside I wanted to return to my own time and my own place, lousy as it was.

We returned to the main room. I crossed to where Khrista and the others sat.

"I want to go to the place of monsters."

She recoiled, "Il Mostro!!!!!"

I smiled inanely.

"As you wish," she said, "tomorrow my warriors will show you the way. Tonight we feast. Return at eight."


By eight we were seated at one of the tables in the great room where our interview with Khrista had taken place. We sat with some of her courtiers and with one of her generals who had led the battle which had decimated the Gallians.

Five platters were borne in, and on them lay the five cooked bodies of warriors of the Gallian army. They had been arranged face down and ass up, knees tucked up to their chins, and each had a juicy red apple in between her teeth, and her ass and pussy, where they presented to the crowd, were stuffed with carrots, aubergine or, in one case, squishy bananas. Their eyes stared sightlessly like glass balls at us and, being black skinned, they had merely darkened in the ovens. Their hair had been larded and prepared to achieve the glazed look and tiny paper ribbons had been tied into their curls.

One was placed on our table. Her nipples and labial meat went to the ladies of the court. In short time she was dismembered and a plate full of her sliced, pinkishly rare breasts and buttocks was placed before me. I must explain to my readers that all of the meat consumed in these Karpathee feasts came from the muscles of the poor unfortunates who had died to be consumed, much as all meat from domestic animals is the muscle part also. The fat was kept as a special treat for those who liked it. As I could never really take to eating dead girls I never became anything of an expert.

I tried my hardest to look as though I was enjoying it all as much as everyone else seemed to.

I nibbled politely.

It wasn't as if she was not good, she was rather delicious actually but I kept seeing myself on the table in her place and it turned me up.

I tried not to show my distaste.

"You will join us tomorrow?" asked the lady general.

"Tomorrow?" I was a bit lost.

"Yes, for the festivities." She munched on a slice of meat which hung from her fork.

"Tomorrow Khrista has promised we may see the place of monsters."

"Nonsense. You must come to the festivities. We will see the captured Gallians put to the sword. Besides, why would anyone go to the the place of monsters?"

How lovely I thought, more slaughter. I smiled sweetly.

"I insist," she said. "Then I myself will take you to Il Mostro the next day."

I looked at Kerry. He nodded. Best not to antagonise our powerful friends.


The next day, a warm sunny one, like every day here, we joined the rest of Karpathee in a circular outdoor stadium. Heavily armed Karpathee black male warriors entered the arena. The crowd cheered wildly.

Two Gallian black girls were pushed into the ring. They were stark naked and unarmed. I turned to my friend the general.

"But they are unarmed."

"Yes, isn't it excellent? Exquisite."

The girls cringed against a wall. Two men took each girl by her arms and dragged her into the centre of the arena where a third finished them with a sword thrust through the chest. Their bodies fell, bleeding and twitching, dying in the sand. The crowd went apeshit. In moments they lay still and their corpses were hauled off and dumped in one third of the ring facing the boss ladies.

Two more entered and were despatched and added to the pile.

And so it went, on and on, until after two hours probably two hundred girls lay naked, bleeding, and dead in a huge pile.

I had grown used to blood and death in the last few days but after a while I found myself sitting with my head bowed and my eyes closed wishing it would end.

It didn't and the awful fascination of it had me watching again.

Two more girls came out. These two made no pretence of defense or cringing but, clutching each other, embraced and awaited their fate. Their lips were locked in a kiss and their bodies were pressed so closely that breast crushed against breast. The crowd was silent and watched as the big black men, clad only in brief tights and with sword and dagger swinging from a belted harness, crossed to where the women stood holding each other. One fellow grabbed the hair of one of the women and dragged her toward him. Her companion held her tightly and her neck was bent backward and her assailant whipped out his knife and slashed her throat. Blood fountained from her severed arteries and she drooped in his grasp. With an awful wailing noise the other woman grasped the knife blade and despite having her hands cut to ribbons wrested it from the man. She stabbed him in the face and the knife blade penetrated one cheek and came out in his neck beneath his ear. He bellowed and screamed and she fell on top of him ripping the knife from his face leaving a huge flap of skin behind. Blood coursed from his wound and I thought, "Hope you know a good plastic surgeon, mate." The woman fell to her knees beside her tormentor and raising the knife high in her own bloodied and ribboned hands she plunged it repeatedly into his chest. "Forget the plastic surgeon," I thought. "Better check out a good mortician." One of the other men, finally overcoming his shock at this sudden attack, ran in and stabbed the girl in the back. She fell across the body of her victim, her hand still clutching the hilt of the knife.

The black men moved in and the two dead women were dragged over and added to the pile.

The dead man was carried from the arena.

When the pile of dead Gallian warrior women had reached epic proportions, I estimated five hundred dead bodies lay there, the blonde haired, blue eyed white women who had been the leaders of Gallia were bought out. They were still dressed in the gold lame dresses in which I had first seen them but by now they were, to say the least, dishevelled. I recognised the two older women who had seemed to be the supreme leaders.

Several really huge black men made their entrance. The women had their clothing stripped, or should I say ripped ,off of them and the black men also stripped off their brief clothing. I could see their erections from the stand where I sat and they were IMPRESSIVE! Fucking huge!

Holding my breath like everyone there I watched as the men forced the women to the ground and mounted them, simultaneously fucking them and strangling them. I couldn't look away. It was awesome. So powerful were they that the women's faces turned black within moments and their bodies flapped like dying fish.

It was over within ten minutes and I noticed bloodied thighs on many of the women where their sex had been torn apart by those vast men.

The limp white bodies were dragged over and tossed onto the pile.

The fun was over and we went home.


Back in our room, I made Kerry love me. Softly at first but with ever mounting intensity until he drove his cock repeatedly into my cunnie, driving the images of what I had seen from my mind. I forced myself onto him and wore him ragged until finally I slipped into blessed unconsciousness.


The next morning, good to her word, our general lady collected us after breakfast and together with a small company of warriors we made our way to the place of monsters.

Two hours across the plains away from Karpathee in the opposite direction to where lay Gallia, we marched and suddenly, without warning, we stood at the edge of a huge chasm wherein lay an immensely deep valley, shrouded in steamy mist.

"Il Mostro," said the general, pointing into the chasm. She pointed out a narrow path leading downward. She clutched my shoulders. "Farewell," she said. Then she smiled, "come back to us if you can." Another smile, distinctly unpeasant. "If you live!" She waved her arm.

They marched away.

I grinned at Kerry, "Shall we?" I indicated the path.

We started to scramble downward, and I clutched onto Kerry's arm, so steep was the descent. We had not gone a hundred metres down when a deep roaring growl was followed by the appearance of a face above the mist that froze my body to the spot...