The Second Part

by Barbanne

We were captured again!

Even before I had registered that the shapes rising up were warrior women, I found myself surrounded and from their gestures I knew I was a goner.

I saw Kerry similarly taken and then I was grabbed by a half dozen girls and disarmed and frog marched away from the home of the Gallians. Just at this moment, the warriors of Gallia appeared at the gateway to their citadel and a shower of arrows was loosed our way. I saw them coming and ducked, and most of my captors hit the dirt too, but one gal copped a shaft right through the little patch of cloth that covered her right nipple. She went down in a heap, dead! Two of her companions grabbed her wrists and we all took off at the gallop, me being hustled along and the dead girl being dragged by her arms. The white warriors and the black warriors exchanged arrows for a while with no further casualties, and then we all retreated back onto the plains. After travelling for a half hour, we came to their encampment where a small city of tents had sprung up. One of these was bigger than all the rest and had banners flying from the top, and it was towards this one that we were taken. I had noticed that while Kerry was being hustled along I was being jabbed and kicked and generally treated like shit.

"Bastard chauvinist bitches," I thought.

We were pushed into the big tent and hustled in front of a group of gorgeously arrayed ladies. As well as the spidery costumes that their foot soldiers wore, these ladies had blue velvet capes and gold head dresses and wore golden sandals and golden jewellery. Kerry was pushed in front of them but I was simultaneously tripped and bashed in the back so that I sprawled on my face at their feet.

One of our captors bowed before the ladies who were obviously the bosses and said, "We found these two fleeing from the Gallians. The man seems to have been their enemy, but look who this is." She kicked me in the ass.

"Owwwwwwww," I complained.

"Verda!" said the oldest of the boss ladies. "I never hoped to see the day you were here before me."

"Verda?" I asked. "Who the fuck's Verda?"

She leaned down and grabbed the hood of my green outfit and pulled it back. The red hairs I had tucked in fell out and she ordered me stripped.

A few seconds later I had been hauled naked onto my feet and stood before the gaze of the big chiefs of this band.

"You are not Verda. Why are you dressed like her?"

"If you mean the chick who originally owned the green catsuit, she's dead. I'm nobody."

"Verda is dead? Who killed her?"

"We did." I indicated Kerry and me, "Well, more me than him actually."

"Then who are you?"

We explained how we had come to fall into their world. How we had attacked the Gallians and how we in turn had been attacked and imprisoned. When I described my loss to the albino giant they nodded their heads, and they listened attentively to my description of the death of the green babe whom I now knew to be Verda.

As I told of her being stripped, scalped and dumped on the bed, the main lady turned to the others, "So her pussy finally killed her? Dead on a bed, how deliciously appropriate." They all laughed heartily.

As enemies of the Gallians we were friends of the Karpathee, although I think they found our story of falling into their world too much to swallow.

The head woman spoke to us, although she looked at Kerry and it was to him she directed her remarks. "We are about to feast. The main course is one you will find very intriguing, join us."

I realised I was famished from not having eaten for yonks and nodded my acceptance vigorously. I waved a hand at my nakedness and the head lady clapped her hands and two girls about my age hurried forward.

"Find our guest some clothes." They nodded and smiled, and, taking my hands, pulled me from the room.

I was taken to a small room at the end of the corridor and a number of simple shifts were produced for me. I looked them over and chose a white one. When I tried to get my friends to show me some underwear or shoes I found they didn't understand what I was talking about. Thinking back, I realised that all the women I had seen seemed to have no underwear beneath their clothes and so maybe that was the custom.

We three girls were smiling at each other and they were nodding their approval as I pirouetted in my new dress when suddenly the door burst open and three girls dressed as kitchen maids rushed into the room. One carried a knobkerrie, a short handled club with a heavily loaded knobby end which was excellent for braining people.

My two new found friends screamed and backed away. The kitchen types grabbed one girl and the club wielder efficiently brained her with a blow between the eyes. She fell dead, or at least to me she looked dead. Her friend joined her seconds later, also brained with one blow.

I was jumping up and down distraught and ducked away from these murderous chicks. I saw them turn from the felled girls and the two without the club grasped my arms, I struggled and watched for the clobbering chick. She was out of sight and then I saw her. That damned club in her hands.

I shrieked and then I saw the knobkerrie coming out of the corner of my eye, but before I could even think about beginning to react, the loaded knob end crashed into my temple just behind my eye and I went down like a poleaxed ox.


I swam up out of total, utter blackness into a state of semi consciousness.

I was stark naked and lying on my back and my legs had been drawn up hard and tight, so that my heels were against my ass. My ankles were tied together and my wrists were tied and lashed to my ankles, pulling my arms down and around my breasts which in turn were squeezed up into each other over my chest. I was trussed up like a turkey. Two young girls, I think they were the same ones that had attacked us, still dressed like kitchen maids, were fluttering around me.

One had just finished rubbing something which felt like grease into my hair and it was scraped back and flattened onto my skull. She now had a large wooden spatula-like thing and was gooping stuff out of a tub and spreading it onto my body. My face and body were covered with it and she was just finishing spreading it onto my legs. She used her hand to wipe it over my pubic hair and flatten that also, and then she used two fingers to fill my pussy with the same slimy stuff. The other girl came forward into my line of vision. The blow from the knobkerrie had completely stunned me and I was still only barely conscious. I saw the girl reach forward. She had a ripe crab apple in her hand and two carrots in her apron pocket. She forced my mouth open and jammed the apple between my teeth. I couldn't spit it out. She had forced my jaws so wide apart that I had no movement left in them. Then she wiped more of the rancid goop over my face and plastered my eyes firmly shut with it.

I recognised the smell. Lard! I was being prepared for basting, roasting! I was to become a meal!

With my eyes glued shut I could see nothing, but I could feel the first girl scraping lard into every crevice and fold of my body. Someone, the second girl I presumed, inserted what could only be her carrots into my pussy and my asshole. Liberally coated with greasy lard they slipped into place easily and she gave each one a whack with the heel of her hand to drive it home.

I was going to be cooked!!!!

With a huge effort I forced my eyes open and grunted around the apple in my mouth shaking my head from side to side.

One of the girl's faces looked at me in surprise, and then she turned and I saw her hand rise with the loaded knob of the knobkerrie as she touched my forehead between my eyes and prepared to deal a final killing blow to this meal which was still alive. I gave up in despair as I saw the knobkerrie fall.

Then a voice shouted. "STOP!"

A hand closed over the girl's arm and the club stopped mere centimetres above my crossed eyes.

I saw Kerry and some of the web clad warriors. The club wielding girl was pulled back and two of the warrior women stood either side of where I lay trussed up and ready for the oven. One produced a knife and the strings lashing my wrists and ankles together were cut through. My legs splayed and my arms dropped to my sides and pins and needles agonised me as my circulation was restored in a rush. The girls pulled me from the table and I stood on shaking legs while they struggled to hold me as their hands slipped in the thick layer of lard with which I was coated. The well greased carrots popped out of my ass and pussy and I managed to bite into the apple and spit it out in two pieces.

The Karpathee leader was there and she was shouting at the kitchen maid who had prepared my body for basting. It was all too quick for me to catch the meaning but I understood that this girl was the one who had inefficiently brained me in the first place, I mean, if she'd done the job right then I'd be carked out on the prep bench right now. Even though I couldn't understand the words completely I got the gist that the boss lady was angry, no, pissed, really pissed off. She gestured and two warriors grabbed the arms of the hapless kitchen maid and another came forward with the loaded knobkerrie and lined up her shot with a thumb to the forehead. The kitchen maid was babbling and as she saw the knobkerrie drawn back she started to scream, a thin, high pitched wail. It stopped abruptly as the club thunked between her eyes with a sickening crunchy thud. She dropped, lifeless, in the arms of the girls supporting her and I was hustled from the kitchen.

I was still half out from the blow to the head I had received and had to be held up by the warrior girls as I stood below a gushing stream of scalding water and the lard fat with which I had been so liberally coated was sluiced and rinsed away from my body.

After about a half an hour of attention from the two warrior girls and glowing pink, my hair wet and bedraggled and dressed in a simple short white shift, I shakily took my place at the feasting table, only too well aware that but for the luck of the devil I would shortly have been making my entrance on a silver platter.

I was seated between Kerry and the Karpathee chieftan.

"How are you doing?" he whispered.

"Not great," I said, and tried a smile that came out like a grimace.

The Karpathee chieftan was very concerned about me. She explained that at these feasts the main course was roast slave girl and that the selection of the victims was left until the last second when the kitchen maid killing squad went out and selected their victims at random amongst the slave girl population. The shock of finding they were on the menu and their sudden demise meant that the chosen girls died full of adrenalin and made for delicious eating as, she assured me, would the two girls who had taken me off to try on dresses. But my being there had been a hideous mistake and the offending kitchen maid had paid full price for her mistake.

She smiled ever so sweetly as she told me and I felt rather faint.

Dancing girls were winding up a number at one end of the room and as they scampered off a blast on a horn announced the arrival of the meal.

Three platters were borne in, held aloft by four slaves each and bearing the trussed and cooked bodies of three women. They were placed at different spots around the tables to serve the sixty or so people at the feast.

One platter was put down straight in front of me and I recognised the well done body of the kitchen maid who had taken my place.

Well cooked carrots protruded from her ass hole and pussy.

Her lard encrusted hair and pubic pelt had cooked into a glazed and crackled crust and adorned her browned body like a topping. Her skin was deep brown and gleaming with basting juices like some grotesque sun bather. Her eyelids had peeled back and the orbs of her eyes had lost their pupils and looked like two colourless glass balls. Her lips had curled open and bared her grinning teeth. She looked well done.

"Cooked your goose baby," I muttered.

A slave with a huge carving knife approached and after curtsying to the chief, she sliced off the dead girl's nipples and placed one on the chief's plate and the other on mine. Some sort of choice cut. Then she sliced off the labial lips and Kerry got one of those. Another good bit! That done, she cut away the fatty part of the girl's breast and then started slicing thin cuts of very white meat from the muscle behind it. She carved up both sides of the girl's chest, and the hips and flanks and the tender tummy meat, and finally began dismembering what had been the kitchen maid at the joints and went on carving meat from the legs and arms until only a pile of bones with scraps of meat attached and some offal offcuts remained. I got some chest and some tummy to go with my nipple and we all got vegetables and a thin meaty gravy.

The guests tucked in with relish.

I nibbled a tiny bit of the chest meat and it was surprisingly good. Sweet and yet salty.

I leaned against Kerry and fiddled with my meal.

I kept seeing me on that platter.

My body, my meat, my nipples and labial lips considered a great delicacy.

It ruined my appetite.


Later that night I lay in bed in the tent where we had been put by the Karpathee. Kerry lay on the other side. Them Karpathee dames reckoned that because we were together we were an item. They didn't know the shitty bastard was a friggin' rapist. I was wary of him, but I'd sort of forgiven him his scummy wrongs because he had scrounged a few non-"cooked kitchen maid" scraps and some fresh fruit. I was dying of hunger but hadn't been able to do justice to my share of girlie meat. Now I scoffed the food and farted and grinned.

"Barb?" he said.


"I wasn't really going to rape you you know."

"Tell me another," I guffawed.

"No, really. It's just that when I saw you there looking so damned smug and, and, and damn it, sexy, I just had to try and take you down a peg or two. So I said that stupid business about had you ever been raped. I'm sorry."

I was gobsmacked.

Did he mean it? Was it just me going o.t.t. as usual? Was that it? If maybe I hadn't gone off my brain could we have just passed a couple of insults and gone on our ways. Not been stuck here where they crushed you and tried to cook you and brained you and all that shit. And where I had had to kill more people than I knew just to survive.

"Bullshit!" I said.

"OK. If that's what you want forget it."

That wasn't what I wanted. I wanted it to be true. I wanted to have a friend. I wanted someone to like me. But I stuffed up as usual. Me and my flippant big mouth. Ah shit!

He had turned away from me.

I took a deep breath and reached out and touched his shoulder.

"Is that true?"


"That you weren't really going to rape me?"

"You don't believe me, so what does it matter?"

"It matters a lot." I crawled over him and peered into his eyes in the light of the feeble lamp in the tent.

"Well, I wasn't." I could see in his eyes it was true. I may be a lying, cheating, murderous slag but I can see good in others.

"Doesn't mean I wouldn't like to make love to you, but it certainly wouldn't be against your will." He turned away again. I pulled him back and kissed him. He kissed back, slowly at first but with increasing fervour. I wrapped my arms around him and pressed myself onto him. I felt his manhood taking things into its own head.

"Do you like me?" What a dumbass thing to say.


"Do you want to touch my breast?"


"OK, then." His hand touched me lightly and my nipple responded and I covered his hand and pressed it hard.

"Kiss me there," I whispered.

He did. I hugged him to me and his erection pressed into my tummy. It felt really insistent. I reached down and touched it and it got even bigger.

"Want to put that in me?"

He did and he did.

A half hour later all of our problems were forgotten and we were giggling away like two kids and were resting up between our second bout of coitus and our third. (There was going to be a third and maybe a fourth)

"Hey," I said, "how about when they were going to cook me and I was trussed up like this?" I pulled my legs up into the turkey truss position and held onto my knees. His hand slipped in between my legs and found my engorged and swollen labia and he caressed it and it tingled like mad and my libido erupted and I insisted he do me then and there. I got him into position so that my legs were over his arms and I was bent like a bow and he was hard and fast inside me.

CH***T what a fuck!!!!!!!!!!

The fourth was even better...

Eventually we had to get some sleep.

About an hour.


We were roused by a slave girl wearing a broad smile whom I suspect had guessed what had happened between us in the night, and, having bathed and dressed, we went for a light breakfast of fruits and grains. Much preferable to roast female I found, and I ate well. The boss lady of the Karpathee joined us when we were half way through and she told us, matter of factly, that at noon she intended to attack the Gallian citadel.

"We shall of course be honoured to help," said Kerry.

"Speak for yourself lover," I muttered.

"Your help would be most welcome, friend," said the Chieftaness. "But the woman can stay here in the camp."

"Oh no. She is a fierce and wonderful warrior."


"Indeed, without her strength I would surely have perished in the city of Gallia."

"Well then, she may of course join with our own warrior girls in this attack."

She smiled at me and I looked sickly which she took to be a smile of assent.

"Come then, we attack in less than two hours."

Oh great...


So I found myself, a short time later, being outfitted with one of those webbed outfits the Karpathee girl fighters wore.

To my surprise I found that the webbing strings were close together and made of some fabric with the strength of steel. A slash with a blade would not penetrate and only a stabbing thrust would prove fatal, and then only if it found a spot to pass through the webbed mesh. I realised that the girl who had been killed with an arrow had been unlucky enough for the tip to find the exact spot where an opening existed. The small cloth triangles that covered each nipple and the pudenda amused me, as they were the utmost minimal requirement for misplaced modesty. I mean as if people in the heat of battle were going to have time to perv on a girl's headlamps or fur burger.

Having been found a suit that fitted me and having strapped on sandals, I was given a belt which slung low around my hips and carried a knife and short sword in scabbards on either side of my body. I opted for the knife on my right and the sword on my left as I felt more at home with the knife. Like most other prostitutes, I preferred close combat.

I was also given a helmet that was rather like a pudding bowl upended over my head, and thus fitted out I was ready to take my place with the other girls.

I was put in the back section of three of the warrior girls and we all set out together.

The chiefs brought up the rear in sedan chair things carried by several slaves and surrounded by warriors.

Kerry was right there with the knobs.

Our force consisted of two groups of men, handsome, muscular, black men who were near naked and were carrying long spears, three companies of white girl warriors including me, and then the brainstrust, comprising some sort of general type ladies and the bosses, and Kerry.

The black dudes led the way out on left and right wings.

Two companies of girls, carrying bows and arrows were in between them and slightly back and the third company (close combat troops which is where I was) was behind them. Behind all of that were the chiefs.

We stopped outside the citadel and a force approximately the same as ours, but of those black girls wearing the red capes, emerged and drew up facing us. Behind them was a company of albino dudes and inside the citadel, lining its walls were more albino dudes.

Somebody blew a trumpet and it was on!

Both sides loosed off volley after volley of arrows.

Those webbed suits of ours were very effective. Only a very few girls were hit and most of them only wounded, but our Karpathee archers exacted a much bigger toll amongst the Gallians, and soon heaps of dead and dying black girls littered the plain.

Slaves ran in and out amongst our warriors gathering up the wounded and the dead and carrying their limped out bodies to the rear.

Both sides seemed to run out of arrows and then we approached each other and our black guys let fly with their spears. Spears came flying back from both the albinos and the black girl warriors. That decked a few more from both sides and our slaves were flat out carrying and dragging out dead and dying girls. The Gallians didn't seem to care and their dead were just left heaped up on the field where they had fallen.

It was time for close combat and both sides moved in on each other.

I drew my knife and awaited my chance. The stab in the back is my style and I didn't fancy too much face to face. We engaged with the black girls and our previously disciplined ranks broke up as girls faced girls in mortal combat. The black Karpathee guys were attacking the flanks of the melee and the albinos were trying to get at them.

I sleazed around in amongst the mob and whenever I could I waited until some black girl got herself in a parlous position and then I crept up behind her and slipped my knife between her shoulder blades or into the back of her neck or in one case right up the ass so that she bled out.

I was doing great work and having fun when suddenly I was grabbed from behind by a black girl whom I hadn't noticed. She forced me to the ground and her own blade was awful close to my throat. I boompsadaisied her with my butt and, twisting, grabbed a handful of her hair. She plunged her knife at me and it nicked my shoulder and I managed to bite her wrist. Really hard, until she bled and then dropped her knife. I punched her in the tummy and tweaked her nipple and she started blubbering and I got my knife point under her chin and although she was hanging onto my arm I pushed and pushed and the blade went into her chin and up inside her head until it must have hit her brain and she went like glubbbeerrrr and just limped right out.

I used her corpse to cover me while I took a breather and watched the battle around me.

I decided that this here battle was too serious, and, covering myself in liberal dollops of the dead black girl's blood, I waited until two of our side's slaves were running past and then made a great show of dying and twitching.

They hoicked up my body and I played dead while they carted me off.

They dumped me unceremoniously on a pile of really dead girls lying way way behind the battle lines and I decided to spend some time with them, being dead until things calmed down.

I lay draped over a heap of dead Karpathee girl's bodies, looking as dead as I imagined they did, my eyes closed and my body sprawled limp and helpless. As time went on more and more bodies were flopped onto the pile and I found myself in the middle of a twitchy, as in death throes, pile of warrior girls who had cashed their chips, had their tickets punched, bought the farm, in other words, died. I mean these babes were truly dead! Blood leaked out of these poor chicks and stank up the air and covered me in enough gore to look awfully frightening.

Eventually I noticed the battle sounds had almost ceased and I snuck a look and from what I could see the fight was over. I wriggled out from between the slippery, gory corpses amongst which I had hidden, much to the terror of two slave girls who were just delivering another instalment of slain white warriors. I staggered convincingly over to where I saw Kerry talking to the boss ladies and was gratified to see his look of relief at seeing me still upright change to real concern as he registered my extremely bloody appearance.

The Karpathee ladies, seeing me stumbling over, covered by enough blood to have sustained a hundred wounds, were really concerned and insisted that I lie down while a medical slave was sent for. This gal checked me over really good and expressed amazement that all she could find was a scratch to my shoulder.

I made it look good and had small semi swoons and went as white as I could and Kerry was despatched by the ladies to take me back to camp.

It seemed that despite the fierceness of the battle and the impressive pile of dead girls we had accumulated, (one less since I had resurrected) a pile more than matched by two heaps of dead Gallian black girls, no one had actually won and both sides were retiring to rest and regroup.


I got cleaned up and joined Kerry and his new found friends for supper.

The ladies congratulated me on my fierce courage. It seemed no-one could much recall seeing me in the thick of battle, but it was obvious from the way I tottered over to them, covered in blood at the end of the battle that I must have been a real hero.

I played up to this unashamedly.

More fool me!

The boss lady of the Karpathee, her name was Khrista, said that on account of how brave I had proved myself she wanted to ask a favour of me.

"Errrrmmmmm..." I said.

"She'll do it," said Kerry and my backward aimed kick missed his shin by millimetres.

"There is a woman called Lattee amongst the Gallia. She is of a lighter skin colour than their black warriors. On her person she carries their secret code. If we had this we could overcome them without the need for the slaughter we have seen today." She looked at me fixedly. "You my dear, could go amongst them with your friend," she indicated Kerry with a lazy wave, "and bring us back their secret code. Find Lattee and bring us the code and you may have anything you want."

I wanted to leave.

"May we have the secret of where this world is?"

"Everything we know will be made clear to you."

Oh well, if I did this and lived I might yet return to my life as a slut. I nodded agreement.

"Excellent my dear, and please, if you have to kill Lattee to take the secret from her, don't hesitate to do so."

Lattee was described to us in detail from her coffee coloured skin and her extreme height of eighteen hundred centimetres to her long, crinkly hair and globous breasts and the orange gown she always wore. I felt I knew her already and would recognise her instantly. We retired for the night, thinking of the task ahead.


Nothing happened the next day although scouting parties went out and checked the enemy. They were in and around their city and, like us, were taking the opportunity of a rest day. I lay down and rested but couldn't sleep. Later in the day I arose and ate a light meal.

By evening I was dressed in the rough clothes of a slave woman of this world. Kerry was dressed in homespun and looked like a fellow slave. We were armed with extremely sharp knives, more daggers really, and nothing more but our wits.

When it was dark enough we set out.

We made our way along gullies and wadis until we had reached the outskirts of the citadel of the Gallia. Their army had withdrawn inside leaving only a sentry or two on guard. So widely spaced were these that we had no great difficulty in bypassing them. Soon we were at the great door that led into the citadel. It stood open and we slipped inside. I felt that everything was going a bit too easy and such proved to be the case when one of the red robed black girls stepped out of the shadows, spear couched and said, "Halt!"

We stopped.

"Who are you that sneak around in the dark?"

I held up my open hands and approached.

"Well, your business here. And stay back."

Sadly for her I was within reach.

"A couple of spies," I said and as amazement dawned on her face, I slipped my knife from my sleeve, took the extra half pace and plunged it into her long slender throat.

She made a gagging choking sound and dropped her spear. I grabbed her arm as she slumped and we both went down, but silently. I got a handful of her hair and the other hand under her armpit and dragged her lifeless body to one side and lay her out on her back in the shadows. Grabbing a shoulder and her ass I rolled her onto her side hard up against the wall. Lying there she was hard to see.

We continued on down deserted corridors.

Another girl stood guard outside a side corridor with a number of doorways.

Kerry crept up on her blindside and when he was within a few metres, I walked into view.

"Hal..." she cried, a cry that was cut short as Kerry's hand closed over her mouth while his knife slid under her shoulder blade and sundered her heart. I crossed to where he was, holding the drooping guard dead in his arms, and we pulled back into the shadows. Just then the door nearest us opened and a tall, coffee coloured woman in an orange dress emerged and, turning away from where we stood, holding our breath and with the dead guard dangling slackly in Kerry's arms, walked down the corridor and went into a room four doors down.

Kerry deposited the dead girl in a side niche and we both crept down to the door where Lattee, or so we presumed her to be, had gone in. Hoping nobody would appear, I tapped on the door. A muffled sound from within, and then the door opened and the tall orange gowned Lattee stood there.

"What is this?" She asked genuinely surprised.

I put both hands on her amazing chest and shoved her backwards and Kerry and I were in and the door closed behind us. It was a sumptuous bedroom. Rich brocade covered the walls, the bed was a huge divan with satin sheets, the floor was carpeted in thick, soft carpet and the ceiling was richly painted with gilt.

That wasn't all.

On the bed lay a naked black maiden bound with silken cords to the four corners of the bed so that her body was spreadeagled. Her mouth was gagged and her eyes wide open.

"So that's your fancy," I said to Lattee although I doubt she understood me. Then she turned and made a spring for a cord on the side wall that no doubt rang an alarm. Kerry took her down before she made halfway. While he pinned her arms and legs I put my face in front of hers and said, "The code."

"Over my dead body."

"As you wish."

I encircled her throat with my hands and choked her to death.

It was a strange feeling. She couldn't fight back as Kerry had her held. I just squeezed and squeezed until she struggled and twitched and arced and spasmed and finally went limp, her eyes going out of focus and her body quivering in a death spasm it didn't want to accept.

But it had to and she was dead.

I know two against one isn't fair but I never led you to believe I was fair or decent did I?

Then Kerry cut the black girl on the bed's throat.

"Wrong place at the wrong time honey," I said.

We laid Lattee out on the floor and I stripped off her gown and the panties and sandals she wore. We searched every seam, every centimetre of the cloth. We pulled the sandals apart and shredded her panties.


Her body, naked except for a copper necklace and two copper rings, lay stretched out on the floor.

"Maybe it's, you know on her body. Or in it." I said rocking back on my heels and contemplating the dead Lattee.

"You're the gal," said Kerry.


"So, you can look in her secret places, women can do that. And besides she won't mind so much as if a guy did it"

"Yuk. As if she's gunna care."

"Start with her mouth, then her ears, then her pussy and then her ass and then..."

"Alright, alright, no need for a road map."

Lattee was stretched out in front of me and, even dead, she was one helluva gorgeous gal. She was tall and coffee coloured except under her armpits and in her groin and those sort of creased places, where she was nut brown. She had the beauty of Nefertiti and her classically pretty face sat atop a long, slender neck. It was dark coloured too, but that was where my finger marks showed up where I had choked her to death. I felt shitty about that, her having been a really super chick and all.

Her breasts were true globes but on her back they had sagged sideways and spread apart and lay with her huge nipples looking in opposite directions. Her hips were flared and capital F female and her ass was magnificent. Her long curly black hair lay spread around her face. Alive I could have really liked Lattee and could have easily been her lover. Dead she was the repository of a secret to be searched for.

"Guard the door," I told Kerry.

Then I bent over the recumbent body and started my search.

I forced my fingers between her full, pouting, ruby lips and opened her mouth and pulled down her jaw. Her tongue, long and pink was lying coiled within, sucked back as she died and as I forced her jaw open it unravelled and dropped out of her mouth dangling obscenely to one side. I pushed my fingers in and felt around. I had no idea what I was looking for but I guessed I'd know it if I found it. I felt nothing. I stooped very low and peered into her mouth. The cloying, sweetish, sour smell of her breath, her dead breath, rose into my nostrils.

Nothing there.

I combed my hands through her hair. I felt for anything, anything at all. There was nothing there. I lifted her arms. her armpits were shaved and she certainly hadn't hidden anything there. I studied her body, maybe the secret was a tattoo. I went down her front and then down her legs but there was nothing I could see. I called Kerry over and we rolled her onto her front. I lifted her hair and searched, I peered in her ears, there was nothing. I studied every square centimetre of her back and buttocks and the backs of her legs. It wasn't a tattoo.

I realised I had skirted around the intimate spots and couldn't hold off any longer. I used my fingers to spread her buttocks and peered into her ass.

I heard Kerry laughing quietly. "If you could only see yourself, Barb."

"Get stuffed."

I inspected Lattee's bum. She was a good clean girl and must have washed herself there because it was very sanitary and not too unpleasant to view. I slid my fingers in and felt around. Nothing! Nothing I could find. I wiped my hand on her shredded panties. I hoicked my head at his nibs and he trotted over and we rolled her back onto her back. I spread her legs apart and using my fingers again took hold of her fatty labial lips and stretched them apart too. I got down and intimate, bum in the air and studied her yawning pussy. I could see nothing I hadn't seen before. I slipped three fingers in and felt around. Her woman's secret place was velvety and arousing and her clitoral nub felt quite large, but all girls have that. No secrets here.

I rocked back and wiped the stickiness off of my fingers with those ruined panties.

"Nothing." I announced.

Kerry crossed to where I was.


"Not a bloody thing."

"The necklace?" he asked.

Fuck it! Why hadn't I seen that? The necklace! I unclasped it and brought it up where I could see it. It was round, about four millimetres in diameter and it unscrewed where it came to a point at the front. I unscrewed it and there was a roll of rice paper which I used a fingernail to extract. It was covered in coded symbols. This must be it.

"Damn it!"

"What?" said Kerry.

"If I'd found this earlier I wouldn't have had to peek at poor Lattee's most intimate places."

"Barb," said Kerry, "I wouldn't have missed it for anything."

"Ah, shut up, ya perv."

A sound, the door was opening.

Kerry sprang up just as the door opened and a white robed black woman entered the room. Her eyes took in the bloody woman on the bed and Lattee's nude body sprawled out, legs spread and intimate places exposed and her hand flew to her mouth and Kerry hit her with his bladed hand. Her neck cracked and a third corpse joined our tableau.

I helped him drag her over and drop her beside Lattee, and then, pocketing the coded message, I grabbed his arm and we went to the door. A quick look out, nothing, and we set off out of there.

We reached the pool room where I had almost died before. It was empty, or so I thought.

I started across it and up from under the water rose the albino giant. His great meaty hand grasped my ankle.

He gave a jerk and I almost went in.

I snatched the message paper from my pocket and tossed it to Kerry.

"Hang onto this, don't want it getting wet."

The albino growled and yanked really hard and into the pool I went.

I surfaced spluttering and he grabbed my shoulders and pushed me under.

The return bout was under way and I had not started well...