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The graphics (animated Gifs) on this page will take some time to download. Please be patient, they are well worth the wait.
All AVI clips are with sound but have otherwise been treated so as to minimize their byte size as much as possible.

Stabbing (474 K)

High compression
(158 K)

From the movie 'Samanka', Avia Films, Dir. Jacques Régis

This is the coolest, most extrordinary piece of video I have ever discovered!  The woman in this scene is a completely willing human sacrifice who is being sacrificed to the god of sex!  There is a short scene preceding this one (not in the downloadable clip) where she is bellydancing, nude!  I couldn't believe my fortune when I discovered this video.  A sexy naked woman, consenting to and being bellystabbed, being killed for the sake of lust, who just happens to be a bellydancer.  I couldn't have written a better script. She is even standing in the sort of exposed position I imagine for my 'Bellybutts'. 
In this scene from the movie 'Splatter', made by one of my favorite companies, Troma, a topless woman who has just been stabbed through her navel has the spear rolled around inside her to her accompanying squirms. Speared

(566 K)


(17 K)

Roast I've created an AVI version of my little 'Roasting' animation for those of you who would like to have it in that format.

All my video clips have been treated (with drastic measures) so as to minimize their byte size to the maximum I know how. I have heavily edited the scenes so as to remove every single frame not absolutely relevant to the scene. I am now starting to set the edit to remove every second frame and slow the remaining by two. That done I have cropped the scene to exclude any details of scenery not essential to the effect. The image has then been reduced in size as far as possible while still keeping the full impact. The sound also gets reduced to 8 bit mono, 11 kh and interleave audio every 400 frames (or once per <the frames in your clip>)*. The most severe encoding routines (CinePack Codec) are then used (while still maintaining a decent resolution) to ensure the smallest possible resulting file. Zipping the file gets another ten percent reduction in file size. Cinepac Codex by the way is the best of the compression algorythms in my opinion. There are others that can squeeze a bit more than Cinepac, but most peoples viewers can't decode them. Cinepac is universal enough that pretty much everyone can view the results of your work.

'Bill' has been able to reduce the size of my clips by a huge amount at some sacrifice in resolution. If time and bandwidth is a factor for you, you may prefer to download his compressions instead (download: 'High compression').

* Bill taught me that one.

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