Well cut.
Belly shot.       I have made a few tentative attempts at poetry. Here is a little something that is difficult to classify any other way.

My most basic fantasy I wrote for the ladies. It is written in the second person (you) and is the perfect thing to read if you are female and have fantasies of being 'snuffed' while making love. (To the skeptical guys out there, yes these women exist !)

This is a story I wrote for a very dear friend, whom I continue to treat badly. She enjoys these sorts of fantasies and this was written from her perspective. If you are female, read it and enjoy. If you are male, you my find it's reading an experience in genderbending.

One of my earlier stories remains one of my best. Homunculi is a bit of science fiction that likely we have all wondered about if we've ever watched Star Trek.

This is something that is very different from what I usually write, in that it has nothing to do with my own fantasies. This was written for someone with 'swallowing' fantasies.

This is another story written for a fantasy that is a little off from my own. The idea of a woman's belly bloated from beer doesn't really do it for me. The idea of bursting it though...

Here is another story written for a friend. This one though is a lot closer to the mark in terms of my own fantasies. Run through.

Finally, a simple telling of the end to a beautiful relationship. Something I can only aspire to. ;-) Skewered

I've thought to include as well an incomplete story that has been waiting for the right inspiration for a while. Maybe with some encouragement...

The thing for which I am best known however is:

The Bellybutt Series.

If you like these stories, check out what I've done for Doom2.
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