Go Get It.

We lay naked on the carpet, looking at and gently caressing each other. We had been making love for hours and were both flushed from exertion and orgasm, but we were not ready to stop. She was a beautiful woman with a lovely toned body, large perfect breasts and hips, a shapely belly and a sensuous face. My caresses and attention lingered on her belly.

She must have seen something special in the way I was looking at her, for she asked me, "What?" She smiled lovingly at me and touched my face. "What is it?"

I shook my head. She knew about my fantasies but we had never explored them together despite our being lovers for over six months. I didn't think that she wanted to hear what I had been thinking.

"What is it? What are you thinking? Tell me." She insisted playfully.

I looked into her face. She seemed to know, but wanted me to say it. I blushed. "It's OK. Tell me."

"I want to shoot you in your belly with an arrow." I admitted to her.

She smiled softly and said pointing to the closet, "Go get it."

"Huh?" Was my intelligent response.

"In the closet. My bow and arrow. Go get it." She repeated.

I stared at her, hardly believing my ears, not knowing what to think. Slowly I got up and went to the closet. I opened it and sure enough, there was a bow and arrow. I took them out and she watched me with wide eyes.

"Do you know how to string it?" She asked, implying that she would help.

"Yes." I answered stringing it.

I notched the arrow and she stood up. "Where should I stand?" She asked.

"Over there." I said, pointing to the far end of the small room.

She took two steps and said, "If you shoot me here I'll fall out the window."

"Don't worry," I assured her, "you won't fall out the window."

"Yes I will." She insisted. So I motioned her to the corner.

She went to stand near the corner and turned to face me. Her eyes were wide and she had her lower lip in her teeth. She opened her mouth and looked at me, the expression on her face conveying simultaneously her desire to please and resigned dismay.

"Spread your legs." I said. She spread her legs about two feet.

"Spread your arms." I said. She spread her arms out and behind her.

"Thrust your belly forward." I said. She arched her back to push her belly towards me.

"Toss your head back." I said. She leaned her head and shoulders back. Her breasts rode high and all I could see of her face was her stretched neck and chin. Her luscious long thick dark hair framed the whole of her very exposed abdomen.

I drew the arrow and held it pointed at her lower belly. It was only a thirty pound bow and I held it easily. I marveled at the moment and the incredible sight she presented me. We had not discussed this. This wasn't a role-playing game. She had no way of knowing whether or not I would shoot her. Yet there she stood, waiting, no doubt thinking that I might very well do it.

"I'm going to do it." I said testing her. She didn't move. She said nothing.

"I'm going to shoot you." I said. She wasn't backing out.

"I'm going to shoot you now." She waited unmoving.

"Are you ready?" I asked her, needing to hear her submission. She was silent.

I waited a moment then asked again, "Are you ready?"

Hesitantly she whispered, "Yes."

I put away the bow and gathered her in my arms. She was confused for a moment but her confusion turned to supreme happiness as she realized that she had given me the ultimate gift, and yet still lived. She had come as close to fulfilling my fantasy as anyone ever could and we both knew it.

We made wild and passionate love for the rest of the weekend.

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