Get Ready!

One of my favorite memories is of an extraordinarily sexy woman who after having an exceptionally strong orgasm while riding me, told me in the afterglow of it, "You know, you could kill me then and I wouldn't care."

After a moments incredulous pause, I said, "Really?"

She nodded and said, "Yea," with a lustful smile.

"There's nothing in the universe I'ld like more than to stab you next time." I whispered hoarsely to her.

She kept riding me and with a big smile said, "Then stab me next time. Stab me while I come."

I stared and asked, "You really mean it. You'ld let me stab you?"

For an answer she reached over to grab a dagger that lay beside the bed and put it in my hands. She writhed over me, bobbing up and down, building her next orgasm until after a minute she squeaked, "Oh! Get ready. Get ready. Oh! Now!"

As she started to orgasm, she spread her arms and arched her back and begged over and over, "Now! Kill me now! Kill me, kill me..." I pressed the knife into her belly and her begging increased in intensity while her orgasm stretched on and on.

I didn't drive it home. Such a treasure is too rare to waste on the fleeting pleasure of actually doing it (not to mention the complications afterwards). The fact that she would have let me was enough and I treasure the moment and the memory as one of my most precious.

I swear this is true (and she really was gorgeous {I've been lucky that way too}).

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