"Time for Snuff" a story

Posted by David Prince on January 02, 2003 at 01:27:04:

In the evening, David would cruise down the roads of a small park that had jogging trails, which were not only for jogging,
but acted as a shortcut from the grocery store used by people in the small community nearby. His purpose was to find
a pretty young woman that took the trails regularly after sunset. Especially someone who made regular grocery trips and
was not a jogger. Someone who would be easy prey for his perverted ideas.

After several weeks of fruitless searches and rising libido he finally saw a pretty who made the same trip between 7 and 9
p.m. on the same day, Wednesday, which was a good day due to the minimal amount of traffic during the middle of the
week. The second time he saw her he made sure to notice which direction she was heading, so that he could plan a perfect

David knew that he was gambling that the young lass would follow the same pattern, but even the anticipation of his plans
was intoxicating, so earlier in the day he found a small dirt off road that passed within 10 yards of a bend in the path that
he suspected his precious would take. Near the bend there was a thick clump of broad bush that would make an effective

The timing was crucial. Shortly after 7 p.m., David drove his card slowly onto the dirt road, keeping wary of any others that
may be nearby. Hoping that his luck would hold out. So far, he had not seen a soul. He cut the engine and lights and popped the trunk.
He opened the door and walked quickly around the car to the open trunk. From the trunk he took a club that was a baseball bat
that had been cut in half and wrapped with duct tape. He checked to be sure that the 2 sets of cuffs were open and in
easy reach. He cut a long piece of duct tape and placed the edge of it on the bumper.

David quickly walked the short distance to duck down behind the wide swath of bushes he found earlier. The time was
7:35 p.m.. He could not wait too long as the risk would be too great. He would wait until 8:05 p.m. or until he saw anyone else.
As soon as another living soul was within hearing distance the hunt was off.

Fortune smiled upon David, for he had not waited even 10 mintues before the love of his desires walked into view. Oh!
How he relished the feminine way in which the young blonde woman walked. A slight out thrusting of her hips with each step.
She was wearing a pink, spaghetti strap blouse that was open at her midriff. Her firm breasts moving ever so slightly with
her approach. She wore form fitting jeans that had the popular faded pattern running up her legs and meeting at her crotch.
What a feast she would make!

The girl was carrying two bags of grocerys. One bag in each hand. Hopefully, nothing will break when they fall to the ground.

David was breathing heavy and trembling with desire as his precious came within reach. David raised his club and
as soon as she passed he took 2 quick steps and brought darkness at the base of her neck. Before she crumpled to the
earth, David caught her limp form. The bags of groceries were dropped, but nothing broke or scattered. David tossed the lithe
form over his shoulder and picked up the bags. He ran as quickly as possible to his car and unceremoniuosly dropped
his bundles into the trunk. He took the duct tape off the bumper and slapped it on her mouth, then with the cuffs he quickly
chained her into a hog tie position. He slammed the trunk lid shut, got into the car and carefully made his way out of the park.

David howled with pleasure. He could not believe his good luck! His darkest desires were about to become reality!

There was an abandoned ranch about 30 miles outside of town. David had camped there on occasion when he could
not afford a roof over his head. It was the perfect place. No roads, no people, desolate.

After reaching the desired location he parked and clapped in glee. Hopping out of the car he went to see his wonderous
prize. Opening the trunk he saw that his lady was consious. Tears flowing from her eyes. Her body trembling with fear. David
gently removed the duct tape from the pretty's mouth. With stuttering breath, she said 'p..p..please don't hurt me'. David
said, 'I won't hurt you precious, just be quiet, be nice and I will let you go. What is your name?'. Sobbing, the young woman
said 'Brianna'. David whispered 'Brianna, Brianna' and said 'that is a very pretty name, you are very beautiful Brianna and
you will do what I tell you, right?'. 'Yes, anything sir, just don't kill me' Brianna begged. 'I won't my precious. Call me David
and behave yourself'. 'Yes, David. I promise'. 'Okay, I am going to undo your cuffs now and remember we are in the middle of
no where. No where to run. No one to hear. You do anything to piss me off and you are dead'. Brinna wimpered and simply nodded.
David removed the cuffs and used one set on her ankles and the other to secure her hands behind her back.

David picked up Brianna and put her in the back seat of the car. He admired her for a moment and then he finally, finally,
after all these years of pretending was going to live his fantasy. He pulled up her delicate blouse to expose the delicious
mounds of breast flesh. Firm, supple and waiting for him. David reached out with his large, calloused hands and crushed Brianna's
sweet breasts. The flesh squeezing through the gaps in his fingers. Brianna screamed and she thought her breasts would burst
like water balloons. David ignored Brianna's screams and in an ecstacy he had never experienced before continued to maul her
breasts, squeezing and twisting them until he could feel the skin and flesh around the breasts stretch. He dug his fingers into
the tender meat until he could feel the blood welting into his finger nails. Brianna was into too much pain to even scream, only
jagged, heaving gasps of hurt escaped.

David released the crushing pressure from Brianna's breasts, so that he could lick the warm, salty blood dripping from the
wounds his fingers made. Brianna gasped in sudden relief from pain and in choked sobs begged David to stop hurting her. David
was beyond listening or even hearing what Brianna said. He was in a land of pleasure that he would have never thought
possible. Brianna's relief from pain was only momentary. David put his head down over her chest and bit her right nipple with
all the force his jaw could provide. His teeth sliced through the nipples flesh and he nursed on Brianna's blood. He ground
Brianna's nipple until it no longer had any shape. Brianna started to slip into shock from the pain. She did not believe that there
could ever be so much hurt.

After David satiated his suprising taste for Brianna's blood and pain, he regained somewhat his senses. Grinning, with his
teeth running with red. He undid Brianna's pants and pulled them around her ankles, displaying her pink, silky panties. Pulling those
down as well, he was rewarded with the site of Brianna's fresh, clean and shaven pussy. David pushed her legs up and spread her
knees, so that he could relish her womanhood. Brianna weakly tried to close her legs and whispered 'no..please..no'. David
slapped her face so hard that it busted open her lip. Brianna could only obey and hoped to be allowed to live. With her legs
spread so, her clit was exposed, like a berry needing to be harvested, but David only saw another opportunity for destruction.
With his thumb and forfinger he tried to crush Brianna's clit. He reveled in the way she twisted in pain, but her pain was only
beginning. David picked up his club and with the knob end he placed it against Brianna's vaginal opening. Brianna was still
aware enough for the horror to dawn on her as to what was about to happen. David leaned forward and with his body
behind the thrust he rammed the club all the way into her uterus. Tissue tore. Blood vessels burst. Brianna felt as if someone
poured magma into her abdomen, she lost consiousness on the tidal wave of pain that struck her. David was only aware of a
lessening of movement by Brianna. He fucked Brianna with the club using the free flowing blood as lubrication. He pounded
the club inside her as if trying to shatter her pelvis.

After David was done with that orifice he was ready for a different entrance. David turned Brianna over and felt joy at
the site of such a lovely ass. God! David loved asses. He squeezed and felt the wonderfully shaped muscles. He kneeded
them like bread dough. During his inspection of her ass, Brianna unfortunately regained consiousness. She did not bother
trying to say anything or squirm. She just tried to endure the horror.

David's kneeding gained momentum and started to squeeze and push apart her ass cheeks harder and harder. He liked seeing
her anus move and change shape with his exertions. He pushed her cheeks upward and outward opening her asshole like a
dark tunnel. Seeing the muscular ass and inviting black hole aroused David greatly. He continued to pull Brianna's ass cheeks
apart until the sphincter muscles were smooth and at maximum elasticity. Brianna thought that he was trying to split her open
to feed on her entrails. She did not know how she could survive such rendering of her flesh.

Once again David picked up his club, except this time he placed the wider end against Brianna's shit hole. Brianna started
hyperventaling in anticipation of what was to come. Instead of a sudden deep thrust, David slowly pushed the huge wooden
dildo into her anal crevice. Opening and pushing flesh like a blunt bulldozer. The pain was deeper and slower and did not avail
Brianna with the relief of unconsiousness. Deeper into the bowels David pushed his club, opening a 3 and half inch wide orifice
deep into her abdomen. Brianna was bereft of thought and soul as the pain became a deflageration beyond any description. Her
only awareness was a spike of wood 16 inches into her belly.

David watched as Brianna's anus quivered with stress, verging on eruption. The handle of the club flat against that hole.
Then, just as slowly, David extracted the wooden spit that was splitting Brianna in two.

Brianna was covered in sweat and trembling with the violations David had performed upon her body. David was ready
for one final violation. He was going to consumate his desires with Brianna. A very special consumation.

David picked up a small piece of clear plastic tarp. He unfolded it and placed it over Brianna's head, then pulled it down
and around to her neck, so that it formed a hood. After pulling the tarp under her chin and back he twisted the extra length, so
that the hood was tight against Brianna's face. With duct tape he taped the slack around her neck and continued wrapping the tape
around her neck until it formed an inescapable seal.

Brianna knew now that David had meant to kill her all along. With muffled pleas she said 'you promised, you promised', which
David simply ignored. He stripped his clothes off. His cock standing hard and tall waiting to make love to his desire. David
pulled Brianna's ass in the air and pushed her legs underneath. With the gentleness of a loved one he entered her ravaged
ass hole. Blissfully sliding his length in. Feeling the glory of his dream come true. Brianna was hardly aware of David's penetration.
She did not want to die, but it was as if she were breathing a vacuum. She could only feel a small giving of the plastic tomb when
she tried to inhale. No matter how hard she tried to draw air. The seal at her neck was complete. She tried to scream, tried to
bite the plastic, push it out with her tongue, but all that accomplished was to cover the plastic with wetness, so that it felt as if
she were half drowning, because now she sucked her spittle into her lungs. Her lungs started to burn. She knew she wouldn't
last much longer.

David was completely unaware of Brianna's struggles as he was focused entirely of making love to his desire's ass. Savoring every
slide of his shaft into her depths. He knew Brianna was still alive and waited for the moment of ultimate glory of his desire fulfilled.

Brianna kept trying to fight the plastic cocoon about her head, but it was too tight, she struggled feebley against her restraints. Her
lungs were on fire, her sight reduced to a red haze, she saw the blackness approaching. David felt Brianna going, her asshole straining
against his cock, the pressure of it delighting him even more.

Suddenly, Brianna's pain disappeared, her sight went dark, her death had come, her lips bled 'you promised' and she expired. David
felt the limpness of Brianna's body and the release of her asshole's clutch and the warmth of her urine upon his leg. With a great
bursting of glory and ectasy he consumated his love with Brianna's Death.