A Love Story

Posted by David Prince on February 28, 2004 at 19:37:08:

(p.s. I have some great 60s italian fetish scans if anyone is interested).

Brianna, my love, I must render you helpless and hurt you until you cry in pleasure and pain.

I am strong and I will not be gentle. I will hide, where and when you do not know. With tazer in hand, in the dark of the moonless night, I will shock you senseless and silent. Quickly, will I tape your hand and feet to immobilize your pretty, sexy form. I will silence any attempts at alarm by generously taping your
mouth. Actually, in my perverse desires I will have stuffed a pair of your stolen panties in your mouth. That humility so excites me. I pick up your limp body and carry it like a sack of grain into a nearby room where I carelessly toss you on the bed.

My breathing is hard with lust as I quickly undress, my erection is in full bloom, waiting for the ravish of your sweet, young, lithe body. Your are still prone as I pull down your tight, pre-faded jeans
around your ankles. Exposing your the soft flesh of your legs and ass. The thin, frilly blouse I cut off with my razor sharp buck knife. As you begin to stir I get my belt and lash your ass until bright red welts
swell and bleed. After my initial pleasure at giving you pain I pull the tape and panties from your mouth and shove my cock down your windpipe until you gag and choke and tears stream from your eyes. As I pull your head into my groin until your nose is buried in my pubic hair, your throat convulses with the intrusion of such a large object. Your throat is completely blocked by my cock. As your spittle lubricates my
penis I fuck your face until I am ready for another game. I pull my cock from your mouth and retrieve my belt and begin to punish your breats and stomach. At every slap of leather on flesh my erection becomes fuller. Your nipples are aflame with pain and agony.
Your cries and whimperings only make my rapture more pure. As a last bit of sadism I run my knife twice across each breast, making shallow cuts that bleed with fire. I lick the blood from your breasts and close my eyes in exctasy at the salty taste of it.

With the taste of your blood still on my tongue I retrieve a toy especially for you. An enormous, gleaming, black dildo, so large that it is obviously meant for amusement and not use. It is 16 inches long
and 4 inches in diameter. I can't help by chuckle in glee as I watch you tense and curl up, your eyes wide in horror. You can hardly make a sound after the abuses I have performed upon you, so much the better.
I get on the bed and sit on you, so that my weight and strength keeps you stationary. I turn you on your belly and plant my weight square on the middle of you back. Facing your ass I slap your cheeks as hard as I
can with my open hand. Reveling in the jerking of your body and seeing my imprints upon your delicious flesh. With one arm I reach through your legs and under and lift up your butt, so that your asshole
is fully exposed and ready for the immense violation that is about to happen. With the giant dildo in the other hand I raise it high over my head and with as much thrust as I can create I smash the head of that
great dildo into the poor orifice of your buttocks. The impact is so great that the fluid in your bladder is evacuated, the anus muscles are shoved inside the bowel cavity and your body goes into shock from the
damage. The only awareness that you have is of a red-hot spike of pain and screaming deep inside your groin. Upon impact, the dildo stops after boring 6 inches into your ravaged, torn, bleeding innards. I
begin to push the that huge missle of pain further into your abdominal cavity. Your anus stretches incredibally, as if made of rubber. It is a miracle that it has not ruptured from being stetched beyond anything you could have imagined. I push harder, 10", 12". The dildo is actually pushing aside intestines, ripping tissues, relocating organs. At 14" blood starts to pour from your anus. At the full 16" all your internal organ have been shifted. You are numb and it feels as if your entire lower body is liquifying. I then, slowly, pull the dildo halfway out and begin to fuck your ass as if a stallion was mating a mare. I wanted my pulsating organ inside that ravaged, torn and bleeding crevise of your ass. I remove the penis of destruction from what is left of your butthole. I know that once I make love to your
bloody hole I will not want to have to do the chore of killing you, so I go to the clothes bay and remove some drycleaning material from my attire. I do not notice the suffering in your eyes or mouth, I simply
wrap the plastic covering several times around your head until it completely covers it. I tape the ends, so that it stays as an ariless shroud. I climb upon your lovely form one more time and pull your bleeding as toward me. The lubrication of your blood excites me immensely and I enter your swollen, stretched hole. The heat from your injuries draws my cock as deep inside you as I can go. As I enjoy my rape of your ripped innards, you are gasping against the soft plastic that is clinging to your face and keeping you from refreshing your lungs. The plastic wrap of suffucation is very complete and you cannot even suck a molecule of air. Your can only feel the soft carress of the plastic as it is drawn into your mouth. Your struggle to breath becomes more frantic. Your legs shiver and tremble. I do not know why and I do not care, but my pleasure has been intensified by the odd contractions your ass, anus and bowels are making. It is quite wonderful and feels like your anus is masturbating me. I am building to climax with the pressure of your convulsions. You, on the other hand, are flush and sweating as your lungs and body are starving for air. Your face cannot even be seen
through the plastic with your sweat and spittle obscure the view. Your mouth moves just as a fishes does when he is cast upon the ground. You begin to cry as you feel the last vestiges of life and consiousness leave your body. With one final great convulsion your life expires. With that convulsion a great chasm pleasure opens for me as I rocket an
incredible load of cum into your belly, so much cum that the blood still oosing from your gaping hole is like a jelly, mixed with your death and my pleasure.