Brianna's Demise

Posted by David Prince on May 18, 2005 at 17:50:57:

There was a hot, young blonde that lived in the apartment building next to mine.
Every now and then I would see her out on the balcony, usually dressed in something skimpy like
a halter and short-shorts. Sometimes, I would see her sunning at the pool wearing the smallest
yellow bikini I have ever seen. She certainly liked to show off what she had and what she had was
pretty damn nice. Damn! That little tease would make me horny as hell. Just thinking of her pert,
firm breasts and well defined butt got me hard.

I bought a nice 35mm camera with a 20x zoom lens and would take pictures of her when she
was on the balcony or by the pool. I had to be careful though when she was by the pool. I couldn't have
anyone getting suspicious of me stalking her, because that would ruin what I had in mind to do.

For the time being I would masturbate to the little fox's photos that I had taken. Man, I
had to have that little cunt. One way or another.

I kept looking in the real estate ads in the papers for a flop house rental in the little
dirt town a few miles away. After a couple weeks I found an old man who agreed to rent it through
the mail for a little bit of cash. A phone call, a few bucks and I had me a nice little hole in the wall
on an old farm thats nothing but dirt now.

The young girl didn't have a boyfriend or a dog, so that made my plans a lot easier. The complex
wasn't that big and it was pretty quiet at night.

About 3am thursday night I got in an old buick I bought for $600 from the back of a junkyard
for my purpose. It was clunky and a little noisy, but I just needed it to run for a couple days. I drove
it around and parked in a spot just outside of my little pretty's apartment.

I picked up my little bag of goodies and got out. The front door has a bolt, but the sliding glass
door on the patio is a joke, so I stepped over the little wall and with my jigger, unlocked the door.
I very carefully and slowly slid open the door just enough to get into the apartment and closed it behind me.
I stealthily walked back to the bedroom and listened through the door to be sure that she was sleeping.
I took out my tazer, opened the door and quickly went to the side of the bed and shocked the shit out
of my little honey. She was out without even a squeek. I pulled down the blanket and admired my prize.
She was wearing a frilly, pink teddy and pink panties and my cock sprank to hard attention. I took out
my cuffs, cuffed her ankles, turned my pretty over, squeezed her perfect butt for luck, pulled her arms
back, legs up and cuffed her hands together and to the ankle cuffs, so that she was "hogtied". I took out
my duct tape and put a couple pieces over her mouth.

I put all my things back in the bag, then I looked around until I found her keys.
I went to the front door and peeked about. All clear. I went outside and unlocked the trunk. I went back
in, picked up my christmas present and as fast as I could carried her to the car and dropped her in the trunk.
Closed the trunk, then went back and closed and locked her front door. I was all set.

Got back in the car. Started it up and headed out to my little special place. Man! I was phsyched!
I had never felt so pumped up in my life! I was gonna live out my little fantasy, I didn't care what
happened to me afterwards.

After about a half hour I pulled up to the dark little shack. It was pitch balck out there and
I couldn't see a damn thing after I turned off the headlights. I took out a flashlight and made my way to
the front door. I tried the switch and fortunatley, the one, bare hanging bulb in the shack worked, so,
at least I had electricity and didn't have to wait until sunrise.

I went out and got my little bundle of joy and carried her into the shack and put her in the middle of
the bare, hardwood floor. She was concious by now and making little muffled squealing noises through the tape. SHe
wasn't wiggling too much, she must have figured out that it didn't do much good except hurt.

I stooped down and yanked off the duct tape from her mouth. She was quiet for a couple seconds from the
pain shock of the tape ripping off her little lips and mouth. After that she started started talking fast and loud.
I smacked her across the face hard enough to knock her back to the floor and shouted "Shut the fuck up bitch!". She
shut up, but kept crying and sobbing. I said "OK, thats much better. WHat is your name honey?". She said "Brianna".
"Well Brianna, you sure a pretty thing! I have wanted you for a long time. Now if you do as I say and be a nice
girl I won't have to kill you. Are you gonna do what I tell you?". Brianna sobbed "Yes sir".

Well, I can't begin to tell you how ready I was to have some Brianna meat. I could tell it was going to be
extra sweet. "Now Brianna I am going to take off the cuffs on your hands. When I do I want you to stand up and be still".
I reached down and took the cuffs off her hands. She slowly stood up and as she stood up the single lightbulb cast
a mouth watering profile of Brianna's sweet young body through her teddy. I almost didn't want to take it off. I told
briann to take off her teddy and pull down her panties to her ankles. With shaking hands she complied. I went behind
her and pulled her hands behind her back cuffed them again. "Kneel!" I commanded. She immediatley slid down to her knees
with a thump on the hard wood floor.

I quickly stipped off my clothes and freed my hard throbbing cock to stand at its full erection. Brianna's
eyes opened wide and she let out a soft whimper. I reached behind Brianna's head and gripped a fistfull of her soft
hair, hard enough to feel a few yank out from her scalp. Brianna squeaked in pain as I pulled her head toward me so that my
cock silenced her in mid-squeak. "SUCK MY COCK!". Brianna started sucking like her life depended on it. It felt so
wonderful I almost fell to my knees in the ecstacy. I yanked Brianna's head back and forth along my cock like I was masturbating
with her mouth. EVerytime I pulled her head so that her forehead touched my belly she gagged and chocked fearsomely
as my cock entered her wind pipe.

After spending so much time fantasizing about my little cunt it didn't take me long to cum. Man, did I cum!
I held Brianna's head hard against my groin while my jizm squirted down her throat with the force of my cum, probably
went all the way to her gullet. After discharging my load down Brianna's sweet throat I collapsed to the floor in a daze
of heat, ecstacy, relief and release.

I must have shot some of my load into Brianna's lungs, because she kept retching and spouts of my cum were
shooting out of her mouth. Hehe, I liked seeing that.

Brianna also laid down and started to cry softly.

After about 15 minutes I came to my senses a bit, stood up and went into the kitchen for some water.
I was thirsty as hell. After sating my thirst I went back to my little prisoner. She was huddled on the floor,
shivering like it was cold. She had such a perfect little body. I stood there for a few minutes admiring Brianna's
sweet flesh. I went over to my pile of clothes and picked up my belt. It was a nice, sturdy leather belt, with raised
patterns of some kind. I wrapped it once around my hand and went to where my precious lie, raised my arm high over my
head and brought the belt down on Brianna's ass with a wooshing and satisfyingly loud SMACK! Brianna squealed in pain
and shock which immediately caused my cock to begin swelling again. Again I flayed her buttocks. The sound of leather
hitting her flesh was as refreshing as the water I had just drank. I positioned myself so that I stood over my sweet victim, so
that I could bring the belt down with more ferocity and more squarely on her well formed butt. SMACK! SMACK! Again and
again I whipped her. EVery lay of that leather caused a welt until Brianna's entire ass was red as a bloody mary. It
was glory! Brianna could do nothing to deflect my wonton abuse.

I was high from her pain. I wanted to do something a little more personal and instrusive. I ached to cause this
little girl some hurt. I left her huddled, fetal-like over her blistered ass and went on a hunt around the house for
some appropriate items. After collecting what I could find I surveryed my findings; a toilet plunger, an old coke bottle,
an empty Jack Daniels bottle, a round post about 4" wide that must have been from a bed. I looked over at Brianna and
grinned. The fun had just started. I picked up my little pile of treasue and went over and sat down by my captive slut.
I cooed "Oh Brianna, you have made me a happy man today.", She simply begged quietly to not hurt her any more. Oh well.

I turned Brianna on her side, straddled her midsection and pulled her legs toward me so I could see her little
bung hole. A nice little puckered fruit for me to explore. I picked up the plunger and with the wooden tip touched
her little opening. Brianna suddenly gasped and I could feel her body tighten as she realized wat I was about to do.
She started to feebly moan "Noo...nooo...please!". That just made it all the better. With a savage twist and thrust the
plungers wooden pole violated Brianna's anus. The initial thrust went in about 4 inches. Without any lubrication the
rough, wooden pole pulled the outer rectum flesh downard along with it. This time Brianna let out a piercing scream.
With a heave I shoved the tool 4 more inches into her rectal cavity. The coarse wood and the sudden stretching of her
rectal flesh in a direction it was not designed for caused a tear somewhere, because blood started to leak from her hole.
Brianna writhed in agony and made gutteral sounds of intense pain. I don't think she could even talk. I started to move
the pole in a circular motion opening her cavity more, while the tip scored a path in her lower intestine. The blood
started to trickle a little more. With the blood lubricant I easily pushed the pole in several more inches. The blood
and Brianna's pain made my blood burn with desire. I started to fuck her with the wooden pole, which was now blood drenched.
Its red shaft gleaming sickly as it thrust in and out of Brianna's ass. I pushed the pole so far up her rectum, that I could
move the pole and see the tip as it tried to poke through her belly.

Brianna lay in the small pool of blood from her ravaged rectum and vagina. The smell of the blood mixed with
fear sweat was somewhat sweet and I inhaled deeply of it. I knew she could not last too much longer and I could not stay
here for more than a few more hours, so I needed to make the best of it while I could. I was amazed at how
quickly my erection returned. I had waited so many years for the perfrect time and victim that I simply stayed
in contanstant arousal.

Brianna's ass was slick with blood as I grabbed her butt cheeks and my fingers slipped while I tried to
squeeze handfuls of her perfectly formed and firm rear. I did the best I could to separate her cheeks from each
other amidst the slippage. Her blood slick ass looked so delicious. I positioned my thumbs on either side of her
asshole and pushed in opposite directions. Opening that portal wide and causing some fresh blood flow. Brianna
started to whimper with the renewed assault. I kept pushing apart her butt hole until it was taut and ready for entry.
I put the tip of my cock against the opening and slowly entered her blood hot rectal region. There was plenty of
lubrication from my earlier assualt, so I easily slid my cock in deep until I was fully inside. My 10" cock penetrated
Brianna to the first bend in her intestine. I could feel the push of the tissue with the tip of my cock. Her anus
was tight and small enough to act as a cock ring. The firm grip of her rectum muscles was exhilerating. As Brianna
made little crying noises she would instinctively try to reject my invasion and the clenching of her rectum made me
dizzy with excitement.

I would slowly pull my cock out and back in and feel the grip of her sphincter along the entire shaft of my cock.
Oh my god! It felt so good! Her hole was so hot and slick from blood it was like the ultimate pussy. As I fucked her
asshole I tourtured her tits so she would continue to clench and jerk and keep my arousal at its peak. I was using a
pair of pliers to crush her nipples and the soft tissue of her breasts. Soon her breasts were a ragged pair of
torn and rent flesh. Every squeeze of the pliers on her sensitive tits cause another jerk and squeeze of her rectum
against my member. I fucked and fucked her asshole until I could feel it stretching into a new shape.

I knew I could not hold my final ecstacy off indefinately, so I reluctantly withdrew my throbbing member from
Brianna's nether regions and looked around the room. I spotted some clear plastic tarp in a corner, probably used
for covering something when the roof leaked, so I went over and picked it up. It was roughly 4' square, no holes
and sturdy. I knelt down next to my sweet lover's body, whispered "good-bye my love" into her ear, kissed her gently
on the cheek, laid the tarp over her head and quickly and firmly pulled all the edges behind her head. Brianna regained
somewhat of her wits and realized what was in store and started to struggle. I pulled the tarp back and started
to twist. I twisted the tarp until I could hear the squeaking of it as it streteched against Brianna's face. While
one hand held tightly to the plastic I got the duct tape with the other and wrapped duct tape around the twisted plastic
until I was certain it would not slacken. I could hear Brianna's wet, suffocated wheezing as she struggled to breathe.
I pulled her ass forward and rammed my cock into her bung hole until I slammed into her butt. I started to fuck her ass
like a dog in heat. Brianna was grunting with desperation and her stuggle for a last bit of life increased my pleasure.
Her mouth opened and closed against the plastic, like a land marooned fish gasping. I could hardly see her face as the plastic
fogged up and dripped with spittle. I fucked her frantically..bam! bam! bam! into her butt I smashed. Her rectum muscles
were spasming uncontrollably with lack of oxygen. Brianna's body started to shake and shiver as if in a seizure. This
was it! THe final and ultimate exctasy! I did my utmost to hold my orgasm until the right moment. Brianna's
movements became sluggish and hesitant, after another moment or two, with an odd popping noise from her mouth she died.
Her mouth went slack, her body dropped limp and there was the smell of urine. With all the energy within me I
discharged my love into Brianna's bowels, then I fainted.

By the time I came to Brianna's body was cold. I was in utter contentment. I slowly got up and in a daze went to the
fridge and ate a left over sandwich and drank a quart of water.

I picked up a shovel and Brianna's corpse and carried them to a grassy depression about a hundred yards away and buried my
love. I went back to the shack, cleaned up as much of the blood as I could, doused the place in kerosene and burnt away all the evidence.
No one would notice. They burnt leaves out here all the time. After a few days, any evidence on Brianna's body would
be long decayed.

I may find another love, but there will be no other love as my Brianna.