'Benny the Creep' a holiday poem

Posted by Kojak on December 08, 2004 at 19:52:41:

I know the worst story comp. is a ways off but I have to keep warmed up.......So I thot I would get into the swing of it with some Holiday poetry...

He walked by the light....bulb flashed, fright..blood splattered..pooped it right.....no longer a problem...it's all allright.....Christmas is coming.

Another newspaper headline, another customer for the Mortician....something to ponder, beneath the sheet...some call him a Necrophiliac, most call him Benny the Creep.....& Christmas was almost here.

But this night is special, a quiet respite, no blairing trumpets, no dance in the limelight, no chorus of singers lit by candle light...only this corpse, deviod of everything. Essentials only, for the amusement of one.....'Hehehehehhee' He laughed....Cackling in the night...the Mortician was the one, they called Benny the Creep....Santa had been good to him this year.

Benny was laughing (as he always did). Sound proof walls add to his delight, cause he can laugh louder, as loud as he might on another day, another night, another customer, 'Ya it's allright'...he lights his pipe. 'I am smoking tonite, with nary a care, cause I got a date with Mrs whomever....she looks allright'.

'Ya it's allright'...thot Benny the Creep. The radio was playing, 'Santa's Souped Up Sled'....then he felt a singing pain, his chest was full, it went to his head, he slumped on top of the corpse he had sought....dead...two resting on a gurney.....the headlines would find, another story, in a very short time.

Benny was buried, on top of his love, not the corpse but his puppy, 'Sleddy Red' was his name....the last words he said were.....'Uhhhh' the dog that is.

Five years later, another murder, another Mortician, her name was Jill, she did it right, nary a touch & was not even aware of the terminal thought in her head cause in a moment she too would be dead....who killed her U ask? I heard from a source, it was Benny the Creep, but that can't be...maybe it was Sleddy Red.

Santa stepped out from under his tree & felt her tits, he was happy U see...'HO HO HO HO HO!!!!'back to the North Pole he thought..this is better than any present anyone ever bought......Jill was oblivious, her tits were fine.....now she had a new purpose, keep Santa in fine form & happy to be, the man that brings to all the kids, warm wishes & delerious fun. Merry Christmas!!!

Who am I? I am Benny, I didn't die, the entire tale was a fabricated lie....U can find me in the yellow pages under, well I had better not say but here's a clue..Sleddy Red is that U? Can't be...

So I walked out the door into the light. I can bear this a little, ya it's allright...Christmas is coming.....strange time of year,too many bells, hurting my ear. I only have one (ear). Sleddy Red is dead, if a moral there must be, that's the one....it works for me...The End