Bambi's Bad Night..the Kojak files, Who love's ya baby?!

Posted by Kojak on December 06, 1999 at 21:38:25:


OK gang,,this is Kojak & here’s a little tale from the secret police files..I should know..I did the “investigation” on this babe!

Bambi Hamilton was no ordinary stripper. She was a mature 28 ½ yr.s old. She had long dark shoulder length hair, stood about 5’ 10”, weighed 148 pounds & had 44” triple D silicone tits that stood out like twin torpedoes. Her eyes were large & dark with a certain cruel look to them. When she walked onto the stage all the guys & other strippers were focused on her massive tits. She was a practiced cockteaser, giving the clients all they could desire, without giving away too much. She knew how to get every guy in the audience hard & horny with just a look. Usually she just danced, but occasionally, if a client appealed to her, she would get them off for money. But Bambi had her own moral code. She didn’t do it for less than $500.00 cash & then it was a handjob only, with no kissing. She was too good to allow any of these low class scumbags to actually put their dick into her expensive cunt. That was only for the most fortunate of her clients, those with at least $2000,00 to spend.

Never the less, Bambi made a lot of money at the club. Her favorite activity was to dance for a client, get them hard as a rock then after her set was done, offer to jack them off in the bathroom for her usual fee. This arrangement worked out well because the bathrooms had locking stalls with full length doors so no one could see underneath them.

Bambi had a great life making money hand over fist (pardon the pun) until one night she met one particular client, that’s when Bambi’s winning streak came to an abrupt end! This guy was different from the others, he was a big guy, kinda fat & greasy, Mexican lookin. He had the hard-on & the $500.00.

After Bambi’s last set she went into the audience & approached the dude. She was wearing a sequined ruby red bikini with 4” high red heeled shoes. She smelled sweet like some pseudoexpensive perfume. She knew he would take her up on her offer from the way he was eyeing her on stage, a real desperate jerk off for sure, for her to jerk off! An easy half a grand she thought.

Bambi approached the guy..”What’s your name honey?” She wispered in his ear, “Rodriguez” was his reply. “Well I saw how you were looking at my tits from the stage Rod, how’d you like me to get you off?” “Ya” was his reply. “OK, here’s the me in 5 minutes by the men’s bahtroom…there’s a stall, 2nd one from the go in & make sure no ones there & we’ll go into that stall, don’t worry, the door locks from the inside…I’ll jack you off for $500.00 cash, what do you say..” “Ya!” “I need a couple minutes to get ready…I’ll see you there soon”. With that she walked off, her silicone torpedoes bouncing firmly as her ass cheeks quivered. The hard-on was already raging in his pants (she was sure of that) as she silently laughed to herself. Going to her dressing room, she grabbed a packet of petroleum jelly & started towards the men’s room. She knew all too well that as long as there was nobody around the entrance she could slip in undetected. As she neared the entrance she saw her john waiting impatiently. ”What a sucker” she thought to herself…”a real jerkoff for sure”. She didn’t care, it was so easy to make money this way.
“Coast clear?” she husked…”Ya” was the reply…with that she quickly whisked him into the bathroom & headed for the open stall. Once inside she shut & locked the door. Each stall had a video monitor so that anyone using the toilet could see the stage shows. This served the purpose of allowing guys to get off while watching the strippers with no fear of getting caught. It served Bambi’s purpose because it made it easier to make her customers blow their wad without jacking them off for endless minutes…usually 5 minutes or less was all it took.
“Well let’s get to work baby” she whispered. “You got the money?” He pulled out the half a grand & Bambi snatched it quickly, stuffing it into her bikini bottom..”Don’t worry baby, your money’s safe in there, nobody’s goin there tonight anyway” “Least of all you, ya jerkoff loser” She thought to herself. Pulling down his pants, she got on her knees, applied the vaseline & started working his cock. She looked up & noticed he was intently watching the video monitor. A red head bitch with fake tits almost as big as Bambi’s was dancing on the stage. “Real hard-on material for another sucker” she thought to herself as his dick grew larger & larger until it was a full 8 inches long. Pumping furiously, she started concentrating on her work..ignoring her john & the monitor. Her knees didn’t feel comfortable on the hard cold concrete floor & whats more..all she could see was some obscene drawings on the bathroom wall, it disgusted her to be there in this filth but money was money.
Bambi continued to pump the big dick as she thought about how she would score some good coke with her most recent mini-whore stint in the john. It’s too bad she didn’t notice her john slowly reach into his pocket & pull out an ice pick.. It was a nasty weapon, a small steel shaft one quarter inch thick tapering to an extremely sharp point with a total length of 7 inches, topped with a thin metal handle, sqaure sided, about 5” long. As Bambi was busy pumping away at his turgid dick, he slowly raised the pick up. As she toiled at her task, staring at his cock she wispered in her most sexy voice “Ohh I think your gonna blow your wad pretty soon you like the way I jack you off?” “Ya” he repied & in an instant slammed the ice pick down into the top of her skull. With an audible thunk he buried it to the hilt, penetrating the brain to the full length of the shaft. Bambi’s eyes grew wide & suddenly she stiffened her entire body, Her hand continued to Jack off the john’s cock which he found very amusing. Bambi moaned & grunted loudly once, then slowly her hand loosened & hung at her side. She was still on her knees, breathing & staring straight ahead, unable to move or vocalize her absolute terror!
The john bent down & lifted Bambi up by the shoulders, suddenly her whole body grew tense, her legs straightened & she lurched open mouthed as her back & ass slammed against the bathroon stall door. As the big titted silicone teaser stood there, the video monitor pounded with the rhythym of pulsing drums…the stripper on the monitor shook her big knockers back & forth, teasing her audience. “This bitch is done teasing” thought Rodriquez, as he stuck his hand into Bambi’s bikini bottom & pulled out his $500.00, “mind if I take my money back?” he whispered into Bambi’s ear. ”After all” he said, “you didn’t finish you’re hand job!” “Guess I’ll have to get my money’s worth some other way”. As he ripped her bikini top off he groped Bambi’s big silicone tits, grunted & pulled his pants down. Then, slowly Rodriquez pulled her bikini bottom down to her ankles as he balanced her corpse with his other hand. Bambi just stood there staring. Her eyes looking at nothing. Not able to process any visual stimuli she could only look into the enigma of blackness, as a slow stream of piss ran down between her muscular thighs. She started to breath in a ragged, raspy pattern & a trickle of drool escaped her moistened red lips, dripping down onto her left plastic tit as it jutted like a torpedo.
Rodriguez started stroking his big dick & in an instant shoved it into her unwilling cunt. Bambi felt only a black nothingness that soon engulfed all of her being. Suddenly she let out a long rattled breath & her entire body grew even more stiff. She let out a last loud grunt & a small hard stool of shit pushed out from the crack of her ass. He knew she was dead but it didn’t matter to him at all. In fact he preferred it, this cockteaser was just a piece of over priced meat & he would use her for the meat she was, pumping into her dead cunt as he watched the stripper on the monitor.
Holding onto the recently stiff Bambi Rodriguez continued to pump her dead cunt, her pussy lips involuntarily squeezing his rigid cock. Looking into the dead strippers deader eyes. He kissed her full on the mouth & shot a huge load into her tight little jizz jar. Rodriquez stepped back & dropped Bambi’s beautiful corpse onto the floor. Zipping his pants he quickly left the stall & made a hasty exit.
Bambi was discovered a few minutes later by another horny customer who made the most of the situation, much to Bambi’s disgust (if she had any) but the dead don’t have much say in these matters anyway! Besides, she still had the morgue shift to go through. Ya this stiff Bambi wasn’t ready for the casket yet! She had a long ways to go! But that’s another story! See ya next time..Kojak