Raped and Hanged in Japan - addenda

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: First of all, please realize that I am a bit
: jealous of the creative springs some of you guys
: seem able to tap. I'm lucky to get a story idea
: once a month, and only about one out of ten of
: these get written.

: Second, it is a good scenario, but a scenario is
: just the outline of a potential good story.

: Third, please take these questions in the
: constructive spirit they were intended. Answer
: them in your heart and rewrite the above, and
: you will have a real story.

: A. How did Ms. Nagai get connected with the
: Yakuza?
: B. Why was she subjected to this ordeal?

: She could be a yakuza member or the daughter or
: wife of a yakuza being punished for some sin
: against the society. Or, she could have been
: kidnapped for the entertainment at this party.

: C. Did she enjoy any part of the ordeal, or was
: the whole thing torture for her? You describe
: what was done, but not how it effected her. Was
: it painful, pleasurable or just tolerable?

: D. Did the yakuza members enjoy what they were
: doing? Or, did they just do it because it was
: necessary? For example, she could have been a
: well liked member of the family who committed a
: sin that they had to punish her for, but really
: didn't want to, but had to.

: E. Was she relieved or more frightened when they
: finally hanged her?

: F. What was done with the body?

Here are the answers to your questions:

Kimiko nagai was a daughter of a Yakuza, who betrayed the
organization and they decided to rape and kill his daughter
as punishment. When Kimiko was forced to blow the men in the
room, she was fascinated with the fact that she never done it
before, but of course the yakuza guys fucked her in mouth holding her
head down and forcing her to swallow.
Kimiko resisted as they were about to hang her.
She knew that death in the noose was painful and did not
want to strangle for the pleasure of her captors.
After Kimiko died, the men took her body down, washed it from urine
and excrements with fire hoze and wrapped her dead body in a a tablecloth and
buried it outside the city.