Posted by H. on May 07, 2000 at 23:18:28:

Kumiko Nagai was told that without any doubt she was going to die,
but not before the Yakuza's men had some fun with her first.
Kumiko just turned 18 but looked much younger. She was beautiful
and she was afraid. Not of the fact that they will take her life,
but how exactly it would be done and how much it will hurt.
Kumiko was undressed and her hands were tied securely behind her back.
At the instructions from the top Yakuza man, she began to perform
Bukkake, sucking on men's penises and allowing them to cum in her face.
She drank a full wine glass of hot sperm from a dozen men and was thoroughly
banged by them until every man emptied his load in her belly.
Then Kimiko was told to stand on a high stool and a yakuza man tied a thin
metal cable to the ring in the ceiling and tied a sliding noose, which he forced
around Kimiko's thoat.
The stool then was kicked away leaving the girl to slowly strangle to death.
Kimiko's face turned red, her legs begun to kick the air
and her muscles spasmed uncontrollably.
She urinated, defecated and drooled from mouth until with a final jerk her life went
into the beter world free of violence and fear.