[STORY] Death be not Cruel Pt II

Posted by Dead Leslie on August 17, 2006 at 20:38:37:

Death be not Cruel Pt II
by Dead Leslie

Their love life had never been one of shy seduction or fleeting touches--they had been lovers with a passion that seemed to bely her bouts with depression. He was sometimes shocked by the ferocity of her lovemaking, but he had never felt anything but desire for the woman he had married.

Now she lay on their bed, the passion drained from her body.

He drank in her figure as he undressed. She was a small woman, standing only as tall as his chin even in heels. She had a waist he often joked could be encircled by a finger and thumb, but her tight and toned ass could hardly be called anemic, nor her grapefuit-sized breasts. She was a woman who despite working out on a treadmill and bike, had never been able to tone her tummy. He liked it that way though.

His erection was almost painfuly full when he approached her corpse, and the touch of his hand to her face nearly caused him to explode. He wanted to make love to her slowly--this would be their last time together after all--but his body seemed to be driven to a frenzy by the sights and smells of the last few minutes.

One of her fantasies floated up from memory, and it comforted him to think she might enjoy some role play first.

"I'm going to fuck you you whore" he whispered in her ear hoarsly as he grabbed her pants around the waistband. "I'm going to fuck you until you scream" he paused a moment in thought, "No, I'm going to fuck you dead."

One swift jerk roughly pulled down her pants and thong, exposing her redish bush and causing the corpse to jiggle. A couple of more tugs and he got her pale legs completely exposed, save for her socks, once white, but now stained yellow.

Grabbing her cold, dead legs by the ankles he threw them over his shoulders, and none too gently positioned himself above her, his cock hovering above her parted lips, dripping pre-cum onto her pubic hair.

"Fuck on this bitch."

He drove his dick deep into her, surprised both by how lubricated her dead pussy was, and how deep he penetrated her. He had always been a tight fit inside her, but in death her vaginal muscles had relaxed enough for him to slip deep inside her. As he continued to pound his cock into her, he could feel it bottoming out against her cervix.

He continued to thrust savagly, causing her head to bang against the headboard, and her breasts to bounce around madly. His grunts came faster and louder nou, and his thrusts were punctuated with a squirt of fluid from between her legs each time he rammed his cock deeper.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck" Harder, and faster, the living and the dead tangled in a macabre jumble of body parts and profanity.

It took less than two dozen stroked before he exploded with the most mind-blowing orgasm of his life.

He collapsed ontop of her, spent. Her legs awkwardly slid down from their perch to plop onto the bed lifelessly.

"Fuck me." he said to the silent room.

To Be Continued...