STORY: Mortal Beloved

Posted by Dead Leslie on May 08, 2007 at 20:28:09:

Author's Note: An experimental piece, first considered after reading the article blue.beard suggested. I figured I had to break the rules :)

Mortal Beloved

by Dead Leslie

It has been a lovely evening at the opera, and before that dinner and drinks at the town's hottest spot. My heart is filled with the love I carry for you, and on the drive home we chat innanely as our hands rest in each other's laps. I was dreaming of finishing the night in your warm, srong embrace, but it was not to be.

We step inside the appartment and lock the door, when a wave of nausea passes over me. I feel my knees get weak, and I cling to you, my heart racing, unable to catch my breath.

You hold me tightly, your handsome features confused. You keep asking me what was wrong, but I am unable to answer. Overcome by weakness, unable to think clearly, I focus on your voice.

"I love you." I whisper as the world grows dark.

My body goes limp, my eyes rolling into the back of my head as I die in your arms. A small stream of piss runs down my legs as my bladder relaxes in death, but you do not notice, being so shatter by grief.

You carry my corpse to our bed, and gently lay me there, burying your face in my chest. Your strong shoulders are wracked with sobs; you kiss my pale face, and whispered of your love to me. My alabaster corpse, unhearing, lays limp and inviting on the bed.

Tempted to sin by my tragic beauty, you allow your hands to roam across the body they had explored so many times before. Your lips gently plant kisses down my neck, as your nimble fingers slip the spaghetti straps of my dress from my shoulders, pulling the gown down to expose my firm breasts.

My nipples are hard against your tongue as you suckled at them. You straddle my corpse as your mouth continues its exploration, and run your fingers sensously through my long red hair.

You pause for a moment, and stand. Slowly, looking at my dead body longingly, you undress, as if to give me one last loving look at your well-toned body, and your rigid manhood.

Then, with gentle care, you pull the shimmering blue evening gown from my pliant corpse, and pile the piss-stained garment with your own on the bedroom floor.

I now lay on the bed, dressed only in a pair of black thigh-high nylons so sheer they look painted on my shapely legs. In addition to the open toed sandals I wear, I am also clad in a tiny black g-string, so tight you can see my pussy lips through it.

Ignoring the remainder of my clothing, you again straddle me, to allow your cock to hover at the edge of my mouth. Gently your push the head past my scarlet lips and slowly rock my head back and forth. In life I had sucked your beautiful penis dry on many an occasion, but this time, there is only the simple mechanics of fuckin my mouth. Unsatisfied, you withdraw, leaving a small trail of pre-cum behind to drip from my chin.

Instead you moved to taste my cunt. If you could not get oral pleasure from me, you could always provide it to my corpse. Pulling off my panties, you expose my glistening wet mound. The small patch of red had captured droplets of my desire from earlier this evening, as well as drops of urine from my dying moments. The scent of my womanhood is delicatly musky as you bend low to taste. Ignoring the sharp tang of my piss, your tongue slips past my slightly parted lips, to taste the deeper saltiness of my well. My body rocks as your mouth presses and sucks, harder and harder at my vagina, as if you are trying to comsume me in a single sitting.

My corpse is cooling now, however, even as your desire is enflamed. You lift your head and placing my legs on your shoulders, you allow your engorged dick, dripping now, to pause a moment at the entrance to my pussy.

Plunging forward, you empale me on your member, driving it deep within my dead cunt, and filling me with your manly desire. Again and again you drive home your cock, ramming its head against my cervix, and mine against the headboard. I am beyond caring through, my pale green eyes staring sightlessly at the ceiling as you pump me. With every thrust my brests bounce provocativly and my limbs flail limply, like a marionette without strings.

Your cock is burning now, semen welling up from deep inside you as you cluch my pale corpse to you. A orgasmic tsunami breaks across you as you pound you cock into my dead cunt one last time. Throbbing as it explodes, you fill me with your cum, even as you thrust over and over, until limp, drained and exhausted you collapse on top of my lovely dead body.

Miraculously alive, I savor my own afterglow and caress your sweaty form.

"I think next time, " I whisper, "The fantasy should include you fucking me in the ass."

You moan your consent as you drift to sleep in my arms.