Twinkerbell and YumYum

Posted by C on September 22, 2004 at 11:29:07:

It was a stormy night, and really dark, too.

Twinkerbell and YumYum cuddled cosily together under the protective cover (or so they thought!)of a big, leafy hedge.

"Mmmmmmmm," said Twinkerbell dreamily, tossing back her picture-pretty blonde hair, pursing her beautiful, bee-stung lips, perking up her hardly-needing-to-be-perked-up-further bosom, shaking the dew from her filmy white negligee, drawing her shapely knees back toward her trim little tummy, and stretching out to their full extent those cornflower-blue butterfly wings with which the fairies of her species are always endowed, "that sure was one fine fuck!"

"You're telling me!" said YumYum lustily, doing pretty much all the stuff her girlfriend had just done, except that she (YumYum, not Twinkerbell) was a redhead, with everything that that implies!

"Want to . . . do it again?" asked Twinkerbell inquiringly.

"Not just yet," said YumYum drowsily. "We did make (er) rather a lot of noise" (Twinkerbell giggled mirthfully at this). "Do you think it's safe to stay here?"

"Of course it is," said Twinkerbell snortingly. "We're two beautiful Mythican females; what could possibly go wrong?"

"You've got me there," said YumYum, and they both laughed for about a minute.

"I mean," said Twinkerbell,"just consider our powerful wings, which as you know can carry us at speeds of up to 100 miles per hour, even without a favorable wind."

"That's right," said YumYum, "and don't forget that even if our wings should be disabled, our magical (and very stylish) spike heels can carry us over the roughest terrain at speeds an Olympic sprinter might envy."

"You know I couldn't forget that," said Twinkerbell chidingly, "but thanks all the same for the reminder. Yes, we are just about uncatchable."

At precisely that moment, Tom Tolliver, the Village Headman's favorite mousing cat (Headman of the Village of Sputum-under-Bracelip, that is, most populous settlement in the Northern Woods), who had been lurking all this time farther back in the hedge (Tom Tolliver that is, not the Headman), decided to pounce. One orange-furred, sharp-clawed paw landed on Twinkerbell's oh-so-shapely bosom, and one on YumYum's (her bosom, that is).

"Ouch!" cried Twinkerbell hurtfully.

"Ahhhhhhhh!" screamed YumYum shriekily.

"Ho ho!" said Tom amusedly, "and hey nonny nonny, too! It seems I've caught two magical misses with their pants down!" (The fairies indeed had their panties at their knees as he said this; ruefully and tearfully, they had to agree he was quite the one for a double entendre.)

"Oh please, pussycat, please," cried YumYum desperately. "Surely you'd like the wishes we can offer, rather than slowly teasing the life out of us by applying that wondrously rough tongue of yours to our pretty, palpitating pussies!"

"Oh definitely please," cried Twinkerbell secondingly, "there's so much I'm sure you'd rather do than make us cry and kick and come in a crescendo of ultimately fatal orgasms!"

"Sorry girls," said the cat dispositively. "It's my job to rid this locale of a variety of pests, and wicked little fairies like you are high up on my list. Plus, you taste a whole fuck of a lot better than mice."

"No!" said YumYum.

"No! No! No!" added Twinkerbell.

Not interested in further discussion, Tom put tongue to pussy (Twinkerbell's first). "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhhhh . . . ! cried Twinkerbell groaningly.

Several ecstatic though ultimately lethal spasms later, it was YumYum's turn. "Oh! Oh! Ohhhhh . . . ! she cried sobbingly and whimperingly. Then she too, just like her friend (Twinkerbell, that is), was gone.

"Two pretty fairies are now two pretty dead fairies!" said Tom concludingly. "Ha ha ha! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!"

THE END (or is it?)