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Tatsu, for me, displays a kind of unsurpassably cruel enthusiasm in everything he does. Let me know: is he too far over the top?

By C

Chapter I

Hideo Tatsu, master of Tokairo, had recently added a new twist to the shrinking game. As before, he'd reduce a lovely, unsuspecting victim to insect size. But now, as the tiny beauty lay there, naked and unconscious, he would recite a spell he'd learned on the internet. Within moments, brightly colored butterfly or moth wings would spring from his victim's back. When she returned to groggy wakefulness, he'd call out: "Hey pretty Missy-fly, it time now you flap flap and go!" And so she did, pursuing a clumsy, erratic flight with her unfamiliar wings.

After populating his garden with about twenty butterfly girls, Tatsu went out one morning with a big net. Almost immediately, he saw two of his little ladies trembling in an orb-weaver's web. (A delicious side-effect of the butterfly spell was to render the victims unable to see spider silk!) He whiled away about an hour watching the orb-weaver entertain its unwilling guests. It would have been unsporting to steal someone else's prey, so at last he moved on.

He came out into a grassy area stocked with wildflowers, and there he found what he was looking for: ten or more of the butterfly girls flittering around the blossoms. (Along with wings, they'd been given a taste for nectar.) "Woo! Woo!" he shouted and dashed in with his net. Soon, five were tangled in its strands. Very gently, he removed them from the net and placed them in a specially prepared killing jar. The aromatic potions in the jar gave them all a nice, kicky sendoff, then made their little bodies stiffen. When he got them back to his house, he took them out one by one, slipped a pin through each, and then placed them all, face up, in a big display case he'd made just for this purpose.

That done, he looked at his clock. Almost noon. It was nearly time for the open house at the Bancrofts'. Tatsu sighed; there really was no gracious way to get out of it. He washed his hands, went out to his SUV, and drove to ___.

The Bancrofts owned the biggest mansion in ___. They fancied themselves sorcerers, though "dabblers" was a better word for them. Their spectacular wealth, however, meant that everyone in the magical community paid them respectful attention. Two or three times a year, they held an open house in support of some favorite cause or other. Everyone who was anyone in magic would come, make a contribution, and socialize. This time the cause du jour was oppressed magicians in Tibet. Tatsu would care about oppression the day it first happened to him; but the Bancrofts had underwritten some of his ventures, so, dutifully, he showed up.

A servant looked him over quickly to ascertain that he belonged, and then escorted him into a sumptuous living room, big enough to accommodate two hundred or more people. Everyone who mattered in magic was there, including many from the East Coast and Chicago who'd jetted in just for this event. Present of course was Atsuko Farnsworth, looking sultry and bored all at once in a jaguar-print dress and matching heels. Her lustrous black hair hung down to her waist. As always, Tatsu felt the urge to reach out and stroke her hair–an urge that would prove fatal if he ever obeyed it.

She saw him, nodded perfunctorily, and turned to two breathtakingly pretty girls–one a redhead, one an east Asian--both in long white dresses. These were two of Atsuko's "companions," five young women who lived with her in her big townhouse just two blocks away. Tatsu swept the room with his eyes and immediately saw the remaining companions: three identical black girls who bore a more than passing resemblance to the young Rae Dawn Chong. The triplets (that's what everyone called them) were dressed, as always, in matching miniskirts and heels, this time canary yellow. ("Ahhh," said Tatsu to himself). They were talking together and must have found something very amusing, as they kept bursting into clear, tinkling laughter.

Suddenly, from behind him, Tatsu heard "Darling! Darling!" He turned and was confronted with Betty Bancroft, who'd squeezed her abundant body into a black dress about two sizes too tight. "Oh, what up, Betty?" he said. "How's tricks?"

She laughed a little too long and loudly at this old magician's joke. "Oh, you old comedian! Everything's just fine, fine! I'm about to give an announcement; I hope you'll stick around for it!"

"Sure thing," said Tatsu, hoping it would be a short announcement.

Betty cleared her throat and then spoke in a voice that filled the big room with no apparent effort on her part. "If I could have everyone's attention, please! I want to show you all something that's darling, just darling!" And with no further explanation, she led a good fraction of them to a little room where–as Tatsu recalled–she kept some sewing equipment. In one corner of the room was a basket. In the basket was a gray cat with a white spot on its forehead. With the cat was a clutch of kittens. "Isn't it just darling?" said Betty. "She showed up on the doorstep a week ago, and three days later, she had her litter! Take a closer look; they're darling!"

Not wanting to seem unfriendly, Tatsu obliged. There were five kittens in all, nuzzling at their mother's nipples. When one of them turned away from her for a moment, he saw that it, too, had the same white spot on its forehead.

Tatsu looked for as long as politeness required, then turned to leave. It was at just this moment that Atsuko came into the room. She glanced over at the basket, and her expression changed in an instant from boredom to something very different. Her eyes widened, her face turned white, she started to tremble, and then–amazingly–she screamed and dashed out of the room! Tatsu had never seen anything like it. Curious, he followed her out into the hall, as did several others who were wondering what was wrong. There he saw her, surrounded by two or three concerned acquaintances. "V-vertigo," he could hear her say. "Bad case of vertigo . . . . It hits me every now and then. No, really, I'm fine." And then, he sensed something. It took him just a moment to figure out what it was: a spell of forgetfulness, darting from one person to another. When it came to him, he issued, as unobtrusively as he could, a spell of deflection. The spell of forgetfulness tried to fasten onto him, decided that he wasn't there, then proceeded to someone else. Had Atsuko sensed this counter-move? If she had–if she thought he was in any way a threat, he had to move quickly or he was dead. He looked over again to where she had been standing. Not very surprisingly, she was gone. He went back to the living room. There was no sign of her, or her five pretty friends.

Chapter II

After making some excuse to the hostess, Tatsu got in his SUV and drove home as fast as he could without risking arrest. Once there, he went to his computer and logged on to the internet. What had Atsuko been afraid of? He had been in that same room with her once before: during another open house, Betty had invited them all in to admire some hideous macrame. Atsuko had looked at it with amused contempt, and then left. No terror, no panicked flight. The room and its furnishings hadn't changed, as far as Tatsu could remember. The only difference was the presence of the cat and kittens. If Atsuko was afraid of an animal, it could mean only one thing: she was a fay (something Tatsu had long suspected), and she had just encountered a natural enemy.

He went to the best available site: wickedfays.com. It had a search engine, into which he punched the words "predator," "cat," and "white spot." The computer clicked and hummed for a full minute, then gave him the answer he sought.

In ancient Atlantis, about a thousand years before the great continent sank beneath the sea, the harems of wealthy men everywhere were visited by a dreadful scourge. It was a terrible succubus, able to take on the appearance of whatever harem slave it had most recently killed. The master would summon a female favorite in expectation of a night of pleasure. Instead, the succubus hypnotized him and then, while he was helpless, drained him of his blood.

For the very first time, the rich and powerful of Atlantis were helpless. Even an Emperor fell prey to the harem succubus. Gonfalon III was discovered one morning, lifeless, bereft of blood, but somehow unmarked-- together with the corpses of all two hundred of his pleasure girls. His son, Aroomzoomzoom II, resolved that something must be done.

Aroomzoomzoom, who had some training in magic himself, summoned the best sorcerers in Atlantis. Together, they discovered the one creature that could capture and kill a harem succubus: an unprepossessing cat, with a white spot on its forehead. Soon, seraglios throughout the land were equipped with one or more of these little guardians. It wasn't long before the harem cats were bagging succubi by the dozens. Soon, decimated and demoralized, the surviving succubi fled Atlantis, never to return.

How did these creatures look when they were not mimicking an unfortunate victim? According to reports by the few witnesses who had survived an encounter, they looked like the most beautiful of human women–with one exception: they had no pubic hair. One representation did survive: a painting by the old Atlantean master, Temperafresco. Apparently, an especially brazen succubus decided that she deserved a portrait by the best artist alive. She came to Temperafresco one night and told him: "Paint me; if I like it, I'll let you live." Trembling, he went to work. A month later, she looked at the finished rendering, kissed him on the cheek, and left. The poor man suffered a mental collapse and never again picked up a brush.

Tatsu downloaded the painting. "Damn," he said. "I hate thumbnail!" Another click of the mouse, and a larger version came into focus. It was an unutterably beautiful woman, black-haired and almond-eyed, sitting naked (but for a pair of silver high heels) on a couch. She was smiling and casually holding a human skull in one hand. Her groin was indeed hairless. More noteworthy to Tatsu was the face. He gazed it at for a while, then, in a half-whisper, uttered one word: "Atsuko."

Chapter III

Atsuko something other than human? The suspicion was nothing new; but Tatsu had never before seen proof. He rubbed his eyes; and then another thought occurred to him: "Good Golly! This could explain Pillow Murders!" The Pillow Murders were a long string of unsolved killings: up and down the West Coast, wealthy men had been found naked and dead in their beds, their bodies unwounded, but nonetheless drained of blood. Did the first murder coincide with Atsuko's debut on the San Francisco magic scene? Tatsu couldn't remember. But the killer's modus operandi fit perfectly with what the webpage said about succubi. Members of the magic community had long suspected vampires; but vampires leave marks, don't they? No, harem succubi were a better bet.

Tatsu thought fast. Here was great danger, but also a great opportunity. A harem cat had tracked Atsuko and her minions to their latest nest. But Atsuko knew it and would be taking steps right now to protect herself. And if she had sensed Tatsu's spell of deflection, she'd be taking steps against him as well. He had to get those cats.

After calling ahead to make sure the Bancrofts were still home, he headed back. The open house was over, and, instead of a servant, the Bancrofts' half-wit son Cedric answered the door. Cedric was six feet, five inches tall and weighed close to three hundred pounds. Of all the Bancrofts, he was easily Tatsu's favorite.

"Hey, Cedric," said Tatsu. "What up?"

"Urr, urr, urr," said Cedric, then let him in. When Cedric stepped aside, Tatsu could now see Betty Bancroft and her husband Corliss. Corliss, unlike his wife and boy, was very short (about four foot five) and very thin. He had once been an ostrich jockey.

"Welcome again!" said Betty. "Darling as always to see you!"

"Rmmph," said Corliss.

"Urr, urr, urr," said Cedric.

"Good see you, too, Betty. Now this what I couldn't talk about on phone . . . ."

"You were very cryptic," said Betty with a giggle.

"Yes, well, in flower business I got lots competitor."

"But it has something to do with those darling kitties, right?"

"That right. Could I, uh, see them again?

"Certainly." She then led him to the same room where he'd first made their acquaintance. Corliss and Cedric followed. When they got to the room, Tatsu looked in and was astounded at what he saw: the five kittens had grown phenomenally in the intervening hours, and were now young adults.

"Good golly!" said Tatsu. "What happen?"

"I don't know," said Betty. "But I sense these kitties have a powerful magic about them."

Tatsu took a closer look: everything he saw, including the quick growth, fit what he had learned about harem cats on the website. If he'd ever had a chance to bag Atsuko, this was it.

"So why do they interest you?"asked Betty, and Tatsu now saw a shrewdness in her eyes he had never noticed before.

"You see," he said, "--and I hope you understand: this between you and me--I websurf just little while ago, and I realize this breed great for control certain garden pest. So I wonder: you in market to sell?"

"Good gracious!" said Betty. "It would delight me to be able to provide a permanent home for the poor little things. You can see how little room we have. If we didn't find someone to take them in, Cedric was going to have to drown them."

"Urr urr, urr," said Cedric, and his face broke into a more than ordinarily mindless grin.

"Drown?" said Tatsu. "Oh no, ha ha, no need to drown."

"Of course not," said Betty, "since you want them. All we need to discuss now is the price."

"That right," said Tatsu, reaching for his wallet. "Whatever you think fair."

"Hmm, how about a thousand per kitty?"

"Th-th-thousand?" said Tatsu.

"Well, they'll be useful in protecting your darling garden, right?"

"Yes, but . . . ."

"I mean," said Betty, "if you don't want to provide a home for the little darlings, Cedric will just have to deal with them–the poor dears."

"Urr, urr, urr," said Cedric. (Spittle was dripping now from his chin.)

"Rmmph," said Corliss. "I'd charge him ten thousand for the lot."

"Oh be quiet, dear," said Betty. "Well . . . ."

"Fine," said Tatsu. "Six thousand fine. Let me get out checkbook." He looked at Betty now with a new respect; clearly she knew he wanted the cats for something more important than garden pests. Did she know enough, and was she inclined, to warn Atsuko? He decided not to chance anything. After buying the kitties, and putting them in a covered cage he'd brought along in his SUV, he came back to the house and hit everyone with his own spell of forgetting. Then he drove back home.

Just as he entered his foyer, the phone rang. It was Stuart Strange, an acquaintance from the local magical community.

"Hey, Stu, what hap?"

"Not much, Tats. Have you heard the news?"

"Heard what?"

"Atsuko Farnsworth's pulling up stakes."

"What you say?"

"She and her, ahem, friends are moving to Europe—I gather they're leaving in a couple of days. There's a moving van in front of her place, as we speak. Too bad, huh? They really spiced up the scenery!"

"That for sure!"

As soon as he got off the phone, he took the cage into one of his greenhouses and unlatched it. Remarkably, during the whole trip home, his new purchases hadn't complained once. This was a good sign, as Tatsu had learned from the website that harem cats had a penchant for silence. They were just as quiet now as they emerged from their cage and began exploring the greenhouse.

"Now, kitty-guys," said Tatsu, "just one more test." He took a sheet of paper out of his pocket and began to read from it:

Aroomzoomzoomi Gonfalona Transomwindow hotsalami!
Ipso puncto facto spuncto: wahoo meeny miny mommy!

This was Atlantean for: "I am an emissary of Aroomzoomzoom, son of Gonfalon, Lord of the Great Isle; hear me, harem cats, and obey my every utterance!" The cats immediately lined up and looked at him attentively. He told them to stand on their hind legs, and they did. He told them to do jumping jacks, and they did. He told them to play magical chairs, and they did. He told them to perform Handel's Hallelujah Chorus, and they did (though their pitch was terrible). It was true then: all harem cats were magically programmed to obey a servant of the Emperor, provided he used the right verbal formula. The next thing he needed was attractive packaging.

He went to one of his workshops and quickly put together the kind of box he needed. It had four sides, one of which dropped away when you pushed a button on top. He then covered the box with brightly colored wrapping paper (he used a separate piece for the fall-away side) and topped the whole thing off with a big red bow. "Can Tatsu make nice going-away gift or what?" he said to no one in particular. He'd done enough work for now. He placed a protective spell around his house and turned in.

Chapter IV

The next day, Tatsu put everything he needed into one of his delivery trucks. A quick spell of expungement obliterated the stenciled words "Tatsu's Garden" from its sides. Then he set out once again for ___, this time to Atsuko's townhouse. He timed his trip so as to arrive a few minutes past noon.

He pulled up in front of the townhouse: a pretty, two-story Georgian confection, all red brick and yellow limestone. Just as he arrived, a moving van was pulling out. (This was good news: movers were an inconvenience he didn't want to deal with.) He got out and put everything in readiness as quickly as he could. He knew from prior dealings with Atsuko that every day at noon she took a solitary constitutional-cum-shopping trip. She'd made clear to him once that this was an unalterable routine–but who could be sure? (He had thought of showing up early and keeping the place under surveillance until she left; but, given her powers, the chances of detection were just too great.) Instead, he'd go in fast and hard; and if she were there–well, that would only enhance the challenge.

When all was in order, he stood on the front step with his big gift box sitting next to him. In one hand he carried a small briefcase. He did one last mental check of everything and pressed the doorbell. He waited a bit and, as he did, he looked up. For the first time, he noticed that every window he could see on the townhouse was barred. A mighty fortress–until an enemy got in. He heard light footsteps, and then the door opened. There stood the redhead, dressed in a lime-green halter top, black Capri pants, and black slippers. She was–as always–ravishing. When she saw him, an incandescent smile lit up her face. "Why Mr. Tatsu," she said in a vaguely Southern accent, "how nice to see you! She turned, and Tatsu could now see the East Asian, also dressed in black Capri pants and slippers, but wearing a turquoise top. "Cho-Cho, it's Mr. Tatsu!" said the redhead, clapping her hands delightedly. Cho-Cho bowed shyly, then giggled.

"Uh, hello, " said Tatsu. "Is, uh, boss-lady home?"

"No," said the redhead with a little pout. "She's off on one of her shopping trips. Never takes us–not once."

"Oh, that too bad," said Tatsu, inwardly sighing with relief. "I hear you and she take big trip soon."

"Yes," said the redhead. "Something came up–and she wants to be closer to some of her business contacts in Europe. We'll be on a plane tomorrow. We already have most of our stuff packed and on its way." As she said this, she motioned with her right hand; Tatsu saw that, indeed, the big ground floor was bare, except for one sofa (an over-stuffed, Louis XIV kind of thing).

"Well," said Tatsu. "I sure you know I mighty fond of Atsuko, so I bring going-away present."

The redhead glanced down at the big box next to him and said: "Oh my goodness! Where are my manners–keeping you standing on the step like this! Come in! Come in! Let me help you with that–I'm sure it's a lovely gift! Such pretty packaging!"

"Oh no, that OK–thanks," said Tatsu and waved off the girl's effort to assist him with the box. He picked it up himself and entered the house. He came into the large living area and put the box back down. Just as he remembered, the kitchen was off to the left, beyond the sofa, and a drawing room was directly ahead of him. One of the triplets poked her pretty head out from that room, caught sight of him, and waved. She went back in, and Tatsu immediately heard her laughing with her two sisters. Excellent: he now knew the location of all five girls.

"So, uh, . . . . I sorry, I forget name . . . . "

"Lana–I'm Lana. It's all right; I know it's hard to keep us straight. I'm Lana; she's Cho-Cho" (at this the East Asian giggled again), "and our friends in the drawing room are Chanel, Chiffon, and Charlene. Can we get you anything?"

"No, uh, Tatsu OK. When you think boss lady coming back? I want to give present in worst possible way."

"Well, she left about ten minutes ago. I'd say it'll be an hour at the earliest. Would you like to sit down? We do still have the one couch!"

"Sure, thanks. Uh oh, gotta fix box: bow seem to be coming off." With these words, he went over to his package and depressed the button for which the bow was merely camouflage. The detachable side fell away, and the five young harem cats stepped out. As they did, he wrapped the townhouse in a muffling spell, so that no one outside could hear what happened next.

Lana and Cho-Cho saw the harem cats, and their eyes went wide with fright. Their lovely bodies began to tremble, they laid their hands protectively on their pert little breasts, and they started to back away. They seemed to be trying to scream, but all that came out were little mewling noises. It was soon clear from the fronts of their pants that each girl had emptied her bladder. Two of the cats approached them, while the other three quickly crossed the living area and dashed into the drawing room.

The triplets had no trouble screaming at all. Just as the black girls began to carry on, the two cats who'd chosen Lana and Cho-Cho decided to pounce. Each leapt up with surprising force and speed and sank his teeth and claws in a trembling succubus bosom. Lana and Cho-Cho now joined their screams with those of their companions. They beat at the cats with their little fists, but it made no difference at all, for the strength was fast draining from their bodies. Soon they fell to the floor and lay there, kicking and moaning. The cats disengaged themselves and waited, just out of range of their victims' thrashing feet.

"Ho, ho!" said Tatsu. "Cat not away, mouses no longer play!"

Having brought down their prey, the two kitties just looked at him expectantly. He thought awhile, and then it occurred to him: "Ahhh, emperor's flunky get honor. That OK by me." He went over to Lana and Cho-Cho. The redhead looked up, saw him, and kicked at him. "Go away, you terrible old man!" she cried. "Go away!" Then she and her friend burst into tears.

"Sorry, succu-babe. Tatsu's trap catch mouses right and left--pretty mouses, too! I want to know: can I bag one more? Tatsu stay awhile, but he make you more comfortable." With that, he grabbed Lana's wet Capri pants and pulled them (together with her panties) down to her knees. Then he did the same for Cho-Cho. Both, as he expected, were completely hairless at the groin.

"Oooooh! Pretty pussycat catch pretty pussy!" He turned to the girls' captors and said: "Just little nip for now; quiet them down. You get full taste later."

"No! No!" shrieked the captured succubi as the two predators leapt up and positioned themselves. Then came screams of a higher pitch, long, bitter, and hurt-filled, as the cats punctured the girls' pussies with their sharp little teeth. Lana and Cho-Cho moaned a little, and then were still.

Tatsu went next to the drawing room. He found the triplets on their backs, trembling and whimpering, at the far end; they had run to the window, only to be reminded that it had bars. These ladies all wore their signature miniskirts and heels–Tatsu's favorite. (Today's color was red.) Lifting the skirts revealed white panties, damp and fragrant. As these came down, one cried: "No! Dear God have mercy!"; another: "No! Not my panties, not my panties!"; the third: "No! Oh God, God, God, not my pussy!"

"Yes, yes, yes!" said Tatsu with a laugh. "Your panty and your no-fuzz pretty pussy,–kitty cat winner today, and winner take all." The cats went to work, and there were three more high, heartbroken screams.

Soon these girls were unconscious, too. Tatsu now canceled his sound-muffling spell (Atsuko would surely detect it). Then he gathered the five young cats together and told them to stay in the living room. Next, with much huffing and puffing, he dragged the two Capri girls into the drawing room, deposited them next to their friends, then closed the drawing room door so that no one could see in. He took a towel from his briefcase and sponged up the little puddles where the girls had lain. Then he positioned all five of the cats under the big sofa. If Atsuko just went far enough into the room, they should have no trouble cutting her off. He hid himself behind the sofa.

A full hour passed, then a half hour. Fifteen minutes after that, the knob on the front door turned. A woman's voice called out: "I'm back!" It was Atsuko. She came into the living area: one step, two, three, four. "Where is everybody?"

Tatsu leapt up.

Atsuko was stunning, as usual. Her long, black hair gleamed in the soft light of the townhouse. Her face was simply but effectively framed by silver pendant earrings. She wore a sleeveless white blouse and a short skirt of soft brown leather, with matching bag and spike heels. Her stockings were of some sheer silk that accentuated the tawny color of her skin.

When she saw Tatsu, her eyes widened in surprise and anger. He had hoped she would concentrate on him and lose valuable time as the cats converged on her. It happened more or less that way; but she was supernaturally fast, and, as soon as the saw them, she struck the kitties with a blocking hex. As they milled about in confusion, she dashed past them and through the swinging door to the kitchen.

Tatsu reinstated his sound-muffling spell, then ran after her. He had almost reached the kitchen when he heard Atsuko pull open the back door–the door that joined the kitchen to the garden behind the house. Then he heard her scream, again and again and again. Before he could take another step, Atsuko, still screaming, staggered back out of the kitchen, the momma cat clinging to her breasts! Momma had been waiting by the back door all this time, and Tatsu's precaution now paid off.

Atsuko was stronger than her followers: she tore with her sharp nails at the momma cat and might have dislodged her. But Momma's sons had different ideas. Recovered now from the blocking hex, they all leapt up onto Atsuko and hung there, anchored by their teeth and claws. Soon all that kitty venom was just too much, even for a seasoned succubus: she groaned in despair, her hands dropped to her sides, and she sank to the floor.

Tatsu approached her with caution. As it turned out, the six cats had done their job very well, and she could do little more than tremble when he grasped the hem of her skirt. "You bastard," she whispered as he pushed this back past her waist. Thus were revealed a white garter belt and wet panties of the same bright blue as a robin's egg. He left the garter belt and hose alone and, hesitantly, gripped the panties in front. His fingers touched her belly (so soft!). Then, when no disaster befell him, he quickly tugged the pants to her knees. Her mons was hairless, like the others he'd uncovered that day: a gentle hill transected by the most delicate-looking slit he had ever seen. Oddly, the slit was blocked at one point by a fleck of pink. He looked more closely and saw it was a bit of toilet paper. Very gently, he removed this, then paused for awhile to admire what he and the cats had captured.

"Wooo, Atsuko-san," he said at last. "You sure got cute pussy! Seem shame to make it into pussy pincushion, but momma cat look hungry."

"Get on with it, you idiot," she said in a voice quiet but resonant with hatred. Tatsu stepped away; the momma cat jumped up and positioned herself; and Atsuko screamed again, this time a prolonged, hopeless wail. When she was unconscious, Tatsu took her by her ankles and dragged her into the drawing room, where he lined her up next to the others. The venom would probably keep them helpless even after they woke; but Tatsu was taking no chances: he bound their wrists with strong rope he had brought just for that purpose.

For awhile, Tatsu just stood in wonder at the marvelous trophy line he had created. Even bitten and bleeding, these ladies had the most beautiful cunts he'd ever seen. On the website, he'd read that harem succubi always wept bitterly when they were caught--not just because their lives were about to end, but because incomparable beauty would soon be destroyed. "That exactly right," he said out loud.

It took nearly an hour, but at last the six lovelies began to stir. When they came to, and remembered what had happened, all but Atsuko began to sob. "Atsuko!" cried Lana, "Save us!" "You've got to save us!" agreed Cho-Cho. "Help us, help us, please!" the triplets added.

Atsuko sighed and said: "Don't you remember anything I taught you? This . . . gentleman has . . . has stripped us. We have to do everything he says now. Everything we have–it's all his from now on. Doesn't . . . leave us much to bargain with." Her followers just whimpered in response.

Atsuko took a deep breath. "I do have one . . . one card to play, Tatsu," she said. "You have a choice: you can . . . give us to your charming friends. Or, you can send them away . . . with your thanks. They'll leave if you tell them to. Then you'll have six supernaturals to . . . do your bidding forever. And I don't think it immodest to say . . . you won't find lovelier servants anywhere. Admit it, Tatsu: you've always wanted me. Now you have me . . . with a knee-weakening bonus. Why not put your good fortune to some use?" As she spoke, hope came alive again in the eyes of her acolytes.

Tatsu sighed. "You know me pretty good, Atsuko-san. Big-time temptation here. But you gotta know my problem: fay-pussy dangerous stuff; no hundred percent guarantee of safety when mess with it. And you such smart girl, Atsuko-san. You look for way to get drop on me, and if there is way, you find. I got you forever, I look behind back forever. No. Real sorry, but no."

This was too much for the girls: "Atsuko, do something!" cried Lana. "Make this stop!" sobbed Cho-Cho. "Punish him now!" implored the triplets. "Save us, Atsuko, save us!" they begged in unison.

"That's enough!" she said in a voice that immediately silenced them. "You knew what you were in for when I recruited you: long life, vast power; then, at last . . . capture, and some . . . male pawing at your panties. Nothing was hidden from you. Now it's happened: we're caught, our pants are down–and Tatsu . . . Tatsu did it. So . . . it's . . . it's over. (Here her breasts and lower lip began to tremble.) There's n-nothing l-left to do, except . . . except to cry . . . ." And with these words she did cry: big, heaving sobs that shook her lovely body, while tears flooded down her face. She then threw back her head and wailed: "Caught! Caught! Caught like a little mouse! Oh my panties! My panties! My beautiful panties!" This set the others off once again, and soon the townhouse reverberated with their cries: "Caught!" "Trapped!" "Like mice!" "My pussy!" "My panties!" Tatsu had never heard, or seen, anything so beautiful as these captured women, their faces red and wet, their underpants at their knees, crying as if the world were ending–because for them it was. He let them have their fill of tears.

When the weeping finally subsided, he gave a signal to the patiently waiting kitties. Remarkably, instead of pouncing, they began to yowl in an oddly tuneful way. The succubi all shuddered--then slowly, reluctantly, lifted and spread their legs. Soon their knees were about as far back as they could go. When each cunt was fully exposed, the cats underwent a most un-catlike change: their tongues lengthened, stiffened, hardened. Then they went to work. It was (as far as Tatsu could tell) a completely random succession of biting, nipping, licking, and penetrating. In response, the girls groaned, or shrieked, or whimpered, or gasped, depending on whatever indignity was then being inflicted. Their legs sawed up and down, or kicked back and forth–entirely in vain.

At one point, in the midst of their licking, and biting, and penetrating, the cats just pulled away and turned toward Tatsu. Blood, urine, and fay liquor dripped down from each stricken pussy like honey from six honeycombs.

"What now, kitty-guys? Ohhhh, you want I get taste before it all over? A little bit is safe, I reckon." So he went over to Atsuko and took her thighs in his hands. He knew from stripping her that her skin would be soft, but he was nonetheless astonished by its almost liquid smoothness. Stroking each thigh ever so gently, he placed his lips on hers and began to explore with his tongue. What he tasted now was sweeter and more pungent than the most exotic sauces prepared by the most expert chefs. A charge like electric current went through him in an instant; and he found himself embarrassed with a sudden, very prominent erection.

"Oh, pretty mouse," he said.

And, unexpectedly, Atsuko spoke. Her voice was strangely small and distant, almost as if she were talking by telephone: "Your . . . pretty mouse." Tatsu looked up and saw that her eyes were closed (still dripping tears, though) and her head turned away.

"Oh, I wait such long time for this," he said.

"Time," said Atsuko in the same strange, small, distant voice. "In time, Tatsu-san, the law is borne out. The law says: the cat pounces, and the mouse trembles in the jaws of the cat. The law says: a man commands, and . . . and a girl obeys. She may pout, and stamp her foot, and kick, and cry, but at last she obeys. You've brought six outlaws to justice, Tatsu. We robbed, and murdered, and cooked up our feminine schemes–and you set a trap and put an end to them . . . just like that, just like that. It was time: time for a man to . . . destroy us; and so . . . so you did." And the vanquished succubus began to sob all over again.

"Awwww, Atsuko-san, maybe not so bad. Maybe I let kitty have the others; keep you after all. Whatcha say to that?"

Her eyes suddenly opened. "Do you mean it?" she asked.

"Atsuko!" shrieked Lana. "What are you saying?!" squealed Cho-Cho. "Traitor! Traitor! Traitor!" cried the triplets.

Tatsu smiled and said: "'Course I mean it . . . NOT!"

"You bastard!" hissed Atsuko. "You bastard! You rotten, rotten bastard! I hate . . . all men, but I hate you . . . most of all, you bastard, you bastard, you cruel bastard!" She started to kick again, even more frantically than before, but just as fruitlessly.

Tatsu waited for this flurry to die down. "Watch me be even bigger bastard," he said, then went from girl to girl (Atsuko first) and nipped their pussies with his teeth. They squealed, of course, and sobbed twice as hard as before. Tatsu relished their rich flavor and laughed, thinking how easy it was to make them do whatever he wanted: scream, cry, and kick their pretty legs to no purpose. "It true!" he said, "I command, and girl obey! I love it!" Then he nipped them all a second time--made them squeal a second time.

Just now, he was brought up short by an indignant sound, half miaow, half harrumph. He glanced at the mother cat and saw an unmistakable look of annoyance on her face. "Oh, I sorry," he said. "You want finish up. Go ahead–and thanks for let me have taste. It was mmm mmm good!"

Tatsu now sat back and watched as the cats brought it all to a close. A few more hard cat bites (a few more screams), and the girls' legs freed up once again. Knowing what to expect, the cats leapt out of the way. The six partners in crime kicked out in front of them three or four times, uttered their last little sobs, then died.

The cats once again did something very un-catlike. Now their entire bodies (not just their tongues) began to expand and lengthen. Soon, they were a horrible hybrid of giant python and cat. Their jaws opened–wider than Tatsu would have believed possible. Then each monster seized one of the dead succubi by her feet. Over the next several minutes, the creatures drew their victims farther and farther into their gullets. Eventually, all Tatsu could see of Atsuko was her splendid, tear-stained face, the eyes half-open, looking dazedly at nothing. Then that, too, was gone.


Tatsu could have sent his furry charges on their way, but it was hard now to see them go–especially after he'd spent so much money to get them. So he offered them a new home. He now had to stock his garden with food that would appeal to them. Harem succubi were (it would appear) extinct; so what else did harem kitties catch?

A little more research on the internet gave Tatsu some answers. After succubi, a harem cat favorite was the Plump-Bottomed Warbler, a pantiless miniature land fairy about a foot tall. Warblers wore vests and heels of the brightest colors: red, yellow, blue, and green–but were otherwise bare. A brace of caught Warblers–their toes up, their pussies bleeding--made an especially festive trophy line. Another rave for kitties was the Brook Nymph: a tiny mermaid about fifteen inches long with a green tail and matching hair. Harem cats had no fear of water–they'd leap right in and extract one crying, trembling Nymph after another. Tatsu sent out the necessary orders, and soon his grounds and fishponds swarmed with little fays. Before much longer, his kitties were feasting.

One morning, Tatsu came out onto his veranda to enjoy the breeze. There, seated on the top step, was the momma cat. Lined up in a quivering row in front of her were a Warbler, a Nymph, and something much smaller. Tatsu got closer, pulled out his magnifying glass, and saw that it was one of his butterfly girls! All three were weeping with the sharp, pussy-piercing hurt of Momma's teeth. (Momma was precise, and her fangs very slender: the magnifying glass showed the neatest of punctures just above the butterfly girl's slit.)

"Gift for me?" he asked. The momma cat dipped her head once in a kind of salute and then strolled off. "Thousand thank!" Tatsu said as he bent down to pick up his lovely presents.