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By C
(Based on this retouch by Alberich)

As she had twice before, Tanya came to the forest clearing to meet the woodsman. She darted her head out first and glanced this way and that to make sure she was safe, and then she stepped into the open. Such caution was warranted, for she would have been a prize to boast of for any hunter. She was soft and buxom, her bosom just barely contained by her only clothing, a black halter top. Her shoulder-length black hair was thick and lustrous, with pretty bangs in front, and nicely matched by the half diamond on her groin. Her eyes were big and electrically green, her lips pink and pouty. She was a forest fairy in the prime of her beauty, and she reveled in that beauty, even as it made her tremble with fear. Who, or what, would make a trophy of her? No danger here, it seemed, so she relaxed a bit and waited.

Where was he? It was already past noon, and he had been punctual before. Just as she was beginning to grow impatient, he appeared at the other end of the clearing. He was lean and middle-aged, with short, graying hair. He wore heavy boots, blue jeans, and a work shirt of some coarse fabric. His name was Richard.

"You're late, Richard," she said, and made a disapproving moue.

"I . . . I'm sorry . . . I had a few things to do."

She laughed, and her laughter was like a tinkling of cymbals. You have me to do, Richard. Let's keep our priorities straight."

"Right . . . right," he said. "Sorry."

"It's okay, sweetie. Come to Momma."

He walked across the clearing to her, started to take her in his arms, then hesitated.

"It's all right, baby," she said, "you can touch me now." Then she threw herself around him and kissed him on the lips. He looked as if he might faint. She laughed again.

"Let's see," she said. "You've passed all the tests, my big strong man. I guess it's safe to say I'm yours."

"I guess it is," he said, and his expression somehow hardened. He stepped back from her.

"What's up sweetie?" Something in the way he looked at her now was very disquieting.

He said nothing. A white curtain (of cloud? of mist?) appeared in front of him. Looking at it, she became dizzy. Then the curtain was gone. In Richard's place stood a spider, the size of a small dog. It was brown with black speckles, and its fangs were extended. Tanya screamed and turned to run. The spider leapt onto her back and sank its fangs into her neck. She screamed again and twisted sharply, knocking the spider loose. Then she took off.

Fays can run very fast. Tanya dashed headlong into the forest and didn't look back, for that might be fatal. Speed was all the more necessary, for the monster's venom was having an effect. Her neck burned and itched where she'd been bitten; her nipples were stiff and aching; and a tremor was building in both cunt and tummy. If she could get to safety, she might just shake off the small dose of poison.

But where to go? She had thought she knew every inch of the woods, but everything she saw now was unfamiliar. She risked a glance behind her: nothing. She turned then and made off in a new direction; but it was no use. It was as if she had entered an entirely new forest.

For the better part of an hour, she ran now in one direction, then another. Where could she be? She was getting tired, so she slowed to a brisk walk. She went around a cluster of old oak trees, then gasped in horror. In front of her was a scattering of saplings. These had been used as the framework for a vast, disordered tangle of dirty white webbing. Somehow, she'd come to the spider's lair.

"Tanya, turn around."

Shuddering, she obeyed. There was the spider, speaking with Richard's voice. Tanya shrieked, clutching her madly trembling breasts with one hand and her groin with the other.

"The venom gives me power over you from a distance," said the spider. "I spoke to your mind and said you were lost; and so you were. Then I made you come here. Now, I want you to back into the webbing."

"No! No! I won't!"

"Into the webbing, Tanya. Now."

She wailed in despair. Then, slowly, slowly, she stepped backward until she felt the sticky strands on her shoulders, bottom, and thighs. The sudden contact made her shake uncontrollably. She tried to jerk her body forward, but the spider's mind still held her.

"Now get on your knees."

"I . . . I didn't know you were a sh-shapeshifter . . . I swear I didn't know! I would have left you alone . . . I swear!"

"We have to take our victims as we find them. You didn't know what I was, but I recognized you. Too bad for you. On your knees now; I don't want to say it again."

spi4 by Alberich Tanya sank to her knees. The spider ran up behind her, pulled her arms back as far as they would go, and bound them to the webbing with additional silk. Then it did the same for her ankles. Next it pushed her sideways against the webbing, so that her legs came apart and the space between them was fully exposed. The spider now anchored the legs so that she couldn't draw them together again. Finally, it spun a silken sash around her waist–delicate but with the tensile strength of steel. She was stuck more securely than any fly. After these exertions, her captor climbed up above her on its scaffolding of silk and rested.

Sobbing and trembling, Tanya found it hard to speak, but she did so nonetheless: "P-please don't hurt me, Richard. Please."

"It will hurt," the spider said, "but then the pleasure . . . you can't imagine it."

"I don't want . . . that pleasure just now, Richard. I'm not ready. Instead, w-why not have me always? I'll be your wife . . . I'll obey you . . . I'll even c-cover my bottom, just like a human girl! I can do that for you, Richard . . . I swear I can!"

"And wouldn't it still be death for any man who bedded you?"

"There are drugs . . . spells . . . it can be done . . . it has been done! Oh please don't kill me!"

"I studied every book I could find," said the spider. "After we met. I wanted to tame you, break you . . . so that I could keep you. But the books all agree: a fay can't be tamed for good. She submits, and she waits. And if her poison is in abeyance thanks to some charm or drug, she can distill it again when her lust for revenge has reached the right pitch. No man takes a fay bride if he wants to die of old age."

"I'll be different . . . I'll be good. I swear!"

In answer, the spider scuttled down beside her, then, coming up from below, gave her a trial nip on her bottom. Watching all the time in terror, Tanya shrieked as the fiery venom spread through her groin and tummy. Her breasts spurted milk; her clit engorged as it never had before, and it began to exude a clear fay honey.

The spider just gazed for a while at the glistening pussy. Then it spoke. "It's . . . beautiful. The most beautiful snatch I've ever seen. The labia are like . . . pink flower petals. I'm reluctant to bite it . . . ."

"Then don't!" she wailed.

"But I want your fluids, all of them. And this is the easiest way." And with those words, the spider plunged its fangs deep in Tanya's splendid twat. She shrieked again, and again. She'd known already that she was finished; but only now was the fact fully hammered in. Nothing remained except to groan and whimper, and writhe against the confining silk as the death orgasms came on, each more rending than the last. A rivulet of bloody honey was now streaming down from her puss.

Wrung out by the final orgasm, Tanya uttered a last, resigned sob, and slipped into a realm somewhere between life and death. The spider sponged up her honey, then anchored its mouth parts firmly in her cunt, to get everything else. Internally, a fay is nothing but magically dynamic fluids, and cunt or cock provide the easiest access to these. A powerful traction began in the spider's stomach, and before long Tanya was sucked dry. Only a transparent shell remained, which would crumble into powder in the next strong wind.

"I wish I could have kept you," said Richard, once more in human form. He turned away and walked back to his cabin.