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For some time after Cinderella's marriage, her stepmother, Lampedusa, and her two stepsisters, Drusilla and Ludmilla, felt a little anxious. After all, they hadn't treated her very well. But the months went by, and nothing happened. And Cinderella was such a sweet girl.

Then, one day, a gilt-edged letter arrived.  It was from Cinderella!  She was inviting them to the palace, where there would be a small party in their honor. "Please wear your best party dresses," Cinderella had written. "And don't be late, my dears."

A party with the new princess!  Drusilla and Ludmilla, who weren't ugly at all, as later legend has portrayed them, were thrilled at the chance to show off their latest finery. Their mother, an elegant older woman, showed more restraint, but was inwardly just as pleased. I'll cut quite a figure at the palace, she thought.  So the two stepsisters decked themselves out. Ludmilla put on a white dress with red trim. It had a daring bell skirt that reached to just above her knees and seemed to float on a cloudbank of crinolines. She finished off the ensemble with a red bag and red high-heeled pumps. Drusilla wore a similar dress, light green in color, with a green bag and pumps. Their mother chose an understated black number, which nonetheless showed off a good bit of her still shapely legs. The only sour note was when Drusilla complained that the green shoes were pinching her feet.

"If I ever hear about tight shoes again, you're dead," said Lampedusa. Drusilla complained no more.

At a pre-arranged time, a coach drawn by four horses pulled up in front of their mansion to take them to the party. Royal servants helped them into the coach and then, when they had arrived, escorted them into the palace. They were brought into a large, empty room with no furnishings. The servants, who all this time had said nothing, left.

The women called out:  "Cinderella?" "Cinderella?" For a time there was no answer.

Then, suddenly, the door opened behind them, and in came Cinderella, accompanied by a platoon of soldiers with sharp-tipped pikes at the ready.

"Here I am, my dears!" she said in her high, clear voice. She was stunning as usual in a pink vest and breeches, with riding boots made of some soft brown leather. She had a riding crop in one hand.  Her blond hair was tied up in a simple knot, a striking contrast to the elaborately teased raven tresses of her stepsisters.

The soldiers quickly surrounded the astonished women. The wall at the far end of the room turned out not to be a wall, but a curtain. This dropped away, and all three gaped with quickly ripening terror at what was revealed:  a gallows with three nooses at the ready. On the gallows stood a hangman, his head covered in a black executioner's mask.

"Did you really think I'd forget?" said Cinderella.

A servant roughly tied the women's hands behind them. They'd found their voices now and were weeping and crying: "Cinderella, no! no!"  Soldiers then herded them to the gallows, their sharp pikes a strong inducement to the terrified trio.  "Ow!  Ow!  No!" cried Ludmilla and Drusilla more than once; clearly the men liked their nicely padded bottoms.  Up they went. The hangman took them now and made them stand on chairs. He slipped a noose around each woman's neck in turn and then drew it tight.

Cinderella climbed the gallows after them. "Don't beg me to spare you," she said, "because I won't."

She went first to Ludmilla, who began to tremble and whimper even more than before. The princess slipped a hand under Ludmilla's petticoat and started tugging down her underpants. These were soaked with perspiration and pee, and also dotted with blood where the pikes had jabbed her. Cinderella made her step out of the panties, then held them in front of her.  "You hoped the prince would take these down for you some day, didn't you?"  Ludmilla shook her head violently.  "And you hoped he'd do this, too, didn't you?" With these words Cinderella slipped two fingers into the girl's pussy.  "Ooooh, you loose goose! Who's been in there before me? Not the gardener, I hope; Momma won't like that."

Cinderella licked her fingers, then reached into a pocket and pulled out a small bottle. She poured some of its liquid onto the same two fingers, then massaged them into Ludmilla's twat.

"This is a magic potion,--a little bit of mercy.  It guarantees you'll go out coming. I hope you're grateful; it's more than you bitches ever did for me."

The princess went next to Drusilla, who got the same treatment, including the Come-while-You-Kick potion.

Now it was Lampedusa's turn. Cinderella smiled at her stepmother, and the hatred in that smile made the woman shudder.

"I was going to take your pants down, Mom, but I remembered:  you don't favor panties, do you?" Then she savagely tore away the older woman's black skirt. Sure enough, Lampedusa was bare beneath, except for a garter belt.

"Now, do I show you some mercy too, and give you the orgasmic potion, or do I just let you drop?  I know.  I'll give it to you, but I'll make it sting a little." With this, she spilled the last of the potion onto the tip of her riding crop, which she had been holding all this time. Then, unceremoniously, she forced it into Lampedusa's slit. The woman screamed with the sharp hurt of it. Cinderella worked it back and forth.

"Don't worry, Mom; it'll be nice in a few minutes, very nice . . . ."  Cinderella then went behind her former family members, who stood now with their heads down, softly weeping. She motioned away the hangman.  Then she tipped over Ludmilla's chair.  Next went Drusilla, and finally Lampedusa.

The three women choked, gasped, writhed, squirmed, kicked, and thrashed as their feet sought in vain for purchase. Tears poured down their faces; saliva dripped from their protruding tongues.  But with the pain came a strange pleasure:  a trembly sort of itch in their groins that grew and grew, until it seemed to fill their entire bodies. Before long, it surpassed in force any pleasure a mere man had ever given them. They were kicking even harder now, and they kept kicking till all the life was gone from their bodies.

Just before she lost consciousness, Lampedusa had an odd thought. She noticed that throughout their struggles, not one of them had lost her high heels. Well, we always did have big feet, she said to herself.

When it was over, Cinderella washed off in the royal shower and dressed in an especially luscious negligee. The prince never knew just what made her so passionate that evening.

The End