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A brief story that I very quickly knocked off for a charming lady named Anna, who loves being boiled in a cookpot. Not my best, I know, but it's all I've got lately.


Anna was a beautiful but very wicked vampire mermaid princess, with long, lustrous hair as black as night, skin as white as snow, full, achingly ripe breasts, a shapely dolphin tail, and a tight, pretty pussy that all the merboys in the Inner Sea longed to enter. They longed for their cocks to be squeezed till they cried bitter tears and the boy-honey burst from them, even though they knew that she would drain them of their blood, once she had drained them of their seed.

This week, the lucky (or not so lucky) lover was Ennio, an exceptionally pretty blond boy, whose pubic thatch had just begun to grow. (Anna loved to take them young.) Anna had beckoned the boy to her, and he had willingly come. Then she took his cock in her hand and squeezed it hard. It stiffened to full tumescence immediately, and a little jewel of boy-spunk had appeared at the tip. Just then, young Ennio, in the midst of his lust and arousal, realized as never before that consummation would also mean his doom. Next, he realized that he could no longer stop himself, and so he began to cry.

"There, there, pretty baby," said Anna. "It's like this for all of you: the greatest of bliss must be paid for with your lives."

"But I'm afraid!" sobbed the boy.

"Don't be," she said. "Isn't it better this way? Your pretty cock will come and come and come; and then there’s the sweetest bliss of all, when my fangs puncture your pale, beautiful throat. Isn't this better than spurting for some predator or human hunter? You're a lucky, sweet boy."

"I guess so," he sniffled. "W-will it hurt much?"

"Less than a hunter's cookpot," she laughed. "Let's go."

And so they made their way to the shore, to a patch of beach protected by Anna's shielding magic. There, they pulled themselves from the water and nestled down together in the sand.

Anna took Ennio's cock in her hand again and made it harden. She also stroked his smooth peach-like pouch. The boy had never quite stopped crying, but now he began to moan as well.

After a while, she judged the time right, and let him enter her. Her cunt was so tight that he groaned in pain as he worked his way in. Soon, though, her sweet pussy juices made it easier for him, and before much longer both were moaning and whimpering in their evil ecstasy.

When the time at last came, the seed burst from Ennio in a hot torrent. He knew it meant his doom, but now he didn't care: he just had to come, and come, and come. And so he did, exploding within her again and again. She for her part cried out in rapture with each thrust of his hard young prick.

Finally, he had given all the seed he had to give. It immediately fertilized her, and she could feel her belly swell with new roe.

She was tired but contented, and she thought it would be a mercy to the boy to wait a little while before feeding. So she just held him close to her, stroking his splendid blond locks, and whispering endearments to him.

It was now that someone spoke: "A very touching scene!"

Anna and Ennio, startled, looked up. There, just feet away, stood Chief Mbongo-Wongo, of the Nippa-Pussy tribe. He was strong, and dark, and a white whale bone pierced his nose. With him were several of his warriors, their bows and arrows at the ready, and several of his bare-breasted ladies in waiting.

"What? How?" cried Anna. Ennio just whimpered.

"We've kept our eye on you for some time, my wicked lovely," said the Chief. Scouts from my village saw you disappear at just this place on the beach with one ill-starred lover after another. So the village witch doctor prepared the right spell, we poured his potion on your hiding place, and all its enchantment melted away."

Anna twisted round frantically in an effort to reach the safety of the waves, just a few feet away, but it was no use: an arrow buried itself in her pretty rump; another skewered Ennio in his chest. Alas for both of them, the shafts were tipped with killer whale bone, and killer whales are among the few sea creatures with mana sufficient to vanquish vampire merfolk.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!" screamed Anna.

"Aiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" screamed Ennio, too.

Two ladies in waiting came up and affixed ropes to the luckless mers' tails. Then two warriors seized the other ends of the ropes and began dragging them toward the village. Weakened by the killer whale mana, all the unfortunate couple could do was tremble and writhe as they were drawn inexorably onward. Knowing what was likely to come, they shielded their genitals with their hands—a feeble protection, to be sure.

Ennio, who had been crying all this time, spoke first: “All in vain! All in vain! “M-my seed . . . comes to nothing now!”

“F-foolish boy,” said Anna, “you thought . . . you thought the pleasure you gave me was nothing? The pleasure . . . you felt as well?”

“No,” said Ennio, “but I wanted offspring, I wanted to live on in a new . . . a new generation! Ohhhh, dearest Devil!”

“We’re not dead yet,” she whispered to him. “Let’s see . . . let’s see what our beauty and the charm of our voices can accomplish . . . .”

“It’s the Nippa-Pussy tribe!” Ennio groaned, much too loudly for her liking. “There’s nothing to be done; they have an insatiable hunger for mer pussies and pouches. We’re finished; we’re done for; we’re cooked; we’re . . . .”

“Oh shut up!” she hissed. Why did males always have to be so stupid?

The warriors dragged their victims into a clearing in which stood the Nippa-Pussy village. The midst of the clearing functioned as a sort of town square. There, exactly in the middle, was the biggest metal cooking pot the two mers had ever seen. When his eyes fell upon this great cauldron, Ennio groaned and fainted.

Just as well, thought Anna. His constant carrying on was beginning to annoy me!

It became very clear that Anna and Ennio were not the only merfolk to have fallen prey to the hungry Nippa-Pussies. Lined up on their backs in front of the pot were at least ten mer couples. They must all have been taken in the throes of sexual passion. All were young, and at the peak of their physical beauty, the girls voluptuous, the boys well-muscled. The luxuriant hair on their heads and groins traversed the spectrum from deepest black to palest ash-blond. Their faces were surpassingly lovely, though distorted by grief, fear, and pain. No mystery why: each had burn pierced by Nippa-Pussy arrows. They differed from Anna and Ennio in one noteworthy respect only: their wrists had been bound behind them. Soon that difference disappeared, as the warriors pulled Anna and Ennio up alongside the others and tied them with stout cable.
Now, with the haughty exception of Anna, all lay there in every attitude of tearful despair, trembling, crying, spurting mer-pee, slapping the dirt with their tails. The boy’s cocks were painfully stiff; the girl’s nipples were big and hard and heaving.

Many gave utterance to their sorrow:

“Oh, oh, oh! I’m . . . I’m caught! I’m caught!”

“Oh, my pussy!”

“Oh, my pouch!”

“Arrow . . . in my left ta-ta!”

“Arrow . . . in my right ta-ta!”

“In my tummy!”

“In my groin . . . oh! oh! oh!”

“In m-my p-p-pouch! Ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!

“Bah!” said Anna under her breath. “They’re all commoners; they’re finished, and they know it! Let’s see what someone of my superior quality can accomplish here, a royal Sirena, with royal magicks!”

“I . . . guess we’ll find out soon,” sobbed Ennio.

After about half an hour, Chief Mbongo-Wongo strode up in front of the captured seafolk. He was big: round-bellied but powerfully muscled, too. He wore a headdress made from the gray and white feathers of raptorial birds, and a big grass skirt, through which his enormous manhood was obscenely thrusting.

He shouted commands, and attendants ran up with torches and lit the pile of chopped wood on which the huge cook pot rested. Many a mermaid and merboy screamed. Some swooned.

“Now,” said the Chief. “I know you all have a plethora of wicked powers; I know that, in particular, you’re very hard to kill, even when you’ve been hurt by sharpened whale bone. But I also know that you can nonetheless be destroyed . . . with the help of a good long boiling!”

“No! No!” cried several of the mers. “P-please don’t . . . No!”

“Oh yes,” he said, licking his thick lips and grinning horribly. “But I’m getting ahead of myself. I want to satisfy another appetite first. Let me see . . . .” He looked at Anna, and said “Of course; you’re a princess, no mere common mer, like these others. You will slake my other appetite!”

“Now . . . now just a minute!” snapped Anna, feeling some of her composure begin to slip away. “You can have any number of things from me if you like, but since you know I’m a member of the Royal House, you must also know (unless you’re an even more ignorant barbarian than I thought) that I have a royal mermaid’s magick. You can have that magick, for as long as you like, if you just agree to spare me and, I suppose, my boy-toy Ennio. Though please be aware that I don’t regard him as non-negotiable.”

“Hey!” said Ennio.

“Shut up,” said Anna. “Well, then, can we perhaps strike a deal?”

“A deal?” said the Chief. “And just what would your magick bring me?”

“Endless wealth, perhaps. Or an unstinting supply of captured mers, chosen according to any specification you care to make. Or, if you like, supreme power over the other barbarians of this benighted landmass. But for the gift to be ongoing, I have to be alive to keep providing it to you. It’s really a no-brainer . . . .”

“Hmm,” said the Chief. “An attractive offer. But unfortunately (unfortunately for you, I mean), I’m a man of simple, modest tastes, quite unafflicted with potentially fatal ambitions. And I like the challenge of hunting you . . . I’d be bored to death if you all came to me prepackaged, so to speak.”

“Wh-what are you saying?” gasped Anna.

“That I regretfully reject your proposal.”

“But that’s . . . insane; y-you can’t; you just can’t!”

“Watch me,” said the Chief. “You have accomplished one thing, though; now I’m certain that you’re the one I want to fuck.”

“No! No!” screamed Anna.

“Yes, yes,” said the Chief, then removed his grass skirt.

Anna’s delicate pussy was much too small and tight for an easy fit here. She shrieked with agony as he thrust his swollen member in. He groaned with painful pleasure as it was squeezed in an entirely new sort of way. It wasn’t just her tightness: her labia extended farther out than was usual in a mer or human pussy; and these muscular little wings clung to his cock and constricted it even more.

“Yonga-kabonga!” cried the Chief as he started to come.

It took a while, but at last the juices in Anna’s pussy began flowing, and her agony gave way to a hurtful, grief-stricken pleasure. She groaned and whimpered as he thrust farther and farther inward. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned as her first orgasm tore through her. Then it was a long succession of sobbing, groaning, whimpering, and spurting sweet girljuice, as she came and came and came.

Meanwhile, the Chief’s first and plumpest wife had straddled Ennio, nearly skinning his cock in the process. Soon he was sobbing, groaning, and whimpering, too. Then the remaining wives took their pick of merboys; then the Chief’s favorite warriors and ladies in waiting helped themselves to whoever remained.

Wounded by whalebone as they were, it was easy to bring the merfolk to one climax after another, until they were, for the time being, quite wrung out, quite close to death. But death itself would have to wait: first for the boiling, and then for the banquet.

Only when the water in the great cauldron was seething, roiling, and bubbling as hard as it possibly could,--only then did the tribespeople hoist up each captured girl and boy and thrust them into the pot.

“Aaaaiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!” they cried, and “Oh, Devil, nooooooooooooooooooo!!!” and “This is the end of meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!” and such like exclamations of despair. And the hot, bubbly water went to work.

It was a strange mix of pain and hurtful ecstasy. They writhed in the terrible heat, but every atom in their wicked bodies was also stirred by orgasmic tremors. All the girls, including Anna, were pregnant, and in their extremity they expelled their roe. (Uggghhhhhhhh!, thought Anna, I have no more self-control than those common sluts!) The boling roe blended with mer-pee and plenty of cock and pussy juice to make a rich, salty broth. The heat and the broth together softened the mers’ skin, made their flesh more tender; and the saltiness of the water sharpened and intensified their many orgasms.

As they writhed in the seething pot, they came still closer to death—but they didn’t quite arrive. (Mers are very hard to kill!) Eventually (it seemed to take forever), the fire burned down, the water cooled, and the tribe was ready for their banquet.

The half-dead girls and boys were fished out of the pot and carried over to a long palm-wood table. The Chief stood at the head of the table, flanked by his favorite wives. Everyone else had a place dictated by his status in the tribe. Anna was laid out on a great shell-china plate in front of the Chief. Ennio, of course, was given to that senior, plumpest wife. The other seafolk were appropriately apportioned. Then attendants came up with hollowed coconuts and poured plenty of still-hot broth over each mer.

Anna and the others had been boiled to a beautiful, tender redness. She looked around her. The girls’ breasts thrust up as hard as they ever had; the boys’ cocks were unsurpassably erect. Everyone else had already surrendered to the tears and sobs of hurtful despair. And even Anna, arrogant as she was, could not deny that her time had come. So, after a brief hesitation, she took her share of that final, tearful comfort.

“That’s it, pretty girl,” said the Chief. “That’s it, my boiled beauty. Mermaid tears are delicious and nourishing. I’ll want my fill of them today.” Anna just continued to cry.

Each of the diners now produced a big, three-tined fork of killer whale bone. The Chief had precedence in this as in everything else, so the others tribespeople waited, some of them licking their lips. At last, Chief Mbongo-Wongo plunged his fork into Anna’s pussy.

Anna had screamed before, but never like this. A new, even more violent tremor surged though her, and her puss shot a stream of hot girl spunk halfway down the table. The other mers screamed, too—in frightened anticipation.

Next, the first, plumpest wife seized Ennio’s cock with her left hand, and, with her right, planted her fork squarely in his pouch. Another piercing scream, and the wife caught a great blob of superheated come in her mouth and gulped it down with obvious relish. Now the other diners went to work, thrusting their forks into a pouch, a pussy, or a nice, plump, distended ta-ta. In the latter case, a stream of mer-milk shot up, and if the tribesman was sufficiently adept, he caught it in his mouth. Otherwise, it splashed his face.

The diners kept on jabbing, and the hapless mers kept on screaming, wailing, groaning, and spouting. When those fountains of milk and come at last subsided, each tribesman and tribeswoman bent down and planted his or her mouth squarely on a throbbing cock or trembling cunt. They meant to suck each mer dry, and so, after a time they did. The mers suffered the ultimate orgasm as the last moisture was drained from them. Nothing now was left, except for transparent husks that soon crumbled to white powder on the shell-china plates.

The Chief belched appreciatively, and, after a proper interval, his subjects belched in answer.