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Posted by C on June 12, 2001 at 18:50:16:

About Myself: A Note to the Reader

By C

I think that I'm like a lot of other people who frequent sites of this kind, in that my fantasies go back a long way-some elements even going back to my childhood. Of course, things really heated up in adolescence. I began to fixate on a few themes: beautiful females captured and consumed (or at least drained of their blood) by predatory creatures. A favorite of mine: fairies caught in spiderwebs. I often pictured a naked fairy (who bore a striking resemblance to Sandy Duncan!) trembling and weeping as a spider forced her legs apart. I also realized at some point that the image of women being hanged was very arousing. Then I made a further discovery: it was even more exciting if the women caught, humiliated, and dispatched were evil. Something about all that haughty arrogance changing in a moment to tears and begging really did wonders for me. (In this respect I'm like the very talented artist Templar.) At some point, I thought: what the hell, why not put my odd ideas down on paper? At first I drew pictures, all of which I later destroyed at one time or another. More recently I realized I'm a better writer than I am an artist, so I went to work in that medium.

If you read my fiction in bulk, you'll quickly recognize some common themes: a fairytale or fantasy scenario; wicked (or at least overconfident) supernatural females (fairies, mermaids, vampires, witches); resourceful or very lucky heroes who capture and humiliate said females; and vore or hanging to conclude the story. (Males do sometimes appear as victims, but they're clearly in the minority.) Capture and demise are non-consensual, but not gory. Perhaps because I identify with both prey and predator, my ladies always go out with as many orgasms as I can give them. Moreover, I tend to fixate on certain postures and emotional states: e.g., I love women in tears, women with their wrists bound behind them, women with their legs up in the air. You'll also find that I have a strong affection for certain kinds of feminine apparel─most of all, high heels and panties (good Lord, I love panties!) Because of the recurring themes, it might be a good idea to sample just a couple of my stories at a time, rather than reading through them all at once. Otherwise you might get a feeling of overkill (so to speak).

To succeed (at least in my view), fetish fiction must do more than one thing: it must of course gratify fetishes; but it must still tell at least a half-way competent story, with plots and characters that make some sense. It should also (if at all possible) have humor and even poignancy (believe it or not, I care about the ladies in my stories; somehow, caring about them makes their predicament, for me at least, more arousing). If it just explores a fetish in wearying detail and fails in every other respect, I have no use for it. So what I've done is to gratify my odd little tastes to the fullest extent, in what I hope are satisfactory narratives. I've succeeded well enough to please myself; but that may not mean much. I'm presenting the stories here to discover whether they please you. If they do, I'd love to hear from you about it (the more detail the better). If they don't please you, that's all right, too; how could they please everybody? If you don't like them, you may still feel free to share your observations with me. I only ask that you do so politely.

What else? Like you, I love the internet because it allows me to gratify and share my fantasies. Like you, I once had to make do with disappointing bits and pieces from this movie, that TV show. The internet╠s a big improvement. So, in the interest of mutual gratification, come on in.

Addendum: Cinematic Bits and Pieces that Aren't Completely Disappointing

*Beverly Hills Vamp: four beautiful vampires are dispatched, including the luscious Michelle Bauer.

*A black exploitation film the title of which I can't remember: the lovely Pam Grier plays a villainess who meets her end when the hero drives her to a game preserve, then lets her loose, just in time to be lion lunch.

*Blacula: a waste of celluloid, except for two parts. First is the very funny opening scene: an African prince and his bride are on an embassy to the crowned heads of Europe to protest the slave trade. In a spectacular failure of diplomatic intelligence, one of the crowned heads they visit is Count Dracula. Next, and even better, is the animated credits sequence: red blood drops metamorphose into young women with long hair. A bat chases them, catches them, and laps them up. What's very nice about this is that the animator created three completely different capture scenes.

*Invasion of the Bee Girls: the evil bee girls are electrocuted at the end. (A lot of screaming; panties, too!)

*Kiss of the Vampire: my favorite Hammer movie (don't watch the mutilated version, entitled "Kiss of Evil"). A whole coven of vampires (including some very pretty women) is destroyed by hundreds of bats. (More screams and panties!)

*Missile to the Moon: a beautiful Moon damsel is caught and eaten by a giant spider.

*Samson versus the Vampire Women: a gem of the Mexican cinema. The masked hero discovers the castle of the lovely vampire women, then burns them in their coffins. (Some wonderful screams.)

If you know of similar scenes, don't hesitate to share them with me.